Sunday, August 31, 2008

It's a peaceful Sunday evening out on the deck

But of course I will have to bitch about something. The neighbours are making ribs on the barbeque, and holy hell they smell devine. I just yelled at them to quit it! The guy with the sander a street over has been gearing that sucker up all day, and lucky for him, it was too hot to be outside, or I would have got into my SUV, and slowly but dilibertaly drove out of my cul de sac comfort zone, hung a left at the corner, and drove to where the screaching was coming from. And decked the bastard. This has been going on for two Sundays in a row...fortheloveofmr.bean. Just as I was about to track this jack ass down, the noise stopped....I'm hoping his next door neighbour shot him. Well, fuck..........I just wrote that........guess what...seriously I shit you not...he started up's 8:00 PM. Well, I might have to back off, because I have had a glass or two of wine..but I intend to thow some verbal abuse at him if he keeps it up. Not that he can hear me, and because he is probably doing something evil. I will have to ask the neighbours over on that side if they have seen his wife lately. There is something funny going on:)

He stopped the other neighbour and his wife are having issues. There is a lot of clapping going on. And some thumping ....doesn't sound good. No, it's okay, they are just happy to be eating ribs tonight. They took it inside. Jeez...I'd be jumping around too if we were having ribs tonight.

We are having fish. Hey, don't put a frown on your face. I'ts not so bad. We are having Pickeral fillets (which cost a ton on money) and I used to catch them for nothing years ago. I know there is another name for them in the US..but I can't remember it. Since I went all "sissy" about fishing the last few years, I have to buy them. I made a batch of homemade fries, homemade coleslaw, from a fresh cabbage hippychick donated to me, and we will have ourselves a good fry.

Hippychick came over last night for "attitude adjustment hour"... AAH and brought a huge pile of veggies from her retirement garden in Ridgeville. SIL Sheila and I we able to take what we wanted, and man there was so much. She even grew celery, that is unheard of in Winnipeg. But she is out about 70 miles east of here where the soil is made up of mostly sand, not clay like it is here. I now have all the ingriedents for Mennonite Soup. Beet leaves, Sorrel, Summer Savory, Dill (which I had), potatoes, carrots and onions...all fresh from the garden. And yes, she brought tomatoes too...we had them for lunch and there were soo good. It's supposed to get colder tomorrow with some rain, so this soup will hit the spot. I have some mennonite farmer sausage in the freezer for the base.........yum. and dad in heaven...I bet you wish you could come down for a bowl!!! Unless God makes it better....I don't think so.

It's really wierd, I have been having dreams with my mom in them for the last few weeks, I dream alot, but not about her usually. But during this time of year I do...she died September 19th. and every year since, she is in my dreams around this time...and some of them are so vivid it was like she was here. And it's like she is telling me what to do all the time, and I get all pissed off. There must be a message in there somewhere. We never disagreed with each other.

Gord and I the dark the time all our AAH friends left it was late, so we struck up the new guyBBQ...the one that could barbeque an's that big. But because I couldn't see worth shit, the burgers came out kind of rare...we ate it anyway and waited for saminila poisioning. Didn't happen. We checked our pampers this morning...and it was all good.

I can't believe summer is almost over, and it gets dark so soon now. I used to like winter, but I have gotten over that. Give me a touch of snow at Christmas and then be gonst. Geput. >>>>>>>gonzo...But that ain't gonna happen.

Well,I better get to bed, I just finished off a piece of my latest banana bread experiment I baked this afternoon in the heat. This one was more delightful than the last two. But it was a tad heavy....I added an extra banana and half a cup of crushed pineapple. I had to get a fork lift to get it out of the stove...and of course I burned my finger. First the rib...then the finger..oy......... but that sucker is moist this time.. more tomorrow...feels like a got lead in me belly.......

Friday, August 29, 2008

It's been awhile

So much to time for blogging. I haven't even made the old blog look like home yet. That will's the long weekend.........and I hope it rains, so I don't have to feel guilty about doing stuff outside.

Apparently the inside of my house needs a bit of scrubbing. I have been turning a blind eye to this for sometime, and I guess I will have to do that this weekend. I can't blame it on the rib "nomore" because I mowed the back 40 yesterday and ..I lived! Thank God (Gord) for buying a lawnmower with an electric start button. At least I didn't have to knock a few more bones out their respective joints. I have been letting Gord off on the yard work.

Gord has not been feeling well in the past few months, and he finally went to the doc this week. I suspected the culprit....LIPITOR... the cholesterol drug he takes. His doc was on holidays for a month, so I decided to use my medical degree I earned on Google to task before his doc came back. All the symptoms were there right in front of my I took Lipitor out his medley of drugs for three weeks. I figured, what could happen? I made sure we ate carefully. Like we didn't stick forks in our foreheads.....okay, what I meant to say is we ate ...carefully in the sense we didn't eat high cholesterol crap.. and when he went to the doctor he agreed with my prognosis. One for me. He has been feeling better and better after he stopped taking the Lipitor. So, now he trying another one...let's see how that goes.

I just yelled at a neighbour over the next street who was drilling concrete, that made my ears bleed. It was horrible...and he quit....Two for me. I am getting better at nothing than anyone else.

Gord just got home and is smoking me out the back deck with the fumes from the Stinkin Lincoln he just pulled up in with the speakers blaring....I'm glad we don't have gun controls in Canada, or I might just have to put a small bullet in his laderhosen. I want peace and tranquility on Friday nights...

That concrete guy is lucky.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

New template...and I love it...yes really I do!

I have been looking for a template like this forever......and this afternoon a found a web site that had some really nice ones. I wanted to link it back to my site, but the lady was such a religious person, I felt she wouldn't be comfortable with me dropping the "f' bomb on her template. What a dilemma?? Plus, she is a Mennonite...yikes I am probably related to her.

I like a cozy template... and all the one's I used before were so...unlived in. This one looks more like..hey... come on don't have take off your shoes...whatever...and let's have a glass of wine and talk shit for awhile.

My rib is just starting to get better....I can't believe how long it is taking, but I can feel it is improving.

I made another loaf of banana bread yesterday....I cannot get enough of it. But our supper tonight was de shitz...don't let anyone tell you that you can make meat balls out of ground chicken...because it will be a LIE. They taste like shit, meatballs can only be made from beef, and whoever so disbelievith in that is a big fat liar....or had their taste buds removed at birth.

Excuse me I'm going back for my second piece of banana loaf.

Good thing I left it on the counter and didn't have to unwrap it again. I love this banana loaf way to much....and I don't even eat sweet stuff. ummm I guess I do.

Okay.... time to hit the hay.... I still have some work to do on the template, I have missed a bunch of bloggers I read every day, plus I have to more pics on the left side bar...that will be fun.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

I am speaking from the OTHER side..

I shouldn't be watching Sex in the City reruns...because some of them are pretty I killed myself mentally and went to heaven for penance. Hell you say?.... no, I am in heaven forpetessake. I am watching over all of you right now.

Special K...quit picking your nose... and gosh do something with your hair!

Mary Lou I think your cat just pissed on the floor..right next to the broom closet...go and!!

I'm feeling the vibes tonight I tells you. I am right up here with Angel Man...and he is better looking in person than on the internet. I'm having a little problem getting too close to him because his big horking wings keep slapping me in the face and I'm doing facebook plants...but no problem... you can't fall down from heaven.

Brenda... I met Ya Ya....he's doing fine don't you be worried. He is a loud bugger! Also, I see Zac hasn't done his homework tonight...get on that okay? And tell James to make his own supper, because you are tuckered right out. As far as I can tell from here, that didn't work out.

Donna, I think your daughter may have a boyfriend......but didn't hear that from me. I just looked down and saw them "holding hands"...... that's all I saw...damn clouds!!

Sally...I hear the strains of "Moon River" coming from your porch....are you sure you don't have a suitor visiting? I can't see clearly because of the clouds....but either it is a small man or a dog. No, wait....either the small man went for a dump on your lawn...or it was your dog.. Sorry. I need heaven glasses..oy.

Now on to Curtis. The reason for my heaven post. Curtis, I have been thinking of you all week long. I have been searching for her all day..and finally found her at a small school for Angels who have not yet got their wings. Knowing Ellen, she got hers a long time ago, and she is now the teacher as she was in life. The clouds aren't blocking my view anymore, I can see her clearly, and with purpose in her work for God teaching those that just arrived...with all the skills she used on earth. I think she saw the clouds started to move in..and I drifted back to earth.. I think she mouthed the words....give my hunny bunny a hug for me. it is...{{{{{{}}}}}}.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Brenda Photo Challenge Sweets...

I'm not one for a lot of sweet stuff ... so I took a different usual.

The Sweetest Strawberries just picked from the field

Angel Man...... now that is as SWEET as it gets....Who wouldn't want that on their tree top at Christmas...Donna???

My SWEET Niece Cheri...sitting by the her hair was not on fire!!..but it looks that way.

I can't stop I have to do one more... My grandniece Emerson...who apparently had a bad hat that is SWEET.

I know some of you have seen these before...but I can't get enough of them...forgive me..heh. I will never give up Angel man.

The weather....

It seems I have lost all my sidebar buddy list....whatinthehellisgoingon.

Thunderstorms, and rain upon rain storms keep coming.......I love it. Except last night when lightning struck so close to the house I could almost smell it. Holy moly, that was close. We are going to have more of it tonight.

I have missed thunderstorms and a good rain over the years. I think we have had at least 5 years of almost no rain...just a dribbling here and there. This reminds me of when I was young living in the country, and we would always get a good amount of rain in the summer. Thunderstorms were the norm. mom was scared of them. When we were really young she used to wake my bro and I up to weather the storm. I don't know why...we were sound asleep, but I guess she was scared we would get struck my lightning. I think her mother did the same thing ... and scared the crap out of her...and then passed on the fear.

Later on I loved to go outside after a storm, and watch for the rainbow, and collect worms that would surface after the rain. The smell of the earth after a rain was intoxicating. And walking barefoot in the warm water on the sidewalks almost made you want to piss your pants.

Good memories. I was 12 and wet my pants.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I didn't drop off the face of the earth

I only did a face plant. Don't worry flat faces are the new black right now. I hope that doesn't sound politically incorrect....nevermind. Olympics and ...forget it....No, I didn't fall down and go boom. I am still recovering from my bruised rib debacle. Had I know how much it hurts, I would never eaten at "Tony Roma's" ever again. I don't think I will ever look at a rib the same way....even though it came from a very dead pig.

I am sleeping through the night now...finally.

However, my Penny Loafer is another problem. We have changed her med's and she is finally getting the pain relief she needs to get around. It's been a long week, and it's only Wednesday....I'm just waiting the the "other shoe to drop".......on my fucking politically incorrect head.

Screw it.

You know we just bought that humongous stinking barbecue/crematorium...well I am cooking on the Jenn-Air inside tonight...why you ask? Because the winds have gusted up to 12,500 mph. There are no more leaves left on my trees...okay I might just be exaggerating a bit...but I am getting tired of being outside anyway. Same old shit. Screw it....hey I know I have an attitude going on. Gord still isn't home because he had to help his brother with his A/C unit..........and I am damn hungry. And when I'm hungry I like to make other peoples lives guys were first in line.

So, if you can read between the lines, I am so worried about my Penny. I love her so much and to see her in pain, just breaks my heart. Every day since the weekend has been better with the med's....but it will never be the same. I have been through this with my two other dogs..when you have to count the days and evaluate their lives and justify.. if you are keeping them around for your own benefit...and I find myself in that position again. I swore to Gord when we got Penny that would never happen again....and now it's a problem....not one we have to solve immediately...but it's there...and it works on your mind all the time.

Those of you who aren't pet lovers would never understand...but don't judge us....these little critters we have adopted over the years have given us so much joy, and a lot of heart ache when their time is over. Penny will be around for awhile....but I am going to make sure her life right now will be the best I can make it. I love her so much....sorry for getting a little weepy here.

The person she loves the most other than Sheila..Gord's sister. Sheila just found my blog last's a big kiss from your fav girl even though she can't get off her ass. See you on Saturday!!

Okay, enough feeling sorry for myself........... I'm off to kick Gord's ass for being late for supper....bastard!!

Friday, August 15, 2008

whoa...look at blogger go

We got us some new shit. I haven't perused it all, so I still don't know ...if its a good thing yet.

There is one thing I have been meaning to say for sometime now, and keep forgetting. It was funny as hell, at least to me. I was on "some" blogsite and I can't remember who it was...but she talking about her son who was 16 years old and learning to drive; and with this came a sign they had to put on the back of the car "NOVICE DRIVER." I guess the kid wasn't too impressed with the sign every time they went for a spin....and she said at his age...we may as well put up a sign that said..I WILL NEVER GET LAID!....haaaaaa haa. I can just see the kid in the car with his mom trying to duck down the back streets. I don't know...but that makes me laugh every time I see a kid driving down the street with his parents.

Last week I made a little error, I said I had only met two bloggers Katie and Kat....I should have mentioned that these were bloggers who came to my house. I met Ellen in the hospital before she died last year in August. She died August 23rd. if my memory serves me. I still miss her blogs, and catching up on what she was doing in her fight with cancer...and how incredibly brave she was. I follow her husbands blog and feel his loneliness without her, and trying to make his way back. Ahem, Curtis, if you buy anymore clothes you will have to get a bigger house!! For me it seems so long ago, but then too I was in the midst of Gord's heart problems and time just gets away from you. Curtis, I will be thinking of you these next few weeks, and I still miss her too.

It was 30 degrees C here today. Me no likey. Of course today I had three hundred loads of laundry to do, and two loads of dishes to run through the dishwasher. This former flower child, said "bummer" ... all day long.

I also said "bummer" all day yesterday. I think I cracked a rib on Thursday...or at least bruised the crap out of it. I was bending over the side of the lawn chair trying to reach Penny to and give her a treat, when for some unknown reason my arm ...which was resting on the metal arm of the chair let go, and my rib hit it with a resounding thud. It really hurt for awhile, but I didn't think much of it until next morning...owwwwshitzzz...this might not be good. So from Friday until today, it's been a struggle.

First Penny takes a dive and hurts her leg ... again....and she can't get down the patio stairs to the large piece of real estate in the back yard ...know as dogcrapper paradise to do the poo poo in. You would think if you had all that at your disposal, you would not go off nilly willy, run down the stairs at a alarming rate (with a bum leg) to chase a squirrel and screw it all up, then... expect me to start carrying you down the stairs, and back up....with my fucking broken rib!! Lets not forget the $85.00 vet bill.....Penny! And then to do it all over again this morning. OY....

It's good thing the vet gave me some major pain killers for her, because we would be back there again today. So, she chased another squirrel before I could catch her, but I think she is okay. I went to Home Depot this afternoon and bought some fencing to put on the patio deck and one for the family room that leads down to the living room. It looks really classy, it's plastic lattice board. I was going to get those baby fences, but holy moly they were expensive. I guess it doesn't matter much, my house looks like shit anyway. We are in the midst of throwing shit out, and not replacing anything until we get ready to sell...and it shows. The only thing I will miss about this place is my back yard....other than that it's on to better things...and hopefully to a bungalow. Which reminds me, I have two more loads of laundry waiting for me on the second farting level. I might have to bind my ribs with duct tape to make the trek back up here.

I am sitting on the patio now... and the dog still hasn't got down to do da bizzness. I'ts been an hour after her supper.... I will be damned if I will trot her down the stairs and back up. I think she knows a sucker when she sees one.

I'm off to fetch my laundry from the hell hole down below...and hmmmm.... if those pain killers Penny takes are so good... maybe I should pop a few.

If I come online will know what my choice was. After all I don't have a tail to wag.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Well, I can see my template has gone to shit

Normally, I would only be too glad to find a new one, but ...hold on to your seats.......I'm getting kind of sick of it, especially if I use the non blogger one's and then I have to reinstate everything. BOO!!

But this one seems to have crashed.... just when I settle in..shit happens.

Here we go again....isn't that a title of a song? whatever..nevemind..

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Tips and Tricks

Do you guys see my template looking funny, every now and again, I can only see the birds flying around up there without the background....let me know. Thanks

I read everyday and he has some really good tips.

You got to try this

Windows only: Free image utility VJPEG is a tool that could be a serious time saver for anyone who regularly views or compares digital images from their desktop. The tiny application installs itself as the default handler for JPG, BMP, and other common image files so when a file is double-clicked, it opens super-fast in a frame-less desktop windows. There are shortcuts to resize, rotate, and even email a picture, but the concept is quickly checking out photos without waiting for Windows' viewer, or even something as light as IrfanView to load. My recommendation? Set up VJPEG as a send to item menu, and feed batches of pictures to it for quick selection. VJPEG is a free download for Windows systems only.
How-to web site Instructables has a step-by-step guide detailing how to repurpose your classic (but broken) NES as a lunchbox. All you've got to do is gut your Nintendo's innards and add hinges (though a handle would be nice). You'll also need a Sasquatch action figure if the guide is to be believed, but I'm guessing you can get away without it.

Next week I will hold a contest to see if you can spot the phony plants in the garden from the real ones, once I get them all in place. Gardeners all of over the world....don't judge me.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Brenda Photo Challenge

My template seems to have a please bear with me.

Dang I almost forgot.

Subject: Play

Penny PLAYING in the pile of sandbags.

Balonie PLAYING on her laptop in the crapper.. she sort of lost her head.

My pet moose Ben PLAYING on the table ...after I yelled at him get off the table... he had an accident...oy

Gordon PLAYING on the garden tractor...doesn't he look like a Shriner? heh

That's it for me. Have a good week.

Friday, August 08, 2008

I would like to personally thank

my stinking neighbour for mowing his lawn at 7:30 at night...during the height of mosquito season. He is retired for God's sakes...he has all day to do this shit..and then he tries to kill us off with spraying Malathion, after he scared all those bastards up. I hate him.

I was expecting a very calm weekend at home...on the back deck. Needless to say that has not happened. The other neighbours to the right of "chemical man"...have their grandkids here for a week. Three very loud one's. Ages from 9 months to about 6 years old. Along with parents, that have some issues of their own. Good Lord, it is loud. Don't kids ever stop talking....they never, ever shut up. Every move they make has to followed verbally, by every move they make. "Jessica I just kicked the ball"....then she explains...I kicked the ball twice and missed it once, and then a bird was in the tree, and I missed the bird, but if I would have kicked it harder I might have hit the bird. just never stops. The story goes on from one kid to the next....and then they quack on and on... ohhh lord....Then the 9 month old starts up....she orders the elders around with a high pitched scream that pierces my soul.

Right now, the elders are being told to "get me a Popsicle"...stupid elder ask what flavour?... holy shit...apparently strawberry suits no one. Screaming ensues.

Popsicles are doled out....and if the elder takes off the wrapper, there is a lot hollering going on. Apparently they can do that themselves. I guess strawberry was good enough. Now they are arguing about supper... there is a lot of "don't touch" going on...because the kids are on the deck with the barbecue happening.

One kid is now in the back yard hanging from a tree, and the smoke alarm just went off in their house, which scared the 9 month old. Elders are yelling for the kid to get down from the tree, and waving frantically at the smoke alarm in the kitchen....which the barbecue probably set off.

The 9 month old just keeps on screaming...she isn't crying...just verbalising... but it hurts my ears. It is all so familiar when all my nieces and nephews were young...and kinda fun to hear, it takes me back a bit and they are a family just doing thar thing. I'm a little jealous.

My dog has now got into the fray....and is barking at a chipmunk. So much for a peaceful evening on the back 40.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

shhhhhh be very quite

My head hurts.

I forgot I wasn't 35 years old anymore.

Special K pretty well...out talked, out drank, and out smoked me. But, I think I held up pretty well considering my age. Mind you when we finally went on line, I couldn't type worth a shit. She kept on ordering me around like a Nazi! ..... so I am a little slow.... give me a break!

We had a good time, and I felt like I have known her all my life.... like an annoying little cousin or something ... heh. I can say whateverthehelliwant about HER because she doesn't blog anymore. She quit just in time. The internet God's were smiling at me. I am forever the opportunist.

I didn't make was too hot, so we just had potato salad, buns and chicken. We had a lot of nibbles beforehand.

And yeah, did I tell you?... she stayed for a sleep-over. Girls will be girls. I took my sorry ass to bed around 2:00 AM, and she was still on the computer ...doing what ever hell she does.. some of it might may have started with cyber...ahem. I do know she likes to tell guys what she is wearing, and usually she starts with her pink bunny slippers, then her tattered old robe, and then sends them a pic of her with with "rollers" in her hair. Attractive not. But the guys seem to like who can argue with success.

Gord and her got along really well; and it's not hard to like Gord, he is so easy going. But those two were getting carried away...with the lap dancing and all....bastards

Her ample bosoms were a tad to close to his face for my liking.

I took a few pics of her on deck .... and you know what...she had to put on fresh lipstick first!! Her vanity has no boundaries.

I have a few pics of us together in the garden, on this one I am not sure what we were doing. I think she was supposed to be a Vanna White wannabe, and I was doing the hokey poky...or something. Just another photo op that went very wrong.

Here we are with the Tin Man...don't ask me why.

My hair looks like someone just sat on my head. It's hard being a senior model. Kat was not at all surprised that I was wearing a hoody in the 90 degree heat. After all I have an image to keep.

I drove her back to mama sans this morning, after coffee and a few tylenols..oy...her parents live right across the city from me, so needless to say I was a little tuckered when I got home.

When I got home, I raced back to the waterbed....seeing food was not an option even tho it was noon. At one point after I dropped her off, I went past a McDonalds and the smell almost made me hurl. But, now I am in a better place...after a nap, a chicken sandwich...a little shopping and well yes a small glass of the "hair of the dog that bit me yesterday".

That's two summers now I have met a blogger and it's fun. At first it's a little intimidating but so worth the effort.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

I just fired up the new barbie

And no, I didn't put Gord's butt in it!

We are having us some grilled pork chops, mac and cheese (homemade) and broccoli and cawwots. I am trying to get all the new grill smell off it right now, so when the time comes to put on the unbelievably huge pork chops I bought on Sunday, while I was high on fermented apples, on the grill. I was picking up apples yesterday... what a dirty job. Our apple tree is old and the apples only grow on top...which is about 30 feet high. You don't want to be standing under it with any wind happening. Shot to the head, and you are dead. So, we have to let them fall. They aren't much good for eating anymore. They used to be the size of a regular apple you bought at a store, but I guess I didn't prune them the way they should have been pruned. Okay, I never pruned them...shut up.

Spent my first day of holidays...doing bookwork for Gord...I know... but it had to get done and I never have the time. Now I can relax...but....there is a ton of stuff in the house begging for my attention. Tomorrow will be the day to get that out of the way...and then I will find more shit to it goes.

I should be hearing from Kat tomorrow for the "meet up".... got my twitter all set up if youse guys want a blow by blow.

I'm getting all nervous...not about meeting her, because we have talked on the phone alot, but about what to make for supper.....damit. I decided on Lasagna, because it is easy and I'm on holiday and I don't want to cook. So that is where I'm heading. Also, I will have lots of drinks and nibbles beforehand. And if she gets to be a pain in the ass, I'll put her in the crematorium.....I think Gord and I could take her.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Look what we built today

Our own personal cremitorium. Gord calls it a barbecue, but I am sure when one of us goes there will be enough room to shove one of our fat butts in there and do it for a minimal fee.

I bought the "Webber" (that he took back to the store) which would have served us well, but you know men!!! they always seem to want to take it up a notch. What in the hell am I going to do with this!! His reasoning is that the small lid on the right hand side is only for two people, and if 100 people show up for some unknown reason....we have the left side to accommodate them. (nobody does that). It has so many bells and whistles I will never figure out how to turn the bastard on.
You know, he is starting to get on my last nerve. It's getting closer and closer to a stand off in the OKay corral?...I don't know where that came from..heh. Years ago, I just bought etc. and there was not for some reason he thinks he has input. I just don't get it.
I am on holiday for the week...lordy knows I need some downtime just for me at home.
I talked to Special K today!! She is in town. We will meet at my house either on Wednesday or Thursday (she will let me know)......There will be a lot of shit going down on my back deck that day. I'm going to start up the crematorium and grill her a good meal, I don't know whose ass we will cook, but it won't be mine...heh..mine is wayyy to skinny. Gordy's is pretty plump, so he might want to hide in the closet.
It should be fun, I'm just hoping the weather will cooperate while we and laugh our asses off.
Of course, I will have my lap top on the deck and we will give you a blow by blow description of the events. Special K and me...on holidays at the same's going to be scary.