Monday, July 31, 2006

Can yee tell I'm on holiday...

The bottom pic is of hippychick blowing out the cauldron of candles, she is the blonde to the right, and immediatley after that she turned into a vampire and tried to suck my neck. Hey, I don't mind me a hickey or two, but not by some old broad.

The top pic, is where she was shrouded in veils, and we had to chant scarey stuff. God I am so glad they didn't make me wear a hat...

Her daughter had set the whole thing up, and she didn't have a clue what was going to happen. She phoned me a few days later, and was wondering if everyone would have thought it was hokey. I loved it, it was a little of everything. And it sure as hell was not boring. The only thing missing was the Tupperware saleslady hocking her wares.

We are once more missing one of our Attitude Adjustment Hours patrons. Sheila, my SIL who was absent for almost 6 months two years ago with cancer, now has broken her hip. She is only 58. I tells you these years are creeping up on us. Actually, the only reason it happened was she had radiation on all of her lower parts and this apparently decreases your bone density. She is a computer guru at a large Company and a lot of her time is spent troubleshooting, and if needed she drags PC's from one station to another. I guess it was too much and the ole hip..packed er in. She was hobbling around for about two months thinking she had strained a muscle, but they found out last week-end, after a trip to the ER that her hip was fractured. So she will come out of the hospital tomorrow, with a "walker" and a cane. They put in a "ball joint"... and with regular maintenance at her local car dealership she should be good to go in a month. She still looks like a little kid, you would never guess she was a grandmother of three. She is one of the best.

Hippychicks Bday group photo

Raisin Paradise

I'm in the back row with the purple thing on my neck.

After that we all called Handi Transit, picked up our walkers and went home.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

My cookies have expired says Google

Google has just let me know I am no longer fertile. I guess someone had to tell me. Thank you Google for letting me I am a baren. Now Gord and I can have unprotected sex until we drop dead from the exertion. Nothing like good news from the Internet.

I have been doing nothing else other than sleeping since Friday. My week's holiday start tomorrow and I have been snoozing like crazy. I am so tired. I will finally be able to have a life of my own for a week and do what I want to do. I will probably sleep. It's supposed to rain tomorrow and I hope it does, nothin better than hearing the rain, while sleeping in bed. I washed all the bedding this afternoon, and hung out the comforter on the deck to air it out.

I was planning on doing a blog this afternoon, but the heat was so intense even the air conditioning could not keep the house cool. The humidity is so high it drains every ounce of energy from your body.... so I think Gord and I will have to schedule a "play date" for another time know.. when hell freezes over. At least it will be cool!

My cookies have expired says

Google has just let me know I am no longer fertile. I guess they haven't done a profile check lately, or they would know I am baren...a baren old maid

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

The roads I have traveled

I was thinking today about all the jobs I have had through out my working career, and you know, it was frightening. You can take that to the bank mister! Want to see my resume? And don't you all be thinking, fudge..she's all old and shit, okay I am but I don't want to see you thinking that. Well, if you tuned in and wanna stay for a sec I'lls tell you what.

1965 - 2006 Snippets of my working career:

I can't remember the dates so I will just put it down as I remember.

Ist. Job: Aetna Sewing Factory - in my home town right after I quit school.

Job Description: I clipped off threads from garments that were sewn and got them ready for shipping. I stood in one place at my station (on a cement floor) with a little clipper scissor and snipped my days away. I remember John Kennedy died on my lunch hour, and we were really sad, even tho we were Canadians.

Reason for leaving: I couldn't clipping stand it no more. Hey how much can .50 cents an hour buy ya?

2nd. Job: Dental Assistant - in my home town after I quit the sewing factory.

Job Description: Sucking shit out of peoples mouths with a little hose. Preparing fillings, xray lab work, taking appointments, and making sure there was enough magazines in the front office.

Reason for leaving: Dental boy, wanted me and the other assistant to test his expertise in a new dental technique..Hypnosis. I flew the coop.

3rd. Job: Waitress

Job Description: Serving meals, cleaning tables, making coffee, milkshakes, and generally annoying most of my customers. If they complained they had a dirty fork, I gave them a napkin and told them to wipe it off.

Reason for leaving: I was hitting the "bright lights".. I was going to work in the CITY!!

4th Job: Chocolate Factory girl

Job Description: Assembly line work, taking chocolate bars off the conveyor ready for packaging. You might think working in a chocolate factory is a good thing..wrong.. it's hard work ..and hard work was not was I was looking for.

Reason for leaving: Hard work was not I was looking for. heh

5th. Job: Sewing Factory worker...again

Job Description: This time I actually got to sew. I sewed that nice little U fly line in your husbands, brothers and fathers pants. Don't thank me. It was my pleasure.

Reason for leaving: I took a secretarial course in the evenings, and was trying to get out of the blue collar type jobs.

6th. Job: Front Desk

Job Description: I worked in a Dry Ice Plant. I did all the typing in the office, telex ( do you remember that!)..and phones. Met some cool guys too...(I was still single then)

Reason for leaving: They moved part of the operation to Montreal.

7th. Job: Secretarial - Brokerage firm

Job Description: I have no idea. They sat me down at a desk and said, there is the file cabinet, and you will be filing anything dropped in your tray. Nothing was ever dropped. I sat in front of my typewriter all day wondering what to do, while most of the staff was out having their hair done, going out to meetings etc. it was strange. Sometimes someone from another department would get me to file something, but that was about it. At this time the Dry Ice Company decided they still needed someone in the front office in Winnipeg and asked me to come back.. I did. So let's just say that was a mix of job 6&7.

8th. Job: Switchboard Operator at a Detroit Diesel Trucking firm.

Job Description: Picture Lily Tomlin....plugging her cords into the big ole board. That was me. That thing mystified me, but I got the job done. This was my first real job. I was brought up through the ranks from Switchboard operator to accounting, which served me well through out the rest of my career. Who knew, the girl who could never pass a math test, did so well at accounting. I loved it. I guess I just like to be able to balance an account..the high's better than crack ya know.

Reason for leaving: After 8 years is was getting old, and there was no place to go. I needed more of a challenge.

8th. A) At this time I also had a evening job at a gondola Pizza ( I think this is a Winnipeg Co) two nights a week slinging pies. Not a bad gig, free supper if you worked 6:00PM-12:00PM. The only part I hated was cleaning the washrooms before I left.. hey, it was part of the job description. (a little side story) you know how they make a lettuce salad at Gondola, they take the head of lettuce and smash it on the table with supreme force, pick up the pieces and put in a plate. How rude. I finally had to quit, I couldn't see myself working for people who abuse lettuce.

9th. Job: Secretary/Accounting/Marketing at a Dairy company

Job Description: Mimeographing...remember that..I hadn't even heard of it until I got there, tallying the market in where the milk market was going in our area, sending out reports, typing etc. in a office that was so ancient it defied description.

Reason for leaving:
When I first applied I thought the old wooden desks were so quaint, well, yeah, so was the entire staff. It wasn't my bag. I moved on.

10th. Job: A Grain Marketing firm. The most wonderful company I ever worked for.

Job Description: Accounting and more accounting. They encouraged me, and I took courses on their dime to further my education. This was the best time of my life, I met so many wonderful people and finally felt that this where I belonged.

Reason for leaving: 12 years passed, I had reached the highest point I could go in our department. My boss, who did not want to loose me, was very hesitant to let me apply for jobs in other departments and always promised me more and more, but it never came. I got mad.

11th. Job: Appliance Sales Person...figure that one out!! HHHHaa

Job Description: Gord was just setting up a shop to sell appliances to off-set his repair business and I decided I was going to be his number 1 Salesperson!! He was not happy. I was making pretty good money at work, and this was going to cut into the budget if it failed.

Reason for leaving: Okay you guessed failed. My ass was up for sale two years later!! But is was a great two years I loved it, even tho it was hard going, much better than working for the man. So, eventually we quit selling appliances, because it was at a time when all the big box stores flew into town, and the little guy couldn't compete.

12th. Job: Radio Station Receptionist

Job Description: Take calls from every looney in the world that have steel plates implanted in their brains. I loved this job with all my heart. I liked that every day was different and you never knew what was going to happen next. I could have done without the bomb scare, but I guess that comes with the territory.

Reason for Leaving: I was filling in for Maternity Leave for the Receptionist and they tried hard to fit me in to another position. So I worked part time for them for a few years and then packed it in when I couldn't get enough hours.

13th. Job: A Merchandising Company

Job Description: Organizing and hiring merchandisers through out Canada to put product on the shelves of your local Wal Mart, Zellers, etc. That was a shit fricking show. I hated this job with all my might. The office was in a dingy hole in the basement of a office complex. My boss was a total freak-out, he scared the crap out of me.

Reason for leaving: See above

14th. Job: A Lumber Company

Job Description: Receptionist. I have never in my whole life worked with so many bitches/buggers in my life. It's hard to describe. They were mean and lean. It was a sad company in so many ways, they had been in business in Winnipeg for more than 40 years and they were still trying to do business the old way and it wasn't working. The staff were in constant turmoil. I left after a few months...and it's not my fault the building burnt down and week later. But, bycriminy...if ... but I didn't..heh

15th. The lucky number...ten years later...

Job Description: Office Manager at a Electrical Contractor firm. I love my job, it suits me at this time of my life. The stress factor is not there, and I have a mutual respect with my boss and his company. I almost didn't take the job. The owner is a tenant of ours in our building and his "at that time" receptionist got sick and asked Gord if I was doing anything. I wasn't.. I was just sitting in front of the TV eating bon bon's and hoping it would never end. So, when I was asked if I was interested in a part time position, I hesitated..hmmm I sorta liked doing sweet fart all. But, of course Gord got me off me arse and I took the job...and here I am now working full time.

So now you know much more about me that you should. Except for the fact that Bing Cherries give me diarrhea.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

It's is good!

Sunday, July 23, 2006

What was I thinking?

I was sitting here trying to find something amusing about my life to write about. I kept up coming with a big fat zero....Until I looked at my notebook which sits right in front of my keyboard, to write down IMPORTANT notes to myself. I was stunned, yes stunned when I started to look back at my various jottings...and what was I thinking when I wrote them?

* Heimlich maneuver
I musta choked on a hunk of balonie

* Anorexic
Not enough balonie

* Preus
Short for peruse?

* Imodium
Somebody probably ate ranch dressing ...hmmmm ...yes that will do it. Good thing we don't own a hot tub, I would have shit in it.

* Led Zepplin
I have no explanation

* Pay credit cards
As I recall, I saw the note a little to late, and had already blown my pay cheque.

* Prostate
I'm willing to bet, I was applying for Med School that day

* Various passwords
I don't know what they are for, I especially liked peekaboo

* Alcatraz
That was possibly the day I swiped my stapler from work

* Ellipse
Likely from the song "Total Ellipse of the Heart"

* My butt is going to sleep
Heh..last thing I said to Gord after I hit the sack

* Hairy canine crap factory
My dog must of crapped on the rug

* The lady fell asleep oink
The name of the novel I am writing.

* I went to the right back
I wrote that to my computer, he gets worried if I'm not sitting here...forever.

* Wake me up when it's over
See.. my butt is going to sleep

* Is there a bird in here?
Well, is there?

* begin sidebar -
OMG I was changing the look of my blog AGAIN

* Vegetarian - An Old Indian word meaning "lousy hunter"
A joke I must have thought hilarious so I don't need any aboriginal hate mail.

* Assburn
Hey, I remember this one. My niece lives on Ashburn St., and I was emailing her a note, and said "Wouldn't it have been funny if the city would have mistaken the "h" in ash and put in an "s" instead! I blacked out after laughing so hard.

* Always tumultuous
I think I was going to name my blog this at one point. How insightful. Forfartsake.

* I was confused
...and I still am

* Heavens to mergatroid
Yogi musta stole my pikanik basket and I got all crazy in the head...exit stage left, run like hell.

* Deranged
One of the more intellectual websites I must have visited.

* Queen Balonie
For sure, can't argue with that!

So, here we are again. Sitting in God's Sauna. I knew I should have started recycling earlier, I probably burned a huge hole in the ozone layer. Today is probably the first day I have not ventured outside. It's impossible. Instead I have decided to heat up the house and cook my Sunday Supper. God forbid I don't have a well balanced meal on Sunday night. Plus, I put a load of dishes in the dishwasher, opened and closed the patio door 500 fricken times for the dog. It's warm in here, but it's a dry heat ...Gahhhhhhhhh..

My monkey..I mean my husband decided this morning, before temps reached 30c to cut down a tree branch that is hanging over our eaves and bending the crap of them. Yes, the guy with the gimpy leg is climbing up a ladder two stories with a saw that probably came from a Toys Are Us Bob the Builder set. I was inside getting ready to read the Sunday paper, when I heard my neighbour say..."Gord, that looks dangerous" WTF!! here he is...already on the roof sawing away with his pretend saw. Jesbus Murphy. He actually cut down two huge limbs, with the plastic saw, but she could take no more and melted. So tomorrow he plans on getting his brothers chain saw...say a prayer because this could be the beginning of the end. It ain't gonna be pretty.

One more week and I have a week off!! Yippeeee ... I sure as hell hope it's not this hot ... if it is I am sure "balonie" will come out of her shell where she has been hiding in for a couple of months. Seriously, you don't want to know what she might do.

I have still been "burning" music like crazy...until Curtis, my CD player started to give me a small amount of grief. When Curtis tosses out my tunes for over an hour, he starts to smell like plastic, and the songs on the CD start burping. It's sort of like listening to someone on a cell phone when their battery is shutting down. Well, bycriminy..I paid 39.99 for him and I expect my monies worth, that little twerp! So, back he goes to Superstore, shuffled away in warehouse with all his brothers that can't take the heat. He will miss all my hippy tunes, maybe I played "white rabbit" one too many times and I plumb wore him out. He was probably made for show tunes.

Time to get out of here, the sun is going down and I will have to water my garden. My dog is sitting here and looking at me like she got hit by a truck, NOBODY IS PLAYING WITH ME. She doesn't seem to have any trouble with the heat.

I took a few pic's of my begonia's on the deck. After this wave that will probably the last we will see of them.

Stay cool, I am.

Oppa..Sunday Nite Supper:

A medley of deboned chicken thighs and meatballs roasted a sweet and sour sauce.
Fresh beans and carrots.

I feel like waving a fan in front of my face, at my mansion in the south..and saying something really sexy in a southern accent. Like...could someone fetch me a mint julep, I'm a thirsting to dath. For some reason I see Paul Newman in my fantasy, but it could be the "dressing" talking. And then I had vapors......

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Taking care of business

Windows and doors are closed once more, and it's summer for the loveofmike.

That hot dirty windy air, is just making a tragic mess of my garden and yard. So, I give up. Let it be. Sigh. Sometimes you can't change what is to be. I won't worry about it anymore. Things could be worse. But, I tend to dwell on the day to day stuff instead of looking at the big picture, so it might turn around. Until I built the pond last year I didn't give a crap anyway, and God knows, I am the worst flower gardener in the world. e nuff b i t c h i n g...

I got to work this morning, and the whole parking lot was empty?? huh.. I tried the back door and it was locked? huh.. Nobody phoned and told me we had closed up?? Usually my boss is there at 7:00 AM sharp. I unlocked the door and all the lights in the warehouse were off. I slowly stepped in, keeping the door open and yelled, "hello"..nuttin... I turned on the warehouse lights, and surveyed the situation like a P.I. I put my back on the hallway wall, and inched my way to the first doorway. From my purse, I pulled out my "Adidas" "Adrenaline Body Mist perfume bottle. Whoever was in the building was going to get it sprayed smack dab in their eyes, and smell good going to jail. This shit it better than "pepper spray", I tells you. It will remove your eyelashes, honest. Yeah.

As I was inching my way to my office, with my lithe body ready to go into kung fu mode at any time, I noticed a spider on the wall, and fell down in fear. I sprayed him with me Adrenaline Body Spray, but he took no notice and kept on getting closer. Apparently this gave him....Adrenaline (who knew) and he kept on coming, closer and closer. Now, I was getting a little anxious, so I decided to walk down the corridor instead of clinging to the wall, .. Problem solved. But as I walked down the long dark corridor I kept my bottle of Adrenaline in my right hand ready to spray any intruder in the building. As I opened the door to our offices from the warehouse, I crouched down and surveyed the interior. I could not hear anything except the hum of our computers. I slowly, inched my way in the main office, "spray" in hand, and then phone rang, and I damn near wet my "big girl" pull ups.

Once in the office, I realized the crew had been in..and out..then remembered we had a big job about 30 miles out of town where all of the guys plus boss man would be needed. I will post some pic's tomorrow of the huge electrical cables they put down in trenches for the job. It's mind blowing.

So, since I had the whole day to myself, I locked the front door, turned off the overhead lights, grabbed some coffee and snacks and read blogs all day. Oh and yes, I also perused the internet to find some free music downloads ... I don't mind paying for a few I Tunes, but their selection did not include enough alternative stuff I was looking for. I found a few sites I will try at home. Tough day at work again ..heh!! I hope my boss goes golfing tomorrow. He looked so beat when he came back from the job site, I was tempted to spray him with some of my Adrenaline spray......god those guys are stinky when they get back from work. Meanwhile, I was smelling fresh as a daisy all day, in an air conditioned office taking care of business.

Just a note..spell checker alternative for Adidas..was "idiot"

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Helter Swelter

Finally the wind picked up and is blowing all that stinky hot weather ..somewhere, I don't care just get it the hell away from me. A whole day shot, sitting inside. And now that it is cooling off a bit the wind started up.. sitting outside is uncomfortable...bitch bitch bitch. I know.

Yesterday, I became the queen of qool. I made a mixed CD. How, you say? Just a little luck, some blank CD's and I Tunes. I have been very hesitant in downloading free music since my last CRASH..with all the spyware etc. They were partially responsible for it, plus I must take my lumps and confess that I had a pirated copy of XP on my old computer and it would not let me put the service pack 11 on it. Thus the resounding thunderish crash fell upon my delicate ears, and my pocketbook. I resolved to stay straight, and pay for the shit I wanted (okay, I still have a few skeletons in my closet), but they won't affect my computer, as far as I know. But I was wondering last night why all my spreadsheets were upside down..hmmm Bill's on to me.

So, back to downloading music and actually paying .99 cents a song. The service is good, your songs are there forever, you can mix em up and do what you want and burn em. But you have to be a teenie careful of what you download...make sure you listen to the tune first...because sometimes it's not what it looks like. The quality from some of the albums are the "The best of"...I learned to try to take it off the album I knew where the song came from, because a lot of the time the artist will have been in concert, or a different schtick, and sang the same song, but it doesn't sound like the original you knew. I've only paid 12.00 to learn this, but I have some good songs and didn't go crazy buying crap. But, folks, please don't do what I did, I bought the same song twice. How fricking stupid is that? I'll tell you why, I liked it soooo much I wanted to pay extra. Yes, that is the way I am. When I go to Safeway and get an especially good piece of ham, I will go to the cashier and say, "I want to pay for this twice", because I think it will be so good!! blahhhh. I can't believe I bought the same song twice. I really think I Tunes should have a warning message for dumbfuckers like me..."DF you have bought a duplicate song, please indicate if you want us to download it again." Then at least I would still have my dignity fortheloveofacd. Like who wants to buy a Willy Nelson song twice, nevermind once. I had to buy it because Gord likes it. Okay, I don't "mind" it either.

You see, I have my best new friend here, his name is Curtis. "click it"

He is a all in one Radio AM FM/CD/MP3 player. And he only cost 35.00 bucks. I married him on Friday. Don't tell Ellen. No really, he's my new buggly eyed boom box I will be using to sit on my deck and listen to my fav tunes. So on Saturday I made my mixed CD. I went downstairs and brought up all my "real" albums and went through the songs I liked most on each of them, and started to download the songs from I Tunes. It's really nice to be able to do that, at least you don't have to sit for half an hour listening to shit you don't care about on an entire album. I got me Joe Cocker, Janis Joplin, Jefferson Airplane, Willy Nelson, Eagles, Melanie, and others. Once I get tired of the old artists I'll start d/l newer stuff. I got the "music in me" now...

I'm telling youse guys, this heat wave ain't for the weak at heart. Our air conditioner in the house can hardly keep up. So, what do I make for supper tonight? Cabbage Rolls. Did I just hear you say, balonie, are you outta yer freeking mind? Well, yes I am, but there was a method to my madness, I didn't really wrap up the meat in the cabbage. I made humungeous meatballs with rice in them with all the spices etc. lined a roaster with cabbage, and poured the tomato topping on top, and called it a day. I'm thinking I have all the food groups in one small space and I don't have to put 567 pots on the stove to prove it. Then, for dessert I scrunched up a pile of blueberries and put a little sugar on them to make em weep. We will have that for dessert with ice-cream.

One hour later:

I have heartburn. The meatball cabbage thing was pretty good, if not overcooked, and it's giving me a little indigestion. I was going to have blueberries and ice-cream for dessert but they looked a little rigid. I would like to have the blueberries tested for their DNA...because I am sure they were rocks in their previous life, and someone messed with the chromosome, painted them purple and called them a bluestinkingberry.

I took a pic today of my dog melting in sun. If I would have left her there any longer she would have been a pile of lard. She was determined to play ball, no matter what!! and I think they are all in the wrong order...but I'm tuckered out.

It so hot that.....

People who say "it’s hot enough to fry an an egg on the sidewalk" are usually ‘eggs’aggerating or overstating the facts. They want you to understand that it’s very, very hot. The truth is that most foods need to reach a pretty high temperature before they’re cooked. Eggs need to reach 144 to 158 degrees Fahrenheit before they’ll turn from a liquid to a solid. A sidewalk would have to be awfully hot to fry an egg.

Sidewalks are not very clean. So, if you see someone try to fry an egg on the sidewalk, don’t eat the egg! When they’re cooked in a pan on a burner, fried eggs are good to eat and very popular. But, the top egg favorite of both kids and adults is scrambled eggs. They’re easy to make, too.

I rather like mine curb fried. I can't believe you shouldn't eat them right from the pavement. I guess they have to have a disclaimer for those who have scrambled brains.

Catch y'all later tonight. Sunday nite supper is still at the store and I have go and get it, either that or shoot something in my back yard. hmmm squirrel stew? comments got highjacked!! I guess ya gits what you pays for. Going to go and fix it.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

It's a new day

And of course what better to come with a new day is a new look. I needed to cheer myself up. So, I don't know how much longer I can keep up the cheery new look, because it might be pretty obvious by now, I like a darker blog.

Where am I going here? I have no idea.

Okay, let's get the funeral part out of the way. 1,245 people tried to hug me. In the heat. Cousins from long ago accosted me in the graveyard. Some cousins I longed to meet treated me like I didn't exist. It was weird. I hugged awkwardly, only thinking of the smell of my breath and my armpits. Not feeling any love at all. I guess I am a very self conscious person, and my mind does not stop running for one single second when I am confronted with virtual strangers, who keep running at me at speeds clocking 6000 miles an hour. That's the way it felt.

I never had to much to do with the cousins of my dad's side of the family except for my Auntie Helen and Uncle Henry, and their two children Brian (who died) and his sister Phyllis. I love them very much. I hugged the crap outta her. But the rest were people and other cousins of my past. And in those days we didn't hug. We made eye contact, said hello, and went on our way. Now they want to hug...fudge.

The upside was I got tapped on the shoulder (instead of hugged) by many an old friend. The best one was my old friend Anne was there. She, myself and hippychick were inseparable in the day. Actually Hippychick was there, because she grew up in this village and lived right next door to Brian. It was a bit of a reunion.

Next...a lady came up to me and said "I bet you don't know who I am?" I said, yes I do, your name is Gladys, and I was your "flower girl" at your wedding when I was 5 years old!!! She was flabbergasted!! How cool is that!! I haven't seen her in 40 years I bet. But, she looked as lovely as I remembered her at the wedding. A few more lines in her face, but she has such a great spirit. We talked a long time about my family, so it was good to hear someone who was so genuine in her interests. And the best part was, she said I looked so cute in my pink flower girl dress. I can remember a lot of her wedding even tho I was five. I was so excited. My mom said I had to go pee every three miles on our way to take pictures in another town. I have the picture downstairs, I will try to scan it one of these days, it is still in the old time cardboard frames they used to have.

I am still in some shock with Brian's passing. I discovered that his blood disorder that I was told about was actually sickle cell anemia.

I was always led to believe that this disease happened to much younger people, and those of black persuasion. But, once I got on the internet I discovered it could happen to anyone one who had both parents carrying the gene. How odd, that this could happen to him. Now I am worrying about Phyllis, could she be next? That would be catastrophic, with both her parents and her brother dying in one year.

How in the hell did I get this old?

Our Saturday nite AA hour topics are more and more leaning to: guess who died? Fuck that. This weekend, I'm taking my old record player out on the deck and blast out some Janis J. and Jimmy H. and all my old rocker albums ..let's not forget Melanie...(candles in the rain) ... if I have to get old I'm going the way I want to.

I'll leave the disco to you guys ... he he..

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

I am very tired.

I'll be back in a day or so.

God it's hot. Winter..bring it on.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Time flys..

The week end flew by so quickly, I hardly had time to blink. I am still so totally obsessed with that pond, and flower garden it getting sickening, even to me. I dropped another 80.00 bucks at Home Depot on Friday, and bought a few more plants, and somemore tree bark for the landscaping. I need some serious help here folks. The real problem is, I buy all this shit and ..ahem..don't always plant the plant, at least 5 of them are still in their original containers, and I keep moving them around the garden. They are totally confused. I am doing what I always do, setting myself up for disaster. When I get pumped with an idea, I will take it to unbelievable lengths, research it, buy all the crap then get it all going...and then..oops I have am tired. I realize I have to work 5 days a week, and I'm not retired. I did that with scrapbooking, I did that with crocheting, I did that with blogging. So far blogging is the only one I have kept up with (well I'm getting a little slow at that too). I haven't even touched on all the little things I wanted to do but never really have the time for. Mind you, I have all the supplies in a closet somewhere if the chance should present itself.

Don't even remind me, when I was in my puzzle faze. "Fortheloveofajigsaw," I saw puzzle pictures in every landscape I drove past. And I had the end pieces put together. Insane. Let's not forget the rug hooking era...I have a few to finish from 1986. And did I mention the macrame?..LOL...jeezzzz I must have made a thousand of plant holders in the 70's. I killed every plant I put in them. String Art..did you ever do that? Hammer a trillion nails on a piece of plywood, paint it black, and thread string around the nails to make very "hip images." I saw a few of them at "Value Village" the other day...

Nuttin much going on, now that our drains are unplugged. But, with our life...another disaster is just around the corner. It is really "Always Something"

I have a weeks holiday at the end of the month. I don't have any plans, but I think I will just drive around a check out guys butts. At least this hobby won't cost me any money, I have a digital camera, I have a blog, and I have a printer...can life get any better. Stay tuned.

Sunday food update:

I forgot to mention this last week, that I had a potato problem. I neglected to prick the taters before I put them in the oven to bake. We had a small explosion in the oven. Never fear, only one exploded and left just enough for me in it, because I can never finish a whole one, and Gord's tater was spared. phewwww it's those little disasters in life that were averted.

Tonites Supper: (boring)

Roast Beef (with 10 cloves of garlic stuck in it
Roasted spuds
Carrots, broccoli, and cauliflower with butter

It's all about the gravy!


Thursday, July 06, 2006

A little tired, and a little sad.

I have been a little remiss in my blogging this week. I'm "plumb" tuckered out after the weekend from hell. I am considering getting a divorce, and marrying my dog. Okay, maybe not, she doesn't have any money, and I'm all about the cash. Someone has to make the mortgage payments. I know the government is permitting gay marriages in our country, but I haven't heard anything about marrying your dog. I will bring that up in parliament the next time I go to Ottawa. And if anyone wants to know my hus/dog name, I will point out to them that we have a "freedom of information act", that prevents little snoops from knowing his/her pedigree, and what kennel she was born in. After all, I don't want the whole world to know if I marry a mutt. Maybe I should just go to Utah and start a polygamous sect which lets me marry as many dogs as I want to. I better get on that before the "Profit" Warren Jeffs gets the idea first.

I'm fading fast folks. I mowed the lawn tonight, it was 32 degrees Celsius. I know, I'm nuts, but with this heat wave, and no rain, the back 40 looked so ragged I had to clean it up.

I got some bad news this afternoon. My cousin Brian Hamm died last night. If you remember last year about this time, I had two funerals to go to as his dad and his mother died one week apart. Two weeks after that Brian had a heart attack. This led to different problems, and he was finally diagnosed with a fatal blood disease. So, it has been a waiting game for his immediate family, and my cousin Phyllis, his sister.

So, on Monday, I will go back home again to my little town in Southern Manitoba. The town that gave me so much joy in my childhood, and now only brings tears of old friends and relatives who have left this world. I have to be there for Phyllis, she pretends to be the pillar of strength, but I don't know how much more grief she can bear. We had a wonderful chat two weeks ago, she was at Hippychicks Birthday Party, and we sat and talked for quite sometime, and got caught up with our respective lives. Sometimes, cousins drift apart, but when push comes to shove, we are there for each other. I will be there for her.

He is the little guy on the right, with his older cousins beside him. He was so smart and funny, and loved to play tricks on his younger cousins when he was young. God Bless Him!!
I just realized when I looked at the picture again, that's my little bro in the background in the back of the truck!! Little bugger!! If his ears were any bigger he would have flown away!!

Sunday, July 02, 2006

I have no pictures today


So, I will have to be very creative with my words. Fuck.

We slept in with visions of bacon, eggs and hash brown for breakfast dancing in our heads. Gord got up first had his shower, and I followed suit. As I was in the shower I heard such a clatter, I jumped out to see what was the matter! Apparently the kitchen sink was plugged. All I heard was.."what the F"..this and "what the F" that. I could tell this was not going to be the quite Sunday morning I was anticipating.

When I emerged, a second time, I was mentally prepared for what was about to be the day from hell. Or so I thought. I forgot I had yet another day off on Monday, and it could possibly fly out the window as well.

When I arrived (again) after getting dressed. "Plunger Man" was furiously pumping the sink. "WTF's" were wafting through the air, like sweet nothings they met my ears. Apparently, with all the plunging, a leak developed under the sink. But, did I care? Nope, it was but a trickle of a waterfall in my eyes. I wasn't about to give up on my GD stinking long weekend with shit like this. But once all the contents under the sink, started to float, I became a little alarmed. I ran for towels, and told my dearest, that a little mopping up might be needed. But, he didn't seem to hear me, he was still singing those sweet nothings.

He plunged, and would have made a great porno movie. Finally, he was spent. I tried several times to tell him, "lets get a plumber here and make it a three some, but he would not hear of it. It was obvious this was something he had to do by himself.

There was scum everywhere!! We have a double sink, and when you put the plunger in one sink, it blows out the other!! Mute point. Anyway, he finally but the sink stopper over the first sink before plunging the other one. At one point I even recognized some salad fixings from the night before.

Then I mentioned he might want go to the store and buy some Draino. "Draino".. he replied so loudly, I almost lost me balance. Once I recovered my composure, I said "Draino" in my smaller voice. He, now, being totally frustrated at pumping this stupid plunger and getting nowhere, retorted, oh, you mean "Mr. Plumber." Okay, yes I says, I must have made a mistake.. Fortheloveofallthingsclogged!! Get a GD plumber you arse!! Ahhh,no...that is not what he did. He did however go the Canadian Tire and get some Draino AND Mr. Plumber.

So we are once again at the kitchen sink.."together"...I read the instructions on the Draino can (I cannot tell you folks, how much it pisses me off when major companies use the #0 font with there instructions) Do you know how small that is? You would have to be a midget to read it! The warnings on the can are so scary you wonder why you bought it at all. Just get a big MF firecracker stick it the hole and wish for the best. Your chances would be about the same. As I was reading the instructions (over and over), Gord's face was turning shades of purple, he said..just throw a pile of it in the sink and let's get this done!! No, but not me.."Ms. read directions first," IN ORDER NOT TO KILL EVERYONE IN THE ENTIRE HOUSE. We did it by the book, and then threw in about 4 more tablespoons than was directed, only because we live a little on the wild side.

It didn't help. Not one bit. He finally gave up and left. I however, set up shop in my bathroom. I had a dishwasher full of stinky dishes that needed cleaning. I washed them all in there. It was very cozy. I had all but forgotten how to dry a large glass. I remembered after I dug into it with the dish towel and broke it.


I barely woke up, and heard some more clattering in my kitchen. Plumber Boy, was at it again. I should really come across more often. And once more his sweet voice came wafting across the bedroom singing his GDam's.

He left, and said he had a plan. OMG. When he came back he brought the air compressor from the shop with lots of tubing. His plan was to put air in the lines and blow the obstruction away. I agreed, yes, this was a plan, but perhaps you may put too much pressure on the plumbing and blow them apart. He gave the look, you know the one, when someone thinks you just fell off a turnip truck. All he needed was for me to hold down the two stoppers in the double sink so they wouldn't blow off when he blew in the air!!! I could see by his determination, that either this was going to work, or he really, really wanted to be widower. What better explanation to the police could he have...."I was blowing air in my sewer system to relieve a blockage and she wouldn't take here hands off the sink stoppers." CSI stuff for sure.

He blew it in once, twice, and the third time he thought something changed. Meanwhile I am standing there waiting for my big fat ass to blow sky high. We heard a gurgle, and then...THE WATER STARTED GO DOWN THE DRAIN. Being the skeptic that I am, I said, you blew out one of the plumbing pipes.... and now it's all draining in the walls!! He he..I had him going there for awhile, because he did have a moment of indecisiveness for just a second. NO WAY, he shouted from the roof tops, while trying to explain his method of madness to me. However, just after that he did go downstairs and check to see if any water had exploded in our walls.

So, here it is, Monday night..after a weekend of hell. It seems so anticlimatic.

I forgot about Sunday Night Supper:

Baby Back Ribs grilled(in honey garlic sauce)
Baked Taters with Sour Cream, chives and bacon bits
broccoli, cauliflower and carrots, in a cheese sauce.

Tonight: Grilled Chicken Breasts in Mesquite marinade
Wild rice

I'm pooped...see in a few days.