Sunday, October 28, 2012

Today is our 40th. Anniversary plus Gord's 68th. Birthday....  I thought is was 39 years married...but apparently all  my years of accounting experience went to shit.. I still count on my fingers...and if there isn't a calculator on hand I am kerfuffled. 

Friends and family were over last tonite we will just make some faux chinese food.  Mostly shrimp....yum and a chicken stir fry with all the good veggies... and Basmati rice with pineapple sauce.

It's been a long hard road ...these 40 years.  Sometimes I didn't think I would make it. It has been a roller coaster ride.... for both of us.  It's not easy being married to a Scorpio...when you are a Libra.  That should never happen.  A balanced person such as I should never marry a person who is a risk taker, crazy in the head, never gives up, and really never tells you how he feels.

Today he did.... in a Anniversary card..... I cried. 

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Things I never said

I never told youse guys that I will be a great Auntie for real.  My niece Lisa will be having a little boy in Feb....  I am a great Aunt to all Gord's sisters kids....but never one of my own. 

It makes me so happy.  Finally the Kehler name or part of it will live on.  Also I am so grateful that my brother is still doing well after all the crap he went through with his heart and other stuff last year.  He thought he wouldn't live to see Lisa's social....then he did...and then he thought he wouldn't live to walk her down the isle on her wedding...then he did.  Now I hope he will be well enough to see the new baby boy.  He will be so thrilled. He loves kids like nobodys business. 

I have a problem with Lisa...she doesn't want to name the little baboshka after my father.....Erdman....huh...what is wrong with that name? school you could be called Erd the turd..... She is going for Jackson........well there you go...Jack what they will be calling him. You have to be very careful naming your kids because sooner or later their names will be related to body functions. Think Peter....etc....

My problem was Joanie.....balonie...full of macaroni ..  ahhhh yes...they will find a way to make your life miserable no matter what your name is.  I have come to love this name...because it sort of makes me feel special.  People like pasta.

This is the little kiddo Lisa that will bring us that little bundle of joy to us soon....

He made it...without his cane.  

And he danced with his princess.

Something we never thought would happen last year..............we are blessed.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

It's raining

Made a few changes to the old gal.  Tried a few tricks with the new blogger.  Almost got myself in gear to blog again.  But I can't promise anything. 

It is so beautiful tonight with the light rain.  We haven't had rain for so long.  When we moved in here last October 1st.  we never had rain until it started to snow. 

A lot of changes in our life with building a new house.  Some good, some not so good.  You have to deal with shit that wasn't done right the first time...and finally it seems everything has to been done twice. 

In the next weeks we will have our hardwood flooring replaced because it is lifting.  You have to fight for every stinking thing....but the good news is that it will be done....but it takes a toll...and you finally want to roll over and say ..... fuck this crap....but you can't. 

I never wanted to move... OH>>> I guess you knew this....but I have to say that I don't really miss the old house and all the work I had to do with the back 40.  That was a total bitch.  I was so amazed this fall when all I had to do was sweep up leaves from the back patio.  Next year will be a little different when we get some sod in the front and in the rear....but the wind actually takes all the oak leaves and blows them back in the forest.  I like dat....

Not missing the waterbed bit.   I never realized I was always on the hard side because Gord is twice as heavy as me...and brought my side up.  I was sleeping on a hill.  I missed the warmth...but that is why you have electric mattress heaters in real beds.  This mattress we have kind of stupid....only because we took the box springs out...and just laid the mattress on the bed frame...that came with a whole bunch of slats on the bottom.  With the box springs it was like 5,678 feet high.  Who likes falling out of bed and doing face plants for no reason at all. So.... even tho our mattress had a pad on it for comfort...but I decided to put a memory foam slab on top of that. 

Now....our bed looks like two canoes.....his and hers.... That sucker remembers all our pressure points and apparently it doesn't give it up.  Because when I want to make the bed....there is a huge lift in the middle ... (king size bed) and our little body outlines look like a scene out of a detective story.

Gone on a little too much about BEDS.....I miss writing. 

I edited some of the F Bombs I dropped...what is wrong with me?

Thursday, September 20, 2012


Testing.... is this thing on? 

Everyone was complaining that blogger was down so I had to come and see for myself.  Seems okay to me?   Probably just a trick to see if I would post something lol.  Yes, I have self importance issues!!!

Let's see if pic's work:
There you works...whatta you talking about Donna? 

As you can see I have a drinking problem.  I also have enough crap in my nose and lungs to cover a driveway.  That particular bottle of Buckleys was I could feel it go straight down to me toes. 

                                                              Stairway to heaven.... which goes up to
                                                    the theatre ... or in laymans terms...the TV room:)

Just a bunch of junk pic's to convince you that BLOGGER works!!! 

Music things I put up on the TV Room wall.  Gord said they cost too much and I should take them back.  I guess he did not see the cuteness factor in them .. or maybe he thought they should PLAY music???  Either which way...they are not going back ... because I SAID so.  If I were him I would keep my suggestions to myself, because I am really in no mood to be told what to do today.

See..Donna ... it's still working.

Cute table I scored at a thrift two of them for 20.00 bucks.
Funky vase...3.95 at the thrift shop.  Apparently I did not center it...nevermind.
Actually it is kinda scary looking.

So ... yeah I guess my work here is works!  Maybe ya'all got big brother watching you lol.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

dis & dat

I have six bucks in my I can go to the $ store ...ummm ...counting my fingers...6 TIMES.  So now that my dance card is full for the rest of the week I shall plan my days around going to the $ store. 

In reality I haven't been able to leave the house for any length of time because this house WILL NEVER BE FINISHED.   Last week I spent 3 days while two young men turned our quite little home into a mix between a movie theatre and a Rolling Stones sound stage.  I have no eyes and ears left. Just when I think it is safe to sit outside ... someone cranks up the patio speakers.  On Thursday the guy came to check the AC.  Monday the window guy came and installed 6 new windows.  The old windows had marks on them where the tinting bled through and had to replaced.  We didn't expect him so early in the morning 9:00 AM ... heh..and we were still in bed when he came.  Gord got up and let him in ... and I thought oh well I will just have a little snooze because Gord was home.  Yeah?  Gord told him to start in the bedroom...yikes I was STILL in bed fortheloveofmike!  I had to hide under the covers.  The guy was pretty cool...all he said was ... well I guess I leave these windows for last

Tomorrow the electrician is coming over because the under counter lights are falling off...yup one by one they just drop.  Gord fixed the first one because my computer was under it and it almost hit my screen.  The other one landed on my canisters in the kitchen.  So there are 3 more in the house that I will make him check that haven't bit the dust YET.  He must have used the shortest screws on earth to put them up...what a dink.  Thursday a guy is coming to finish putting baseboards in the garage...oy.

I had to change my hair appointment twice because people just keep coming and coming.  My bangs are so long I'm snorting them up my nose. Not to mention my roots...gahhh I look like a skunk. 

I was going to go in and get new tires for my truck but I can't seem to fit it in.  We have to fill them every couple of weeks.  It's real pain in the ass because because my truck wobbles around when I drive.  The air pressure in the tires are never the same on each tire. And when I go over 60 km. my steering wheel has a life of it's own.  I am considering driving the garden tractor instead. 

Well better be off to the $ store that looney is burning a hole in my pocket. 

epic fail

Thursday, June 21, 2012

I won an award

Poolie sent me a Sunshine Award...thanks kiddo.  

Protocol as part of my acceptance of this award is to do the following:
1. Link the award to the person who gave it to me.
2. Answer questions about myself.
3. Nominate up to 10 bloggers for this award, and link my nominees to the post and comment on their blog, letting them know about the award.

The Questions:

1. Favorite number: 3,479 for obvious reasons

2. Favorite non-alcoholic drink: None...if ain't got any booze in it...I don't drink it.

3. Favorite animal: Sloth.  It takes one to know one.

4. Facebook or Twitter?. Facebook!  only because Twitter sounds so gay.

5. My passion: To see how long I can sleep in ... I think I broke a record this morning. (see Bednesday #6)

6. Favorite days of the week: Dunday Honday Nuesday Bednesday Fhursday Priday and Katurday

7. Favorite flower: Ham

I may not link up my nominees to this post...because a lot of them don't even know who the hell I am.  They would just be sitting around going....wha..some Canuck sent me a flower!

So, in that spirit here are a few I like to read on a daily basis or whenever they post.  Poolie included.
I also read all the others on my sidebar when they post...I just threw a dart at it and chose them randomly because I love them all.
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While I'm here I may as well post a picture.  This in Angel Man's cousin Snow Angel. 
If you see a snow angel in winter and notice there is a "crack" in will know he has been there.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Got some flowers

But I don't know where to put them just yet.  Most will be on the porch landscaping has  been done just yet. Apparently I have no luck mit anythink.

Today I tried to take a video of my noodles moving around in a frying pan.  It was hilarious....I grabbed my camera.. of course I had the camera card stuck in my computer...I grabbed it out of there..stuck it in the camera...AND...took a pic of the noodles jumping around ...when the camera said . YOUR CARD IS FULL. Sonofabitch...all I wanted to do was start blogging again and technology fucked me up.  But those noodles were hilarious...they had a life of there own.  They were just left over noodles and I decided to fry them up in butter a little onion...and add an egg at the end.  I love that stuff.  Add a little pepper and salt...and it's great.  Bacon fat would be good instead of butter lol.  THEN...take your ketchup bottle and put a dab on the end of your plate...and dunk the goodness in it.

I just plugged in my camera...because sure as shooting the battery will be dead next time I decide to make you watch noodles jump.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Food Bloggers

They are a nice bunch.  I love that they take the time to put up good recipes for us to follow. Some do it for the $...but that's okay I don't mind.  Everyone should be able to find a little business of their own.  I would do it too if I was any good at cooking.  I'm not!  Yes I cook ... and cook and it's old.  But the reason I brought this up was...............comments on the food blogs.

After the kind person makes a beautiful meal...takes 1000 pictures of it..and then the comments come in.  First they start with ... I love it...I have to make this...I will be making this tonight...this is the best recipe are the greatest cook.... we will put this our rotation....(huh) are they in the army?  on and on....then wait for it:

** can I substitute beef with cat poo? 

**All my children are allergic to grains, dairy, pineapple, dirt, dog feces and rain....will your recipe still work for us?  

** I tried your lasagna  recipe and made a few changes ... instead of using anything in it tasted like shit. 

**  Does it have gluten in it?  ... My son, and his brother..and his cousins brothers are allergic. And I think my great grandmother was too. 

** We don't have any of those ingredients you showed on your web site here in our town. Can we use herbs from our garden?

** Can we use canned tomatoes instead of the real one's?  

** Son has allergies to cheese...can we use Kraft Slices instead.

** We were going to make the salad you suggested...but it has dairy in the dressing and it would kill my son. 

** I am allergic to mushrooms...can I substitute another fungus?  

People are so fucking stupid. 

Have a good weekend!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Let me say something about this blog

It is totally obvious to me that I have to either "shit" or get off the "pot."  Too much whining.  Who wants to read that shit.?  Not me.  Either I come back to my old self or put this baby to bed.  I'm not saying this for anyone to comment about it...don't.   I have to make a choice whether to go or to stay.

It all started with losing my job..then selling our old house and building this house.  I won't go into all my concerns because that is private...and I am told on a daily basis I have no reason to worry because financially we are fine.  But I worry about the "what ifs."  They keep me up at night.  Health issues etc. But that comes with age.  Taxes are higher here...I just can't seem to fit in .  I worry and worry.

Where is that fucking "balonie" asshole when I need her?  I need her to take over my life again.

I have an idea about writing stuff I know about....not the daily life stuff.  But things that I remember from my youth and and up.  You might be surprised what I did in the 60's.

Thanks for lending an ear......

Let me ponder on this for a day or so.


Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Lonely day...I almost drove to my old house to see if the apple trees were blooming...the trees here are lovely...but they don't have any history I can relate to. I yearn for my little pond..and the pond people...and the flowers around it.  This too shall pass.

I am so out of my element.

I have days that are so full of doing things and getting things done around here...and then there is nothing. It's all pretty much done. As much as I can get done without doing any landscaping and planting.  That may have to wait until next year. I watch the weeds grow.  In the front of the house and in the back...and get really fucking mad.  I could take "round up" to the weeds that are growing up from the landfill placed around the house..but then it would even look more depressing.  At least the weeds are green...and some of them are pretty interesting.  I have a huge one with the largest leaves ever...growing under my picnic table. It almost looks like a  hosta...but is not....and and some stink weed...clover... weird looking grasses... and not one dandelion!!  I'm guessing we only get those guys when you get a REAL lawn.

But I have to admit the forest behind us is impressive. I can now see the ferns and all the little stuff that grows all by itself in the wild. The old leaves I saw in October disappear....and make way for so many new plants.

Being a city dweller for so many years I find myself a little overwhelmed. I`ll  be back..................

Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday the 13th.

Nothing really bad far.  Touch wood.  Except for the part where I went grocery shopping. 

I should explain something first:  The warning "beep" that tells me my lights are on when I exit the vehicle no longer works. I put on all the lights when it's snowing or raining really heavy like it was today.  Twice this winter I had to get Gord to "boost" me at different locations of city.  He kept on saying we should get this fixed.. never did.  Today....while it was raining I was well aware of NOT turning on the lights....because sure as hell I would forget to turn them off.  I had three different stops to make .. and at the last one at Safeway I turned off my windshield wipers before I went in ... or so I thought. I have no idea why I would turn off the windshield wipers because ...hey they stop all on there own when you turn the truck off.   Fudge..... I turned the stinking lights on.  Wrong switch...

Almost an hour in at Safeway .... I hear someone on the intercom telling us that a Black Ford Explorer with licence plates "RUSTUPID" you have your lights on.  I just about freaked.  I left my cart...and ran back outside........... just as I was wheezing up to my truck I realized I left my stinking purse in the cart.  I ran back inside ...grabbed my purse from the cart...and ran back outside the rain...and wheezed some more. Got to the truck...lights were still on...and prayed it would start...I really didn't want to call Gord for a third was nip and tuck... I turned off the lights...I turned her over...and she went...umph umph...and then it caught.........I almost cried with relief... I know Gord would have come and boosted me again... I didn't want to be that dumbass again. Dodged that bullet..heh. 

I'm bringing the truck in on Monday to get it fixed... I have other problems...only my left blinker works and I am getting kind of tired of only going to places where I only have to make a left turn.  Your world gets so much smaller.  And you sort of go in circles.

Sunday, April 08, 2012

I'm liking the new changes in blogger

My biggest beef has always been the actual posting area.  It looked so crappy and old.  Now it looks a little more streamlined.  I give it a two thumbs up.  They also did some work on the rest of the stuff too.  Nice.

Old boss man showed up at our door last night.  I was so happy to see him.  He has been transferred to another Province and came back here to visit his kids...and grands for Easter.  We caught up in all the company stuff.  I hate to say it...but they are doing what they did to him....just a matter of time. 

He really wanted to see the new we took him for a tour.  Man I hate it when people don't phone first....but he said he was just in and out.. and my house was in a mess...but what I call a mess .. nobody would notice.  ummm I didn't mop the floors and there was a lot dog hair...that kind of stuff. 

I feel really bad for him...since I left the company... his wife left him...he has been transferred to another province...sold his house....he has three kids here and 9 grand kids....(and he is only 58) Those Mennonite kids really procreate once it's legal... his daughter didn't even kiss her husband before they were married.  Now they can't seem to keep their pee pee's in their pants.

I didn't do a damn thing today... I watched movies...not sitting down... I can't do that.  I have to be doing 3 things at once  then  glance at it every now and again.  I didn't fool myself for a bit...I cleaned out the pantry....and stayed busy...doing little facebook, blogs, and pininterest.  Then preparing supper...Mushroom meatballs and noodles....and yeah....just screwing around.   Nice day.

Hope everyone had a great Easter weekend.  Let's see if I can publish in this new format. 

Friday, April 06, 2012

What a beautiful day!

Incredible for this time of year. 

Spent the major portion cleaning out our garages ... in which we dumped everything we didn't need at the time we moved.  Then winter came.. and it stayed that way. We had so many....Ohhhh there it is!   Damn I thought I had lost that forever moments. I'm still looking my pond froggie....I think I left him beside my old pond....I loved him...but he might turn up because a lot of stuff has.  My friend Hippy Chick gave me a clay big ole carp which I had in the garden....and I saw he lost part of his big mouth missing ... I will see if I can glue it back on.

We are getting quotes now for a deck and landscaping and I still want to put in another pond and was looking for all my old friends.  I have been watching the sun lately...and wondering if I should put in a little garden in the back.  I'm not sure if there will enough sun out there.  I really would like too. 

Last night Gord and I witnessed full moon from our sofa.  We have these huge windows towering up to the sky...we turned off all the lights...and sat and watched it come over the trees...and then clouds would come over and just shadow it for awhile and it would come back full force.  It took only an hour for it to move from one window to the next...which I thought was fast.   It was amazing.  And  the stars!!! 

Gord and Penny are sitting in the porch...gotta join them and take in this wonderful place.

Sunday, April 01, 2012

April Fool...I bet you didn't think I was going to post today

I'm making Shepherds Pie tonight for supper.  I have been hungering for that for about two weeks now. 

I didn't get to prank Gordon today.  SOB.... prime time opportunity and I blew it.  Apparently according to him.....if you prank after 12 PM's over.  Well, I beg to differ....I prank any damn time I want to on AFD.  So he never took anything I said seriously this afternoon. I fell over and played dead, I said.. check the back tires on your truck ..they look flat... I think I am pregnant with the neighbours dog...nuttin... Well this just gives me another reason to live another year think up something better. 

The new neighbours are coming out there houses now  that it is spring.  We wave.  There are six of us now and one more house to be built on the cul de sac and that is it.  I am a real mouth piece on my blog, but in reality I am really shy with people I don't know... I think I will be doing the "wave" here for sometime to come. It's a little lonely.  But spring might just bring this hood together ... I will give it a chance.

I'm still a little worried about my Penny.  She has this Lipoma on her shoulder .. and it keeps on getting bigger. Do they ever stop growing?  I know it's not cancerous...but still.  She looks stupid.  She runs around and doesn't even know she has a 1 pound piece of fat hanging from her shoulder. Vet says leave it alone.   Anyone got some input on this?

The mud around here this spring...would make you want to buy rubber boots...but I don't.  I walk around in my slippers ... just goes to show how smart I am.

taking time to eat that Sheep Hearders Pie...right now!!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I did get my hair done again

It was kind of weird.  It took me a bit to find her house...only to find that is about 5 minutes from mine...duh. 

First impression when I found her house...was...OH NO.... there were three cars parked in a little driveway and I didn't know where to park.  Cul De Sac horror. If you know thee culdesac there be no room to park on the street from one driveway to thee next.  Ahh I thought screw that and parked as close as I could between the houses.  I didn't block anyone off.  The area she lives in is exactly the same as the one we moved out of.  I felt very much at home as I drove down the streets to her house.

Anywho.... her house was much different than our old one... it had two side doors and no front door.  The door going to the house along the driveway had a fence in front of it ...with a "beware of dog" sign on I opted for door number #2 on the other side of the house.  I rang the door bell.  More than once...and finally she came out door #1 and found me there in distress ...with my grey roots showing for all her neighbours to see.  She kindly guided me back to door #1 and promised me her dogs would not eat me for lunch.  They did not...they fell into my arms like big bowls of fur jello. 

She told me she had just taken two more appointments before mine.  Two mom's who needed a haircut..but of course the two mom's brought along their two little kidlets (each).  Hence all those cars in the driveway.  That makes 4 kids right?  No....Hairdresser has two little one's too.  That makes...ummm let me count on my fingers .... 6 kids under the age of 5.  Yes you are reading this right. 

At this point I still had my shit together...loved the dogs...then we went into the house .. and down the stairs to her salon..slash family room.  She had just finished cutting the ladies hair and they were all about to leave as I got down there.  Little tykes were abundant.  They were running, they were crying, they were hungry, they needed naps...they were fighting.  Finally she got all of them out of there...not before the cutest little boy came up to me while I was in my chair and said...I bumped my haid...I said I know sweetie I saw you fall down.  He just grinned back up at me and ...and said ... it dwint ert...and kept on trying the catch the dog's tail...yes there was a dog in the salon.  lol.  Apparently he was the little tyke that escaped upstairs while his mom was getting her hair cut...and ate toothpaste in the bathroom..

Chris...the  hairdresser was getting a little crazy because I think she was wondering if I could fit in this situation...and kept on apologizing...blah blah... I told her I was very comfortable....All the mom's and kids left...and she started on my hair....then her kids started to fight in the family room.  But fortunately her husband came home a few minutes later and all that was taken care of by daddy and left us to our own.

So after that it was a cake walk.  I had two dogs laying beside me as my hair was processing....we talked a bit and told her to go upstairs and have some lunch as she didn't have time to do it before.  She is a very nice person... and a little crazy like me... we will get along just great.

She is just making a living.... and no... I noticed she used a totally different product for my hair than she used in her workplace.  So I don't think she would have taken it from there.  I feel comfortable. She only works at the other salon two nights a week and one day shift.. and only took it on because her husband had been laid off.  But now he is working full time again she might just shut that down and continue working from home.

She did my hair good no question about that and it only cost me 45 bucks for the colour and cut.  So I am happy.  I rather enjoyed being there. 

I had to myself...because she is still trying to figure me out because she doesn't really know me that well and when she brought out 3 editions of "The Enquirer" for me to read while my roots were rooting ... and tentatively gave them to me to peruse..and said her mother in law loves to read this stuff and thought I might too.  I didn't bust a gut out laughing...I just this is fine normally I just read the covers at the check stand at the store.  Haa...if I continue to go there she will get me soon enough. She has a great sense of humour...but I can see she is playing the dance.   

I know it is probably difficult for a younger person to relate to someone she might think as old.  Her mother in laws age I'm guessing.  Well then...she hasn't really met me.  I will change that. So yeah it was all good ... at my age it is always good to make new younger friends because I don't have kids...and I might just need one of them to drive me to Safeway when I get older... or help me chase children off my lawn with a rake.  So much to look forward to. 

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I made an appointment... and short notes

I'm not sure I am doing the right thing..I will see when I get there.  I sealed the deal by taking her card didn't I?   I will check it out and if I am not comfortable it will be the last. 

I have been racing around still trying to make this house a home.  Some days it does, some days it feels like I am visiting. 

Spring has sprung...I can't tell you how wonderful it feels to get outside without your 100 pound parka draped over your shoulders.  

SIL..Gord's brothers wife ...who live right down our..(new) street is dying of cancer.  She just went into the hospital last week.  I haven't seen her for about 10 years as she has been very reclusive most of her life.  Gord and his bro are very tight and see each other every night after work so I hope we can help him get through this. 

Thursday, March 01, 2012


Ever since sometime in November I think .. I have been getting my hair..DONE.  What I mean by that I don't colour it myself anymore.. I go to a stylist for it along with a cut. This is huge for me because I always have coloured it myself...until I dyed it brown.  And didn't know how to do my grey roots.  Then redid it and it almost made my hair black.  So I had to get some professional help. 

I went to the place I usually go to get my hair cut and found a girl there that I really liked.  She did my roots and cut my hair the way I liked it.  I went back about a month ago and asked for the same stylist because she did such a good job. She once again did a wonderful job.. and my hair is looking better than ever.....and the old dark brown colour I put in is almost gone.  She is so much fun and we laugh and talk the whole hour I am there. 

But...once she got me in the back of the salon to rinse it out...she quietly  told me that she does this type of work in the basement of her house ... not to far from there... and could do it for about 30 bucks cheaper.  Would I be interested?  Honestly I did not know what to say.... If I said no...would she cut my hair bald after that?  ...

The reason I went to a salon is because I enjoy having some camaraderie, as I am here by myself most days and love to listen to all the ladies  talking...and their stories....It is an afternoon out...doing something for me...which I rarely do.  I was so disappointed.  I don't want to be sitting in her basement with her kids running around.  I want the experience.  If she is cheating on her employer...what says she doesn't steal other goods from them for her home shop?

I don't even remember what said to her...I probably went..ahhhummm as she was washing my hair....and later when she was cutting it....she snuck her home business card on my lap under that little tarp they put over you.  I didn't expect it...and was wondering what the hell she was doing...and she whispered...I'm giving you my card so the rest of the employees can't see it.  I felt like a thief when I left. 

I will not be going to her house to get my hair done. "F" the discount.  I think she has no morals...and is screwing her employer.  I have no problem with  her moonlighting and doing business at her house after hours...but stealing clients is just not right.

It has left a bad taste in my mouth.   Now, who wants to do my roots?? 

Monday, February 27, 2012


 I found this little beat up mirror window looking thing at my local Salvation Army store. 

 I painted and cleaned it up...

Now...for 3.50 cents I have a really cute mirror in the hallway coming in from the back of the house.

Pinterest has got me by the lady balls.  I just want to change things up.  It was so much fun, plus now I have room too do that kind of stuff.  That is the back bathroom door you see in the mirror..

I have 3D kind of mirrors in the hallway.....took some pic's to scare youse guys...

We don't need night lights around here...just follow my shiny face.  I glow in the dark. 

I also scored some really beautiful dried flower arrangements and plants today at another thrift store.  Pic to come.  Hey, I'm not cheap... If I like something I will buy it...but  I am turning into a hunter...I trip old ladies in the thrift shops ..grab their goods make it to the sales and run. And yell Suckers...on my way out.  Good grief what has come of me?

I think this is happening because I am...CONSTIPATED.   Ever since I started eating yogurt I get a little ummm stoppage.  I am stopping that today.  Greek yogurt is to blame. Damn them Greeks. Stop.

Unlike my I would like to call her.. who's vagina makes noises.    Go see..way too funny. 


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Sweet day today

The snow finally came.  It has looked like fall around here ...with a bit of snow.  It looked dirty since Christmas.  Now we have a winter wonderland.  I posted the pic's on facebook because blogger makes me  very very mad.  I have no patience for that crap. 

The house is coming along fine.  I change it up every darn day.  ...because I got hooked on Pinterest...and am able to see so many different ways of decorating.  I drove in the heavy snow today to get to a store to find what I wanted!! 

I have to watch myself in the morning when I log in...first I go into facebook, then Pinterest and before you know it...Gord's home for lunch.  We watch``The Chew`` .. I love that show...Then after he leaves I'm back on Pinterest.  I get nothing done. 

But who the heck cares....I`m really enjoying my time off.  Doing what I want to do. Not feeling guilty anymore for taking the rest of my life off. Sleeping until 10:00 ...we both do..not just me.  He has adjusted his hours of work ..and only does what he wants to do right now. But he feels he has keep working because .. if he was here all day I might have to shoot him.  heh...

Making this one short just in case blogger sends this one up my butt...

Carry on. 

Your friend ...balonie..

Monday, February 20, 2012

New post...ahem

okay this is over blogger...I spent two hours posting...and I poured out my heart to my friends and you would not let me post my pics ... I thought you saved as I was posting..then it died.  You just took two hours out of my life...... so `f`you!!  I am so mad.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The hardest part is over

Yes I am still talking about my damn house.  You can't stop me!! 

The dining room has been the hardest part to decorate.....only because there were no window coverings in there...and today I got em up...I got that done...and after that I could see what the room needed.  It only took me three hours and a trip to the store to figure it out.  So tomorrow I will be ironing them and probably shortening them as well.  By the weekend I should have almost every room in this house done. 

Then I can sit down ... and take a little rest.  Then it's back to bookwork....Income tax time is coming again and I will have to head for the office.  Fortunately that is just a room in the back of the house!!

I swear pictures will come...but everything always seems to be in such a mess around here.  I buy so much stuff and keep it around to see what it might look like in here...and take most of it back until I know what I want.    I kick my ass for giving some stuff away when we moved...because I could have used some of it....but hindsite? 

I will carry on......

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Hey blog you are getting a workout here...

I just made the best joanie balonie...full of macaroni beef casserole dish evar.  I don't know how I did it, but I hope I can figure it out again. 

I had an epiphany today.  I now know how I am going to decorate the rest of my house. Those lamps in the living room  were the best thing that ever happened to me.  I haven't put a decent pic of them up here yet but have been struggling....with a contemporary style .. and it just doesn't work here...even with the high ceilings.  I have decided it needs understated eloquence...I think I just made that  style up....but that is where I am going.  I don't know how I didn't see it before.  All the beautiful light fixtures seem to beg for it.  But I guess I was so used to the old house which was very modern  but didn't have any charm at all.  I can't believe when I saw those lamps in the store...and just had a feeling that this might be the way to go...and when I got home and put them on the tables and saw how they changed the house.  Now I know what to do with the windows coverings in my dining room....this has changed everything.  My house will now be charming.  I love that word. 

I am on my way my friends... I know what I got to do .... and make it happen. 

Friday, January 13, 2012

I lost a day this week

I thought today was Thursday. 

Jack ass.... I don't know where in the hell that extra day went.  I want it back.

I bought a pair of PJ's  yesterday....balonie doesn't wear PJ's as a rule...well these were fleece PJ's ...and soft as a babies ass....and were on sale for 10 bucks.  So I took the plunge.  I melted into them all night...along with our new electric blanket which was made from the same material and our sheets.  I was sleeping the dream man. 

Until....ummmm I am stuck I can't turn around because now my PJ's won't let me turn around in this mass of fleece.  I normally wear a silky nightgown....yeah...because I am a sex kitten...or a person who likes to be able to turn around in bed without getting a hernia.   So I struggled all night between the electric blanket, my sheets and my arsehole PJ's.    I had me a headache in the morning.

l blame the 70's.  I just want my mudder trucking water bed back.  And yeah those PJ bottoms rode up my ass all night....I did not need that entertainment.  Back to the nightgown tonight...a girl needs her rest from all the fuzzy stuff.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Lamps...I love em

Give me a lamp and I will eat for seven days.  I love lamps.  Some people collect purses, shoes, etc...mine downfall is lamps.  I bought two lamps for the living room yesterday....they look like Liberace should have them sitting on his piano...remember him?    I fell hook line and sinker in love the moment I saw them.  Let's remember that I have a very contemporary home...which I was going to decorate that first.  Then Gord wanted furniture that was not that contemporary...because his little feet could not touch the floor on all those fancy sectional furniture you see. The seats in them are so long.  We sat on a hundred sofa's and seriously both of us could not reach the floor with our feet.  Did we get shorter with age?...or are we shrinking..the latter I believe....anyhooooo.... we bought stuff that is cozy and comfy...feck the contemporary... so now I have licence to bring in all the the cool stuff that I love.  Our furniture and kitchen cabinets are dark and I intend to make this place look like  you just walked into a really comfortable place you can call home.  I'm not there yet ....but I will get there.  The lamps were the I now where I am going. 

Unfortunately you can't ignore technology...and you have to have the big screen TV's in the way...but's going to be a little of the old and a little of the new.  I will try to make the two meet.  This is so much fun right now. 

Monday, January 09, 2012

I don't know where this came from...but I feel like posting again

I really do. 

This last year or two have been so scrambled I haven't had a minute to was "always something" for me has changed so much ...first with retiring when it WAS not my idea...let's not go there...and then the HOUSE.. and all it's challenges.  This afternoon I emptied the last of 10 boxes stored in different closets.  All the stuff was there that I was looking stuff..stuff to put on shelves and pictures to put on the wall...tacky nick knacks...that make a home a home.. I found them all.  They smell like home.  All my books and photo albums.  They all have a brand new home.  The best part is that I don't have to go down two flights of stairs to enjoy them...they are now at my fingertips.

We will probably be in for one more set back with the flooring...but I'm looking at the big picture and if something drastic has to be done....I can get past that too.  Everything else is almost in place.  We got the coffee and end tables last week, so I rearranged the living room to accommodate it...

Sometimes I feel guilty for having so much.  I know it took our life time to get to this point. We never spent any money on anything at the old house because we knew at one point we would be moving.  Now that we are here it feels a little decadent....or maybe I will just enjoy the fruits of our labour.

I will get some pictures up soon.

PS.... I still can't talk.....the voice is gone...that balonie is still making house calls.

Sunday, January 08, 2012

I still can no talk

The voice she be gone.  I can say four words...and then garble.  The world will rejoice.

I bought a little blackboard for my desk here in the kitchen.  It's cute.  It has a place for chalk and a little teeney weenie eraser.    I put up notes for myself and Gord.  On the top I put up what we are having for NOTHING YOU WERE LATE....and other mental notes: coffee
...clean up dog shit on the deck something about the hair on your upper look like a man
...get a hair cut and get your roots done.. you look like shit

That is all the room I have on my blackboard. But I had so much more to say and try to remember for next week.  We have flooring issues as I mentioned on hopefully that will be resolved.  I can't believe we will have to remove all of this...and start again.  If so, I will request carpeting be installed because I have just had just about enough about this.  I am so freaking tired of this floor and the way it is the can't even walk in here with sock feet...and it shows every foot print. I call  Bull Shit....  And the company knows...they tried to screw us  around.  We paid for this...and we  want it right....

Opps got a little mad there...heh....but hey sometimes you just want to sit down and not worry what the next disaster willl be.

Now it is time for me and mister to go and eat soup!!!