Thursday, September 20, 2012


Testing.... is this thing on? 

Everyone was complaining that blogger was down so I had to come and see for myself.  Seems okay to me?   Probably just a trick to see if I would post something lol.  Yes, I have self importance issues!!!

Let's see if pic's work:
There you works...whatta you talking about Donna? 

As you can see I have a drinking problem.  I also have enough crap in my nose and lungs to cover a driveway.  That particular bottle of Buckleys was I could feel it go straight down to me toes. 

                                                              Stairway to heaven.... which goes up to
                                                    the theatre ... or in laymans terms...the TV room:)

Just a bunch of junk pic's to convince you that BLOGGER works!!! 

Music things I put up on the TV Room wall.  Gord said they cost too much and I should take them back.  I guess he did not see the cuteness factor in them .. or maybe he thought they should PLAY music???  Either which way...they are not going back ... because I SAID so.  If I were him I would keep my suggestions to myself, because I am really in no mood to be told what to do today.

See..Donna ... it's still working.

Cute table I scored at a thrift two of them for 20.00 bucks.
Funky vase...3.95 at the thrift shop.  Apparently I did not center it...nevermind.
Actually it is kinda scary looking.

So ... yeah I guess my work here is works!  Maybe ya'all got big brother watching you lol.