Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday the 13th.

Nothing really bad far.  Touch wood.  Except for the part where I went grocery shopping. 

I should explain something first:  The warning "beep" that tells me my lights are on when I exit the vehicle no longer works. I put on all the lights when it's snowing or raining really heavy like it was today.  Twice this winter I had to get Gord to "boost" me at different locations of city.  He kept on saying we should get this fixed.. never did.  Today....while it was raining I was well aware of NOT turning on the lights....because sure as hell I would forget to turn them off.  I had three different stops to make .. and at the last one at Safeway I turned off my windshield wipers before I went in ... or so I thought. I have no idea why I would turn off the windshield wipers because ...hey they stop all on there own when you turn the truck off.   Fudge..... I turned the stinking lights on.  Wrong switch...

Almost an hour in at Safeway .... I hear someone on the intercom telling us that a Black Ford Explorer with licence plates "RUSTUPID" you have your lights on.  I just about freaked.  I left my cart...and ran back outside........... just as I was wheezing up to my truck I realized I left my stinking purse in the cart.  I ran back inside ...grabbed my purse from the cart...and ran back outside the rain...and wheezed some more. Got to the truck...lights were still on...and prayed it would start...I really didn't want to call Gord for a third was nip and tuck... I turned off the lights...I turned her over...and she went...umph umph...and then it caught.........I almost cried with relief... I know Gord would have come and boosted me again... I didn't want to be that dumbass again. Dodged that bullet..heh. 

I'm bringing the truck in on Monday to get it fixed... I have other problems...only my left blinker works and I am getting kind of tired of only going to places where I only have to make a left turn.  Your world gets so much smaller.  And you sort of go in circles.

Sunday, April 08, 2012

I'm liking the new changes in blogger

My biggest beef has always been the actual posting area.  It looked so crappy and old.  Now it looks a little more streamlined.  I give it a two thumbs up.  They also did some work on the rest of the stuff too.  Nice.

Old boss man showed up at our door last night.  I was so happy to see him.  He has been transferred to another Province and came back here to visit his kids...and grands for Easter.  We caught up in all the company stuff.  I hate to say it...but they are doing what they did to him....just a matter of time. 

He really wanted to see the new we took him for a tour.  Man I hate it when people don't phone first....but he said he was just in and out.. and my house was in a mess...but what I call a mess .. nobody would notice.  ummm I didn't mop the floors and there was a lot dog hair...that kind of stuff. 

I feel really bad for him...since I left the company... his wife left him...he has been transferred to another province...sold his house....he has three kids here and 9 grand kids....(and he is only 58) Those Mennonite kids really procreate once it's legal... his daughter didn't even kiss her husband before they were married.  Now they can't seem to keep their pee pee's in their pants.

I didn't do a damn thing today... I watched movies...not sitting down... I can't do that.  I have to be doing 3 things at once  then  glance at it every now and again.  I didn't fool myself for a bit...I cleaned out the pantry....and stayed busy...doing little facebook, blogs, and pininterest.  Then preparing supper...Mushroom meatballs and noodles....and yeah....just screwing around.   Nice day.

Hope everyone had a great Easter weekend.  Let's see if I can publish in this new format. 

Friday, April 06, 2012

What a beautiful day!

Incredible for this time of year. 

Spent the major portion cleaning out our garages ... in which we dumped everything we didn't need at the time we moved.  Then winter came.. and it stayed that way. We had so many....Ohhhh there it is!   Damn I thought I had lost that forever moments. I'm still looking my pond froggie....I think I left him beside my old pond....I loved him...but he might turn up because a lot of stuff has.  My friend Hippy Chick gave me a clay big ole carp which I had in the garden....and I saw he lost part of his big mouth missing ... I will see if I can glue it back on.

We are getting quotes now for a deck and landscaping and I still want to put in another pond and was looking for all my old friends.  I have been watching the sun lately...and wondering if I should put in a little garden in the back.  I'm not sure if there will enough sun out there.  I really would like too. 

Last night Gord and I witnessed full moon from our sofa.  We have these huge windows towering up to the sky...we turned off all the lights...and sat and watched it come over the trees...and then clouds would come over and just shadow it for awhile and it would come back full force.  It took only an hour for it to move from one window to the next...which I thought was fast.   It was amazing.  And  the stars!!! 

Gord and Penny are sitting in the porch...gotta join them and take in this wonderful place.

Sunday, April 01, 2012

April Fool...I bet you didn't think I was going to post today

I'm making Shepherds Pie tonight for supper.  I have been hungering for that for about two weeks now. 

I didn't get to prank Gordon today.  SOB.... prime time opportunity and I blew it.  Apparently according to him.....if you prank after 12 PM's over.  Well, I beg to differ....I prank any damn time I want to on AFD.  So he never took anything I said seriously this afternoon. I fell over and played dead, I said.. check the back tires on your truck ..they look flat... I think I am pregnant with the neighbours dog...nuttin... Well this just gives me another reason to live another year think up something better. 

The new neighbours are coming out there houses now  that it is spring.  We wave.  There are six of us now and one more house to be built on the cul de sac and that is it.  I am a real mouth piece on my blog, but in reality I am really shy with people I don't know... I think I will be doing the "wave" here for sometime to come. It's a little lonely.  But spring might just bring this hood together ... I will give it a chance.

I'm still a little worried about my Penny.  She has this Lipoma on her shoulder .. and it keeps on getting bigger. Do they ever stop growing?  I know it's not cancerous...but still.  She looks stupid.  She runs around and doesn't even know she has a 1 pound piece of fat hanging from her shoulder. Vet says leave it alone.   Anyone got some input on this?

The mud around here this spring...would make you want to buy rubber boots...but I don't.  I walk around in my slippers ... just goes to show how smart I am.

taking time to eat that Sheep Hearders Pie...right now!!