Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Busy day

Our window sills are in pretty bad shape on the inside of the house.  Last year the painter sanded them before painting them, but they still looked old ..  the windows are original to the house so I guess that is normal. 

Today I got the bright idea to put some shears in between the existing curtains. ( so I could confuse the buyer and they would not see what I was up to).  I  have the kind of curtains that sit on a rod with holes punched in them...type of thing. It looks pretty cool now.  Almost cozy. I have been resisting shears because I don't want to be labelled as old just yet...but by damn I love them. It's like fairyland in here.  And now that all the window sills have been photo shopped with my shears...we should sell this house at a premium price. Unless they open them up...duh..

Now I need help with the carpets.  They have stretched over the years...or the underlay has disintegrated.  I have little bubbles all over the place in my high traffic areas.  Any idea's.  I want to get them cleaned but am concerned that will make the problem worse. I will have to call a carpet cleaning company.

I never looked at my house through other peoples eyes before and now the little things are becoming very obvious.  Or maybe I just watch too much HGTV.  I know I have said that before.

I redid the bedroom today.  It looks like a picture on TV.  But by the time we actually get to move it will look like a dog's breakfast.  I'm getting really tired of this. 

Hopefully they will schedule the trades this week.  But I just heard it was supposed to get down to record low temps. 

The most frustrating part is ...when can we sell the house and know what our move in date is at with the new one?

Meanwhile I will be glossing over the house  inadequacies ... mit some paint ..shears... a little tears..


Brenda said...

((hugs)) not too many tears now, just think of all the busy work ahead at the new house.

Donna said...

I can imagine how frustrating it must be for you sweet friend!
BUT! Knowing You, you'll get it all done! If I was there I'd be helping!
Maybe you could invite a friend to come in and critique it for you with an Honest "eye"! Might help!

Anonymous said...

Some carpet cleaners will stretch the carpet for you--they'll pull it out closer to the walls and kind of re-hook in on the strips and cut off the excess. Just be sure to ask about it.

Donna said...

If the carpets are not worn, then you can have a carpet installing company come over and restretch your carpets and trim them up. If they are worn, then be prepared for buyers to mentally deduct the cost of replacement from market price of your house.

It took us 3 years to sell our place. We waited to build after we sold ours, thank goodness. No way we could have been able to keep both place up or afford 2. And it was frustrating how picky, picky, picky all the potential buyers were (particularly their agents). In the end, our buyers only wanted us to do one thing - pressure wash the outside of the house. Whew!

Joan said...

Sheers...not shears LOL. Dumbass I am.

I'm not worring about selling the house because the market here is so crazy but I want to make sure we don't have to pay two mortgages if the home builders don't deliver on time.

You always lift my spirits girl!

then I said: yeah sounds like a plan. I will phone around...and hi!

I have two Donna's here: I will call Donna from Texas...Donass...lol get it...TexAS. okay nevermind I am nuts... But Donass..heh I might just have to get another opinion. But of course I don't take critisism very well. I'm a mywayorthehighway kinda gal:)