Sunday, March 06, 2005

Yet another storm

We have been fortunate since New Years not to have had much snow, but here she blows again!! Nothing else is going right either...I just put in a load of wash and the stinking machine stopped, full of water, and it started to leak all over the floor!!! Where is my Appliance Man husband...????? not at home of course, he's plowing AGAIN. Well, I guess I am going to have to wear my panties inside out tomorrow, all the rest are in the wash. Hmmm maybe if dig down far enough in the lingerie drawer I might come up with another pair that has some elastic left. I am sadly remiss in buying new underclothes....I hate buying them...I hate shopping period. Having said't you just hate people that say that)...I am a neatnik.

Well, I tried out the slow cooker yesterday. I made Salisbury Steak Stew..sorta.. the recipe called for it to cook for 7 hours. It smelled wonderful all day. But, by the time it was finished the smell was getting annoying. Even more annoying after we started was MUSH!! food!, yucking mushy phoeeyyyyy...the dog liked it. Sooooo, I guess I will pack up Mr. Crock Pot and send him back from whence he came. If I had planned on making Chili for 100 people, or cooking Bambi (thanks for your input Mary Lou), I would have keep it. OR...if I was into paper mache..I could cook the paper in the pot, but I'm not that crafty.

Plow Boy, just got home. He got stuck on our property that we bought to build our new house on. Why he was plowing around on a vacant lot is beyond me. He got stuck, and had to get his brother to pull him out. Good thing he came home first before going back out, so he could at least get the washing machine emptied. He went downstairs and I heard him moving the washer...and all of sudden I heard "F*K!!! and some other profanity echoing upstairs. I ran down to see what was wrong, and here he had got a "mother" of a shock, while standing is a puddle while he pulled the plug on the washer. He was still vibrating when I got down there......It really is "always something". ..finally he just went away!!!

Well, yesterday was AAHour once more. All the players showed a guest (again). this time it was Ms. hippies" sista. She's been here before and knows the ropes, but she forgot the chair "rule" much to ole hippies dismay, because she took her chair. They bickered back and forth for awhile like sista's do, but Sista was not giving up the chair. She rationalized because she was a little more ample in body than Ms. hippy she would sit at the end of the table so as not to impede the traffic flow to the fridge.

Last nights topics were as follows:

  • The table argument between the sisters, followed by some dirty looks
  • Going over our house plans with Ms. Hippy and Mr. Millionaire (the architect's)
  • architects obviously have two different points of view on every aspect of the house
  • architects belittle each others qualifications in the field...there was no clear winner
  • architects pay absolutely "no mind" to Gord and I...after all why should they, it's only our house.
  • Plans are taken off the table and put away..and architects are told to play "nice"
  • Sister shows us a pair homemade sunglasses made in the late 1800's she found in an excavation site on her farm. They were really cool and still in the original leather case. They would be right back in fashion today...she going to try to sell them on EBay after she gets them assessed.
  • Some talk about movies I haven't seen....yawn
  • Discussed nieces dilemma...she has 4 speeding tickets she never paid for totaling $800.00 and is now trying to get Mr. Millionaire and Plowboy to pay for. Apparently she threw them in the garbage after receiving them, never thinking that her drivers license might be revoked. Now that has happened she is in a quandary...and trying to suck up big time. She had just declared bankruptcy and has been very irresponsible with her ya think!!!...and she has two kids etc.....big mess.
  • Discuss that 10..yes 10 people died in car accidents last weekend in a thirty mile radius of Winnipeg....was there a full moon?.....I especially was heart broken about it, because a very good friend who does the deliveries to our shop was the driver in one of the accidents, and his wife and sister died in the accident.
  • I try to do a little computer talk, I need a little help with a spreadsheet I am making at work, but the non-geeks talked right over me. So, I gave up....I'll save it for next week, when we don't have a "guest"!!
  • In essence the AA Hour was uneventful.........and so was our ensuing meal delivered by Mr. Crockpot, after they left.

Call me Ms. Blue today ~~ feeling thatta way ...remember when we all had colours for our moods...and the mood rings. Mine was always green, because that's the colour the band always turned on my finger. Speaking of rings....does anyone out there as old as me remember the VERY popular "Black Diamond ring?"...ya knew your boyfriend REALLY loved you if you gave you the ole black diamond ring...until that band turned green on you finger again. It was a diamond shaped ..ahem I may have mentioned that...and it was long and pointed...and could have put your eye out if you weren't was handy if the ole boyfriend got in a fight and you had to intervene....okay nuff bullshitting for today....

.....Going to check out my panty drawer.... not looking forward to puttin em inside out.. oops more bs...

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Idgie @ the "Dew" said...

First, invest in Febreeze - solves all those washing whoes. Spritz it on the clothes, let it dry - clean and fresh!

Second, slow cooker have two speeds? Crock pot is the only one that cooks the proscribed time it's supposed to - the rest cook way fast (I had one I could boil water in about 3 hours) use those on slow speed and you'll be Jim Dandy.

Hope you're feeling more upbeat soon. Oh ya, I can't help with the spread sheet - I stink at those.