Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A little bit of heaven

The wind chill is almost 40 below...so all a girl can do is dream. This is our future homestead. We will start drawing up the plans in a few weeks. It's been a long haul, but it's all ours. A cottage in the woods yet still inside the city limits. We will have all the amenities. I haven't talked about it too much because I wasn't sure we would go through with it, but now it seems we will.

I was reluctant to build. I wanted to buy something already built. But, I have changed my mind. Just because I'm sixty something...doesn't mean you can't still dream. And if you think I was bitching about the painting this last two weeks in this house, wait until we start to build. I will be fucking nuts...or is that nucking futs. I'll be both, but screw it, I'm going in the deep end with my water wings tucked firmly under my arms.

I ran out of wine today. My wine cellar/back bedroom is so packed with junk I lost the ingredients I needed to complete a vat of wine I was making before painting. The 24 litre vat was sitting underneath a huge computer desk and needed to be pulled out in order to even get to it. But, I managed, I slid on me belly...and slithered it out to a small open area where I could inject it with the ingredients it needed. I had to go and buy them, because I still don't know where other one's are. Tragedy averted. I might have wine before the weekend. Yes, it will be a "young" Riesling... it will be wine before it's time.. but wine nevertheless.

Did you know, I have a lamp fetish? I love lamps. I bought 7 lamps on Sunday. And, NO, I don't wear the shades on my head after I have a few glasses of wine! How dare you think that! I put them on my dog's head. Sometimes it's a little hard getting those clamps around her bony little head. Then she walks a little funny. It's a balancing act. So, I threw out all my crapola lamps with stained shades and ugly bases. I'm starting fresh. I found the neatest little night lites. They have little shades on them .. or half a shade, because they sit flush to the wall. I bought two of them and put them in the plugs in my living room. They look fantastic. I will show you the effects they make behind my tables, they seemed to make the walls glow. I couldn't get those shades on Penny's head however..she ran away. Far away.

I'm making Basa Fillets for supper...our favourite fish. I just dust them with flour, pepper and little seasoning salt and parm cheese and put about a tablespoon of olive oil in the frying pan and cook them. Along with oven fried potatoes and coleslaw.
I promise some pictures next weekend.

Goodnight and don't let the bed bugs bite.


Brenda said...

Trustworthy contractors and you'll be fine. I bet it's fun making the plans.

Sally said...

I'm so happy for you. How exciting! The property is beautiful. :)

cocoabean said...

Cool! YOu know, painting is much easier when there's no furniture or carpeting to worry about!

Donna said...

What a Beautiful piece of land!! You'll be there and happy before you know what happened!
I Love lamps too!!!!
Happy planning sweetie!!hughugs

Joan said...

Donna, first Ricky Nelsons lips, now the lamps!! We may be twins separated at birth. But I think I'm am ...ahem older, our poor mother she had to wait all that time to get you out of the shoot.God bless her.