Sunday, February 27, 2011

I think we might be moving on

The weather is warming up and just maybe the builders might get out of their man caves.  Apparently the hugest glitch was our shower stall. It has to come into the  house before anything else is done.  They installed the wrong one and another had to be ordered.  Fuck.  It is here now.  Now let's see if things will progress in a ordially  fashion. 

We are having second thoughts about the windows in front of the house and will be meeting with the window guy tomorrow. Have no fear...we won't be changing anything up until we know the change order price.  I think we are over guessing stuff  because it has taken so long. 

If you want to follow along with building our dream home  it's over here House

I just want to live there  ......NOW....but not just yet.  Good things come to those that wait they say..... Yeah. 

Balonie: Making faces at them.  Gord found a button on the back of our Exlorer today we never knew was there.  It opens the window without opening the entire back door.  My ass fit there perfectly.  I mooned.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Just so you know

I transferred the cartoon from She said .. He said over here and am going to delete the blog.  3 times now I have written a blog in the wrong blog spot. I was so frustrated the last time when I had to do it all over in the correct blog.  I tried to copy and paste but it didn't work.  So in order to protect myself from myself I will have keep it simple.

I have our family newsletter blog as well.  Twice I posted in there...yeah I know it was embarrassing heh.  Those would have been the times I dropped the F bomb.  Jeez.........

Now if you never see me again I have deleted the wrong blog.

Now go about your business.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

I did a lot of photo shopping

Like I said before I don't like these windows in the front they are too small.

I photo shopped the whole thing and came up with a plan we are taking back to the window people. Now we have a better perspective of how things might look like. Take note I didn't photo shop all the snow off the roof.. and the roof didn't have shingles on it yet at that time. There still isn't any stucco or real brick on the front. It's still a work in process.

Can you see the difference?  All I did was bring  all the windows up because one of them is a bathroom window, and the sink would not let us go down further. Plus I changed out the windows with panes in them. 

I wish I could get a job playing around with pictures. I need to work on perspective a bit ... but I just do it by eyeballing it as you can see.

I'm sure the builder is going to roll his eyes and say....not you again!!!  Heh

Balonie... getting back to her normal ... whatever her normal was. 

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Uh ohhhhh

I downloaded Picasa yesterday and could not believe all the pictures in my computer.  And thumbnails are large enough to see.  I am still on windows XP and when I go to get a picture I have to put my slimy little nose up to the screen to see the details.

I have been working on house plans all day.  We have made an error.  An error that will be expensive to correct. But I will give up something else to correct it. 

Let me tell you the story.  When we went window shopping I did not perceive how small the front window of the house were.  With the bedrooms and bathrooms facing the street we thought they should be small...well hell they were facing the street... right? nofuckingway. They are ugly. They look like port holes in a boat yet square.  The front of the house looks wrong.  I couldn't put my finger on it after they were installed...but now I got it.  They gotta go and be built larger.  Because some of them are bathroom windows you can't go down because the sinks etc.  But I am hoping on going higher and wider. 


We are only in phase 1. 

So today I took out my old "Picture It" software that I used to use for scrap booking and manipulated the  picture of the house to look like I wanted it to look like. I'm still working on it.  It should look much better.

Give me another day...for the before and after the rethink. 

Friday, February 18, 2011

If you are wondering...

I am making a huge post about selling our house with pictures of each room as I get them cleaned up for resale.....and sometimes it makes me sad.  I will just put it on the back burner until I get it all done and get back to the day to day stuff.

Have a good weekend.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Busy day

Our window sills are in pretty bad shape on the inside of the house.  Last year the painter sanded them before painting them, but they still looked old ..  the windows are original to the house so I guess that is normal. 

Today I got the bright idea to put some shears in between the existing curtains. ( so I could confuse the buyer and they would not see what I was up to).  I  have the kind of curtains that sit on a rod with holes punched in them...type of thing. It looks pretty cool now.  Almost cozy. I have been resisting shears because I don't want to be labelled as old just yet...but by damn I love them. It's like fairyland in here.  And now that all the window sills have been photo shopped with my shears...we should sell this house at a premium price. Unless they open them up...duh..

Now I need help with the carpets.  They have stretched over the years...or the underlay has disintegrated.  I have little bubbles all over the place in my high traffic areas.  Any idea's.  I want to get them cleaned but am concerned that will make the problem worse. I will have to call a carpet cleaning company.

I never looked at my house through other peoples eyes before and now the little things are becoming very obvious.  Or maybe I just watch too much HGTV.  I know I have said that before.

I redid the bedroom today.  It looks like a picture on TV.  But by the time we actually get to move it will look like a dog's breakfast.  I'm getting really tired of this. 

Hopefully they will schedule the trades this week.  But I just heard it was supposed to get down to record low temps. 

The most frustrating part is ...when can we sell the house and know what our move in date is at with the new one?

Meanwhile I will be glossing over the house  inadequacies ... mit some paint ..shears... a little tears..

Sunday, February 13, 2011

I was rather surprised to see all the wood in my background today

I must have been chopping wood in my sleep.  That is what I get for playing around. 

I baked bread today....hey hear me out ... I baked bread today! No shit.  I haven't tasted it yet, but it sure looks good.  I'm waiting for Gord to get home to taste it.
........much later

We had the bread and it was really good.  I wasn't even a door was nice and light and good good tasting it only took a short while to make.  I have been so ticked off at the bread I have been buying at the stores lately.  And, yes I agree we should be using whole grains etc.  but give me a break this is my first loaf..or loaves.  I will try to incorporate all that stuff in there once I get a handle on the bread making. 

I will be making some toast tomorrow AM.  yummers...with strawberry jam.

I didn't do much this weekend.  I held up a Dollarama...only because they wouldn't take my credit card.  Did you know they only take cash or a debit card?  Bastards.

This is the pic I took in my get away car as I was speeding off the parking lot.  I didn't have a gun, all I said to the cashier was if my credit card isn't good enough for you guys... I'm taking my business I did. Then I ran. 

So by this time you can see the weekend was pretty much a bust.  Other than making bread. 

I went to the new house and nothing is happening there either.  I took pictures but they look like the pictures I took the last time.  I guess it's been so cold nobody wants to work. Or cannot because of the cold.  I get that.  But finally the temps have gone up so I could at least walk around inside without freezing my bum off.  I walked around trying to visualize where my furniture would be.  Hard to do when all there is ... is frames. 

I am watching the Grammies as I am typing this.  All I have to say is if they would put more effort into SINGING  a song rather than trying to put on a light show with stupid crap in would be worth watching. And the yelling!   I have no is so stupid.  And to Lady Ga Ga....why do you dress in body armour?  Like somebody would really want to get in.... and Mick Jagger....nice workout.

I guess I have become my parents...when they said Elvis had ants in his pants. 

Now I have seen it all... Bob Dylan singing and doing a Newfie Jig. Has the world gone to hell in a hand basket?  Janis Joplin must be turning over in her grave.

I morn the music of the 70's and the artists.  I try to keep up with whats happening now  ... and there are some really good musicians, but most don't get recognized.

Now they are doing "Country"...I'm not a real country fan...but at least they sing and have real lyrics and I'm a sucker for a "hurting song."

Have to hit the hay....been a long day of bread making, stoking the fires, milking the cows, and sewing quilts. 

I'm on my third piece of bread a butter.  I'm rolling to bed.

Friday, February 11, 2011


The weather is changing and we might be a melting pot tomorrow.  I can't wait. 

I spent a lot of time shopping today.  I had some smelly people behind me in line at the check out.  They smelled like mothballs. 

I tried not to smell them but they kept on smelling.  I turned my head to the right and then to the left until I got dizzy and they just kept on making me smell them.  It was a long line up.  By the time I was in front I felt like I was going to faint.  It smelled like the stuff my dad used to put in our outhouse in the the summer to kill the smell ...Creosote I think it was called.

I remember my dad used to spray DDT in the outhouse.  Now it's a no no.  Hasn't killed me so far. It was lovely going into the outhouse after he more spiders... and little creatures.  You could just sit for awhile and enjoy last years Sears catalogue before you crunched a few pages up to wipe your ass.

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

I started a new blog

 Swimming with the fishes

Of course I will keep up this blog.

I thought I might document some of our most ridiculous conversations.  And let me tell you we have lots of them. 

Sometimes he is right and sometimes I am right...but mostly we are assholes trying find our own special way to communicate.

Join me there everyday.

Monday, February 07, 2011

Anyone got a light?

I am making spaghetti tonight. 

It's not going well.

I bought a jar of sauce.  I never do that, I always make my own.  This sauce promised that it was made of only the finest ingredients. It was a mushroom/tomato sauce. It had 4 different kinds of mushrooms in it, tomatoes from the finest vines ever invented, plus wine from the finest wineries ever invented. Before I forget it had olive oil from the finest olive oil factory ever invented.  From the smell of it ... and the teeny taste I took of it so far I would give it 1 out of 10. 

Unless you like the taste of the mould growing behind your bathroom walls. Or if you would cut a piece of the silicone off your tub and pop that into your mouth like fungus candy. 

The olive oil they used tasted much like WD40.  Are you asking if I tasted WD40?...hell yes!  Not really I just smell it a lot because we are old and everything needs a grease job around here.

Let's just call it their version of "earthy." 

What I call earthy is the smell of someone smoking a joint.  Which reminds me...Cheech and Chong are coming to Winnipeg soon.  I will make sure to get tickets.  I have to outlive them. But after we eat the fungus spaghetti... I am not so sure. I threw some ketchup in it.  Let's see if we can peel away some of that earthy flavour.

I hurt my back today at Safeway.  I am too lazy to get a cart and always take the basket at the door.  And of course I put a shit load of groceries in it.  By the time I hit the checkout I had put it down and I  shuffle it along the dirty floor with my feet. I felt the twinge in my hip a few times, but I just carried on.  Because I AM INVINCIBLE.  I am the old woman who used to "roar."  Trust me, I can still roar....but now it's becoming more of  a meow.  I roar in my head.  I don't want anyone to put me away. 

They might find out about balonie.  Then I will be goner.

Saturday, February 05, 2011

My attention span needs an overhaul

Put a load of laundry in the dryer on Tuesday.

Forgot about it.

Wednesday I turned on the dryer to get all the wrinkles out.

Forgot about it.

Thursday, I turned the dryer on again to get the wrinkles out.

Forgot about it.

Friday, I forgot I even had anything in the dryer.

Saturday, I'm just leaving to go downstairs and turn on the dryer.

Sunday  ???

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

On my laptop

My template looked terrific. It was blue.  On my desktop it looks purple and ugly.  Oh my, I guess I will have to spend another winter's day fixing that.

My truck must be in menopause ... because it worked fine today.  She must have a few loose screws just like her mama. Nothing is more disconcerting when your truck keeps on trucking after you turn it off. 

Nothing new in the "New House" to tell.  It's too cold to do anything in there.  It's almost impossible to get to it after the snowfall last weekend.  It's all getting a little overwhelming. I feel like we are in limbo.  I have almost lost all my enthusiasm. But I have to remember we are in the dead of winter.... and that ain't pretty in these parts. 

balonie....makin do.