Tuesday, February 01, 2011

On my laptop

My template looked terrific. It was blue.  On my desktop it looks purple and ugly.  Oh my, I guess I will have to spend another winter's day fixing that.

My truck must be in menopause ... because it worked fine today.  She must have a few loose screws just like her mama. Nothing is more disconcerting when your truck keeps on trucking after you turn it off. 

Nothing new in the "New House" to tell.  It's too cold to do anything in there.  It's almost impossible to get to it after the snowfall last weekend.  It's all getting a little overwhelming. I feel like we are in limbo.  I have almost lost all my enthusiasm. But I have to remember we are in the dead of winter.... and that ain't pretty in these parts. 

balonie....makin do.


judemiller1 said...

Up to my grommets in snow here too. I hope summer isn't as bad storm wise as t his winter has been. I perfer snow over tornadoes!

Donna said...

Oh sweetie....I see on the weather you are really COLD and snowy!!
Maybe just turn off everything, light a lamp...grab a good book...hot chocolate or coffee...read...then...a nap. Snuggle up with Miss Penny....
Stay safe!!!

Sally said...

So pretty here!! Wish I could upload templates but my computer won't let me. :(

You stay warm and safe~!!

Brenda said...

Hang in there! Spring will surely get here some day soon!

Donna said...

You'll get your new home fever back when it warms up and they can resume work again!