Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Well I could see it...WTH ... just checking in...

As of late I have been a little rude on face book.  I have to apologize ..especially to Jude.  I find myself posting stuff only to post something. 

So instead of running through the list of friends every evening and hitting like... or trying to be funny .. which I am not most of the time I think it is time just to write.  I will use face book to be a tool to keep up with the my family and friends plus the occasional pic of my dog and the back 40.  OR the window cleaner LOL...But as of now I am pretty sick of myself. 

You can't just say what you are really thinking on face book....nor will I  ever do here, but this is safer.  Smaller, friendlier and I know my audience. You can read between the lines.  You have been with me for so many years. 

I have no big secrets to divulge just a need to talk. Two years of upheaval for our little family.  It's funny this morning while I was laying in bed ...for the first time I noticed I didn't hear all the new noises in the house I used to hear when we moved in.  It was safe.  Penny has adjusted really well too. Probably better than I have. 

This fall all the landscaping was done, so we have grass, retaining walls and my favourite ... a Evergreen Tree in the front yard.  It now feels like a home.. not a job site.  I will be decorating that little Christmas tree tomorrow.

Also I have two new little babies in the family.  I am so thrilled by them.  I wake up every morning and see my nieces posting their pics  on face book and seeing them grow.  I will share that  here for sure.  You will love them.

Hey I like noise .. like face book....... no immediate response ... when you rush over to see who responded to the shit you wrote.

Just of few pic's of my boys... Bodhi