Friday, March 25, 2005

Good Friday

Well, I’m trying a new thing today. I am writing up my shit on Word and will try to copy and paste to blogger later. This will be so much more user friendly I hope. Unfortunately for me right now, Norton is doing a virus scan and is slowing my computer up big time…can you tell..can’tyajust feel the lag errrr…I just want to take a high blood pressure pill.

Actually I did not have anything to talk about tonight..other than I have spent the day starting on our business income tax accounting…I managed to enter all the sales today, but for the next three the expenses…the important stuff…so the government doesn’t take your house away after they ding you with how much you owe… I was looking at hubby’s expenses today…a lot of them look legit…but man…some of them are right out there…Clamato Juice…Coke….(the kind you drink) and Frito Lays..I don’t know what that is yet.. I will check as that could be some kinda Ho house for all I know.…fergodsake…what is Gord doing out there?…I will be checking all the other invoices out tomorrow ….to be continued……


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