Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Andy's questions

1. How did you become introduced to blogging and what made you decide to start your own blog?

Last summer, when my boss went away for two weeks and left me alone at the shop with nothing to do but answer the phones, I went into Google to do a search...probably for a recipe..I don't remember...but when I scrolled down in Google I saw this "Blog" thingie, and being an inquisitive little Canadian.. I decided to see what it was about. It didn't take but half an hour and I was hooked. I spent those two weeks reading blogs and trying to figure the whole thing out. At first I took "baby" steps and started a little blog in July, but soon got bored because I felt it wasn't interactive enough and actually wanted to talk to other people. So I quit. I tried to erase them, but parts of them still show up in the "about me part." It must be google thing.


I had some time off around Christmas and tried it again, and by this time I had been reading so many different blogs I was beginning to get a bit more savy, and felt more comfortable about it. So, to make a long story shorter...I was bascially going to Canadian sites...and for some quirk of fate, someone had Special K on their blog roll....."well, I damn near pissed me drawers" she was so funny....and she was from Winnipeg "my home town"..So, I got to be thinkin...the peep's she's been reading have got to be funny too....so I started reading all of them...and they are...plus they are such nice people. One of the people was was MARY LOU..of course...I don't know why I gravitated to her site...but I did, and she helped me so much in getting my blog together..my mentor ....as I called her...and Tara my Canuck Connection who helped me too...so thus far it's been "all good." I hope all those I have mentioned will "take a bow"....ya helped an newbie "get her wings."...

2. What was the kindest thing anyone has ever done for you?

I don't know why this question is so hard for me. People have done nice things for me, but the KINDEST one throws me.

I think it was in the horrible summer of 1999. My mom at 82 years of age was diagnosed with breast cancer in June, my Aunt died in July, my mom died in September, my sister-in-law died in October....and in December my 17 year old dog Munchie died. I was a walking mess. And when Munchie died it was like everything hit me all at once.....it was the straw that broke the camel's back.

My nephew and his family who live in Vancouver tried to cheer me up and encourage me to visit them for awhile. They too were grieving, as my sister in law that died was his mother. They kept emailing and phoning me trying to convince me to visit. I kept stalling, because I just didn't feel up to visiting anyone, plus air fare for hubby and me would have been over a grand. Then one day when I was opening up the mail there was a letter from my nephew Chris, which contained two tickets to Vancouver for Gord and I. He explained I didn't have to stay long it was only from Thursday to Sunday, but he knew I needed to be away for awhile, and he needed family close to him as well. So in early 2000 we flew to Vancouver.

We had a wonderful 4 days in Van. They wined and dined us, and took us site seeing everyday. We spent the evenings in their hot tub. On Thursday we had dinner on the top of Grouse Mountain...in a beautiful restaurant and had a wonderful dinner. On Saturday night they took us to a really fancy place downtown, where we had appetizers of caviar (no less) dinner was a medley of different wild meats and lobster. Very unusual, but very good. On Sunday we had Sushi for lunch. No expense was spared on that trip! I so miss the Creme Brule desserts...yummers..

So, I think that was the kindest thing anyone has done for me, without expecting anything in return other than the pleasure of my (our) company.

3. How did you and your hubby meet?

I met him through his brother, whom I had been dating for a year. After his brother "dumped" me I started going out with an "Merican" guy from Neche North Dakota. So, when the "Merican guy "dumped" me I finally stayed single for a year and just dated guys casually. Then one day Gord..came riding into our little town on his motorcycle...and saw me an my girlfriend walking down the street...with my little dog...a chihauaha named snowball..my first love..nestled in my highschool jacket. He asked me if I wanted to go for a ride...of course I said "yes"...I hopped on the back of the bike with the dog an all..and away we went...waved my girlfriend good-bye....later we came back home and we started talking about "stuff"...because we knew each other...and one thing led to another and we started dating....and the rest is history...I managed to weasel his high school ring off of him in 1962... when we were at a party drinking "sloe gin"...and then we were goin "steady". I was such a bitch...I wore that ring with a whole bunch of tape underneath it to be able to to keep it on...and on some days I changed it...and wore it on a chain. More of that story in another blog...

4. Do the blogs on your blogroll have anything in common (other than being on your blog roll) with each other or do they all appeal to different aspects of your personality?

I guess most of the blogs on my blogroll have one thing in common and that would be that they are able to make me laugh.... and cry a little....but mostly LAUGH...and really LOUD too!! I love to laugh; and unfortnately I have a ridiculous laugh..I go HA..really loud and then ha ha ha ah ..it scares the shit out of people.

5. If someone was cooking for you, what would you like them to make?

Creme Brule paleese.
And some (lots of) grilled Steak and Lobster.
And fried pickerel (my fav. fish).
My Moms Verenki..(cottage cheese perorgies) with Schmountfat..(cream gravy) with farmer sausages...and her wonderful homemade buns...I will remember them forever...(luv u mom in heaven)
All of the above, but maybe not in that order.
...and lots of wine...


Joe said...

Hey girl I love the ending 'and lots of wine'!You are a mess. I am so glade I have met you! have a good hump day!

Special K said...

Wow! I actually got into your comments for a change of pace!

I really enjoyed reading your answers, Joan, and not just cuz you buttered my bun. ;) I think it's really cute how you and God met, and I probably would have stolen his ring, too.

Special K said...

Doh! I meant *Gord*. Sheesh.