Sunday, February 27, 2011

I think we might be moving on

The weather is warming up and just maybe the builders might get out of their man caves.  Apparently the hugest glitch was our shower stall. It has to come into the  house before anything else is done.  They installed the wrong one and another had to be ordered.  Fuck.  It is here now.  Now let's see if things will progress in a ordially  fashion. 

We are having second thoughts about the windows in front of the house and will be meeting with the window guy tomorrow. Have no fear...we won't be changing anything up until we know the change order price.  I think we are over guessing stuff  because it has taken so long. 

If you want to follow along with building our dream home  it's over here House

I just want to live there  ......NOW....but not just yet.  Good things come to those that wait they say..... Yeah. 

Balonie: Making faces at them.  Gord found a button on the back of our Exlorer today we never knew was there.  It opens the window without opening the entire back door.  My ass fit there perfectly.  I mooned.

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Donna said...

Ok, I'm heading over there to check it out!
I would think you'd need smaller windows because of the extreme cold...but what do I know about nothin'!!Lol
Hope they get on with it soon!!