Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year to everyone..and blog-anniversary to me.

I started this bitch in 2004. That is a long time. 6 year of spewing my guts.

Waaaaaay back when the earth was still green. I never meant this to be diary of sorts...nor do I have Children to look at it for posterity. I just like to write. Put what ever is on my mind on the screen, and type out the shit that flows through that. And most of it is bullshit. heh.

Tomorrow, I am going through the achieves and find ....what I think is the best blog in each of those five years. So, be prepared for the links. If you need a nap in between them I will understand.

We are still in crisis mode here. Our WATERBED has sprung a leak. Those damn kids jumped on the bed at Christmas...and now it's leaking. Well, that is not the real story..about two weeks ago Gord jumped out of the bed in the middle of the night his hair was on fire and woke me up and said I think I pissed the bed! I don't know why, but some reason we never suspected the bed. IT'S A WATERBED. Oy. At our age we might be pissing the bed..who knows. I don't have the old age manual.

Dumb. But we never saw anything until after Christmas...when Gord once again jumped out of the bed and thought he pissed himself. Then we had a clue.... Clue and Clueless then came to a decision that there was a hole in their waterbed. Children of the sixties... scary. You never know when you are getting a flash backs.

We put a patch on it this afternoon. It's only time that will tell if it works. We may not be sleeping in the same bed tonight in 2010. He, on the sofa and me in the backseat of my truck. Bastard.


Tuesday, December 29, 2009

My Mom's

Christmas cactus bloomed on Christmas day. I have had it since 1999 and it bloomed ... maybe twice and not on Christmas day. And it only had one bloom. Asshole plant.

This year I had THREE blooms. Obviously I am not doing something right, but 3 blooms are better than none.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Good grief

I knew I was tired last night...but the typo's on my last post...were right out there!

Nevermind...I was tired to the bone but determined to write a post. Not such a good idea.

I slept until 10:30 this morning. I was pooped. After a few cups of coffee I got my mojo working again. I cleaned up the house. Lined up all the left overs in the fridge (from Christmas dinner) and shot them. After having two big dinners, one at my brother's on Christmas day and one at our house on the 26th. nothing in the fridge looked like something I would like to eat. Gord, on the other hand wants to eat nothing but those doughy dinner rolls that were left over. We have 12 more to go. He will wind up looking like the Pillsbury Dough Boy.

We had a great time at my brothers house. Mind you, it was storming all day and I knew the roads were going to be shit. And they were. My niece totalled her car on the way to her boyfriends parent's house earlier in the morning...but fortunately she was not hurt.

Over there we had a traditional Ukrainian Christmas meal. Along with SIL's sister, husband and family. There was a lot of people and perogies. Ukrainians talk really loud so it was hard to be heard in any conversation. But, I'm pretty sure I yelled right over them. The food was fabulous. Especially a rolled crepe filled with cottage cheese, then covered with whipping cream, and baked. OMG

They took a family picture and for some reason I look like a stunned serial killer. Someone should have told me turn my frown upside down.

The guy lit up on the left is married to the blond in front of the Christmas tree....he just came in to have a fast meal, because he is a cop and didn't have time to take off his jacket because he was on a break. My brother took this picture so he isn't in it...damn. I'm the asshole on the right with my hands in my pockets. Gord of course is the guy with the Santa the middle with his favorite niece Lisa. The badge on his hat reads " forget the bullshit..what's the discount?" I am sure he was wearing that when he bought my ring..heh. My other niece Cheri is the blond cutie on the top left with her boyfriend Shane. The rest are SIL's family along with the cop. SIL is the one sitting beside me.

The second day of Christmas: The Lutherans came over.

My favourite person was in attendance.. Gord's Tanta Tina...94 years old and is still drinking me under the table. Lot's of fun. Plus lot's of youngins.

I hid 35 pretend chocolate dollar coins all over the basement for the kids to find. I took them forever. So, that was good. My SIL and my nephews wife brought food so I didn't have much to do other than make the turkey and I still made too much crap. I forgot the dressing in the fridge I had made earlier.....and I got the " are getting on in years look." Fuck that. You Lutheran's try getting a big dinner together...and then we will talk.

The 5 kids can't wait to get into my water bed. They love it. And I aways remind them..NO JUMPING! So every time I looked in the bedroom, two of the older one's were gently rocking the bed while the younger one's were sprawled out in the bed loving the rocking. The cousins love each other so much, it's so good to see. Usually kids fight...but not these girls. Probably because there isn't any males cousins in the family. I bet if there was a boy cousin, some shit would be happening. As it stands I think we have 5 lesbians. At least this way we can preserve the family name.

My water bed babies

We don't have a large closest in the front hall so everyone threw their jackets on our bed, and the kids were lying on all of them...oy!

Tanta Tina and Gordon. I love her. She is so funny, she cracks me right up.

Well that's all I got for tonight.

Remember what I said about jumping on the water bed to the girls...well there is more to that story, but that will be left for another "wet" day.

balonie..over and out.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

So, this is Christmas...and what have we here...?

You could have knocked me over with a feather, I was astounded. Gord? buying ME a ring? A George Foreman grill I could understand....but THIS.

I lost the diamond on my engagement ring earlier this year, and he was like.." it was old"... and who cares. So I went to Walmart and bought myself a Cubic Zirconia for 20.00 bucks, because my original wedding band split in half about two years ago, and I was ringless. And I just hated it when guys kept hitting on me and thought I was single. It's tuff being a couger.

But you have to hear the story.

We have friends that lived beside years ago in our old house. They moved away 25 years ago, and we have kept up a tradition of sending out newsletters to each other and calling on Christmas eve.

First, to explain... In my newsletters I always complained that Gord bought me crap for Christmas, and usually it was Turkey Roaster, heated car seats, and yes, he did buy a lot of computer shit I wanted...but nothing personal..ever. Tunney, our friend, always gives his wife really cool stuff, so I was always jealous.. It was on going joke over the years.

So, this year when I wrote our newsletter, I told them I had lost my diamond in my engagement ring and wished for a replacement. And then joked around...saying..yeah rite...I'm only going to get a George Foreman grill.

They called us early on Christmas eve because they had to go to their son's house, and we weren't at home, so they left a message. In that message, Tunney joked around and said "Gord for God's sake get your wife a diamond ring"!

What I haven't told you yet, is that Gord never saw the newsletter I sent to Tunney and his wife.

When Gord got home later in the evening I told him Tunney had left a message on the answering machine. Gord was sitting in his recliner in front to the TV having a drink and I handed him the phone and he was listening to the message...and I was in the kitchen getting supper going. He listened to the message...and he turned kind of silent after that...and asked why Tunney was asking about a diamond ring....and I told him what I had said that in the newsletter as a joke as I do every year. His wife always gets bling...I get blong. Gord looked a little confused. But I really didn't notice it too much. He just kept on asking me what I wanted for Christmas....and all I could muster up was one of those digital picture frames....which....ummm I didn't really want. I have everything I need.

Then on:

Christmas morning ...after we got up....we went downstairs...with our coffee's and a very excited dog who knows it is Christmas morning...and who has been seated beside her Christmas stocking for two weeks and has to be carried manually up the stairs to go to bed.

Gord opened the boring presents I got him, the dog pissed her pants with the turtle that had two balls inside it's shell which she had to break out. Then it was my turn. He kept on asking me what I thought it was. I had no clue. It wasn't the picture frame...because it was too small. And it was soft. We did the guessing game for two seconds, before I ripped it open. The box was stuffed with "my towels" that I never saw went missing. And at the bottom of it was a little box.

I didn't even get it then.

I opened it..and then there was another box..a jewellery type my head I was going WTF... and when I opened that one...I lost it. I started to cry...balonie doesn't do crying... too much. It's the ring I would have picked... I love wide bands, I love white gold..

Plus he gave me a Wacom pen for Scrapbooking......oy...I think he still likes me.

I never thought he would have cared about my sadness when I lost the diamond to my engagement ring. This ring will do double duty for both rings..engagement and wedding ring. I'ts such a nice wide band. I'm not a person who wears jewellery so it's all good.

So that's my story.

Tomorrow I will regale you with the Christmas tales at my brother's home, and Christmas with the Lutheran's we had here yesterday. I have the next week off, so I got a lot tales to tell.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Showing off my lack of photography knowledge base

I put my Christmas village in the fireplace. Now you know I am on my way to the funny farm. Do you see my mom's Christmas cactus on the right. For the first time since she died it is blooming like crazy...but not on the side you can see...damit. The buds are just little, but it's so cool that they bud off the leaf.
I tried a night pic..failed.....carry on.

That is Ben the moose my niece gave me many Christmas's ago. He is the gate keeper for all the presents under the tree. You can see how diligent he looks....tail in the air...stalking preditors...while all the time he was only taking a dump. Ben! man...

Tree stuff... I bought these years ago a Wal Mart...and I love them. I twist them all over the tree. Because ummm I am twisted. But you know that.

Talk about twisted.... My tree top. With some shiny gold wheat... I loved the look. My Angel got tired of me a few years back and flew away. It might have been all the swearing I did when I put the lights on. She just took off with a letter of resignation.

I have about 6 of these that I spread through the tree... they are so very cute. Phoney looking, yes..but cute.

My deer, which I have had since we got married. He has a broken back leg, but you don't know that. I tuck him in the handicapped part of the tree.

I have had this little family forever. There feathers and nest are getting a little frayed looking...but the momma still looks after her chicks at Christmas time.

Well look at that mess. I didn't get the top on the picture, plus a row of those fucking prelit lights went out near the bottom. See the dark part? I just about shit myself yesterday, and no amount of tapping and twisting can make them come back on. I spit in the maker of prelit trees face. On the left is my little skating pond. I should have turned it looks a little drab. It's beautiful when it's lit up...and all the skaters go round and round. My SIL gave this to me last Christmas.

So, there you have it. Christmas at the Twisted!

The company I work for just moved to a new building on Monday. They used to rent from us..Gordon and myself. We owned the building and they rented a portion of it for the last 12 years. We have four other tenants in the building.
The company has grown so much in the last ten years and they needed more space, so we moved down the street to a brand new's huge. It's beautiful. The company cheeped out on everything in the old building and now we have this huge building with "real office furniture" instead of cast off's that we had before........... I have a huge real receptionist desk...I have a room for all my files....I have "pot" lighting overhead. I have carpets that haven't seen a thousand boot tracks by messy electricians. We have a real lunch room, we have a conference room, we have TWO bathrooms...Men's and Joan's....I will now no longer have smell their shit after they came back from the restaurant next door after breakfast. Phewww. It wafted into the office. They never shut the door and put on the fan OMG. And don't get me going on flushing the urinal.
I was so used to the conditions of the old building, I didn't even realize that things could be better. Not that I minded it, it was what it was.
So, I was sitting at my new desk today, close to closing time looking at all the stuff around me and marvoring at all the new stuff that I will only be able to enjoy for another 4 months. I had a real desk, and customers had brought in flowers, cards and chocolates that could be displayed on my front desk. It was like going from pampers to big girl pants. Also it was like ...I'm not sure how to say this...but like a real job. I felt the need to dress up a bit. Before jean's were the staple because it was dirty and I was always in the warehouse doing crap. Now everything is clean. So far.
I know, I'm still a little bitter....but fuck..... I'm going to miss all the good stuff.


Saturday, December 19, 2009

Sorry I was not too clear

About my end date. No, it's not February but that is was I realized he was shooting for before I told him I need April to meet my pension requirements. And he agreed to that. So, that's all good.

We had our company Christmas party yesterday, kinda bittersweet knowing you won't be there next year. I made sure I didn't have more than a few glasses of wine because I was afraid I would start shooting my mouth off....and I don't need that right now.

I got all my Christmas shopping done! Plus I bought myself the best ever coat. Well, it's not really a coat .. coat. It's a jacket coat. Mid length I guess is what I'm trying to say. It is a "Joan" coat. Yes it has a hood. Everything I have has a hood. I even have hooded scarves. I can't find p.j's with a hood. I hate that. But this coat is everything I have been looking for years. It's black, it's suede..ish soft, it has a hood with fat fur trim, it has a belted back, and it has fur cuffs on the sleeves. Think Dr. Zhivago. It's sort of A- line and makes me look like I have a waist. I almost typed waste. Freudian slip. It' s just damn cute.

shhhhh ... nobody type too loudly in your comments...Gord is sleeping on his recliner...the dog is sleeping on the sofa.. and I have the "fireplace channel on." Yes ... it has logs burning and Christmas carols playing. Normally we would be downstairs but I changed up the fireplace this year with candles instead of a fire going.. ask? Because Gord and I have this thing about fires in the fireplace. We haven't been burning wood for a long time, and have been using the phoney logs. You know the one's ..filled with wax and bird droppings... and you can get them at Costco for 5.00 bucks.

When my... or his family comes over at Christmas....and because I am busy cooking I give him the job to look after the fire. That decision has cost us a lot of waxing fumes wafting throughout the house. For some reason when I tell him, you have to let the first log to peeeeter out, and then throw on the next log... BEFORE YOU FUCKING BURN THE HOUSE DOWN WITH THE OTHER TWO YOU HAVE THROWN ON . I have been pretty clear about this for about 10 years...and nothing has changed.

When all the kids grow up they will always remember the smell of wax in our house. Just like turkey... would be to normal people. They will remember those two old farts alway's arguing about the fireplace. "Remember the time Auntie Joanie... yelled WTF are you Uncle Gordon when he was stoking a fire as big as a bonfire in their house." What a legacy we leave to these children! We are assholes....but the kids seem to like us anyway.

I just got two calls, SIL is bringing the mashed potato casserole, plus her mom's fruit salad...I love her mom's salad. My niece is bringing a Flan for dessert.... I love flans.....So yay...It's just me and the turkey... veggies, ham, dressing..and all the rest of the shit....

I can't wait.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

It's all somewhat okay

When the headmaster sat me down and talked to me in a very quite tone....almost like he wanted to calm me down before I took a hatchet to his head. He said "Joan, we need to know what you want." You are a very important part to our company. I,in turn said "I didn't know I had a choice." I said, "you start first." Because I wanted to the the bottom line before I made any choices.

The ball was in his court.

In his monotone voice, he agreed and rambled on for ten minutes telling me how great I am, and what a good employee I am (was), and tried to schmooze me. And then he told me that I will be paid for two months salary after they let me go as is the company policy. Then he said that I would probably be let go at the end of February.

I told him I was not happy with that. Because my boss told me I would be let go at the end of April... and I have everything set up to go from that date forward. With my pension plans etc. He almost jumped off his chair..I guess my boss didn't tell him that.

Then,in his monotone voice....he said " no problem Joan" ...we are here to help you through this blah blah da blah

Fuck off you are. I said in my head.

I already knew he was looking for February. Anyway, that's the end of it.

So that's where this pile of bullshit my flower bed where new flowers will florish next spring and I will have the time to take care of them.

Let's get it on. I'm ready.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Tomorrow is the day

When the big guy gives me the news.
In our business layoffs are part of the trade. Electricians are only kept as long as we have jobs to give them. But in our company, they really do try to keep everyone as long as they have work for them. Even if we have to lay someone off during a dry spell, they can collect employment insurance until we need them again. Most stay and wait out the dry spell. A very dedicated group of employees. They treat us well. And it shows. As far as I can remember no one has quit our company.

So, really...I am not bitter. I would have preferred to "hang up my skates"...on my own steam later this year after I turned 65, but I can see where they are coming from a business.
Combining my job with the other job, the new guy has been hired for will give him a full time job. As it was before, that position didn't have enough to do... nor did I. I had tons of spare time. Value wise...yes I have all 15 years of it in my head...and I can pull a file out as fast as you can blink your eye if you need it. I can do a lot of shit..but so will he once he gets the hang of it. No one is indispensable. I get that. Why pay two people to do what one can. It's business. If I had been 20 years younger I would have tried to do both those jobs, but I don't have that ambition anymore.
So, tomorrow, I will put my best face forward and accept whatever they want to give me.

I really have faith that they will not screw me around. I really do.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas makes me crazy

HO HO HO....look who dropped down the chimney a little early. Santa Baby. Angel man has met his match. I'm kinda in love with him.

Still having problems with my camera...I can't take a decent night shot. And if I shoot it with the flash it doesn't look Christmassy...yaknow...whine. I tried ever dang setting. This new camera was going to do it all...well shit.

That's my narrow little Christmas tree that fits between the couch and the windows in the front. Very blurry...When I retire I'm going to get a good SLR camera and learn how to use it. I don't care if it is heavy...but I need .. or want a camera that will take a night pic. My very first digital camera was an HP. And it took wonderful low light pictures, but I guess that was in the day when the speed was slow ... and of course it looked better. But with the new one's ..even with the flash turned off, and all the adjustments made to shoot at crap.
Oh well, I'm tuckered right out. I spent today Christmas shopping and I managed to get every gift for everyone on my list in three hours....yes 3 hours. ummm except for Gordon...that one will take me a little while. He's very hard to shop I might not get him nothing at all, depends if he is naughty or nice.:) And I bought it all for nothing. I bought 250.00 dollars worth of presents for ...almost zero. Mind you I don't have many people to buy for, but shit. We shop at Superstore for most of our groceries and you get points for all your shopping. I save mine until the end of the year and go Christmas shopping because they have everything in that store. I found something for everyone that I knew they would like, and I am very happy.
The reason for going there today was to use up our points. When I got to the cashier and asked her to cash in my points...she said I only a 25.00 dollars. My heart dropped to my feet. WTF. Did they have a policy change and didn't notice? Then she swiped my card again...and it came up 250.00 dollars...phew.... plus I had enough purchases to get a 25.00 gift card for the store...score. It didn't all even out because I had bought some extra stuff, but in the end I only paid about 20.00 bucks. But I still have the 25.00 gift card. Plus I have a turkey in the freezer Gord got from a customer.....and hey nothing like a cheap Christmas! Now I can spend more on goodies for Christmas than I would have before.
Big boss is coming in this week to tell me what my "fuck off"package will be. That should be interesting. Plus we are moving to a new building on the 21st. Oy...balonie no like so much change in such a little time.
Too much going on.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Oh Taunnenbaum

Du pissiest me off.

Diene prelit lites macht me nuz. Vats mit the lights?..von moment lights dan da next nuttink.

Ich bein kind of mad at you.

Torrorrow, you might see you ass in a snow bank.

Love balonie

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Face off..with Face book

I think this is my very favourite..evar...

I have this thing about facebook. It's bugging the crap outta me. In order not to sound like a complaining old fart I should just say most of the people on my facebook are much younger than me, mostly nieces, nephews, cousins, friends and friends of friends...etc. Lot's of youngins and some blogger friends. It's a match made in hell.

Most of my age (including youse guys) manage to say, what you what to say in a sentence or two. It is perfectly clear. eg. "I went to the mall today again and had sex with one of the security guards." Remember the cute guy I was talking about?" Then later we had lunch. Hey, I can understand that. I remember the guy you talked about, and I now know you had sex with him. Done.

But, that is not how it works out in my face book. Kids! They talk in "text." They assume you know ..what the freaking hell they are talking about.

I will give you a few examples: I am changing the names.

Liza: 30 more days!

Huhhh... thirty more days to what? How do you comment on shit like that?

Joan: Until you next period?

Liza: No, until Christmas you idiot.

Well, hells bells, why didn't I think of that! Like help me out here. What is this shit, a big freaking guessing game.

Bear: 3 more days!

Joan: Is your insurance going to expire? Three days..what in the hell are you talking about? She left me guessing even though I asked. I later found out she went to Cancun. This is my niece. ahem.

And those that just say..I just ate an apple. What!!

Joan: check you stool in the morning to make sure it digested properly... I didn't really need to know that...

Or: I just got a haircut.

Joan: Okay, did you like it?

OY..for God's sake finish the sentence....Please...take it to the next level.

My next Facebook entry will be:
I just took a dump.

I will not reveal the outcome.

Because no one gives a shit!

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

My Penny

This was originally an animated picture...and all their tails were wagging. I couldn't make em wag again. And I think the snow was falling as well. I screwed up all the animation probably by saving it as a JPEG...anyway I have had this little gem in my achieves for many a moon.

It's so pretty. One of my favourites.

The temperatures in my part of the world have fallen ... like a rock. I can't believe I was outside in a summer jacket about a week ago....and this week my ass froze to the picnic table while I was playing with Penny. BTW, every evening after work I throw the ball from the picnic table and she fetches it and brings it back. Then she eats her supper (kibble) on the picnic table. She love's eating outside. And then we cuddle for awhile and play again. While I look at my watch.....okay then playtime is over...I tell her to get that ball back in the house, and she does. She runs up the handicapped ramp we made for her condition...back on to the deck and in the house.

Now I have to get her to figure out the inside playtime routine in the house. She has been good, we just have do a winter version of it. I throw the ball down into the living room...which is in the lower level...I do this.. maybe once... because of her condition...and then hide the ball upstairs .....fifty fucking times. She never gets tired of finding the ball. I can hide that squeaky ball in the same place 50 times and when she finds's as surprising and as it was in the first place. It never gets old. She is a hunter....and when she finds it ...she comes out strutting with it..and chews on the squeaky ball and makes it sing. She can make it sing, and it sounds like VICTORY. Man I love that little bitch.

Monday, December 07, 2009

I will have a new Christmas scene from today until you throw up.

Donna, thanks for the Christmas was so cute. And I can see how teeny weenie your snowmen are up South. You must have gathered up so many little snowflakes to make him. Just for me. ahhhh sweet.

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Getting it on

I'm getting into the swing of things. I got the tree up today, the pre lit tree, the narrow ugly pre lit tree I bought last year. It looks like a bean pole. I don't recall what possessed me to buy it, but I'm sure it's in my archieves. I don't want to look in that hole. Ahhh, yes I just came to me I brought down the huge wall unit to the living room from upstairs...that was it...and low and behold room for das "OH Tannenbaum." Then I bought this bean pole. Well I have since moved a few things around, and beanie...just didn't fit into this years plans. But I did find a place between two windows in a corner of the living room.

Well, I hate that. I have enough decorations for both the front and back of the tree. But I don't want to. That means decorating the tree before you put it in it's place....and then moving it back...very gently into it's corner. It's always gets fucked up. What you imagined is the front of the tree, now is the side of the tree by the time you wiggle it back into the corner. And then "It's on." Pushing, twisting, shit falling off the tree on your head....oy.

Last Christmas was long time ago. I could not figure out how to plug all the lights together on my PRELIT Christmas tree. I think I have a hernia. I was on the floor looking for all those little plugs that plug together into the big plug. I had a few woodstock moments. I found three, and plugged them all into the Big Momma plug...yet the bottom lights were not lit. I was writhing on the floor under the tree searching for that elusive plug... while there, I found spider webs on the bottom window sills...with dead flys in them. I found the plug at long last. My head was full of spider webs.

Apparently this is a room I have not been paying too much attention to during the summer. We never live there. So.... I tried to get up. I had been down there on my back and knees for about 20 minutes. I was stiff...and couldn't find anything to hold on to prop myself up with. I could see my dog sitting on the upper level of the house watching me flail like a fish out of water.....her ears all perked up....ready for the kill....heh...just kidding...she would have tried to help me if I would have strapped on her doggie cell phone and got her to dial woof 911.

I bummed my way to the sofa ...and propped myself up...and finally got up. Then I looked behind the sofa...well holy moly ... more spider webs.... I got out my vac and cleaned all that shit out. I need to retire and clean my house. If I let it go it could be considered as a part of the world wide "web."

I made my world wide famous Mac and Cheese casserole your hearts out... so good.

I bid you farewell.... dessert is coming...

Friday, December 04, 2009

My pic's sucked donkey balls

I tried to take them, but they are so ugly I can't show them. I need more snow on the ground to create a reflection. It's just too dark for my camera...or I am stupid and don't know who to make it better? I'll check my settings tomorrow. damit to hell.

One hundred and forty six sleeps until I retire. one.hundred.and.forty.six days until I can wear my PJ's all day if I want to. Gord of course will never's not in his genes. His dad worked until the day he died, and his older brother still works at the age of 67 because he loves what he does. So, that makes me feel like a bit of a slacker....and I know I will feel the need to do something else. But that something else will be what I want it to be.

I have a few irons in the fire for some type of business which may or may not pan out... a girl can try. If not...screw it, I'll put my PJ's back on. I am getting very excited about this "not working shit" I took a day off work this week, because ..hey I needed a mental health day....I never do shit like that, but I see more of them in my future before they kick my ass out the door. 14 years of my life I gave to them, and they just couldn't see me through to my 65th birthday and into my Canada Pension. I am pissed and I am also happy...I don't know which way to smile. Turn my bum sideways...

I will meet with the big wigs in the first week of January to see what they are going to offer me for a compensation package. Like I have choice...we don't have anything written in stone for that kind of thing. But, I have a few things I will bring to the table that might make them take notice.

I have nothing to loose anymore. a little upset with all this shit and wishes it was over and done with.

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

No pic's damit

But Penny and I spent a lot of time in the back the dark trying to make a Magical Christmas tree out of lights. Damn that tree. The tree I have the lights on does not have huge branches, it's a small Cherry tree and has spindly branches. It's hard doing it outside ... and when I get back up on the deck it looks different than it did when I was standing in the garden looking at's all about the angles. SOB

Give me a day or two..... whether the snow comes or not...I'm going to take a picture of it. Gord's is really ...umm should we say booooring.....but hey....even if you vote for him...I win ... because I helped him..yup. I'm a beotch. I guess we all knew this.