Thursday, September 19, 2013

I figured it out

This morning....when I looked at the Calendar ..... my Mom's passing was today.   I always dread September....but for some reason this year I forgot.  I'm sure that does not make me a bad person...but I did.  She passed September 19th. same day as her mother... scary.  Anyway my doom is lifting.

We cannot dwell on shit we cannot change......

So...what have you jerks been up to lately?  Come on ... tell me the truth! 

Life here has been so busy.....we still haven't got the landscaping done ... which should have been done by now.  But financially and otherwise it was put on hold until now.  We hope for next weekend to get it done. 

Penny Loafer is a new girl.  Her Lipoma grew so fast last December until this last month ...we had to do something about it.  Vet's always say if it's not impeding their lives...don't worry about it. Well it we did...and now we have a happy "small" looking dog back in our lives ...who still plays and runs just like before...just a whole lot faster without that 5 lb. tumor on her shoulder. 

Thanks for your thoughts....I will try to post more often.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Little lonely little too much in my head

Wow it's been a long time sitting here trying to figure out what to write in such a big space.  How did I do that before I turned into a turtle?  I stuck my head back into my shell and hoped it would all go away.  And the stupid part is.....there is nothing wrong.  Just this feeling of doom.  It follows me around day and night and I think of the most stupid stuff.  I can't even enjoy my life.  I thought if I would confess this tonight it might make me take control of my life again.  Get off my ass and be the person I used to be.  I really want that energy and control again.

Balonie.... xxx taking one step forward.