Tuesday, June 25, 2013

No mo talk about peanut butter cookies

I was getting a little tired of looking at that as well. 

Humidity is HIGH..... weather is coming.  Robins are singing like there is no tomorrow so we know rain is just around the corner.

So other than what I have posted on facebook... that's the whole shebang..lol.  

Well at least this will take the cookies off..

I could post about all my worries....and sorrows....but you know ...been there ... done that on here.  Along with very happy times.  Sometimes my blog comes in really handy to see exactly what happened in a certain year and how I was feeling.  Like a diary. 

But I no longer feel that need.  I also felt that whatever I wrote should be funny. Yes, I am still funny but I don't need the approval I once thought I did.  I could not wait for you guys to laugh at what I wrote.  I lived for it.  I wrote long into the night ...with pics....now guess how long that took me when blogger was just a kidlet? 

Some of the times were rough when Gord has his event.....and my blogger friends were with me all the way and it was so much appreciated.  People who didn't even know me sent me prayers. 

In my blogger life I have only met three bloggers ... all who have died. Kat, Ellen and Curtis. I got a little bummed after Kat died.  One of Kat's friend Terry would love to meet me...and I her.  But I told her I didn't want to kill her .... because it really feels like I could do that.  I know it sounds stupid....but Terry is very superstitious and told me we cannot meet.  I'm good with that. I don't want to hex her. 

If you think I am a very outgoing person...you would be wrong.  I'm at my best behind my keyboard typing my thoughts on Face book or Blogger.  I am very much a homebody. 

Now....see what happens when you got me talking..... I go on and on. LOL

There is not point to this blog entry......just jammering....on and on.