Thursday, February 24, 2011

I did a lot of photo shopping

Like I said before I don't like these windows in the front they are too small.

I photo shopped the whole thing and came up with a plan we are taking back to the window people. Now we have a better perspective of how things might look like. Take note I didn't photo shop all the snow off the roof.. and the roof didn't have shingles on it yet at that time. There still isn't any stucco or real brick on the front. It's still a work in process.

Can you see the difference?  All I did was bring  all the windows up because one of them is a bathroom window, and the sink would not let us go down further. Plus I changed out the windows with panes in them. 

I wish I could get a job playing around with pictures. I need to work on perspective a bit ... but I just do it by eyeballing it as you can see.

I'm sure the builder is going to roll his eyes and say....not you again!!!  Heh

Balonie... getting back to her normal ... whatever her normal was. 


Sally said...

Wow! You're a great photoshopperperson! Love it! I agree about the windows. :)

Now, would u pls photoshop my front yard to look like yours? :) said...

Those are some wicked great photoshop skillz! You should do that to the inside, too. You can predecorate via photoshop and shop accordingly!

judemiller1 said...

Yes, the new windows look much better. I don't like teeny windows either--I want to be able to look outside and also get sun into the rooms. Good job, Joanie.

Donna said...

I don't know How you did it but they are going to look Great!
Hey!!! You made Winter disappear!Hahaaaa

Paxie said...

Intimidated by Photoshop, but you did a great job and the windows are much better!!

Brenda said...

Oh yes, I love the larger windows with the panes. It's going to be so beautiful Miz Joan!

Donna said...

It does look better with the bigger windows. It'll cost you some serious change to switch them out at this point, since the others are already installed. Framing will have to be changed too. Yeah, your builder is going to be cursing underneath his breath, but he'll smile when he charges you for the change order, LOL.