Friday, September 29, 2006

I just realized something

My new template looks like the old computers I worked on in the 90's.. black screen with amber type.
I thought it was the "cats ass" then, because that was as close as we came to colour, but now it hurts my eyes.

But, I spent 2 hours figuring out how to do it, so screw will stay there ..hmmm unless I change my mind again. Just kidding..jeezzz give me a break.

I think I will have to start a HTML template junky "group" on yahoo.

You know, that would be a great idea!! Maybe I can get it out of my system like I did with scrapping (but I still love that) but now I will have two projects on the go that I have no time for.

Until ...Sunday, where I will regale you with tales and pictures of "my dumb life"...

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

I see the bad moon arising

I see trouble on the way.
I see earthquakes and lightnin.
I see bad times today.

Don't go around tonight,
Well, its bound to take your life,
There's a bad moon on the rise.

Nahhh, it's just my new template.BOOOOOOOOOO

I'm having some scripting errors, I think I have solved them, after taking my clock down. Hopefully that will do it! I loved the was clockwork orange..heh. But something was killing my blog. Or it might be that satellite thingie I put up, but something sure as hell is messing with it. I will monitor it for a few days.

Fall is coming hard and fast. We are supposed to have a frost tonight, so I guess I will have to empty my little pond soon. I don't think I have ever seen so many different species of birds in my back yard than I have this year. In the mornings they are actually cluttering it up, and it's a big yard. I guess they love all the droppings from my cherry trees, the pond, and all the stuff I grew in my flower garden this year. Something is attracting them. The red squirrels are nuts..those little buggers steal everything they can lay their little paws on. I had some cherry tomatoes on the deck I had forgotten to take in and guess who stole them? I was hoping they would take the 40 pound zucchini, but no. I guess they don't have little squirrel fork lifts.

Well, we just finished with the patio fiasco, and now the Drama King, has found something else to make our lives miserable. But, it's late and that is for another blog, but it involves trying to import a "snow blade" he bought from ebay from the US to Canada. OY VEY!! When will it end..It's always something my friends...Always something...

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

I'm going to get back into computer scrapping

Here are a few I did in 2004 after I found I didn't have the time or computer resources to do it anymore. I loved making them, and am going to get back into it.

Grand niece Chloe.

Another one with her new tattoo's.

Penny's Chair

Nieces at the lake

Penny and her pail

Nephew Chris with the kids

Niece Tammy and her kids

Babee Balonie

The big 61 is looming over my head. Last year I wouldn't let anyone do ANYTHING for my BDay, but this year I'm feeling a little more perky, and made a list of do's and don't's for them:

1. Make me! I don't care what I said last year! Make it a carrot cake with cream cheese icing. No candles.

2. I want prezzies this year...lot's of them. Money would also be good. Also I'm thinking "Laptop."

3. Take me out for supper...GD it!! I don't care what I said last year, this year I want to go OUT for supper. I want to drink green drinks out of martini glasses. And I want to smear at least two racks of Tony Roma's ribs over my big fat honking face!

4. However, don't take me dancing, just let me fall down drunk, it's all the same thing...dancing and falling. Co-ordination is not my friend.

5. Don't think of taking me to a concert. My ear drums are still bleeding from the 70's thankyou very much.

6. Take care not to sing Happy Birthday to me. I don't like to hear singing after I have eaten half a pig, a carrot cake, and green drinks in my belly, unless you want to get hurled upon. Singing is so out.

7. Okay, I think I can handle it now.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

My very last Patio block adventure..I promise.

THE PATIO IS FINISHED... and so am I. We did all the finishing touches today, and it looks just like it did when we pulled it. There is no joy in that. Except it is about 4 inches higher than it was before, and so are our arms.

It had to be one of the most enjoyable fall days you can imagine. The weather was mild, no wind, some sun and cloudy intervals. Beautiful. Penny was scampering around loving the cool weather, and trying to put her ball in front of us with every step we took. "Throw the ball"!! already you dinks!

She is lucky she didn't get nailed with Mr. CROWBAR. Mr. Crowbar played another important part in today's fiasco, we had three patio blocks to go (it was that close) that were a little Mr. Perfect had to heave them up again, and realign the sand underneath them. Patio block #1 fell in place, and was perfectly level, patio block # 2 did the same. Patio "shit face" block #3 took a dislike to his heaving of the CROWBAR. And broke! This was the last one!!! You know how football player's throw themselves on the ground after they knew they fucked up? That was Gord. It was probably more akin to a guy who was bowling and needed that last strike, but nevertheless, it was heart breaking ...yes it was! This was the last stone, that matched the one's on the patio. The very last.

We sat down at pikinic table and sobbed in each others arms..."so close"..we came "so close"....and then he got up, and threw me down like a rag doll. I KNOW WHERE THERE IS ANOTHER ONE .. HE CRIED. "I put patio stones on the floor of the shed from the same batch we had on the patio, I can steal one from there and use that one, a put the mismatched one in there."..he shouted while he was pissing his pants! Then he uprooted the one from the shed, put it on the patio...a serene feeling came upon the land and the sea's parted. Then all was well with the world. BUT, now...there will be one patio stone in the shed that does match the rest...just how long will he tolerate that ... is the question?

If I have heard the saying "If you are going to do a it right" one more time I will hurl. I say, if there is a job...

1.) Try to ignore it as long as might go away
2.) If you are forced to do a job, just keep on saying "it's good enough" already, just shim it up on the crooked side.
3.) Hire someone!! sheesh!
4.) Get a life.
5.) Get a condo's all over and you will never hear of it again..NEVAR!! If I do, kick my ass and never ever read my blog again, unless...well, nevemind.

I bought some pretty flowers yesterday at Superstore. I was wandering about, in the Linens and such aisle, when I spotted some flowers in a tiny corner. At first I thought they were the plastic type, but as I grew closer I could see they were real. A lady was bending over them and, and as I approched, she said.."have you ever seen such a good deal"? Deal..yeah okay, I'm in!~ She told me that Superstore takes all their overdue date flowers and puts them in this little corner everyday for half or less the price. She looked a little crazy, but I was feeling a little pumped on the fresh flowers thing. I started to rummage about in the flower pile. And as I was reaching in and pulling up some of the bouquets out of the bins, she mentioned that "if flowers are this cheap when you are alive, who needs them when you are dead". Sold, said I and bought a bouquet!! It made perfect sense to me.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Cartoon from the 50's & crowbars

I actually remember this one. We always cried when the dog cried.

Feed The Kitty - Cartoon

I love this one.

Well, just to sum up last night, I got hit with a crowbar. I was just mindin' my bidness and "wham" I got slammed. Okay, Gord's got a different story, but I'm sticking to mine.

As, Mr. Anal Patio Slayer was slaying patio stones last night again (in the dark)...I came out to try to give him a hand. Mishtaken #1.

Mishtaken #2.

Pointed out a level problem in one of the stones

Mishtaken #3.
Getting in the way of the CROW BAR!

Heh...okay to his benefit, he pulled up the offending stone with the crowbar, and as he was trying to position it he (threw) the crowbar.......on my frickin toe. My favorite toe. I swear to god the was aiming at me. I took my dog, my hurt feeling, and my toe in the house and pouted. I am no longer a part of this home improvement project. It's over baby.

Tonight when he came home, and I was sitting out on the back yard playing Texas Hold Em with the dog. (the dog beat me), he came sauntering through the back gate like nothing was wrong. I had my toe all bandaged up (for pity's sake)I mean for.pity's.sake. There was nothing wrong with it, only bruised feelings. So, he sat down at the picnic table and wanted to make some conversation, like .. I didn't mean to hit you with the crowbar!! Cudo's to him for for cuttin to the chase..Because if he wouldn't have I would have had been forced to keep that bandaid on for weeks until my toe fell off in a mess of fungus.

I said, my only wish is, that if you intend to drop the crowbar when the dog or me are in the vicinity, you might give us some warning. "Well" .. ahaa..yeah I wasn't thinking. "I just want to get this shit finished." I got up and smoothed his furrowed brow, and said "patience Grasshopper" and quoted Kahil Gibran "If you cannot work with love, but with only distaste, it's better you should leave your work." We smiled at each other and our planets aligned. We understood each other.

He got up from the table, went to the garage, got out the crowbar and Penny and I went inside before someone else got hurt. It all works out in the end.

the end

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

I'm not pregnant but I have something in the oven

A chicken!!

I'm just not tall enough to pull the feet of the 6,000,000 geese flying overhead. So, chicken she be.

I have to fix my pic, it's a little pixelated.

With is template you would expect "Martha" I just like the journal look to it.

Gord is outside on the patio....frickin..brickin again. There is no end in sight. NOW, he realized we had made a mishtaken on Sunday and the "few" patio stones we..ahem our fever to end this tragedy don't match the patio stones we had stashed away in our garage. God forbid!! For my part, they are all grey and ugly, who gives a hairy rats ass if the pattern doesn't match? Gord does. Oh.yes.he.does. Very much so. I don't want to talk about it anymore..never. But I will, just you wait.

I saw the cutest Looney Tunes 50's cartoon today on YouTube today, and I wanted to share it, but the YouTubes, who say you can "instantly" put it on blogger are wrong. Wrong, very wrong. Unless I am a YouTube challenged individual. That is a possiblity I admit. When they asked me to put in my blogger U/N and P/W I did it. Like the little good do-be I am. And then it just keeps on working but nothing happens. The little green lights at the bottom keep rolling over and over, and I never get passed that. At this point I don't care if I ever get it on my blog, but I want to know if I am an idiot, or they have problems!! The help centre doesn't address this. Sheizzzzz. who needs more stress, but it was soooo cute, you would have loved it. I will figure it out...JimBob??? heh..remember to speak in my language ..dumb!

Over and out...balonie

Monday, September 18, 2006

I love the rainy nights!!..but not the sad one.

It has turned from 31C on Friday to 10C. It's a shock to the system. I don't even have a coat to wear. I wanted to have some fall weather, but fortheloveofanneofgreengables...this is re"dick"ulous. I know I wished for more temperate temps, but holy moly, give me a break Jake. Has the world has gone to hell in a handbasket? BTW, what is a handbasket? I assume it's a little basket you drape over your wrist, but I don't get how the all the world got in there. More useless information I must ponder when I wake up at 4:00 AM.

I know I have been a little "manic" with my templates, and I will quit it for awhile. Until the weekend anyway!! Ha. I don't know what possesses me. Likely the Devil. He's always sitting on my shoulder, and nudging me with his fork. I hates him. I keep telling him, "Devil" I'm not as young as I used to be and can't keep up with your constant urging for me to make unwise decisions. You know me well, and your nudgings have made me make many poor choices in the past. He just keeps on nudging me. Bugger!!

Babee Bro, is still in the hospital. They still can't make up their minds what is wrong with him. I talked to my SIL this afternoon and she said he's ready to walk out of there. They are keeping him in ER so they can monitor him. But, if you ever saw the ER in the Health Science Centre, you would know the crap that flows through there. He won't need a TV in that place, because the drama is all in front of his eyes. Low lives abound. I wish they would have sent him to the St. Boniface Hospital, but when the paramedics come, they take him to the closest place. This is a hospital that has had at least a ten million dollar face lift of late. And it houses a state of the art Cancer Care Centre. But, because of it close proximity to the inner city, they get more than their share of druggies, stabbings, and shooting victims. I hate that place. I guess I hate it most, because that is where my dad died. Not any fault of the hospital, but of the memories that linger on every time I step in the door.

Tomorrow is September 19th. .... 7 years since my mother died.
I still remember what I was doing on the 18th. before she died.

She had been there for about a week, and it was a Saturday. I got to the hospital at 12:00 PM to spend the afternoon with her on my day off. She was very confused. My brother came over later, and we sat quietly with her trying to mask our pain, with what was at hand. She was so restless, we could not contain her. They had to put straps on her bed so she couldn't hurt herself (sob)...She hated it, she wanted to free! My bro had to get back to work as he had missed a lot of time already, so I stayed on. I brought a radio with me and put it on her favorite station and we sat together all afternoon listening and sometimes talking when she was awake. She had no inhibitions when she was awake. It was like someone I never knew. She said and did things that were so out of character, I could not believe it. I sometimes wish she could have been like that all her life. But she wasn't, she kept everything very closed off. She was a loving mother, but not at all affectionate.

I wasn't expecting anything to happen, she didn't seen like she was ready to go or anything. I was just preparing myself for the agonizing wait that most cancer patients experience. A month a least. I had friends coming over after supper, so I stayed with her until about 5:30, and made sure she had her supper. Just before I left she pulled out all her IV's. The nurses put it all back together and put her hand in a position where she could not longer do that. She didn't really like that, but she was getting tired. I took her face in my hands and kissed her goodbye two times before I left, and told her I loved her very much. And you know what, she kissed me two more time after that. My mom never ever kissed that I can remember. She kept on more kiss!! I said see tomorrow for lunch, and I left!! Maybe she knew........

She died next morning at 6:00AM. I still feel the guilt, I wish I would have stayed..and I would have if I would have know she was going to go. But now at last she was free. No ties that bind.

Love you mom...see you tomorrow!! I'll bring the flowers!!

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Greetings from the Kitchen of Balonie

Put your feet up, grab a cup of coffee and sit with me a spell.

After all Christmas is over, and now it is time to relax.

The new year is just around the corner.

I think I may be having some mental problems lately, or someone has laced my wine with "speed." But, time sure has been flying!!

Just gimme a few freebee templates and I'm your ho! HA.

You should hear the racket outside, the geese are flying South in record numbers. Good thing I got me a meatloaf in the oven, or I'd be out there trying to snatch one of them for supper!

I was going to put up new pic's today of our weekly Patio Fiasco, but somewhere along the line, I misplaced my usb cable from the camera to the computer. I looked everywhere and I can't find it. I even looked in the fridge, because sometimes, strange things wind up there. It has to be in my truck, or in my purse, or in my underpants, gawd somedays I don't know where I put shit.

Just a quickie...We had three rows to go, it was 2:00PM, we finished two of them already, and then he decided to put more stones UNDERNEATH the deck..UNDER THE DECK..where midgets might roam!! It's only 4 feet high. You will understand if I ever find my USB cable and post a pic. Who walks under a raised deck? That is where one stores junk. Old patio tables with two legs, umbrella's with holes in them, 8765 bones the dog has hidden in the mess, planters that you have long forgotten about, stuff like that! Now, we should give this crap a home with a concrete foundation?...Nay I say.

I say Nay, he says yay..I say nay, he says yay...guess who wins...the guy who can actually carry the stinking things! So, we put more sand down there, whilst cracking our noggins 43 times on the beams underneath it. We now are doing a job that is unbelievably heavy and back breaking, in a space where we can't even stand up in.

On another note: I got a call this afternoon from my niece Lisa, and my bro is back in the hospital. He had shortness of breath last night and his heart rate was waaaaaaaaaaay up, and he was ambulanced to the hospital. He is stable, and still as we speak in there is no room in the inn. Health Care!

Lisa told me he was so pissed off this morning (after he was feeling better) ..there was a woman in the next bed to him who had taken a drug overdose and had been screaming all night, he got up from his bed, opened her curtain, and told her to "shut the fuck up." HA.. That's me bro. Like he needed the stress!!

So, we are still waiting to hear what the outcome will be. He has been in and out of the hospital so often already. I just talked to him on Friday night, and he was doing so good. He had already scheduled surgery for his back problems, so I hope..hope.. he will be okay. He didn't want to see anyone until he gets a room, so, I will hopefully get to see him tomorrow.

So, have you finished your coffee yet? Cozy in here?

Sunday night supper:

Meatloaf Supreme
Macaroni w/three cheese sauce
Beans/corn/peas mixer upper.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Okay, enough fun already

I know all your sides are sore from laughing at my little attempt pre Christmas humour. But I have been doing some sleuthing today, and I may have scored a halloween template, I am not sure I am smart enough to fart around with the HTML to make it work. But if I can get it to go, I will steal the snowflakes from the other one, and it should be...well... "stupid"..heh...that is the look I'm going for.

The good news it is still raining, AND that means I won't have to be (supervise) laying brick tomorrow...please pray for some rain ... because I don't think my old bones can take another day of that. I am sure our neighbours are tired of our bickering.

Joan the great: Gord! .. you are going to kill yourself, let's take a little break.

Gord: Joan! .. I haven't even lifted a patio stone yet, get the fuck out of my face already! You are driving me bat shit, standing here with 911 on your speed dial. Get your fat ass in gear and let's get this sucker finished.

Joan the great: Oh, so, "like" you want me to help you kill yourself?!

Gord: GDamit..get back in the house and do what you do best.

Joan the great: What would that be darling?

Gord: Leaving me alone..geez...

Joan the great: Done.

Pic's of the patio to follow tomorrow.

Friday, September 15, 2006


Everyone who thinks I am idiot ...raise yo hands!! in Calgary, I'm not far off the mark, am I!!?????

I hear some of that cold spell is heading out our way, thanku jeebus, because it was 31C today, and windy as shit. I'm not partial to those weather conditions, especially in fall.

Did you know the pic of the purdy girl in Santa's lap is moi? You betcha, I have no problems jumping into the lap of chubby man, because I got one meself!! Providing he isn't laying bricks instead of me.

I'll leave blogger comments on, because I will only have this up a short time, and I'm thinking haloscan will start billing me if I keep farting around with me blogs!

This is just the first of a series, more to come folks. Then I will put them on the back burner until the month Santa really gets his shit together.

Let's just see how annoying those snowflakes will be. I changed the rate from 30 to 15. heh!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Is it almost Christmas?

I want to use my template. bhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

It never ends

Hey, tired are you of hearing about my patio? I'll bet I'm more tired of it than you are..wanna bet? Because we were laying down blocks in the dark tonight. Yes, it was pitch black. We had to do a portion beside the garage that leads out to the front yard that doesn't have a light. I said {we had to do it) no, we did not HAVE to do it, but my dear husband wants to kill himself, so I thought as long as it's dark, I won't have to watch, ... let him go for it. Yeah, he needed my help, so we both watched each other killing ourselves "softly." But we lived to eat some chicken noodle soup and grilled cheese sammiches after. So, it wasn't all that bad. But, I'm telling you...nothing else around here is getting laid. nosiree sir. You chose your poison buddy boy!

I found a "treasure" today. A virtual treasure of free blog skins. I want to kiss the kind creator for giving me more choices. He has some real great Christmas skins, I can't wait to use. And it has snowflakes gently falling down on the page. How much better can my life get?? I am still looking for an appropriate fall scene, but the only one I found looked a little too dark.

Well, I would love to sit here and chat, but my arms are about two inches longer than they were before we started with the GD brick shit, I have to got to bed and hope they shorten up before morning...or else my sweater sleeves will be up to my elbows at work tomorrow.


Sunday, September 10, 2006


The laying of the patio stones saga continues. The "ball joints" in both my hips will need replacing within 48 hours. My unused stomach muscles, have seized. Apparently they have been used only to keep me upright while I am on the computer.

So, I would say, it's a pretty safe bet that one should keep using all of their muscle groups at one time or the other within a year. Otherwise, they go geput!! >> right out the door man....and I didn't even do all the heavy lifting!! I was just the helper!! We got a whole row laid between 12:00 and 3:00 PM. We have 6 more rows left. We only work on this on Sundays, so I'm thinking we should be done by November, just before the snow flies. But, Gord said today, "hey, we are getting the hang of this stuff"..the rest will be a piece of cake. Umm yeah. Everytime we put one down, it's a little crooked, and we have to heave it back up and throw a little more sand under it is...soooooooooo time consuming. And it's hard and heavy and ugly and it's messing with my housework, my computer time, dog walking time. My schedule is so way off, I will never catch up. I am stamping my foot!!! I don't like this one bit!! No time to play with my Barbies!

The only bright spot will be, that if this works, I won't be putting on my "flood pants" next spring. I hate being a responsbile home owner. I don't like worrying about "what if happens." Just give me a home where the buffalo roam, and it's all good. My lazy ass has been taken to task...and I don't like it.

Not one bit Babbaloui..

I'm working on a new look for my blog. Are you surprised? I didn't think so. Why, cannot I be happy how my words look on the screen? Probably for the same reason I rearrange my furniture in my house 3 times a year..of more. But mostly I think my grammer etc. needs a little attention. I will work on both.

Friday, September 08, 2006

I have gas

Yes I do. Please turn off your computer if you don't want to hear anymore of this, I certainly don't want to offend you but I need to note this for posterity. The day the gas started! September 06 ..whatever..I don't have a calendar in front of me, but my computer shows the time as 8:25 PM. That will be very helpful when I have to read this again in a year or so.

Okay, so it started yesterday, after I made a dish of ground beef, mushroom soup, and onions. And, was going to serve it over egg noodles, along with a side of peas. I had just purchased a new "grinder up" of veggies appliance at Superstore. Sooooooo I put a pile of onions in it and mixed it all about. They turned out fine. So, I put in some more, and did it again. God, I think I had about a cup on finely chopped onions chopped...only because it was fun. So, as not to waste..I put them all in the hamburger and mushroom mix, along with various seasonings.

I was fine until this morning, when I was burping them on the other side..heh.. and had to make a mad dash to the "can." Okay, that was fine, I went to work etc. Then I came home for lunch and decided to have the leftovers..fortheloveofadinkhead! How stupid can one person be. I even nuked it in the bedroom. Ha. BTW, I love this microwave, it has one of those turntables in it and does a much better job than know who...he would be hurt if he read this. So, end result, I ate another plateful of noodles and mushroom beef that contained a pound of chopped (very fine) onions. My afternoon at work was to say at the least...loud. My stomach, was making the most gross noises you could possibly imagine. GRRROWWWWWEWWWWAAA..and it wouldn't quit. My bosses office is just beside me, and I tried to pretend that I was not farting. I wasn't. But the noise was very similar. I turned up my radio. I walked up and down, pretending I was doing something else, just to get out of his range. Finally I went to the bathroom and had it out with the beef, onion, mushroom mess. It wasn't pretty.

Even after I came home, I felt crappy, but I think I have learned my lesson. Just because you CAN grind the onions there is no need to put them all in one recipe. I never had this problem when I chopped onions myself, I didn't get greedy. Why? because it's work to chop them by hand!!

Well, it always good to know that even when you are getting older, you can still learn new lessons. gotta go...>>>>>>> it's not over yet!!

Thursday, September 07, 2006

We are "cooking" in the bedroom..

Things are looking up, now that the weather has got a little cooler, it's gettin' hot in the bedroom. Oh yeah! Fortheloveofamicrowave!

We have a microwave oven on our dresser. There is nothing more romantic than the smell of nuked food stuffs in your bedroom.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

He will only be with us for a short time. Our microwave in on the fritz and I needed something, so I found this guy in Gord's shop. I didn't have anyplace to put it in the kitchen, so I set up shop next door, in the bedroom. HA..

It seems "old fart" microwave from the 80's (that is attached to the Jen Air stove) has decided to pack it in.
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

She has been giving us a lot of warnings over the years, and telling us...don't by any means cook on the stove top underneath me, because the steam..steams me up!! And my little digital pads are getting geputzed and tired. I can no longer tell you what time of day it is on my clock, I must have something in my eye, because I just keep on blinking. And I think my hearing is going too...when you want to defrost something I think you mean "end cycle" and I just go on to the next one, and then the other one, and then the next one. Who programmed this bitch anyway?

Let's just remember the good times, "like the time you blew up a potato in me"... that was fun! I did my job, and you did yours was a fucking mess! You have never forgotten to pierce a potato since, have you?

I always liked Christmas, when the youngins came over and tried to work me. I know you warned them that I was a little cranky, but they thought they could tame me. It never happened. When I felt a strangers fingers on my pads, I recoiled, shut down, and started to pout, you always knew what was going on when I started to blink, and finally shoed them off, and gently pressed my pads with your loving finger tips. Tell the family I am very sorry I could not heat up the pumped breast milk they put in me, but it just seemed so wrong! I also have to apologize for the time, I got a little cranky, and started up on my own when no buttons were pushed. That was a cruel trick, because then you didn't trust me anymore and were scared to leave me alone in the house in case I decided to "go off" my own.

I know I am in sunset years, my communications systems seem to be overloaded and I am heading for a fall. So, if you get a new one, make sure you remember all the tricks I taught you, "beans explode"...baked potatoes explode if not pierced, buns will turn into a hard rock if you put them in too long, day old pizza will never taste the same, the crust will be soft. My best efforts for you were reheating casseroles, defrosting hamburger, chicken breasts, farmer sausage..I never minded what you did, I loved you, even if some of your food was stinky, and you left crusty old crud on me for weeks. You always knew how I was feeling and adjusted to my needs.

Do you think old microwaves go to rainbow bridge? If you do, I will be there waiting for you when you need to nuke something in heaven. Time won't matter then, and nobody will notice that my clock says 00:00. See ya on the other side kiddo.

yours truly,


Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Going into work today

I knew this was going to happen:

Employee: Joannie, what happened to your lip? Did you cut yourself shaving?

Joannie: HA HA.. no, you prick, I was shaving my legs when my razor slipped and it cut my upper lip... in two places. The good news is, that it took off my moustache by mistake.

I have two nasty red marks on one side of my upper lip, but it was due to a rake incident, that went bad. I look like Wayne Newton with half a moustache.
Danke Schoen. I'll be playing Vegas this weekend, don't miss my show.

This patio thing is not going well at all. Someone is going to get hurt. And someone is too frigging cheap and stubborn to let qualified people do it. I rest my case.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

It's the Labour Day long weekend, time to pull up the bootstraps and get ready for winter. I wish. I'ts still so hot here every day, I just wish Gawd would stop it already. Nary a breeze. But, iffin we get a breeze he makes sure it's a good one and dang near blows the roof off!! The guys got a sense of humour.

Did you know the movie "Saving Nemo" is about a little orange fish? I am sure you do...but where have I been? I heard about it but never paid attention + I don't watch a lot of movies. I always assumed it was some kind of war "Saving Private Ryan" I paid me no attention. I just watched it. But I am a fishy lover so I could so totally relate. Remember when my "big guy" went to rainbow bridge last year?

I'm thinking about pulling up stakes. Moving out of this house. We have had plans to move before, and building a new house. But I wasn't ready. I was one stubborn mule. I dug in my heels, and wouldn't even listen to reason. But as I started to think about's time to let this one go after 20 years. Let's just move on. There are no more memories to make here that are of importance to me anymore. I'ts all been done. Mom and Dad are gone..nieces and nephews are getting on with their lives... it's time for me to give it up. Gord is the the type of guy who always wants to start over in a new place, and I am the nagging bitch....whining..."this is my home" blah blah.... I'm telling myself to get over it already you crybaby!!

It would be clean slate. Not that I can erase the all the hardships that happened here, and also I will never forget the good times, but at least not eveything will be a reminder of what was. Andie Pandie mentioned something similar in her blog, and it struck a nerve in me. Let the old shit go already, and get on with it. Because you can't bring them back, no matter how much you pay homage to thier lives. And I think I have been stuck there for a long time, and I have to get out of my rut and pay more attention ..of what is now. For us...

We will still host Christmas, for the family no matter where we live, but I would appreciate it if my nephew Damon, kept his pecker in his pants, three girls is enough for gawd's sake. Two children per couple is acceptable, but if you go for three, you are pushing it for the "grands." just saying...

While I hast yer attention, I have some pic's of Penny in her concrete playground today.. and some udder shit...
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oops..just having a peek from my hiddy hole.

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I put the ball in the tree and she grabbed it from underneath the patio stones!

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I feel sorry for the real flowers, because long after they are dead the smily face pail will live on along with phoney flowers beneath him. You can never have too many plastic flowers, God bless you Wal Mart.

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The dump cake that took one. I have made a few dump cakes in my life, but this one took a life of it's own, it just kept on getting bigger and bigger. A piece of it fell off into the oven...notice the piece missing in the front. I had to take it out of the oven, because I was concerned about the well being of our planet..I let it cool and then threw it along with it's foil cake pan in a black garbabe bag. So much for recyling.
I can't see anyone eating that shit except Barbie.