Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I'm calling this retro week...

WARNING: Don't do this at home. Apparently I left the bathroom WITHOUT my head, and headed down the stairs going to work. Good thing I still had my hat on or you would have seen my headlessness. But what I laughingly call a "Laptop" spilled out of my pretend hands and landed at the bottom of the stairs. No gigs were hurt here. She is a tough ole broad, she has to be to live with me. Her case was a little bent out of shape, but so is mine. Seriously we are bent right out of shape most days..heh. I don't know why I bought such a huge lap top, I may as well carry around my desk top, monitor and printer in a backpack wherever I go. Live and learn I say.

I don't have a lot of blog fodder at the moment....SNOW is kicking my ass, so one has to go into the achieves and try recreate oneself. But, history does repeat itself and why can't I put up this picture again? You tell me. I have a feeling I might have to do this until the weather breaks and I can take some new pictures, and..or.. some really good shit happens. I'm doing re-runs...rewinds. Tomorrow I will try to find those I did when I hung myself on a tree after Gord made me help him put down the patio stones. That was not a good year. I was even flatter than I am here, but I did have a head. I think. I was trying to drink Miracle Grow to revive myself. That jerk wouldn't let up and made me work until I was almost dead. Yeah.... I'm getting mad all over again.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Monday morning

Monday, monday, cant trust that day
Monday, monday, sometimes it just turns out that way
Oh monday mornin you gave me no warnin of what was to be
Oh monday, monday, how could you leave and not take me.

It appears I lost my head in the process of Monday morning wailing....not so. I took my head off and threw it in the shower..while I was doing my bidness. I like to get things done in a hurry on Monday morning. I put my head back on before I went to work. Thank goodness because I had to do payroll today, and without my head it would have been ...ummm like nobody would have got paid this Friday. And those crazy Electricians would have chopped it off anyway. Don't work with the "trades"...they get mean when they don't get paid.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Messing around

Everything around here was looking a little too pretentious. Too neat. It didn't look like anyone lived here. So, I didn't do any housework this weekend. I sort of missed the old squalor, dusty mantles, a TV screen where you could write your name on, dog hair everywhere, plants begging for a drink of water, a grubby tub and shower doors, a fridge with food that was trying to escape to a better home. So I let it be. I should take two more weeks until we get back what we lost with the neatness.

I've got tax time coming up in May so, it's everyone for themselves. I have successfully ignored another year of bookwork for Gord's business, so it's that time again my friends, time to "Cook the Books." We are not talking about getting a tax return in, I'm talking documenting everydamnthing!! Invoices, payables, and every teenie weenie receipt Gord brings in for cash. My cupboard overflowest.

I should really write a "Cook the Books"..cookbook. because I'm getting good at it. And, because I always start so late, It should be called. "Cook a Year's Worth of Bookwork You Neglected In Less Than Two Days... Because You Were Too Busy Trying To Work Full Time, Clean The House, Do the Laundry, Make the Meals and Be Your Husbands and Dogs Mother. Phew...that should be quite some book. And a very long title.

My solution however, was to make a "Cook the Books"...a down and dirty Excel spreadsheet. It's no frills. Yes, I have a few formulas in there but nothing fancy. It gets the job done. If I used software like Quicken, it could take me a week to enter it all. Too many bells and whistles for me. We just have a small business, but a whole lot of paper....lord.

So, in the next week or so, my books will be simmering on the back of the stove while I try to cook them until they are done. Good gravy, you should see some of the receipts Gord brings in for a write off....oy vey......

It's not an easy life I lead. Wine helps.

We had a good chat with Hippy Chick today, she is designing our new house. So, that was exciting. I am very hesitant because I cannot envision a house plan on paper, I am visual only. If I see a house that has been built, I can imagine living there, but this shit on paper makes me nervous. I just want a small house in the woods...not too fancy, lots of light coming in, with a front porch and comfortable. Gord, however has bigger ideas. So, I see trouble arisin'....

Somebody is going to be living in the outhouse. But I could put up a mailbox there and the postman will still know his address and know where to send the bills to.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

So, like I was saying.....

I don't dislike anyone who gets up bright and early, everyone has there own time clock in their head... I envy you your energy, but my point was I don't like people judging when I get up or when I go to bed. Let's just see what it will be like if and when I retire. I am sure I will be a "Nachtschwein." In English ... a night pig. I will stay up late and get up much later in the morning. I have always been a Nachtschwien.

I get up at 7:30 and go to bed at 11:00....it works for me. If I go to bed any earlier, I'm awake at 6:00 tossing around but not ready to get up.....I think it's that damn warm water bed...she is the whore who seduces me into slumber land.

I remember when I first started reading Cocoa's blog when she got up at 3:00 in the morning to go to work, I almost threw up. I wondered how anyone could do that. But she and her husband at the time owned their own business, and that is what you do if it needs to be done.

But as I was writing this, I remembered a time when I didn't mind getting up in the morning. In 1990 I was in between jobs, and had the luxury of picking and choosing where I wanted to work.

I had a favorite talk radio station I always listened to and decided to send them my resume to see if they needed anyone in the office. As luck would have it.. they did. The receptionist was going on mat. leave and they had a term position. I got the job! I was thrilled. Now I could meet all the people I listened to over the years!! But...back up the truck Chuck...the hours were from 7:00 AM- 1:00 PM. You know, I didn't even think twice, because I was EXCITED. I had absolutely no problem getting up at the ass crack of dawn to get there by 7:00AM. I loved that job. I worked there part time for 3 years taking any shift I could get.

So, I can see my lack of motivation now when it's all in black and white. I'm bored. My job is boring, I have no one to talk to. It's a small office. I only work with men. (Electricians) As much as I hated office politics during all my years of working, I miss the camaraderie of women and their brand of bitchiness. Finally, now that I am a manager I can't fire any of them. Son of A Bitch.

It was still storming this morning. I got out of the house at 8:00....30 minutes before I had to be at work. But the plows had been working all night and the roads were good, and I got to work at 8:10PM!!...well I was not about to walk into work looking like I tried to come in earlier. I sat in my truck and had my coffee and read the newspaper. This however came back to bite my ass. As I walked into the shop I noticed it was very cold in the warehouse. And when I got into the office I noticed the two guys were wearing parkas. Well fortheloveofmike....on the stormiest day of the year the furnace died. To make this even worse, is the fact that Gord and I own the building I work in and he was still sleeping in the "whore"water bed quite unaware of what had happened.

So, I had to make the call. I had to get him out of her clutches....and tell him we were freezing our butts off at the shop. It wasn't pretty after that. The furnace is on top of the building. yeah can you believe that? And Gord came and tried to fix it, while there was 100 mph winds swirling around along with snow. He had to climb a ladder to the top and almost froze his ass off. He couldn't fix it, so we had call people in, and we finally got heat around lunch time.

Being a landlord is not for the faint at heart...because It's always something.

I'm sleeping in this weekend.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


We are in the midst of another snow storm. It had better be the last one. Yes, I am threatening the big guy upstairs. In a good way. Because, whoeee I can't take much more of this shit. Apparently this snowfall will put us in range for a huge flood. I only live a few blocks from the river and I no likey that.

I haven't got too much on my mind today. Except for being late for work today by an hour because of the storm. I left the house early like a responsible person should if THEY KNEW a storm was coming. I KNEW there was snow coming, but I have known that since last November when winter started. Do you think I reset my alarm clock every single day to get up early...just in case is snowed...nope. My boss made a snide remark to me today, and said you should have left at 7:00 AM...I remarked that my alarm clock only goes off at 7:30 AM so that would have made that impossible. I start work at 8:30, so I thought even though there was a lot of snow I could get there in 20 minutes. Normally it takes me 5-10. Okay, I was wrong.

I am not a morning person.
You know what really pisses me off ... it is Morning People. Seriously, they are annoying. When they know you are not a MORNING PERSON, they take so much pleasure of telling you that they were "up and at it" at 5:30 AM, and why weren't you? Like you are a total loser. My BIL enjoys nothing better to stick that in our faces every chance he gets when we say, ....oh we got up at 11:00 AM on Sunday. As he mentions all the work he has got done between 6:00AM and 11:00AM...sofuckingwhat! It's Sunday, bugger off, and we like sleeping in. We are not morning people. But, he loves to try to make us look lazy. It really really pisses me off. Don't judge, we work hard all week, but maybe not enough by his standards. Who cares.

Most people know enough not to phone our house on Saturday or Sunday before 10:00AM, because we are snoozing. For two days out of the week, there aren't any phones ringing, no rush to get out of the house and go to work. Just a quite dark bedroom, with a girl, boy and dog snoring. Peacefully. What is wrong with that? Life is stressful enough. By the MORNING PEOPLE standards, we should be out there re- shingling our roof, washing our cars, building a deck, and re-do all our plumbing whether it needs it or not. Shut up.

Yes, life is short, and if I don't get all the shit done, I don't give a hairy rats ass, I'd rather be snoozing. Then wake up, wander around for awhile, make coffee, read the paper, scratch my ass, put on the radio, listen for the forecast, scratch my ass some more, throw the ball outside for the dog to retrieve and let her relieve, drink some more coffee, read all the flyer's that come with the newspaper, then take a long shower, not the short and snappy one you have to take before going to work, and relax. Now that's what I like to do on weekends. And I don't care if it butts into my week end "to do" list. l just move a little faster in weekend afternoons. What gets done..gets done. Even when we had all the painting done and the house was a mess on the weekends...we still were snoozing on the weekends, instead of getting up at the crack ass of dawn trying to put the place back together. I guess that's why it took so long, but so what?

There is nothing better than sleeping in on the weekends. Nothing.

Gord and I are a good match, because we both love sleeping in. But, I can see if you were married to a "early bird" ... it could be problematic. It's a good thing we are on the same page with this. Mostly were are on different pages with everything else that happens in our lives. Sometimes were are chapters apart. And sometimes were a books apart. But, "sleeping in" is where we excel. Heh.....okay that is probably the ONLY thing we agree on....so I'll cut the bullshit.

Well, I better get to bed, because I don't want to late for work again. It's still snowing and I haven't seen a plow coming by, so that will mean it's going to be a bumpy ride to work tomorrow, and I don't want to be accused of being lazy.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Some pictures from the house today

In no particular order...none. I took about 25 and after looking at them, I could see the error of my decorating ways.. Yeah it looks neat and tidy today, tomorrow it will be...as usual, messed up. Who cares? Not me. At least it's all painted and it feels clean. And when we sell it, it won't look ugly. I tried to upload more of them, but blogger was biting my ass. I was getting so uptight, I almost punched myself in the face. So, you might get a feel for the paint colour, but it was hard because of the light in here. It always changed from one minute to the next.

Downstairs bath. I love those damn gooses. Ignore the pitcher of Kool-aid laced with turpentine on the left, I only use that when I run out of wine. heh...okay..nooo it's sanitizer for my wine bottles. Which you cannot see because they are behind the goosees.

I made curtains for my kitchen. I liked they way they turned out. It makes the kitchen look so much more cozy than when the venetian blinds were the only one's on the window. mucho better, says joanie balonie..

Here you see the contrast between the wall and the ceiling. But it still doesn't do the colour justice. Just a note: that fucking sofa which I have had for 30 damn years will be in the dumpster next week. And that little rattan chair, I got for my wedding shower a trillion years ago will be toast. It's time for change people, time for change. I picked out a new sofa yesterday... it has a chaise lounge thing of ma a jig going on sticking out of it. I love it. This room is just a waste of space anyway, we never live down here, we live upstairs. Our next house will never be on different levels. Oh, like I haven't said that 5,678 times.

Upstairs bathroom. The colour here looks different again... But, I swear it Arizona Tan. Here it looks pink.

Oops I went back downstairs again.. hi!..nevermind.

And again! ...alert phony plant to the left. The two corner windows bring in such strong west sun real plants fry there. I here them crying when I get home from work. Plastic does not cry. Nor does it need watering...score. I have to get a nicer pot to put it in though.

It's been a good experience...with the purging and all. I still have a lot of stuff to get rid of. The two bedroom downstairs are almost empty, and the the rec room, is close to empty.

I tried to clean up the mantle which is so damn small nothing fits on it. So I have some junk sitting on there on a trial basis. I haven't hung up the mirror/art deco thing, because I don't have a ladder to get up that high. But once it's up I think it will pretty dramatic. This is the only piece I have bought that I am in love with.

Ignore the bottle of fabreeze and watering can on the cut out.

I like this one too. It's metal and a real vibrant colour. I got it for half price 10.00 bucks...so you know I'm after quantity not real quality.

Another one I bought at a bargain store. It looks blurry. But it is really nice. It brings another colour in the room..blue. I wanted to bring in another colour, because I was getting too neutral...and with the greenery of my plants, plus the joaniebalonie phony one, it started to come together. Yes, I am obsessed. I refuse to hire a decorator, because #1 I can't afford it, and #2 she would piss me off and tell me I am wrong. So, I will make my own mistakes. Plus I don't think she would approve of me buying so called art stuff at Giant Tiger.... where your dollar meets your budget.

Truthfully after all is said and done, I enjoy piecing stuff together, a little of the old that has been sitting in the basement for years and I forgot about, and bringing in a little new stuff.

The office upstairs has stayed the same so I didn't take a picture of that, the TV room is giving me a little heartburn. When I took of picture of it, I realized it looked stupid. Everything in it looked so stilted, like someone had a broomstick up their ass. It needs more warmth. I will work on that this weekend. And God forbid, I tack up a few more pictures, and now I will have move them. Gord made a "don't you dare make anymore nail holes in the wall" law. Screw him. I had so many holes in the plaster of this house before the painter came, when it rained it all squirted in. Heh.... so yeah, I'm trying to cut out just eyeballing a spot and getting the hammer and punching in a hole. Now I actually take about a minute before I decide where it goes. And no, I don't believe in measuring. I'm just getting better at eyeballing.

Didn't take a picture of our bedroom either, because it's probably the biggest room in the house besides the living room.... and it's still full of all my "what not." Stuff that hasn't found a new home. Mirrors, rugs, ugly pictures, so it's on hold until this weekend. I have been looking for two night tables to put beside our bed. For some reason when I bought our bedroom furniture, I cheaped out and only bought one table. I have no idea why I did that. It was the 70's I was probably high. It's beautiful oak furniture. But when you only have one night table beside your bed and nothing on the other side it looks a little lopsided. All the rest still looks quite modern and very nice. So, I took the night table and put it in a different place. Then I went shopping on Sunday and found two boot racks at a Ikea knock off store. Shut up. They don't look like boot racks. They are long and narrow and made of wood..fir I think. They are low and have three tiers of slats. They looks absolutely wonderful on each side of the bed. When you put the bedroom lamps on the light shines through them. Once I get the room finished, I will show you. Trust me. Boot racks are not just made for the mud room. Decorating on a budget here.

Home made Sweet and Sour chicken for supper...with rice and an Asian salad. The salad is in a bag, so I'm hoping for a good one, I'm tired of my own crap.

We are in for Colorado low storm tomorrow, damn you yankees! We call everyone south of North Dakota yankees, so don't git yer Kickers in a Knot.

We will be in the middle of rain and a lot more snow to stink this place up with.

Friday, March 20, 2009


I was pretty embarrassed when I went into google images and typed in Fuck off Friday. My template was sitting on top of the heap. Gawwwwd. Apparently I didn't "invent" it ... I thought I did, but there were many before me. Of course, it's the internet, nothing will ever be original. Well, it ain't. Disclaimer. But, I really didn't expect to see my template there..ewwww. How quick they are to snatch a phrase???

Anywho, so far FOF has been a train wreck. I have been fighting off the flu since Wednesday, and this morning it came and bit me on the ass. So, I have been at home all day. I tried to sleep this afternoon, but I am not one to sleep during the day, I just.cannot.do.it. So, I self medicated, and took two Tylenol with codeine. It didn't take long, and I was up and about. I'm talking serious cleaning downstairs. All the dust the carpenters and painters have left down there are GONE. All the furniture has been moved back into place and vacuumed. All the junk has already been taken to a Salvation Army outlet down the street, so I didn't have to do that. And I sewed a pair a curtains for my kitchen. So, this means I am pretty well finished with this project. Tylenol with codeine is obviously a motivator, not a drug.

Until 5:00 PM....when it wore off. Opp's my bum had turned to rubber, and my feet turned to cement. Try walking up a set of stairs with a rubber bum and cement shoes. I did not give up. I said Flu, you will not get the better of me on FOF, I still need to get to the store for some provisions for my family. (yeah like that's true)... I needed "turtles"...my after dinner snack. So, I plodded around Safeway with my cement shoes, and picked a "3 pack" of turtles, and some other shit..like stuff for supper.

I shelpped back to my truck, my feet leaving a tire type trail behind me in the slush, as I never picked them up "once." Got back in and started to drive home. Only to meet the FOF train of hell at the crossing. I swear to God, it had 5,436 cars on it. I sat there, and I sat there..sweating and hoping my cement foot was not going hit the accelerator and ram through the bastard. I did notice one thing.....The Burlington North cars from the US were the most wobbly. Just a heads up to Obama, some of your rail cars could use a grease job... or some kind of stabilization mechanism ...because they were doing a dance. I had my truck in reverse ready to back up in case they derailed. But, of course I would have only hit the 300 hundred people behind me. (okay 10) I exaggerate.

So, in all sincerity, I say FOF, because I feel like shit...and if I feel like crap tomorrow I will do it all over again, except for crossing a railroad track. Or punching a teddy bear.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

I took a poll

Gord just walked in the door and I yelled to him to choose a number between 1 and 5...and he choose #3 three without looking at the names. So, Donna, his name is Timmy. Timmy The Tin Man. We can call him TTTM. Makes him ever so much more macho. Or we could call him Triple T...yeah! I see wrestling in his future. Or a record contract...

Great names "youse" guys! He is starting to grow on me now. I didn't like him very much. I guess I didn't have my thinking cap on during the holidays, because I could have very well put a Santa Hat on his pointed head. The wheels are starting to turn now. He has moving parts, so that will make for some interesting ummmm positions I can put him in, along with all my other make believe pond people. See...what's it's like living in my head?

So, Donna... for choosing the name, I am giving you a prize.Yeah, I'm pretty cheap. You can put this on the wall of your shop.
I have one like this in Gord's shop. Except it says APPLIANCE TECHNICIAN BUTT..WELCOME. People laugh at repairmen, but it's hard to keep your pants on while crawling in the crevices of your home.

The trades like to laugh at themselves...so don't be worried if you made a butt crack joke or 3, we find them attractive, because our husbands can smile at us from one end to the other. They never stop smiling. However, I do encourage Gord to tighten his belt. I don't want a customer coming on to him when she see's his cute butt....

Tomorrow is FOF. I can't wait, I have a list ready.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

For Poolie

Just an up close and personal picture of the Tin Man when he was hanging in his summer home.

He sort of looks like a pig tin man if you ask me. With the snout and all. I have no personal affection for him at all. Gord's friend was making them, and he brought it home. He is a pile of Campbell soup cans without the labels. Mind you, I took him off the back fence and put him on the deck for winter. And hung him on a tree. I felt sorry for him. He looked so naked and cold without his Campbell's soup labels. He's certainly is not a pure bred Tin Man. Because I don't have to lube him. All his parts work. Now that you noticed this I might have to give the poor guy a name.

Anyone want to give the Tin Man a real name? Keep it clean. Yeah, like that would happen here!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Just farting around

How many posts have I started with that title? Probably 120.

I just grabbed my camera and shot shit. And believe me this is not photography at it's best. I'm tired of whining so there!

Spring is messy around these parts. My truck is full of sand and snow. Everything looks so desolate and ugly.

And as I was standing in the hallway taking the picture of the truck outside, I decided to try to take a picture of myself in the closet mirror beside the door. I'm dressed in my Sunday best as you can see. I have my "Ours to Protect" wolf sweat shirt on, plus my Santa pants. Plus the door got in the way, and my winter jacket is tucked in the rungs of the staircase.

Here I decided to be mature and stick my tongue at the internet. All the while wearing my blue suede Elvis slippers.

If I would have been lucky with this one, the door would have obscured me completely. Remind me to take the keys out of the lock before I go to bed.

Penny trying to ignore me. Beotch...

More dismal looking landscape.

And yet some more.

The patio table and chairs are ready to go......I just have to clean up the lights and stuff I have stuffed in the chairs, plus Clive and Vagina the Mooses are tucked in there too until I can get them back in the shed for summer.

I can't kill this plant. I have cut it down at least 15 times in 2o years...and it always come back and grows right up to the ceiling. I cut it down to four leaves a month ago...and look at her now.

I hid Penny's ball in the bathtub, she thinks it's in the sink. Sometimes I hide it there. I like to fuck with her head. She loves to to play hide and seek with her ball. She always finds it in the end unless I make it a little to difficult...like this

I closed the shower doors after I threw in the tub. You can see she knows I messing with her head.

Then she saw a bug. And forgot about her ball. Nahhhh that's a lie, I pulled the ball out of the tub and threw it...so she was just about to run for it.
And then we had hot pot roast sammiches with gravy for supper with carrots and peas on the side. It was soooo good.
There, this is so much better than "gvetching" about stuff.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

I gather up junk...therefore I am.

Taking junk out, rearranging the junk from within. I was perfectly happy with all the junk stored away out of sight, and now it's all sitting in the middle of three rooms downstairs for the world to see.

If I thought it was hard purging the upstairs, then I have another thing coming, because it is downstairs ... in these rooms where past memories live. I have all my mom's stuff and Gord has his dad's stuff. It doesn't take that much room, but I can't figure a way to make it part of this house. It was in her house and her stuff. ...I sit on the bed downstairs...fingers tapping...head aching...and don't know what to do with stuff I will never use. It's in boxes and suitcases. I have taken everything from my mom's stuff out that I thought would keep her memory alive. It's sits in my wall unit, and in pictures on my walls and in photo albums. Gord's dad had huge box of "vespers" tapes of Lutheran songs that were sang in church that he taped. I don't know what to do with them. Gord was going to donate them back to the church, but we tried to play a few on his dad's old tape machine, and they were brittle and just kept on breaking. Soon there will be no one who remembers the "Vespers"...and maybe I can lay them to rest with the rest of the stuff. Guilt...........I hope when we die they throw it all out, except for my Ricky Nelson autographed picture. He has to live on..:) and maybe the pencil drawing Hippychick did of me when I was still a babe. ....and let's see what else.....yeah...it's hard.

I have finished cleaning and redoing the downstairs bath and laundry room. There is so much grit and grime from sanding and painting I don't think it will ever "ungrit" it. Next weekend... either I toss shit...or store it. It's going to get done. Because I'm so sick of this mess. So, next weekend it just cleaning and nudging...nudging stuff out the door that I have a hard time parting with.

Plus spring has sprung, and I don't want to be farting around down in the bowels of my house. I just took all the garbage to the street for garbage day tomorrow, plus I loaded up my truck with stuff to take to Salvation Army/Value Village, both will get some. It's starting to "echo" in here.

I haven't even started with Gord's bookwork for income tax come the end of April. I need a month off of work just to catch up around here. OH OH poor pitiful me!! jeez I sound like a wuss. But spring is in the air, I can smell it; and that's all that's giving me some extra umph! I envy HippyChick now that she has retired. It's becoming obvious to me, there is a time you should hang up your skates and do something else. Or at least take time off to regroup.

Bloggie Awards!... It's the academy awards for bloggers!! The results were in today for the best in different categories. I'm so happy for Pioneer Woman, she really has made a name for herself just by being real and a little wacko. Plus smart. http://thepioneerwoman.com/

I had a bad belly at lunch and didn't hardly eat a bite, but now I'm starving. Lets see if I can make it happen at suppertime.

And please....I am just whining, no need to feel sorry for me, I do enough of that by myself. I need drugs. Any suggestions. I sleep fine, but my head worries all day......

Friday, March 13, 2009

Fuck off Friday

I just made up a new name for my Friday nite post. I hope it doesn't offend. FOF it is!

Tis the eve before the weekend, and I can let down my guard down and let go of the working world and anticipate sleeping in until at least 10:00 AM.

One more weekend of getting the house back together, I am almost there. Garbage is piled up 4 feet high outside our back deck. 25 years worth of shit..going to the landfill, and like I said the last time a lot is going to Value Village. Those Village People are going to have a hay day. I shop there too. I love that place. Now, I have to stop for awhile, because I will probably buy my old stuff back. But I won't buy Gord's suit I threw in there from 1989...or my rocker leather jacket with shoulder pads in it....with studs. nooo I will leave that to memory only.

Time for FOF pizza.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I just found a shoe box of old scanned files today

It's a whole bunch of pictures I scanned at one point for different reasons. The quality stinks, but ohhhh it was so nice to see them again. I must have done this 5 years ago with my first little scanner. When I discovered scanning I was adamant on scanning every picture in all of my 4,560 picture photo albums. + my moms 8,678 albums for posterity. I was so sure I could do it. As I always do. I take a huge bite of more than I can chew. Then the time factor of it all hits you upside the head, and you mew like a little kitten and say "uncle." MAYBE this wasn't the best idea I ever had.

So this is a junkyard of memories that I scanned. I have a lot more where I scanned pictures for a reason, but this is stuff I totally forgot about.

Welcome to my junkyard of love.

Here I married married a guy with a bow tie in 1972, wearing a velvet suit, and this was a Lutheran Church in Winnipeg not Vegas. Ummm and he wasn't gay.
Here is my dad and I. He never took his tuxedo off until the next morning, because he said, "my daughter only gets married once." ...I think it was the booze talking:) But that was sweet.

Gord's mom and dad's 25th Anniversary..these Lutherans are smiling, but as you will see later when they get married, that is not allowed. Only after 25 years...is smiling allowed.

My favourite picture in the whole world, my grand niece Emerson...who was having a "bad hat day." She was in the middle of a pout. I have this picture on my bulletin board at work, and sometimes when courier guys come in they ask if they can take a picture of it with their cell phones. I'm sure you guys remember it if you have been reading my blog for any length of time.
She looks like one BAD ASS kid.

I have used this little Robin picture almost every year come spring. It makes me hungry.

Penny Loafer, looking like Sophia Loren.

Just a wolf pic I must have liked.

Jokes I was fond of:

A cute bird in a feeder

My boss's boy, getting married on horseback.

My boss's other boy borrowing our "stinking Lincoln" to impress his date for the prom.

A friend of work little grandson...

Nieces, Cheri and Lisa trying to annoy my dog.

I have no idea why I kept this

A really nice thing a friend made for me when I used to belong to PSP groups.

Hippy Chick and nephew Chris at Halloween ... a nun and a Rottweiler. And no, they never married, because he was just a puppy.
AOL...and I had a few fun years ... This is the place I honed my Internet experience in the 90's. It was was like the wicked west in the ole days...everything was possible. Because there were no limits. But, later on it got so bad they had to put a choke hold on the assholes that were stealing passwords etc.

A bunch of our Electricians coming back from the jobsite....after a week out of town. Happy to be home.

SIL with with son Damon just before he was about to take a wife. Doesn't he look like Gord?

Son takes the plunge and takes a wife.

Gordon' great grandparents...Lutherans ...they don't smile.... or sing in church

Gord's Mom and Dad... Lutherans ...still no smiling. I love both pictures, I am sure in those days that your wedding wasn't supposed to be fun. It was something you HAD to do. Seriously, those Lutherans knew how to throw a party after the wedding, it lasted a few days, and there was a lot of home brew and home baked buns. And hangovers.

Damon and Jenn's announcement in the newspaper.

Wiggle Farts........I still miss my Little wiggle farts....she was the most gentle little girl.

Gord, the ELK. In a parade with all the young Chick's in his car. Gawd Don't even get me started on Legions, or Elks clubs. Men shit. But he seems to be loving the attention doesn't he?
First love of my life...Munchie....just looking at this makes me cry...I loved her so much.
Da boys....Gord..the little one to the left and his big bro to the right. In the big city with their leathers on in the 60's And their Jet boots.
This is when I told Gordon we could never have children

And then we did.

Big Guy, my famous goldfish, he even outgrew this tank.. I loved him.

A picture taken for our newsletter at work way back when. If my glasses would have been any bigger they would have covered my lips fortheloveofmike. For some reason my hair looks green.. what's up with that?

Jim, a friend I met on AOL who was in the vietnam war. He was kinda messed up after coming back. We remained friends for quite awhile on the chat site, but he suddenly slipped out of sight, I always wonder what happened to him.
My bro...in the 70's...women, drugs, sex and rock and roll. I used to cut his hair. HA

Gordon in Grade 11. HAAAAAAAAAA... See I told you, Lutherans are not allowed to smile.
My bro again when he turned 40. I wasn't cutting his hair anymore.
Gord on his bike when he was 16. He was almost smiling, he probably forgot he wasn't in church.
My Papa....at Moose Lake, I remember this like it happened yesterday, we thought he caught a huge fish.... and all it was ...was a big boot. We laughed out pants off.
My niece Cheri some 24 years ago, I know I have interneted this picture to death, but I just love how the fire in the fireplace behind her make her look like a devil child.

That's all for the ole shoe box files.... It certainly was fun going through it.