Wednesday, March 30, 2005

I'm not a hugger & growing up

I was reading a blog not too long ago, and she was discussing hugging. It really interested me, because I have a very difficult time "hugging." My mom always said I was never was one of those huggie, kissy kinda kids and always pushed everyone away. However, my brother is just the opposite, he is a touchy feelie kinda guy...ewww..but I hug him anyway, he can't help it. (I'm thinking that's why "Mom always liked him best")...anywho.. I got to thinking about that today, when an old friend dropped in the office , and immediately had me in a wrestling hold. Whoa...nice to see you too, but lemme go!!!..I needs my space... and your crushin my important parts, you are!! We had a nice chat, and when she was leaving, I could tell she was coming for me again, I tried the ole duck and roll over, but she caught me before I could do the move.. so I got crushed again.

I wonder whatever made me this way, I see people hugging, slobbering, kissing, rubbing noses, etc. and I can't do that. I like a nice handshake...or a wave that's even better.

I remember when my parents got older and I would leave to go home from whatever occasion was at hand, and I would try to kiss them good-bye (because they were old I thought I might never see them again, so I made the effort)....and they pulled back...I was pretty hurt, but I think I know now where I got it from. We were never huggers as a family either, except my brother. I remember my mom always complaining about my Uncle Frank (the Italian)...he was always hugging and a kissing everyone, and she thought is was stupid, but she was probably just uncomfortable.

I come from a Mennonite background and there was not too much outward displays of affection given. Hard work, church, school, and community were the Mennonite way, and kissing and hugging that time...were frowned least publicly. It was hard growing up in that environment, it was stifling. I was lucky however, to have had the parents I had. They had broken out of the old style Mennonite stereotype. While most of the town frowned upon us, my dad bought a TV...yes a real TV..and all the town knew, because we had to put an antennae on top of our roof. My dad bucked the system..he actually went to the "beer parlour" as they called that in the old days...and had a brew or two. He smoked, but so did most of the Mennonites, but they only did that at home...when god wasn't looking. My parents let us go to the "show-hall" to see the movies.... which was frowned upon by most of the elders in town...but we got to go. The show hall was my home away from home. I went to every (weekend) movie that was shown in the hall from the age of 10 years until I left Altona at 18.. twice!! You could could get in for a quarter on Friday nights and get in free on Saturday if you had your Friday night ticket stub. You don't know how many times I watched "newsreel" which preempted the movie...which showed all the news events of the world in living black and white ..LOL..and of course by the time it got to our theatre, the new was pretty old...but it was news and I loved it. We didn't have a TV and only listened to the news on the radio or read it in the newspaper.

When I was about 13, our next door neighbour Abie Zacharias gave me a old turntable he had sitting around. I was in sheer heaven, because was I was just getting interested in music, and I could order 78 rpm records from the Eaton's catalogue in Winnipeg. My first record I ever bought was called..."Young Love" Sonnie James I, that was a long time ago.

I see I am getting away from the hugging issue here and going back in time, but sometimes that's where it stems. My hubby isn't a hugger I guess that's why I picked him..huh?
...he was a pretty good "necker" in the old days...hehe..we steamed up many a car window in Lover's Lane..(where we got caught with American booze we smuggled across the border, which was only 7 miles away from our town)...but that is another story...and a fucking long one!!!

I have so many stories in my head about the ole days...the days when there was no were young and nothing could stop you from doing what you wanted to do. I am constantly kicking my ass these days as I am getting older for being a little so up tight about everything that I could not have given a shit about before.....I think I need to lighten up and live my life like I did before, not fearing the future and living life as if I had never heard about all the pitfalls of growning older. BUT...that's why I got my fadder's sense of humour....and sometimes I can jest say...screw it...and make the future be my own...well I'm trying....

Whew...been trying to write this for a long time......sorry for the ramblings.....

he he...that was my dad's pet name for me...I don't know why...I guess it was close to Joan

Sunday, March 27, 2005

Okay, I'm taking a wine break

Wow, I plowed through a year's worth of Sales and Expenses. I haven't finished. I was trying to balance the bank statements and visa statements and just about poked a hole through my monitor with a letter opener. Did you ever notice that on the new LCD screens (I think that is what they are called) if you put your finger on the screen, it looks like it is soft and you can punch it in...but it's not really soft...because the letter opener did not penetrate.

I usually use Quicken to do our accounting, but since the crash of my old computer in December I no longer have Quicken on my new Dell...buggers could have thrown it in for the price they charged me. Any who..I started to do my creative accounting on Good Friday...when all the stores were closed...yep you guessed old Quicken CD would not work with my spanking new XP. Now, what's an accounting type girl to do?....I could have downloaded a shit version from them for 30.00 "US"..that would make it 567.45 cents Canadian, or I could make a spreadsheet in Excel....I did the latter...I love making spreadsheets at work, where they don't really count for shit...but here I needed stuff for REVENUE I made a pretty one...(just in case I get audited) ..and I would be able to distract them from any of the content. It looks very professional and has a column for anything you could image. Nice bright headings, and meaningless junk any "bean counter" would admire.

About 5:00 PM I was starting to fade, so I took Penny for a walk, make that a swim, everything is melting and the sidewalks and streets are full of water and ice. While walking the dog, I felt like one of those old Chinese ladies eons ago, who had their feet bound for years.. and had to walk with those little baby steps. Ice..sidewalk, ice sidewalk, that, a pool of water..go thru that hoping your new waterproof old fart boots won't leak. blah...Penny had a really bad habit..make that an attitude of screeching at the top of her lungs if see's another dog anywhere on the street. It is really embarrassing and I can see the owners of the other dog's looking at me, holy shit...can't you control your I give them a "look" that says..yes. I. can..if you would only walk your dog at a different time I walk mine...nowbuggerofff!!

So...that brings me to Easter supper...I put the turkey in after the doggie walk..I was going to make a ham...but I'm not a good ham maker...I loves me turkey..and will take advantage of any holiday to make one. Hey, .99 cents a lbs...good eating and a price. So, the menu is...roasted turkey, "riced potatoes"...cause I'm to lazy to mash em..and also I like em riced.. Green Bean Medley for the veggies..with a little smidge of cheese sauce (bottled) effort sum sweet and sour tiny meataballs...just for the heck of it..(left over from last week)...and Turkey GRAVY..........crusty sop up all that gravy.... and some wild rice stuffing..yummers.. last but not least PUMPKIN PIE..and no, I did not make it..I bought it .....and I feel guilty...I could have but I had some time issues today...

I have taken Monday off the finish up this accounting, if I get done early enough I will start checking out the blogs...I have been somewhat remiss....but forgive me, the tax man commeth.....

Friday, March 25, 2005

Good Friday

Well, I’m trying a new thing today. I am writing up my shit on Word and will try to copy and paste to blogger later. This will be so much more user friendly I hope. Unfortunately for me right now, Norton is doing a virus scan and is slowing my computer up big time…can you tell..can’tyajust feel the lag errrr…I just want to take a high blood pressure pill.

Actually I did not have anything to talk about tonight..other than I have spent the day starting on our business income tax accounting…I managed to enter all the sales today, but for the next three the expenses…the important stuff…so the government doesn’t take your house away after they ding you with how much you owe… I was looking at hubby’s expenses today…a lot of them look legit…but man…some of them are right out there…Clamato Juice…Coke….(the kind you drink) and Frito Lays..I don’t know what that is yet.. I will check as that could be some kinda Ho house for all I know.…fergodsake…what is Gord doing out there?…I will be checking all the other invoices out tomorrow ….to be continued……


Thursday, March 24, 2005

Okay...colour me RED

Thanks for all the comments you guys...I never went to my last posts to look at them, because I thought I would be notified by email if someone had posted, ....and I guess Haloscan doesn't do it, or I didn't set it up right.....(hanging my sorry head in shame).

Yay... I had lots of don't know how much that has lifted my spirits. Not all goes well in the Martin household at times..and sometimes ole Joanie Balonie needs a lift.

Well, I have 4 days off, so to speak. I will be doing our business income tax accounting for all frickin four days. One day there will be just a day for "Joan"...hopefully soon..cause me's gettin a little tired of all the bullshit...

On the upside, I just got my hair cut by Hannibal Lechtor...yup...he's still around...did you know he was gay?...nope they never mentioned that in the movie did they...well he is...and while he was cutting (chewing) my hair...and flitting around...he lobbed off a bit more than he could chew..bugger...forfucksakes...I look like someones grandmother...I reallllllly reallly hate it when they cut my hair too short in the back...I need hair over my neck. It's just a thing I have, and now I feel nakid as a jay bird...and air is now flowing where it did not flow before.

Well, gotta say goodnite...and thanks again for you who made comments and I missed them ..because I was...hmmmm..not paying attention..same as dumb...I should have looked.

Joanie balonie

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Is it my eyes?

Can someone tell me how to make some blogs bigger....I'm having a real hard time reading some of them, especially the one's with the dark background and a hint of white for text....and small text.. I know you can make text bigger in explorer...but the blog stuff still stays the same...unless I'm doing it wrong. It just fries my eyes to read white text on black background ..or some even do red....blahhhhh maybe me's jest getting ole..

I was at the optometrist this PM....and had my eyesite checked and it was OK....just pumped up my prescription a bit...and tried to "whine" me into buying new frames for my glasses....buggers....they already got 250.00 bucks for the lenses and another 100.00 for the NON GLARE on the I can drive at night, which I haven't been able to do for the last two fricking better work.. I don't spent 100.00 dollars lightly...but this guy did try to sell me teeenieee weeeinieee..frames... that would fit an elf...fergodsake....mine aren't big or anything...and I luv them...but they were insinuating I was "out of style"..feck em...

Might be good for anyone that can see out of 1/4 of inch of glass...with the top part being your "far site" and the bottom be for reading...just think about how many times you have to move your head to see anything.......

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Just a few pics and stuff

1st. pic below...because I screwed up the text from the pics hippy chic and nephew Chris at AA hour at halloween...she is a monkess and he is a Rottweiler dog..hmmm..

Next is Cheri, my chubby little niece...I took the pic in front of our fireplace ...and later when I got it developed we discovered she was a...DEVIL...and not to much has changed over 20 some odd years!!

Next is my fav cartoon

AND then what what we do best in Winnipeg.....making snowmen..okay..persons...don't want to get sued..

Have a good day everyone!!..if there is someone out there....

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Monday, March 21, 2005

I feel like such a shit and have a rant

The Salvation Army just phoned here and asked if I could do some canvassing in our area on May 19th. for them. I said no. And didn't even give an excuse this time, usually I lie and say I will be in away on holiday in a foreign land. I am the worlds worst person to ask, don't they know that by now? I always give to the Salvation Army appeals, but I can't get myself to go out there and ASK for money...just isn't in me. It probably stems from my parents, who would never have asked a dime from anyone even if they were starving. I am aware I am asking for the poor and down trodden...But, I just cannot ask for money from anyone...I would feel way to rejected if they said NO. I would go home crying. Wuss.. I know.

Tis the season right now, I have had canvassers at my door, for Heart and Stroke, Cancer, Kidney, Liver, Lung, name the organ... they are at my door, and I cannot refuse, because for some reason I think, if I do...I will get the disease...and have not done enough for research to cure it. BTW...I didn't mention the Humane Society...Greenpeace...and the various homeless missions around the never quits....and the guilt piles up and up. Writing this, just reminded me that when my auntie died, flowers were declined at the funeral and we were to donate to the the Lung Association....shit I forgot that. I will get rite on that.

I don't want to sound like a "hard-ass"....but isn't all this going a little too much to we have to give to keep our conscience clear...or help out. I don't know where it makes me sad, because I want to be a good citizen and maybe someone's kind generosity would help me one day...but after the government has taken there chunk of change out my pocket...their ain't a whole lot left!!!.....but I still keep on giving to all these people, and hope that one day it will all be worthwhile.

Sometimes I wonder where all that money goes to....does it really get in the correct hands that I have thought it was directed to. I don't know. But what I do know, it is starting to piss me off. I have so many little information....I guess it's time I get off my butt and see where my money is going...because it seems it's going in so many directions...and will never be found.

The right now pissing me off as well....have you ever noticed that you cannot pick up a newspaper, listen to the radio, or watch TV....when they aren't flogging a health issues... I counted them this morning on the radio and newspaper.....12 issues before I even got my coffee drunk...6 came from the "morning show" on the radio and the other six from the newspaper...a tie!! I'm not wondering why half the peeps in this world are taking anti depressants....if you are totally inundated with this crap all the time....sometimes you feel like "what's the use"..... and go to work depressed.

Yes, I know, I could quit reading the newspaper and listening to radio, rent movies etc...but why should I?... I love real news....movies etc...but I don't need to be depressed ever two minutes with a sad story...even it would be mine one day.

Count the health issues stories in your newspaper tomorrow, on TV and Radio..are the media doing us a favour of making us aware? bloody aware do we have to be...we pretty well know what's good for us and whats's no secret with ...Cholesterol, blood pressure, smoking, fatty foods, exercise, you name it ... I am so tired of them shoving down my throat every damn day I watch TV and other media. Maybe it's because I am getting older and don't want to face those diseases, I don't know....but I really wish I could get up in the morning, have a cup of coffee, read the newspaper and listen to the radio...without doom and gloom...

There, I said it...

okay then...time for glass of whine....oops done that!!

Saturday, March 19, 2005

AAhour is over and just relaxing

...and just having a huge bowl of fresh strawberries and ice-cream... I bought some kind of wierd strawberries from the US ..they are huge!.. I am sure they put some kinda growth hormone in them, I have never seen strawberries this big!! tomorrow...if I put out 30 or so blogs, you will know that I have grown two more I can type certainly will never affect my brain...that will remain me.

I made some really good burgers on the barbeque tonite after everyone left..but I was pretty hungry and took em off a little to early and they were a smidge if you don't hear from me again... I will be in the far I'm feeling pretty signs of E-Coli...

AA hour was pretty tame hotty pants ole hippy chick was not in attendance...she had some other engagements...she stopped over last night for a glass of wine and to tell me she would not be in attendance ...WHEN I WAS IN THE MIDST OF TRYING TO FIGURE OUT HALOSCAN....which of course was so easy to do this morning ..I could have poked my head with scissors..

We all played nice tonight a AA Hour.....we had big laughs as usual...but it would take too much time to tell anyone about's one of those ..."ya had to be there" things...

Got some pics I will publish tomorrow, some will be in my web site and some in blog. I will start to do somemore computer of the things I luv to do the most, and never have time for because of : f*ng work, cleaning, laundry, dog walking,....blah ..blah..blah....

nuff bitchin and stuff..... I am officially kissing Saturday nite....goodbye....**

...and ps I hope I don't get E-coli from the hamburger...I worry about shit like that...

Hey, lookie down under this post

I HAVE HALOSCAN! and I would have had it a long time ago if I wasn't such a wimpie, fraidy cat. It spent the major portion of last night trying to do it manually with the code..and failed. So this morning I went back into the site and saw that they would do it for - bang and it was done. what a loser huh? I guess I'm afraid to do anything on this new computer in fear of fucking it up like I did my last one...make that two. I guess it helps too, that on this computer I don't have my old bootlegged version of XP on it where I couldn't download Windows updates and service packs. I actually even have a store bought virus protector, that automatically updates new viruses instead doing it manually. It's surprising what you get when you ACTUALLY pay for something. hmmm, maybe I should go into Haloscan and pay them, even if they said it was "free." .... just my luck something will screw up.

thinking I should write them a letter:

Dear Mr. Haloscan,

It has come to my attention that whenever I put something that is considered "free" on my computer, a disaster has arisen. So, in order to prevent another such occurrence ie. spyware, trojans and the like, I would like to pay you $1000.00 if you promise that you haven't stuck any of that stuff on my computer. And, if by you chance you have...I will have to come there and hunt you down like a dog..

Are we clear?

Just don't mess with me because..... I am

God's wife.
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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Andy's questions

1. How did you become introduced to blogging and what made you decide to start your own blog?

Last summer, when my boss went away for two weeks and left me alone at the shop with nothing to do but answer the phones, I went into Google to do a search...probably for a recipe..I don't remember...but when I scrolled down in Google I saw this "Blog" thingie, and being an inquisitive little Canadian.. I decided to see what it was about. It didn't take but half an hour and I was hooked. I spent those two weeks reading blogs and trying to figure the whole thing out. At first I took "baby" steps and started a little blog in July, but soon got bored because I felt it wasn't interactive enough and actually wanted to talk to other people. So I quit. I tried to erase them, but parts of them still show up in the "about me part." It must be google thing.


I had some time off around Christmas and tried it again, and by this time I had been reading so many different blogs I was beginning to get a bit more savy, and felt more comfortable about it. So, to make a long story shorter...I was bascially going to Canadian sites...and for some quirk of fate, someone had Special K on their blog roll....."well, I damn near pissed me drawers" she was so funny....and she was from Winnipeg "my home town"..So, I got to be thinkin...the peep's she's been reading have got to be funny I started reading all of them...and they they are such nice people. One of the people was was MARY LOU..of course...I don't know why I gravitated to her site...but I did, and she helped me so much in getting my blog mentor I called her...and Tara my Canuck Connection who helped me thus far it's been "all good." I hope all those I have mentioned will "take a bow"....ya helped an newbie "get her wings."...

2. What was the kindest thing anyone has ever done for you?

I don't know why this question is so hard for me. People have done nice things for me, but the KINDEST one throws me.

I think it was in the horrible summer of 1999. My mom at 82 years of age was diagnosed with breast cancer in June, my Aunt died in July, my mom died in September, my sister-in-law died in October....and in December my 17 year old dog Munchie died. I was a walking mess. And when Munchie died it was like everything hit me all at was the straw that broke the camel's back.

My nephew and his family who live in Vancouver tried to cheer me up and encourage me to visit them for awhile. They too were grieving, as my sister in law that died was his mother. They kept emailing and phoning me trying to convince me to visit. I kept stalling, because I just didn't feel up to visiting anyone, plus air fare for hubby and me would have been over a grand. Then one day when I was opening up the mail there was a letter from my nephew Chris, which contained two tickets to Vancouver for Gord and I. He explained I didn't have to stay long it was only from Thursday to Sunday, but he knew I needed to be away for awhile, and he needed family close to him as well. So in early 2000 we flew to Vancouver.

We had a wonderful 4 days in Van. They wined and dined us, and took us site seeing everyday. We spent the evenings in their hot tub. On Thursday we had dinner on the top of Grouse a beautiful restaurant and had a wonderful dinner. On Saturday night they took us to a really fancy place downtown, where we had appetizers of caviar (no less) dinner was a medley of different wild meats and lobster. Very unusual, but very good. On Sunday we had Sushi for lunch. No expense was spared on that trip! I so miss the Creme Brule desserts...yummers..

So, I think that was the kindest thing anyone has done for me, without expecting anything in return other than the pleasure of my (our) company.

3. How did you and your hubby meet?

I met him through his brother, whom I had been dating for a year. After his brother "dumped" me I started going out with an "Merican" guy from Neche North Dakota. So, when the "Merican guy "dumped" me I finally stayed single for a year and just dated guys casually. Then one day Gord..came riding into our little town on his motorcycle...and saw me an my girlfriend walking down the street...with my little dog...a chihauaha named first love..nestled in my highschool jacket. He asked me if I wanted to go for a ride...of course I said "yes"...I hopped on the back of the bike with the dog an all..and away we went...waved my girlfriend good-bye....later we came back home and we started talking about "stuff"...because we knew each other...and one thing led to another and we started dating....and the rest is history...I managed to weasel his high school ring off of him in 1962... when we were at a party drinking "sloe gin"...and then we were goin "steady". I was such a bitch...I wore that ring with a whole bunch of tape underneath it to be able to to keep it on...and on some days I changed it...and wore it on a chain. More of that story in another blog...

4. Do the blogs on your blogroll have anything in common (other than being on your blog roll) with each other or do they all appeal to different aspects of your personality?

I guess most of the blogs on my blogroll have one thing in common and that would be that they are able to make me laugh.... and cry a little....but mostly LAUGH...and really LOUD too!! I love to laugh; and unfortnately I have a ridiculous laugh..I go HA..really loud and then ha ha ha ah scares the shit out of people.

5. If someone was cooking for you, what would you like them to make?

Creme Brule paleese.
And some (lots of) grilled Steak and Lobster.
And fried pickerel (my fav. fish).
My Moms Verenki..(cottage cheese perorgies) with Schmountfat..(cream gravy) with farmer sausages...and her wonderful homemade buns...I will remember them forever...(luv u mom in heaven)
All of the above, but maybe not in that order.
...and lots of wine...

Some Tuesday nite humour..or not






Brian...just for you darlin'

Sunday, March 13, 2005


Okay...I'm starting to feel better Posted by Hello

Well, lookie there...the answer to my problems...WINE....which I produce in vats in my spare room...this room is dedicated to old computer equipment ...old business files..and most importantly wine making. All to be cleaned up one day... so forgetaboutthemess. This little baby is 24 liters...nice and golden in's a German wine call Geveriztmeyer..or something like that..don't have time to run down and check the huh? that should get me out of doldrums once I bottle it...hey, I'm thinking of going down and just siphoning a quart out of the sucker......hmmmm feeling better already... the pork roast is starting to dunno...pig hair or something.. I have a bad feeling about this.

Pork on..dudesses

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Some Blogshit

I've been wondering how...some of you bloggers cross out words. I have tried every combination I can think of but cannot cross out a word. I understand too that our keyboards come with a delete key and we can just erase the word...but I just want to be able to do it...not actually use it. It can actually be a little distracting when used to often.

I also want to know how to put a picture on the right sidebar. I have tried and tried until my puny little brain blows up...and I screw up the whole sidebar and have to redo it. I don't just want to be ABLE to this, I want to actually use it.

I would like to have nice graphics and shit too, but I think that is a little over my head and would probably screw up the entire thing and go to blogspot.hell. This to, I would like to be able to do and use it too. Greedy me huh?

Later on in the day Joan wrote:

I have just taken a Tylenol with codeine for no good reason, just because I can. I was hoping it would boost my spirits, but as I found out is not a mind altering drug. I think this friggin weather is getting the better of's snowing AGAIN...and I am getting "cabin fever."

I need to get the hell out of here. Work and and home....blah blah...over and over. I went shopping yesterday hoping a little treat would cheer me up...and it did for about 1/2 hour until I got home and found out I had the wrong size panties, which I believe are non refundable just in case you wanted to wear them and take em back..ewwww... Well, that's 12 bucks up my ass...or off my ass ..whatever. I know I had the right size in my hot little hands at one point, but I must have put them back and picked a different colour and took the wrong size. Oh well, I can always give them to my little niece and she can use them for her Barbie Doll.

I think I will go and take Penny out for a walk, maybe I'll slip down in all this shit snow, break my leg, and go to Emergency ...just to get a change of scenery. ahh, probably less painful to rent a movie and live vicariously through someone else's life.

On another exciting note: I am trying another crock pot recipe this afternoon. I thought it a tad unfair to give up on it just after one fiasco. This time I am doing a Pork Loin Roast, with cranberries and onion soup sounds like a Suzie Homemaker I don't know how it will turn out. It should be ready by the time I get out of Emergency at 11:00 PM.

Pork out!!

Saturday, March 12, 2005


When a panel of doctors was asked to vote on adding a new wing to their hospital,

Allergists voted to scratch it and Dermatologists advised no rash moves.
Gastroenterologists had a gut feeling about it,

but Neurologists thought the administration had a lot of nerve,

and Obstetricians stated they were all laboring under a mis-conception.

Ophthalmologists considered the idea short-sighted;

Pathologists yelled, "Over my dead body!"

while Pediatricians said, "Grow up!

Psychiatrists thought the whole idea was madness;

Surgeons decided to wash their hands of the whole thing,

and Radiologists could see right through it!

Internists thought it was a bitter pill to swallow

Plastic Surgeons said, "This puts a whole new face on the matter"

Podiatrists thought it was a step forward,

but Urologists felt the scheme wouldn't hold water.

Anesthesiologists thought the whole idea was a gas,

and Cardiologists didn't have the heart to say no.

And in the end, Proctologists left the decision up to some asshole who didn't give a shit!

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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Monday, March 07, 2005

Big guy bought the farm

..........or went to Rainbow Bridge...he will be waiting for me ...with his huge beautiful fins waving at me... and he was only about 5 - 6 years old...maybe older...dunno..I'm still looking over my shoulder looking at the tank...and it's empty....

shit..I thought I had the problem solved with the salt treatment in the water, and he was doing so well. But, as with so many these kind of goldfish they develope a bladder problem...usually when they are young.. causing them to get bloated and hence float upside down in the tank. It broke me little heart today when I saw "big guy" upside down, and trying so hard to get upright ....and there was nothing I could do.. so, it was, with the youngins before him, scoop him up, put him in a very nice blue zip lock plastic container, and put him in the freezer...where he will have a easier time dying....when fish get colder they go into a state.

who the fuck knew I would grieve over a fish.......I have them for supper all the time....

well there ya go....shit happens... and guess what!!! 4 Mounties died in the line of duty in Alberta last weekend....and I am obesssing over a fish..............go figure... colour me whacko....

Sunday, March 06, 2005

Yet another storm

We have been fortunate since New Years not to have had much snow, but here she blows again!! Nothing else is going right either...I just put in a load of wash and the stinking machine stopped, full of water, and it started to leak all over the floor!!! Where is my Appliance Man husband...????? not at home of course, he's plowing AGAIN. Well, I guess I am going to have to wear my panties inside out tomorrow, all the rest are in the wash. Hmmm maybe if dig down far enough in the lingerie drawer I might come up with another pair that has some elastic left. I am sadly remiss in buying new underclothes....I hate buying them...I hate shopping period. Having said't you just hate people that say that)...I am a neatnik.

Well, I tried out the slow cooker yesterday. I made Salisbury Steak Stew..sorta.. the recipe called for it to cook for 7 hours. It smelled wonderful all day. But, by the time it was finished the smell was getting annoying. Even more annoying after we started was MUSH!! food!, yucking mushy phoeeyyyyy...the dog liked it. Sooooo, I guess I will pack up Mr. Crock Pot and send him back from whence he came. If I had planned on making Chili for 100 people, or cooking Bambi (thanks for your input Mary Lou), I would have keep it. OR...if I was into paper mache..I could cook the paper in the pot, but I'm not that crafty.

Plow Boy, just got home. He got stuck on our property that we bought to build our new house on. Why he was plowing around on a vacant lot is beyond me. He got stuck, and had to get his brother to pull him out. Good thing he came home first before going back out, so he could at least get the washing machine emptied. He went downstairs and I heard him moving the washer...and all of sudden I heard "F*K!!! and some other profanity echoing upstairs. I ran down to see what was wrong, and here he had got a "mother" of a shock, while standing is a puddle while he pulled the plug on the washer. He was still vibrating when I got down there......It really is "always something". ..finally he just went away!!!

Well, yesterday was AAHour once more. All the players showed a guest (again). this time it was Ms. hippies" sista. She's been here before and knows the ropes, but she forgot the chair "rule" much to ole hippies dismay, because she took her chair. They bickered back and forth for awhile like sista's do, but Sista was not giving up the chair. She rationalized because she was a little more ample in body than Ms. hippy she would sit at the end of the table so as not to impede the traffic flow to the fridge.

Last nights topics were as follows:

  • The table argument between the sisters, followed by some dirty looks
  • Going over our house plans with Ms. Hippy and Mr. Millionaire (the architect's)
  • architects obviously have two different points of view on every aspect of the house
  • architects belittle each others qualifications in the field...there was no clear winner
  • architects pay absolutely "no mind" to Gord and I...after all why should they, it's only our house.
  • Plans are taken off the table and put away..and architects are told to play "nice"
  • Sister shows us a pair homemade sunglasses made in the late 1800's she found in an excavation site on her farm. They were really cool and still in the original leather case. They would be right back in fashion today...she going to try to sell them on EBay after she gets them assessed.
  • Some talk about movies I haven't seen....yawn
  • Discussed nieces dilemma...she has 4 speeding tickets she never paid for totaling $800.00 and is now trying to get Mr. Millionaire and Plowboy to pay for. Apparently she threw them in the garbage after receiving them, never thinking that her drivers license might be revoked. Now that has happened she is in a quandary...and trying to suck up big time. She had just declared bankruptcy and has been very irresponsible with her ya think!!!...and she has two kids etc.....big mess.
  • Discuss that 10..yes 10 people died in car accidents last weekend in a thirty mile radius of Winnipeg....was there a full moon?.....I especially was heart broken about it, because a very good friend who does the deliveries to our shop was the driver in one of the accidents, and his wife and sister died in the accident.
  • I try to do a little computer talk, I need a little help with a spreadsheet I am making at work, but the non-geeks talked right over me. So, I gave up....I'll save it for next week, when we don't have a "guest"!!
  • In essence the AA Hour was uneventful.........and so was our ensuing meal delivered by Mr. Crockpot, after they left.

Call me Ms. Blue today ~~ feeling thatta way ...remember when we all had colours for our moods...and the mood rings. Mine was always green, because that's the colour the band always turned on my finger. Speaking of rings....does anyone out there as old as me remember the VERY popular "Black Diamond ring?"...ya knew your boyfriend REALLY loved you if you gave you the ole black diamond ring...until that band turned green on you finger again. It was a diamond shaped ..ahem I may have mentioned that...and it was long and pointed...and could have put your eye out if you weren't was handy if the ole boyfriend got in a fight and you had to intervene....okay nuff bullshitting for today....

.....Going to check out my panty drawer.... not looking forward to puttin em inside out.. oops more bs...

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

On the fish front

My starting to come around...I am being optimistic... his fins were so red and infected with some fish disease.. but I did a little went to Pet Land...and they told me to put aquarium salt in the water...instead of buying a butt load of antibiotics. It is finally starting to work today.....he ate......yesss!! and his fins are starting to look much better. I have one other fish in the tank...and he was getting the impression that big guy was "checking out"...and if you ever had fish you will know that the strongest will harass the weakest. This little two inch fish was trying to harass "big guy"..who is huge. I kept on seeing the struggle of these two in the tank was all about pecking order...and when the biggest is in trouble...little bugger trys to take over....hmmmm that happens in humans, that is my lesson in life for today...

March 3rd.

Big guy is still hanging in there...looked like they might have been a tussle in the tank today when I was at work..some of the plants seem to be in different places than they were yesterday....but that could be because he is blind..and sometimes get caught up in them...I will remove them tomorrow when I do my weekly water change. I can't believe what a difference the salt made, it cleared up 90 percent of his infected fins....I cajoled him today...trying to get him to eat...but he was a little stubborn...he ate great last who knows....I'm not giving up!

With this said, I can't believe I ever was a "fisherwoman"...I was!!! Our family fished on a weekly basis at the river ...until my parents got too old to fish....and now....after having fish tanks for about 10 years, I can't believe I actually tourchered the ole days if you caught yourself an yellow belly cat fish...not fit for eatin' just cut the line of the hook and threw it back...never taking the hook out........even tho they were ugly...they will still god's creatures...I can't believe I did that.. We always kept the big fish...and we had a torture device called a "dehooker"...I am sure my dad made that name dislodge the barbed hook from the poor little guys mouth...and sometimes they would make a squeaking noise...which I can still hear in my head. I am sure these guy's are not waiting for me at Rainbow Bridge...and if all you "yellow bellied catfish are listening...I am really sorry..but in the ole days...that was just the way it was, and is today ...the strongest will eat the weakest.. which of course brings up beef, chicken, pork, emu, lamb, bison....etc... okay order to rashionalize this...I don't eat anything that lives in my house...dogs, cats, budgies, goldfish and dust bunnies..

I still eat fish...mostly fish I have never heard of before..because then I can't relate...hoping they were caught in a net, not with a barbed hook in there mouth. I love lobster, and always buy frozen tails.... I will go three isles down in the fish department in order not to look at the live lobster tanks...and if I have to go past them...I close my eyes...and bump into people...saying...I'm sorry... I'm blind....can you point me to the produce department.