Saturday, March 19, 2005

Hey, lookie down under this post

I HAVE HALOSCAN! and I would have had it a long time ago if I wasn't such a wimpie, fraidy cat. It spent the major portion of last night trying to do it manually with the code..and failed. So this morning I went back into the site and saw that they would do it for - bang and it was done. what a loser huh? I guess I'm afraid to do anything on this new computer in fear of fucking it up like I did my last one...make that two. I guess it helps too, that on this computer I don't have my old bootlegged version of XP on it where I couldn't download Windows updates and service packs. I actually even have a store bought virus protector, that automatically updates new viruses instead doing it manually. It's surprising what you get when you ACTUALLY pay for something. hmmm, maybe I should go into Haloscan and pay them, even if they said it was "free." .... just my luck something will screw up.

thinking I should write them a letter:

Dear Mr. Haloscan,

It has come to my attention that whenever I put something that is considered "free" on my computer, a disaster has arisen. So, in order to prevent another such occurrence ie. spyware, trojans and the like, I would like to pay you $1000.00 if you promise that you haven't stuck any of that stuff on my computer. And, if by you chance you have...I will have to come there and hunt you down like a dog..

Are we clear?

Just don't mess with me because..... I am

God's wife.

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