Monday, August 29, 2011

Yeah it's me.

You know how much whining I was doing about leaving the I wish I could sell this piece of crap and get on with our lives. 

I don't want to jinx anything but we got a good offer today and accepted it.  We will know by Friday if it will go through.

Most people I talked to said building a house was stressful...I call bullshit.  Selling your house is the most stressful.  Keeping it clean...every fricking day.  I don't mind being clean but everything out of sight clean makes me want to take a pitch fork and send it right through my brain. 

Miss Penny and I have to vacate the premisses a few times a day when dumb fucks come through here.  That entails (ha ha penny..tails...get it) getting her in the truck and going nowhere for an hour.  We cruise...because we are cool...circumvent the hood, drop into the park where we take a very brief walk because in two minutes she has spotted another dog and is going into a dog fit.  Untangle the leash...back in the truck and sit in it ...facing the our I can see when the Real Estate Agent is finished showing it.  Then we go home and she is happy because she thinks we went for a walk.  And the heat, it has been so hot here lately it makes me crazy. 

So, that's about it for now, if all goes well ...

Friday, August 12, 2011


You may have noticed that I have not written anything in here for awhile.  Nothing is really wrong ...yet everything is wrong.

It's the transition from one house to the next.   I did not do well with moving on with my life from the workplace to retirement nor am I doing well with this.

Please do not tell me to you are sorry..etc.... It's okay.  I am dealing with it every day.  I just need to say some stuff.  So don't be going ohhh Joan.... I'm not looking for sympathy ...just getting it off my chest.

I will miss my neighbours and friends in the hood.  You knew that already....but as time goes by I get misty eyed.  I know what to expect with the changing of the seasons...and today all the black birds (hundreds of them at different times) came by to visit my little pond reserve I made for them  and descended  on it. The sound was deafening with all of them enjoying the pond and all the bird baths.  Today I had Robins, blackbirds and doves fighting for a bath.  My neighbour next door has a huge pond....these guys fight each other for a bath in a bird bath...stupid birds....really... you assholes have a spa right next door.

Soon the Geese will be migrating. Our house is on their  flight path.  I will miss them shitting on my deck..or my head. Or in my wine. 

I worry and I worry.  Not only about this but will our house get sold. Right now it looks good.  You damn  Americans almost gave me a heart attack last weeks when you might have gone in another recession.  Your economy affects ours and yet we are doing so well.

So... I will trundle on....and worry.  YOU CAN NOT STOP ME.  But if you know of any under the counter stress relievers.. my ears are open.