Thursday, October 18, 2012

Things I never said

I never told youse guys that I will be a great Auntie for real.  My niece Lisa will be having a little boy in Feb....  I am a great Aunt to all Gord's sisters kids....but never one of my own. 

It makes me so happy.  Finally the Kehler name or part of it will live on.  Also I am so grateful that my brother is still doing well after all the crap he went through with his heart and other stuff last year.  He thought he wouldn't live to see Lisa's social....then he did...and then he thought he wouldn't live to walk her down the isle on her wedding...then he did.  Now I hope he will be well enough to see the new baby boy.  He will be so thrilled. He loves kids like nobodys business. 

I have a problem with Lisa...she doesn't want to name the little baboshka after my father.....Erdman....huh...what is wrong with that name? school you could be called Erd the turd..... She is going for Jackson........well there you go...Jack what they will be calling him. You have to be very careful naming your kids because sooner or later their names will be related to body functions. Think Peter....etc....

My problem was Joanie.....balonie...full of macaroni ..  ahhhh yes...they will find a way to make your life miserable no matter what your name is.  I have come to love this name...because it sort of makes me feel special.  People like pasta.

This is the little kiddo Lisa that will bring us that little bundle of joy to us soon....

He made it...without his cane.  

And he danced with his princess.

Something we never thought would happen last year..............we are blessed.


Mary Lou said...

WOW! Hopefully he will be well enough to spoil that baby.
I like the name Keller (?) I may have gotten the spelling wrong, but that would get your father in there! Pretty young lady!

Stubblejumpin Gal said...

I eschew all the "trendy" names people are giving their kids these days. They end up in classrooms with five other kids with the same name.

My youngest sister's name is Joan. When she was born, I was 9 and lobbying my parents real hard to name her Suzie.

Donna said...

Congratulations Auntie!!! New Babies are SO wonderful and we want lots of pictures!
I like Edward or Eric but Crystal says she's Done having babies so that ends it for me...
I Know your Brother is SO thrilled with the news!

Sally said...

So happy for you!

So happy for your brother; such a blessing with all that he has gone through.

I know you're disappoint about the name but Jackson is a really good one. One of Britt's friends has a Jackson.

Britt (as you know) named her girls with what could be boy's names as well. Don't ask me why, but I kinda like them; the girls and their names. :)

Your outside place is so beautiful, Joan. I just love it. If I bring a tent, can I live there?

Love ya!!

JUST A MOM said...

have fun,,,,, you get to borrow,, that's the best part :)