Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Uh ohhhhh

I downloaded Picasa yesterday and could not believe all the pictures in my computer.  And thumbnails are large enough to see.  I am still on windows XP and when I go to get a picture I have to put my slimy little nose up to the screen to see the details.

I have been working on house plans all day.  We have made an error.  An error that will be expensive to correct. But I will give up something else to correct it. 

Let me tell you the story.  When we went window shopping I did not perceive how small the front window of the house were.  With the bedrooms and bathrooms facing the street we thought they should be small...well hell they were facing the street... right? nofuckingway. They are ugly. They look like port holes in a boat yet square.  The front of the house looks wrong.  I couldn't put my finger on it after they were installed...but now I got it.  They gotta go and be built larger.  Because some of them are bathroom windows you can't go down because the sinks etc.  But I am hoping on going higher and wider. 


We are only in phase 1. 

So today I took out my old "Picture It" software that I used to use for scrap booking and manipulated the  picture of the house to look like I wanted it to look like. I'm still working on it.  It should look much better.

Give me another day...for the before and after the rethink. 


Donna said...

This is Never good news! Oh well, it'll all get worked out. Just leave your wallet Open.Lolol

Sally said...

Can't wait to see what you're doing! :)

Donna said...

Yikes, those windows were put in almost 2 months ago, so changes at this point are going to be costly! It's the squareness that can be visually jarring on a house. Once you go with rectangles, it will look much better!