Sunday, February 13, 2011

I was rather surprised to see all the wood in my background today

I must have been chopping wood in my sleep.  That is what I get for playing around. 

I baked bread today....hey hear me out ... I baked bread today! No shit.  I haven't tasted it yet, but it sure looks good.  I'm waiting for Gord to get home to taste it.
........much later

We had the bread and it was really good.  I wasn't even a door was nice and light and good good tasting it only took a short while to make.  I have been so ticked off at the bread I have been buying at the stores lately.  And, yes I agree we should be using whole grains etc.  but give me a break this is my first loaf..or loaves.  I will try to incorporate all that stuff in there once I get a handle on the bread making. 

I will be making some toast tomorrow AM.  yummers...with strawberry jam.

I didn't do much this weekend.  I held up a Dollarama...only because they wouldn't take my credit card.  Did you know they only take cash or a debit card?  Bastards.

This is the pic I took in my get away car as I was speeding off the parking lot.  I didn't have a gun, all I said to the cashier was if my credit card isn't good enough for you guys... I'm taking my business I did. Then I ran. 

So by this time you can see the weekend was pretty much a bust.  Other than making bread. 

I went to the new house and nothing is happening there either.  I took pictures but they look like the pictures I took the last time.  I guess it's been so cold nobody wants to work. Or cannot because of the cold.  I get that.  But finally the temps have gone up so I could at least walk around inside without freezing my bum off.  I walked around trying to visualize where my furniture would be.  Hard to do when all there is ... is frames. 

I am watching the Grammies as I am typing this.  All I have to say is if they would put more effort into SINGING  a song rather than trying to put on a light show with stupid crap in would be worth watching. And the yelling!   I have no is so stupid.  And to Lady Ga Ga....why do you dress in body armour?  Like somebody would really want to get in.... and Mick Jagger....nice workout.

I guess I have become my parents...when they said Elvis had ants in his pants. 

Now I have seen it all... Bob Dylan singing and doing a Newfie Jig. Has the world gone to hell in a hand basket?  Janis Joplin must be turning over in her grave.

I morn the music of the 70's and the artists.  I try to keep up with whats happening now  ... and there are some really good musicians, but most don't get recognized.

Now they are doing "Country"...I'm not a real country fan...but at least they sing and have real lyrics and I'm a sucker for a "hurting song."

Have to hit the hay....been a long day of bread making, stoking the fires, milking the cows, and sewing quilts. 

I'm on my third piece of bread a butter.  I'm rolling to bed.


Poolie said...

Your bread looks fabooooo!

Brenda said...

I love good bread and I bet yours was delicious!
I didn't watch the Grammys but I did flip over and see Bob Dylan. He's always been a favorite of mine. I'm sorry I missed Mick Jagger, I like his music too.

Donna said...

I can almost Taste that bread! Nice Job!!
I can Not stand Anything labeled...Gaga....GaG!
These shows are produced BY kids FOR kids...sickening!
I didn't bother watching...never do.
Hope it warms up there for you soon and they can get back to housebuilding!!

Donna said...

Good looking bread! It is so much nicer to bake break at home and you KNOW what's in it (e.g., no cellulous gum)! And don't get me started on those stupid pop "stars" who are so full of themselves. I refuse to watch any award shows. I get angry over their collective conceit. Yeah, I've grown up to be an old biddy! LOL.

Hope you are having a lovely Valentine's Day!

Sally said...

Well, hells bells, I watched! You knew I would, huh! The problem is having to sit through the stuff you don't like to see the stuff you do. I've always been a country music fan, but these days it's more like pop.

Your blog looks nice!!