Monday, November 21, 2011

My Christmas Moose is up

My ole friend Jaye was getting tired of looking at my lame furniture, so I though I might actually POST.

It's kind of hard to post in a unfamiliar place.... I used to post in my office at my desk in the old house, but here I am in the kitchen at my new little office space built for me.  I no like.  Creative juices just don't flow here.  It's all too big in here, I am used to a small cozy space.  My old office stuff is in the back company office ... and is where I will go back to once we get the new computer.  Everything still echoes with these huge ceilings....I need a place that is cozy.

Life is moving on.  Our new bed is hard as a freaking rock.  But I guess that is to be expected after coming off the water bed.  Everyday it feels a little better.  It has a nice soft pad on top and I guess we just aren't used to it yet ... it will come.  We are still waiting for our furniture and that should be here in a few weeks ... I cannot wait.

I hate dark hardwood aren't you sorry you tuned in..heh...just to hear me bitch.  With all the big windows in here you can see every dang dog hair, dust, crumbs.. I loved living in denial when I had carpeting. Had I known that there was so much crap in my carpet I would have been crazy.  Ahhh so what ..we lived.  It was okay.  I would like it again...because I can't take much more of cleaning this shit up. Special cleaners for everything here.  You can't even walk on the hardwood floor barefoot because if leaves a imprint from the oil and sweat on your feet. What kind of shit is that?  Let's not even get into doggy footprints from coming in and out of the house in winter.....feck.....  When we had the first hardwood floor installed here it failed...and got too wet from the humidity of the house...and I had a choice then to go with another hardwood or carpet.  I chose carpet....and our rep told me I was nuts....she said you have such a beautiful house ...why would you spoil it with carpet?   Well guess what....I can vacuum the crap off...and don't have to see it when the sun shines...that's why.  I will find a way to get rid of this...yes it is pretty...pretty annoying.  I am so sorry I chose hardwood.  Maybe once we get all the furniture in here it might not be so noticeable ...especially in the living room.  We will have a huge area carpet in there...but I don't know. I'm thinking of sewing the dog a micro fiber type of cape that will reach the floor and she can schlep all the hair she loses and it will stick to the bottom of the cape.  Pure genius, another problem solved.

Another solution might be is getting window covering.  But the windows are one million feet high.  And are angled...blah blah blah.  And it would spoil the view in the forest. I pray for cloudy days because you can't see the dog hair and dust then.

I finally was able to take a shower this morning and get wet!  Everything around here has some kind of energy saving device attached to it.  The shower head has a water restrictor in it and the water barely trickles out of it, so Gord took it out and man do we have a powerful shower now.  Where their is a will there is a way!  We will beat those "go green" nutnicks at their own game.

Well that's all the complaining I have to do for now... and oh new dryer broke.  It is a month and a half old.  It's one of those computerized jobs.  I had my old one for 15 years!!! and it never ever broke.  I sound like an old granny don't I?  heh ... I guess I am.