Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I have tomorrow off...plus the entire week. I am so relaxed I'm almost falling off my chair. I HAVE 5 DAYS OFF. Tomorrow is July 1st. Canada Day, and I took the rest of the week off.

We are going to build my old fashioned picnic table tomorrow..like the one's you see in the parks. I love them.

I know for certain one of us will get hurt. We don't work well together, but I will try to hold my tongue if it means putting some duct tape over my mouth, because I NEED this table.

I'm looking forward to a great Canada Day. I even have some fireworks... plus a really nice supper planned. Just the two of us..and our Penny.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Movie shoot at our little rental house

It was pretty cool. I don't really know if it's a movie or not. From the website it looks like an interactive ..."who done it." On the internet? I'm not sure.

Anyway, it was kinda thrilling to be out there at 10:00pm watching them shoot at night. Lighting was so important, I had to move my damn truck 5 times. It was too damn shiny.

The Director was very nice and showed us some the tricks they do to make it all seem real. The scene they were going for was a bunch of guys around a fire barrel. We actually have one there, but they brought there own, and it was lit by propane instead of REAL fire. Plus a biker chick was supposed to come up on them in the back lane and cause trouble. We watched them rehearse for about an hour, but then we got tired. I liked the biker chick. She was very cool. She was standing beside me waiting to rehearse while Gord was farting around with the lights behind our building (which is right beside the house)..it's one of those lights that come on automatically when it gets dark. Well, the light didn't work. So, Gord was knocking on the lens....I called over and said "you don't knock on lights" you turn them on, you knock on doors! Biker chick, gave me a HA HA shove, and I almost did a face plant in a puddle of water. She was very pretty and almost 6 feet tall dressed in leathers, so I didn't want to piss her off.

So, all in all it was very interesting. I had my camera with me, but for some reason I had "display" turned off...and I couldn't figure how to fix it in the dark, so I just pointed my camera and shot. And I caught most of it.

This little house on the prairie, might just one day be famous. But I don't think so.

The reason Gord let these guy do the "shoot" was because "Otto" the guy who owned the house before we bought it. We only bought it because we thought sometime down the road we would need it for parking etc. and bulldoze it down. Well, that never happened and we have been renting it out ever since. So, back to Otto. He was a character. He was a cab driver, and loved the movies. Every time a movie shoot came to town, he applied to be an extra. He rubbed shoulders with a lot of movie stars in his time. Winnipeg, has always been considered a great place to shoot, because we have so many historic buildings downtown.

Otto, died last year, so Gord thought it would only be fitting that they did a movie shoot in his old house. He would have been so pleased to have a movie being made in his backyard.

Friday, June 26, 2009

I was going to do a balonie biker video

But it's too dark in my staging area. Thunderstorms have been moving in and out all day, and now there is just the darkness and rain. A very nice calm soothing rain. zzzzzz kind of rain.

I planned the video this afternoon, and wrote a script and everything. It's called Magic meets Fitness. Sounds a little strange I know, but that's the beauty of it. It's bizarre and the ending will freak you out. Everyone will be saying..."how in the hell did she do that?" Even I surprise myself sometimes. I have to figure a way to take the plastic shield thingie off Gord's helmet. I can't ask him, because he would throw a fit if he knew I touched his motorcycle crap. The camera can't pick up too much sound from behind the Hannabal Lecter Mask. Besides, it's a pain in the ass flipping it up to take a drink of wine.

He is such a baby when it comes to his stuff. The next time I do a video, I'm going to wear his leather jacket and his chaps. That would make for a good workout, because they are waaaay too big for me, but let's not dwell on that, let's just think about how all the wrestling around in all that heavy cow skin will improve my cardio workout. It's for a good cause. Then I will put them back neatly in the closet where he stores them, and spit on them. It seems fair, I had the workout and got back at him for being such a baby. I might even put on his revered leather gloves and touch some dog shit out on the back 40, then put them back ..very gently where I found them as well. heh justice will have been served.

I draw the line at wearing his boots. He has smaller feet than I do, and twice as wide. I have some pride! With all that leather I don't want to end up looking like a Clydesdale horse.

Anyway, I'm not going to wear all the shit for the video. Because this time it's all about the magic. Too bad it's so dark, because I'm in the mood to do it right now.

I've had enough fun at his expense. Sorry hon...(you bring the worst out in me:) And yes that goes two ways!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Let's add a little class to this blog

HA...I stole it from another blog, and I can't remember who to thank. But if you see it, let me know.

I just remembered..

Thanks Dorie I owe you one.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


And don't give me the...it wasn't me crybaby answer..whaaa whaaa whaaa, I know it's one of you!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Just a quicky...

It was Hippy Chicks Birthday today, so we all went out for supper...and now I don't have any jam left. I know....I am really getting old fartish. But, it's a week day people!! I have to go to work tomorrow.

Happy Birthday old friend; you always continue to amaze me with your energy and wonderful spirit.

She asked us not to bring any presents, but only a "slip" of a perennial from our gardens, that she could plant in her garden on the farm in our honour. How cool is that?

I brought my favourite plant. It's a prairie grass that has huge tassels on it once it's full grown. I have been looking for this plant for years, and I found it about 3 weeks ago. I bought three of them but only had room for two, so I gave the other one to her. So, it wasn't really a "slip" from a plant I had in my garden, but it surely is my favourite plant. I hope when she see's those big tassels waving in the wind when it's full grown .... it will me be waving back at her.

Happy Birthday Janis!!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

I can't even describe

How tired I am.

Between work, housework, and my frigging back yard. I'm done. Done!

I know I bitched about our winters here. But you know?...It was good. Because summer just opens another door of more shit you have to do! Planting a whole bunch of flowers that will be dead in three months is not my idea of a good time. In my case, they will probably be dead tomorrow.

Today, I seriously reached my limit. Yesterday I had a shit pile of stuff to do in the house, it looked like a war zone in here. I didn't even have time to go grocery shopping. Today it was laundry, cleaning up the back 40, because our trees have decided to shed seed in copious amounts, plus branches seem to break off when a little bird sits on them.... or a tiny squirrel runs up a branch. Crack, crack crack...is all I hear all day. God forbid a small wind. Then it's pick up, pick up and pick up branches again. Mother nature, you piss me off. I think they are in menopause, they might need some calcium.

So I had to do the laundry, go to the store and get groceries, plant the rest of the stupid flowers, pick up sticks, and supervise Gord cleaning out the eaves. Remember me telling youse guys we had trees growing out of them!

Well, as usual I am such a worrybitch. When Gord put the ladder up to the house to clean the eaves I became his worst enemy. For some reason when he goes out to do stuff like this ... he puts on a pair of boots that must weight 55 pounds. He can hardly walk....nevermind climb a ladder, but he always wears those stupid boots! He climbs the ladder like the HULK, clunk, clunk, clunk, then slips down a rung, and corrects himself.........oy. I stand on the side and yell up stuff like..be careful, ...and he yells back down...WHAT? I yell again, be careful, and all I can hear is 'Shuthehellup"...you are driving me crazy. ME? But, I don't stop there, I supervised the entire event from below. I know for a fact a few times when he was throwing down wet sloppy leaves they did not land on my head by accident.

Seriously, is summer worth all this crap? Well it was around 9:00 pm when we were sitting on the deck chatting. Penny had her own chair beside us and was a happy little dog. The frogs were croaking in the pond, the weather was warm, and it was just getting dark enough so we couldn't see our ugly back yard. We looked at each other and said ...ain't life grand, and the sky opened up ... and pissed all over our parade. So we took our sorry asses back in and I got on the internet and paid some bills, and he fell asleep in front of the TV. So much for that. It may as well be winter.

Friday, June 19, 2009

I met Eddie on Thursday after 40 years

Lordie, he is a handsome dude. He still has all his hair and everything. Curly gray hair...and he is younger than me. Probably by 4 years and that would make him around 60 now. He was younger and a annoying dick just like my brother, always getting into my business. . So, I guess if you would ask my brother or anyone who pissed me off in those days, they would say, don't mess with her, she will make your life miserable. As older sisters do to their brothers and his stupid friends. This was just such a case. I was always fighting the brat pack...

Eddie wrote me this email in response to mine:
As far as your feet dangling out of a car window....I wish I remembered that. I am sorry though if I caused you any anguish. I really am. I remember you as a Gidget type of girl. Very prissy, always well behaved, well maintained and well dressed. I don't even remember you dating anybody. Maybe you weren't the angel I thought you were...ha! ha! I do remember you telling my dad that you had seen me smoking. When I got home, I opened the back screen door and met his back hand on my face. He warned my never to smoke again while he's puffing on one himself. Go figure. Does this make us even? or am I still in your bad books?

Have a great weekend and I'll try to stop in next week.
Look what I did. This guy thought I was a goddess . That is the evil of the Facebook.

He thought I was Gidget? Yes I was Gidget. But not half as nice. I was always chasing after a moon doggie. James Darren...I still heart you.

Eddie was very nice, and a total gentleman. He is working on a job site close to my shop and stopped in on Thursday at my shop.

We had a great talk.. It was a little stilted at first, because what do you say to someone you haven't seen in 40 years?

You know what, would like tell more of the story, but my peepers are going to sleep. The story is just small talk, nothing more. What a nice guy. What good memories.

Yours truly


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Holy "F" it's Wednesday already

The days turn into weeks, and the weeks turn into shit. And so she goes.

Remember Eddie, the guy from my hometown who found me on facebook?

Well apparently he wasn't the only ass hole. He reminded me of all the shit I did to him.

I guess I forgot that I did get him back, more than once. Yeah, I remember now. God I was an douce bag.

I'll get back to that tomorrow.

My pillow calleth.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Went to a birthday party

He had just turned 100 years old on Wednesday.

Amazing. I started this on Sunday night but was too tired to finish it.

I will post a few pictures later, I am sitting on the deck with my laptop for the first time since last September. It's just beautiful out here. A little messy because all the trees are shedding more little tree seeds for me to kill. It's never ending.

Gord's Uncle Albert turned 100, and we celebrated it in a small town in western Manitoba today. They had a huge turn out and he enjoyed every minute of it. Stories were told, some true, some were tinged with nostalgia more than the truth. I didn't grow up in the community Gord did, so even after being married so long, I am still a bit of an outsider looking in. I know they all ADORE me ...heh..yeah, but it's not like your own family.

I can't believe he still has so many aunt's and uncle's that are still alive...mine are all toast!

We had the best fancy sandwiches, egg, tuna and ham. I love those sammiches. Along with stacks of veggies, and fruit salads. It was like a bridal shower, only better, because the birthday cake was the bomb!! Three kinds. Carrot, Chocolate, and a green one I didn't sample. Just one cake could not hold the candles.

There was an incident.

Yesterday, I went out and bought a new pair of black sandals to wear to the party. They had a heel on them. Mistake number one. I'm used to wearing flat shoes...okay. Then I paired the new sandals up with some "cheaters"....you know those little foot nylons that only come to your knees. They looked really nice with my pants. But, once I slipped on my new Rockport sandals, with the soft slippery sole and leather uppercase... or whathehellever. I felt a little "rocky" when I wore them yesterday for a bit. I was barefoot, so there was no slip sliding going on. This morning, after putting on the cheaters...it was a slippery slope.

Anyway, we sat down at the table.. Gord, myself, his sister Sheila and brother Ron, and I was the last to get up to get some food. Don't you think my left foot snagged the leg of Sheila's chair (she was sitting right beside me)... I knew I was going for a fall...it was like in slow motion...and I was heading right for the "food table." Just before I did a face plant in the fruit salad, I managed to get my right leg stabilized, but my sandal flew off my foot and went spinning in front of my brother in law who watched it twirl around... as he was hanging on to his plate of food, and it finally come to a rest under the table. I had to get down on my hands and knees and get it from under the table...YOU CANNOT TAKE ME ANYWHERE. My ass was hanging out from under a large food table at a respectable Community Centre for the Elderly...

I was so embarrassed. I really was. Here I was doing all these gymnastic moves in front of everyone. Some old people clapped, I think they thought I was the entertainment!

It really was a nice afternoon, meeting so many generations of Gord's family that came to wish "Uncle" a Happy Birthday.

Uncle Albert is Gordon's Godfather. And until today he thought he was the only one. The speaker asked a gentleman to come up to the microphone who was Uncle's oldest God Child. I was watching Gord at the time, and I saw his eyebrows "lift"... and his expression was priceless, I could see he was surprised. So, after the new god child we never knew about did his congratulations to Uncle, I was still watching Gordon. (He was sitting down from me a bit with his brother)...because NOBODY WANTED TO SIT WITH THE WOMAN WHO THROWS A SHOE AT THE DINNER TABLE.

I knew Gord was going to get up and say something, and he did. Don't ever give that guy a microphone...oy...He told his 100 year old God Father how disappointed that he was not the "only God Child"...all in jest however. And went on to thank him for his success in life... Gord's parents were financially unable to help him to go to a Commercial College after high school to take a course in Appliance Repair. Uncle Albert gave him the tuition, and Gord passed his course with flying colours, and he never looked back. And with his first pay cheque after he got a job he started to pay back his uncle for the loan. In those days, I bet it was about 500.00 for tuition...but wages were lower then too. But Gord has been forever grateful, because this is what he has been doing all his life...along with our rental properties etc.

Then, another lady came up on the stage and said she was Uncle's God Daughter! Then many more started to congregate.................It seems Gord was over numbered at the end. He always thought Uncle was his only God Poppa.. Everyone had a great time with that. It wasn't supposed to be part of the program that was arranged, it just started to generate a life of it's own. And it was hilarious at the end....there were 5 of them! Most of them not aware of the other. Albert's son, who threw this party never expected this to happen, so they did a little photo shoot of all the God Kids. Gord is the one beside his beautiful cousin Janet on the left, and the guy beside him is the one we don't even know but for some reason they look like they are related...that started the frackis in the first place..then his cousins Orlean and Cora.

Happy Birthday Uncle Albert.

A funny story emerged later, when Gord's Auntie Hattie had the microphone. She was regaling all sorts of stories from the past, and Albert was just laughing. He hadn't really stood up to make a formal speech yet but after she spoke he asked his son for the microphone when she was finished.
Just a note..Hattie is his deceased wife sister... He said "Hattie" I remember when we had our son (they only had one) that you didn't like any names we chose for our boy....you were so scared we would call him Jake, or Abe or some dumb name...so we named him Elmer. Are you happy? HAAAAA I just about pissed my pants.

He is something else, and he only gave up his drivers licence last year at 99 years old.....and was a little pissed off because he had never ... ever had an accident. His son convinced him at the same time to move to an assisted living home, because he was still living in the house he and his wife had for 40 years. So, he has had to make a few changes this last year, but he seems to be taking it in stride. It's like his son said..."you just have to make sure it seems like it was his idea" and he will abide by it. Yet doesn't want to let go of his own power and choices. I can see that, because he still is very able to make them. He is sharp as a knife.

Gord's still pissed off....he thought he was SO SPECIAL! He will get over it..heh.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

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Apparently I did not know how to spell Ex-lax in my last blog.


Friday, June 12, 2009

The ants are back..........

Not as many as the first go round, but they are finding a way to get on my counter top.

I'm not happy.

I didn't have any of that organic crap left from the last time (and I wonder why there weren't dead?) So my blogger friend Donna said she used Windex to clean them up. I went after those little bastards with a vengeance....and ya'know...they don't like to shined up with Windex..nope. They run really fast. With the organic stuff, the stuck their tongues out at me, and said "see ya later alligator." And I did. Now that I have somewhat eradicated the Ants, I still have THE Uncles to contend with.

Every now and again, one come running across the kitchen counter top...and stops, and asks "have you seen my ant?" I said NO...AND WHACKED HIM. Unfortunately, he brought two friends with him that saw the hammer coming down and hid in the dishwasher, which was running about 8000 degrees at the time. Not a good place to hide. It was a sauna they did not expect.

Not to much happening over here... I'm constipated..Yes, me who usually spews shit all over the internet...cannot take a shit! It's totally screwed up my day...I think I will have Elax for supper.

If you don't see me again, I will have exploded. Life after 60 is tricky.

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Almost too tired to type

I wrote this yesterday but fell asleep before my I could "Click" Publish

Finally I have been able to put in my annuals. We had frost warnings forever. If those suckers freeze tonight I will ... I guess do nothing...I can't. All that digging around in the dirt, and the planning of what goes in what pot, was making me tired. And a little mad. I don't like gardening, I'm sorry.

And all the getting up and getting down, climbing the stairs to the deck, up and down, running to the front of the house turning on the water, then turning it off, then turning it on again, then dragging the hose around..when I finally lost my cool. So, I took a break. Played with the dog, talked to the neighbour across the fence, and then Gord started pissing around the back 40.

As is his yearly ritual, he started every gas powered THING he owns. First the lawnmower, which was right beside me when I was potting my bedding plants. Nothing like gasoline fumes in your stinking face. He didn't start it up only once. Nope. It has an electric start on it which was not working properly. So, he kept on grinding away on it..over and over again. After about an hour he figured out you have to close the thingofamajig on the handle bar. It's funny how you forget to use a lawnmower after 9 months of winter. I don't blame him. But I laughed at him big time. So, in spite he let it run for 20 minutes, and damn near gassed me.

Then he went to the other shed and tried starting everything in there. One of them was a snowblower>>>> I thought winter was done with? We never use it, but he needed to know it was still working. Then our garden tractor (actually if was his dad's which we never use)...We have it advertised for sale in the "buy and sell"...and he wanted to make sure it worked. Well he lost the key to it. So, we go key seeking. he claims it is in our key container..which consists of a plastic bowl which sits on top of the closet by the front door. You know that door. My staging area for my videos..yeah that door.

Anyway, the key was missing. He couldn't start the tractor. A lot of swearing went on, and he couldn't believe he lost it. But later on he found a key that almost fit, and it started..OYYYY. So, after that he started up his motorcycle in the shed. And reved it and reved it, and reved it. Smiling all the while. Ignition and the smell of gasoline makes my man smile. It makes me MAD.

I had envisioned an nice quite afternoon in the backyard and do the potting of the plants. Plant potting needs a zen like atmosphere. After he had the whole back 40 filled with smoke and fumes from all the stuff he was starting up, I politely asked him to CUT IT OUT. That is like waving a red flag in front of bull. Just to piss me off he starting honking the horn on his motorcycle. How childish? Then I hit him on he head with a 2x4...the end.

WE HAVE TREES GROWING OUT OF OUR EAVES! And he is pissing around.

Bad picture taken through the screen. But tree are growing!

I have wanted an old fashioned picnic table for the longest time.. just your regular wood ole time picnic table. We had one until about 5 years ago, and it fell apart. So yesterday I went picnic table shopping because I seen a few on sale. They are prefab and all you gotta do is put them together.

I went to Home Depot on Saturday and asked for the one on sale. The lady said they were sold out, but I could go to the other side of the city to another location because they had 13 left according to their computer. Backupthetruckjake...I don't have time to go across town, I only have this small window of opportunity to pick it up. Because I have to get home, people are waiting for me, plus I have no idea HOW to get to the other location.

I asked if they could bring a table to this location, and I would have Gord pick it up on Sunday...but that was frowned upon. I called Gord on my cell and told him what had happened and asked him to go to the other location to pick one up if he had time. He didn't have time. I said, it's okay...let's just forget it. But not as quietly as is looks like on type.

So, I went to another place "Rona" right across the street, and asked them if they had picnic tables, and the nice man asked me..." Is someone in you household handy"?.... I heartily laughed in his face...probably getting a little spittle on his chin, and said "NO"...but my husband can fix anything that has a motor. He said they could give me a drawing of a picnic table and then we could buy the necessary lumber and build it ourselves.... I told him my husband is "wood challenged", so I left it at that. So, I went home dejected.

My SIL was over, and a few people before Gord got home and when he got home...he had my picnic table!! Yay!! He made the time to get it. He said he made some calls after I called him to find one closer to us...like Rona...where I had just been and dissed him. He probably talked to the same guy just after I left there. The guy is probably still laughing.

So, we still have to put it together, but not build it from scratch. I see divorce in my near future anyway. Or at the least, some really loud talking.

That would be a video you wouldn't want to miss.

But, I don't think the picnic table will fit in my small staging area.

Friday, June 05, 2009

Bad video..and ramblings

Be prepared for bad video ...as I am doing this all by myself. I think I have nice video of the floor most of the time.

Just to catch you up. I replied to Eddie last night, and I got the best response today. He is a really nice adult. I didn't kick his ass with my reply, because usually nobody remembers life the same way. We just exchanged formalities. Where we live, who we married, our parents, etc. I think we only remember what affected us at the time.

He was just probably being a freaky little kid, like my brother, always getting into my business. I remember when Gord and I went to his school reunion, a speaker remembered Gord as a bully and would always beat him up when he was delivering papers. The guy said in jest, but that is how HE remembered it. Gord almost fell off his chair. He couldn't remember it. I swear Gord kissed that guys ass the whole evening. He was so embarrassed. So, I'm thinking Eddy never meant any harm, it was ..just.the.way.it was.

It's funny how we don't let the old shit go. His one recollection of me was that I had a small dog that always wanted to bite him in the store....yes that was "Snowball" a Chihuahua I always carried in my arms wherever I went or had tucked in my jacket. My friend had to find a home for him and because I loved him so much anyway, she gave him to me. In a small town like Altona, no one had ever seen a Chihuahua so he always stood out where ever I went. And he didn't like boys. Except my dad. He was a yakking dog, only because the girl I got him had 4 brothers who always teased him. Poor little guy. Snowball was a wonderful little guy. When we were going out...Gord used to pick me up on his motorcycle, and I would put Snowball in my school jacket and tuck him up under the snaps just enough so he could stick his nose out...to enjoy the breeze. And away we would go. He loved it.

This is an oil painting a friend of my brothers did of him..

Okay the video has been downloaded. Forgive me. Seriously. The video says Gordon Martin..but that is me. My stuff is all messed up. I will fix it tomorrow.

Workout 2 - I have no shame from Gordon Martin on Vimeo.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Life's a funny bitch - Part 1

I was on facebook yesterday. And apparently I had made a few "mishtaken" und I let the whole world know about my comment to my niece for her birthday. I was duly corrected by the Ms. Special K. After figuring out what I had done wrong.. I started farting around in it and found a load of stuff I didn't even know was in there. Let's just say I have a love and hate relationship with facebook. And I go in every few days and look at my wall or whatever the heck it is, make a few comments and I'm gone.

I found a place where people were looking for me. No, it wasn't the cops.

A guy was asking if I was the Joan from "his hometown." My ears perked up. Yes, the name looked very familiar.

Anyway, I answered his message yesterday, and as it turns out, he is the little kid whose dad owned the grocery store on the top of our street in smallville Altona!

He asked me a whole bunch of questions today, and I still haven't answered because I'm in shock. What do I say....to him?

If I was truthful I would say:

Eddy, I'm still pissed off at you when leered at me and made fun of me when my mom sent me to the store to buy a box of Kotex. I know your parents were discreet, they always wrapped the boxes up in brown paper before they put it on the shelves....but we both knew what I was coming in for. I always tried to come into the store when you weren't working. I hate you.

Eddy, do you remember the time I had my first date with a guy? I was 14 years old, and he and I and another couple went out to Buff Creek to shoot gophers. (We didn't have TV in those days) we make our own drama. Butch was his name. Damn that makes me laugh...and we, and the other two went into town after that and grabbed a burger at the "Dairy Dell" .... and ... and... of course after that Butch headed for... my first trip to "lovers lane."

One mile out of town.

It was still daylight.

I still had never been kissed by a boy. I was kind of scared of him. He was all Jimmy Dean and stuff...tough, leather jacket...but yet he was driving his dad's station wagon. Even so I loved him.I w.a.s. 14.

Okay, this is how it went. We were all listening to music on the AM radio. Just grooving. Butch laid down on the drivers seat and put his head in my lap, and hung his legs out the driver side window. The couple in the back seat did the same thing. We were just talking and listening to the music. And yes, we smooched a little bit. Not much, because I found Butch's breath to be a little acidic. As a first kiss, this was not the best. By this time it was 8 o'clock I had to go home.

Eddy: The next day you spread the news all over town that I was doing bad things with with a guy on lovers lane, and he had his feet out the window and my panties hanging on the aerial of his station wagon.

Eddy: I was really embarrassed, but you wouldn't give up...you kept on telling everyone in town the story, you little pervert. What were you doing spying on me and my friends?

Eddy: Do you remember when your dad said I could work in the little store? I was thrilled, thrilled, thrilled. I worked for nothing. I just wanted to work in a store. I loved putting the loaves of bread on the board and packing them in brown paper and putting a string around them for customers to take home. I love making double decker ice cream cones, I loved the little store. It was the heart of our little community. Eddy, you always gave me grief. I loved your dad so much and would have done anything for him, yet anytime I wanted to work at the store your pushed me aside and made it rough for me. I finally gave it up. Eddy.

I will never forget the store. More on that tomorrow.

I will get back to him, once I get all this shit out of my system.

Monday, June 01, 2009


A face I love so much.

Father Duck keeping an eye out for his ducklings from the top of our neighbours roof. They have mated for the last twenty years at the house next door..with a pool. These may be the offsprings of the original ducks, but they always come back every spring.

My chokecherry tree is in full bloom. It smells so nice. But everything else is so far behind, because it's so stinking cold. Our yard looks like we are still in April. Nothing is growing the way it should. Farmers can't even put there crops in because it's too cold.

When I went shopping for my Annuals on Saturday, I saw so many frost bitten plants in the greenhouses. They must have taken a big loss. I was going to keep them in our garage, but I have them nestled in between the the shed in the back and some in my little mini half assed wicker greenhouse set up. But the mornings are still close to freezing. We just had a wild thunderstorm pass through here about three hours ago. I was at work, and the skies went..black and the wind picked up big time... and I was really afraid all my stuff would be scattered around the back yard when I got home. But, the shed and the garage kept them out of harms way. Pheww.... that would have been costly.

Other than that...I have nuttin...except to say Happy Birthday to my ever lovin niece "Lisa"... and Gord's best buddy. Thanks for stopping in on Sunday kiddo!

This is her birthday drink of choice...and mine.