Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The hardest part is over

Yes I am still talking about my damn house.  You can't stop me!! 

The dining room has been the hardest part to decorate.....only because there were no window coverings in there...and today I got em up...I got that done...and after that I could see what the room needed.  It only took me three hours and a trip to the store to figure it out.  So tomorrow I will be ironing them and probably shortening them as well.  By the weekend I should have almost every room in this house done. 

Then I can sit down ... and take a little rest.  Then it's back to bookwork....Income tax time is coming again and I will have to head for the office.  Fortunately that is just a room in the back of the house!!

I swear pictures will come...but everything always seems to be in such a mess around here.  I buy so much stuff and keep it around to see what it might look like in here...and take most of it back until I know what I want.    I kick my ass for giving some stuff away when we moved...because I could have used some of it....but hindsite? 

I will carry on......

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Hey blog you are getting a workout here...

I just made the best joanie balonie...full of macaroni beef casserole dish evar.  I don't know how I did it, but I hope I can figure it out again. 

I had an epiphany today.  I now know how I am going to decorate the rest of my house. Those lamps in the living room  were the best thing that ever happened to me.  I haven't put a decent pic of them up here yet but have been struggling....with a contemporary style .. and it just doesn't work here...even with the high ceilings.  I have decided it needs understated eloquence...I think I just made that  style up....but that is where I am going.  I don't know how I didn't see it before.  All the beautiful light fixtures seem to beg for it.  But I guess I was so used to the old house which was very modern  but didn't have any charm at all.  I can't believe when I saw those lamps in the store...and just had a feeling that this might be the way to go...and when I got home and put them on the tables and saw how they changed the house.  Now I know what to do with the windows coverings in my dining room....this has changed everything.  My house will now be charming.  I love that word. 

I am on my way my friends... I know what I got to do .... and make it happen. 

Friday, January 13, 2012

I lost a day this week

I thought today was Thursday. 

Jack ass.... I don't know where in the hell that extra day went.  I want it back.

I bought a pair of PJ's  yesterday....balonie doesn't wear PJ's as a rule...well these were fleece PJ's ...and soft as a babies ass....and were on sale for 10 bucks.  So I took the plunge.  I melted into them all night...along with our new electric blanket which was made from the same material and our sheets.  I was sleeping the dream man. 

Until....ummmm I am stuck I can't turn around because now my PJ's won't let me turn around in this mass of fleece.  I normally wear a silky nightgown....yeah...because I am a sex kitten...or a person who likes to be able to turn around in bed without getting a hernia.   So I struggled all night between the electric blanket, my sheets and my arsehole PJ's.    I had me a headache in the morning.

l blame the 70's.  I just want my mudder trucking water bed back.  And yeah those PJ bottoms rode up my ass all night....I did not need that entertainment.  Back to the nightgown tonight...a girl needs her rest from all the fuzzy stuff.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Lamps...I love em

Give me a lamp and I will eat for seven days.  I love lamps.  Some people collect purses, shoes, etc...mine downfall is lamps.  I bought two lamps for the living room yesterday....they look like Liberace should have them sitting on his piano...remember him?    I fell hook line and sinker in love the moment I saw them.  Let's remember that I have a very contemporary home...which I was going to decorate that way....at first.  Then Gord wanted furniture that was not that contemporary...because his little feet could not touch the floor on all those fancy sectional furniture you see. The seats in them are so long.  We sat on a hundred sofa's and seriously both of us could not reach the floor with our feet.  Did we get shorter with age?...or are we shrinking..the latter I believe....anyhooooo.... we bought stuff that is cozy and comfy...feck the contemporary... so now I have licence to bring in all the the cool stuff that I love.  Our furniture and kitchen cabinets are dark and I intend to make this place look like  you just walked into a really comfortable place you can call home.  I'm not there yet ....but I will get there.  The lamps were the catalyst.....now I now where I am going. 

Unfortunately you can't ignore technology...and you have to have the big screen TV's in the way...but hey...it's going to be a little of the old and a little of the new.  I will try to make the two meet.  This is so much fun right now. 

Monday, January 09, 2012

I don't know where this came from...but I feel like posting again

I really do. 

This last year or two have been so scrambled I haven't had a minute to myself....it was "always something".....life for me has changed so much ...first with retiring when it WAS not my idea...let's not go there...and then the HOUSE.. and all it's challenges.  This afternoon I emptied the last of 10 boxes stored in different closets.  All the stuff was there that I was looking for...my stuff..stuff to put on shelves and pictures to put on the wall...tacky nick knacks...that make a home a home.. I found them all.  They smell like home.  All my books and photo albums.  They all have a brand new home.  The best part is that I don't have to go down two flights of stairs to enjoy them...they are now at my fingertips.

We will probably be in for one more set back with the flooring...but I'm looking at the big picture and if something drastic has to be done....I can get past that too.  Everything else is almost in place.  We got the coffee and end tables last week, so I rearranged the living room to accommodate it...

Sometimes I feel guilty for having so much.  I know it took our life time to get to this point. We never spent any money on anything at the old house because we knew at one point we would be moving.  Now that we are here it feels a little decadent....or maybe I will just enjoy the fruits of our labour.

I will get some pictures up soon.

PS.... I still can't talk.....the voice is gone...that balonie is still making house calls.

Sunday, January 08, 2012

I still can no talk

The voice she be gone.  I can say four words...and then garble.  The world will rejoice.

I bought a little blackboard for my desk here in the kitchen.  It's cute.  It has a place for chalk and a little teeney weenie eraser.    I put up notes for myself and Gord.  On the top I put up what we are having for supper...eg. NOTHING YOU WERE LATE....and other mental notes:

..buy coffee
...clean up dog shit on the deck
...do something about the hair on your upper lip...you look like a man
...get a hair cut and get your roots done.. you look like shit

That is all the room I have on my blackboard. But I had so much more to say and try to remember for next week.  We have flooring issues as I mentioned on facebook..so hopefully that will be resolved.  I can't believe we will have to remove all of this...and start again.  If so, I will request carpeting be installed because I have just had just about enough about this.  I am so freaking tired of this floor and the way it is lifting...plus the smudging...you can't even walk in here with sock feet...and it shows every foot print. I call  Bull Shit....  And the company knows...they tried to screw us  around.  We paid for this...and we  want it right....

Opps got a little mad there...heh....but hey sometimes you just want to sit down and not worry what the next disaster willl be.

Now it is time for me and mister to go and eat soup!!!