Thursday, October 27, 2011

Phew...I'm still trying to get my shit together

It's been a long and winding road.  We still haven't seen the end of it yet, but I can see the forest from the trees today.  Speaking of which, I saw two young deer today, and later the daddy deer da antlers on...taking them for a walk in the forest later in the evening.  I love when they start to run and their tails go up and you see the white fur is so cool. They sprint.  They jump.  So darn nice.

Is this all we expected it to be?  Yes and no.  We expected the house to be completed before we took possession but that did not happen.  It was 99 percent done...but all the little stuff that still needed to be done takes time to complete.  So, I still have trades coming and going working out the little bugs.  It's not really a big deal as I still don't have any furniture and we don't feel connected as much as we would if everything was in place.

I spent the first two weeks doing waaay to much. But...boxes opened...things put away and out of sight...even if that was not the permanent home gave me some peace of mind.  So, that's where it is.  We will be ordering our furniture tomorrow.  I am a luck duck as my nephew is the manager of one of the best furniture stores here....and we will be getting a good deal. I picked out the sofa, love seat, chair, dining room and dinette tables yesterday.  We also have ordered the bedroom suite I showed earlier....but my nephew sold us the ultimate mattress....remote controlled...soft as a babies go up...or down...or around..maybe not...but fudge....this is better than sex...seriously.  Nephew said...auntie Joan...I knew you were coming down from a water bed...and this is what you need!  YES.  Anything would be better than the airbed we are sleeping in now.   The sofa,  love seat, and chair  has a remote controlled chaise lounger thing that pulls out from underneath them for your feets.  How decadent. 

We choose a different dining room table....than before...but it is still glass.  I will post it but just so you know the chairs are not white...I took it off the web site...they are almost an almond colour in real life.And the wood is a warm brown.

I found the neatest coffee table.  It has four nesting chairs in it, so when you have guests coming around and don't have enough seating...this is great. 

I don't have a pic for the dinette suite...but it is glass and round.  You will understand when you see the area it has to fit in. 

 Our driveway is just being put in today.  This has nothing to do with the house, it's our own project. It has been a huge it is partially heated.  They have just finished pouring the concrete and it's getting a little cold out there....they might need to get some heaters going.

Penny Loafer Martin...has been such a trooper though all this change.  She hardly blinks an eye at all the goings on.  She just loves to sit with trades and watch them work. 

The wedding:  It was wonderful.  My bro lived to see it and participate in it like a dad should.  That makes me so happy. 

I will try to get on here more hang on here with me.....

Thursday, October 13, 2011

We don't have much in place

 TV is still sitting on the floor....

 Penny is making here debut.
 Only one counter chair has been built because we need sleep more that we need them dang chairs.
Windows were clean until a huge wind storm hit us last week...fudge...

One day at a time... I know...but I can't wait!!!

I went shopping yesterday and picked out the living room that is done.  All that is left is the kitchen dinette and the dining room.  I already did the bedroom before we moved.  But we haven't ordered it yet....because someone around here likes to second guess me....but it will be.

Thanks for hanging around this ole blog site.  I know I am not half as amusing as I once was...but this building a new home and moving takes away from the funny.  This is serious stuff....especially when your dog can't get out of any of your three doors to take a shit because of the mud.  I bought 4 pieces of grass sod today.  I lined part of my porch with plastic and topped it with real grass.  No, she can't go running until they finish the driveway and we can't get out of here the easy way to the street....but she has missed grass so much since we moved and has had to shit on dry mud in the back ... until it rained and now everything is stinking ole red river clay.  Until the rain we did a lot of walks through the was great...but not so much now that we can't seem to get off the property.  So, I built her a porch lawn/doggie outhouse. 

I hope I don't have to mow it.haaaaaaa

More pic's to come....

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


I have not gone away. 

I remember when we moved into our old house some 26 years ago and I had so much energy and great ideas and hey I am the queen of the castle....not so much right now...but I have been overdoing it.  Surprise.  heh

I need order.  In order to have order ... you need to know where shit is.  This is where the problem lies.  If we would have our new furniture I could put stuff where it belongs...but I don't just yet. 

The house is beautiful....but it is far away from being a home.  It echoes.  It has no character yet.  It's like living in a vault.  I get a little misty some nights.  Penny is looking for a place she can call her own...just like me.  We don't fit in.  Just yet.  Gord... he doesn't give a shit...because this was his dream.