Sunday, October 28, 2012

Today is our 40th. Anniversary plus Gord's 68th. Birthday....  I thought is was 39 years married...but apparently all  my years of accounting experience went to shit.. I still count on my fingers...and if there isn't a calculator on hand I am kerfuffled. 

Friends and family were over last tonite we will just make some faux chinese food.  Mostly shrimp....yum and a chicken stir fry with all the good veggies... and Basmati rice with pineapple sauce.

It's been a long hard road ...these 40 years.  Sometimes I didn't think I would make it. It has been a roller coaster ride.... for both of us.  It's not easy being married to a Scorpio...when you are a Libra.  That should never happen.  A balanced person such as I should never marry a person who is a risk taker, crazy in the head, never gives up, and really never tells you how he feels.

Today he did.... in a Anniversary card..... I cried. 

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Things I never said

I never told youse guys that I will be a great Auntie for real.  My niece Lisa will be having a little boy in Feb....  I am a great Aunt to all Gord's sisters kids....but never one of my own. 

It makes me so happy.  Finally the Kehler name or part of it will live on.  Also I am so grateful that my brother is still doing well after all the crap he went through with his heart and other stuff last year.  He thought he wouldn't live to see Lisa's social....then he did...and then he thought he wouldn't live to walk her down the isle on her wedding...then he did.  Now I hope he will be well enough to see the new baby boy.  He will be so thrilled. He loves kids like nobodys business. 

I have a problem with Lisa...she doesn't want to name the little baboshka after my father.....Erdman....huh...what is wrong with that name? school you could be called Erd the turd..... She is going for Jackson........well there you go...Jack what they will be calling him. You have to be very careful naming your kids because sooner or later their names will be related to body functions. Think Peter....etc....

My problem was Joanie.....balonie...full of macaroni ..  ahhhh yes...they will find a way to make your life miserable no matter what your name is.  I have come to love this name...because it sort of makes me feel special.  People like pasta.

This is the little kiddo Lisa that will bring us that little bundle of joy to us soon....

He made it...without his cane.  

And he danced with his princess.

Something we never thought would happen last year..............we are blessed.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

It's raining

Made a few changes to the old gal.  Tried a few tricks with the new blogger.  Almost got myself in gear to blog again.  But I can't promise anything. 

It is so beautiful tonight with the light rain.  We haven't had rain for so long.  When we moved in here last October 1st.  we never had rain until it started to snow. 

A lot of changes in our life with building a new house.  Some good, some not so good.  You have to deal with shit that wasn't done right the first time...and finally it seems everything has to been done twice. 

In the next weeks we will have our hardwood flooring replaced because it is lifting.  You have to fight for every stinking thing....but the good news is that it will be done....but it takes a toll...and you finally want to roll over and say ..... fuck this crap....but you can't. 

I never wanted to move... OH>>> I guess you knew this....but I have to say that I don't really miss the old house and all the work I had to do with the back 40.  That was a total bitch.  I was so amazed this fall when all I had to do was sweep up leaves from the back patio.  Next year will be a little different when we get some sod in the front and in the rear....but the wind actually takes all the oak leaves and blows them back in the forest.  I like dat....

Not missing the waterbed bit.   I never realized I was always on the hard side because Gord is twice as heavy as me...and brought my side up.  I was sleeping on a hill.  I missed the warmth...but that is why you have electric mattress heaters in real beds.  This mattress we have kind of stupid....only because we took the box springs out...and just laid the mattress on the bed frame...that came with a whole bunch of slats on the bottom.  With the box springs it was like 5,678 feet high.  Who likes falling out of bed and doing face plants for no reason at all. So.... even tho our mattress had a pad on it for comfort...but I decided to put a memory foam slab on top of that. 

Now....our bed looks like two canoes.....his and hers.... That sucker remembers all our pressure points and apparently it doesn't give it up.  Because when I want to make the bed....there is a huge lift in the middle ... (king size bed) and our little body outlines look like a scene out of a detective story.

Gone on a little too much about BEDS.....I miss writing. 

I edited some of the F Bombs I dropped...what is wrong with me?