Friday, December 31, 2004

New Years Eve 2004

"It's always something" ... from the mouth of the funniest lady ever, Gilda Radner.

I am finally ready to start blogging..

I was going to name it LIVE UPDATE but I don't have the best relationship with Mr. Norton. Thanks to him, my other computer crashed because I downloaded an image from Mr. Google. By all rights the blog should be called Dead Update, because for some reason Mr. Norton did not turn on my Live Update, and a virus ate my hardrive. Mr. Google doesn't want to show up at my house anytime soon either, or I'll kick his puny ass.

Well, sometimes good things come outta bad things, the good thing is I got me a brand new lets see how long it takes me to screw this one up.

This new computer seems to have a bit of a problem tho.. The hard drive is really...I mean ..really noisy. Its been known to scare my dog!...I'm going to keep my receipt handy if it gets any louder. Something evil is lurking in there.

It's New Years Eve...and we are snowed in tighter than a fart. I couldn't open the front door this morning to get the newspaper.. that wasn't there. Wouldn't you know it, it storms on my day off...shit.. I have noticed over the years that the storms always hit on the weekends or on my day off. No use having a storm unless you can get the day off work methinks. My poor Penny (my dog) couldn't even go out for a whiz this morning because the steps leading from the deck to the backyard were totally snowed in, so she pissed on the deck...oh least is wasn't in the house!

Gord (my bitter half) couldn't wait to get out of here this morning to plow the snow. He bought a "blade" that attaches to our Bronco and he has been dying to use it. By lunch he had the whole cul de sac plowed....except our driveway..huh?...then he took off...I hope everyone in Winnipeg keeps there children in today...because he's on a mission and is known to scoop up what's ever in his way! 10 bucks says by the time he comes home the transmission, motor and whatever other moving parts the truck has will be shot!...'s always something around here.

It's probably time to put in my New Year's Eve roast..I'm makin..French Roast Beef Dipping Sandwiches tonight....slurrrpppp!! We tie large garbage bags around our necks and dig in. It's not a sight for those with weak stomachs! I don't know why they call it French...nuthin French about it as far as I can tell. Maybe its the Campbells Boef Broth that gives it that international flair. Boef is pretty well the only French word I know, and only because I see it on dog food packaging...oh no..not tuna I think. I guess its pretty obvious I am not French Canadian.

Well, off to do that, and wait for the wreckers to bring our truck home with little Mr. Good-deed trailing behind.

later gators