Monday, June 01, 2009


A face I love so much.

Father Duck keeping an eye out for his ducklings from the top of our neighbours roof. They have mated for the last twenty years at the house next door..with a pool. These may be the offsprings of the original ducks, but they always come back every spring.

My chokecherry tree is in full bloom. It smells so nice. But everything else is so far behind, because it's so stinking cold. Our yard looks like we are still in April. Nothing is growing the way it should. Farmers can't even put there crops in because it's too cold.

When I went shopping for my Annuals on Saturday, I saw so many frost bitten plants in the greenhouses. They must have taken a big loss. I was going to keep them in our garage, but I have them nestled in between the the shed in the back and some in my little mini half assed wicker greenhouse set up. But the mornings are still close to freezing. We just had a wild thunderstorm pass through here about three hours ago. I was at work, and the skies and the wind picked up big time... and I was really afraid all my stuff would be scattered around the back yard when I got home. But, the shed and the garage kept them out of harms way. Pheww.... that would have been costly.

Other than that...I have nuttin...except to say Happy Birthday to my ever lovin niece "Lisa"... and Gord's best buddy. Thanks for stopping in on Sunday kiddo!

This is her birthday drink of choice...and mine.


Sally said...

Such a sweet picture of the face you love so much!!

I hope the weather gets better for you guys SOON!!

Happy Birthday to Gord's buddy, and your niece. She's a cutie!!

Andrea (Off Her Cork) said...

Awww duckies!

I can't believe you guys are still having freezing weather! Yikes! Hopefully it warms up soon.

poolagirl said...

I feel guilty for having one tomato plant in a bag that is already bearing fruit. Perhaps I should stop crowing and such and realize that is a mere blip on the radar. Blip. Blip. Blip. Seriously, I hope things warm up soon!

poolagirl said...

EEEK! I just read about your face plant! Are you sure we aren't twins?

Donna said...

Happy Birthday Liza!! Good looking Drink!!!Hahaa...
Sending WARM air up there!!!hughugs
PS-Loving Miss Penny!

JUST A MOM said...

shall I send you soem of OUR HEAT???? I have been having a tough time growing my grass becasue of shade under my trees in front... the sun kills it too. But for now I am feeding my trees some of those steaks to give them stuff to GROW!!!! they are shedding leaves wayyy too much. have a good week.

Brenda said...

Penny is so photogenic and so is your niece! Maybe it'll warm up soon so you can get those blooms showing.