Thursday, March 24, 2005

Okay...colour me RED

Thanks for all the comments you guys...I never went to my last posts to look at them, because I thought I would be notified by email if someone had posted, ....and I guess Haloscan doesn't do it, or I didn't set it up right.....(hanging my sorry head in shame).

Yay... I had lots of don't know how much that has lifted my spirits. Not all goes well in the Martin household at times..and sometimes ole Joanie Balonie needs a lift.

Well, I have 4 days off, so to speak. I will be doing our business income tax accounting for all frickin four days. One day there will be just a day for "Joan"...hopefully soon..cause me's gettin a little tired of all the bullshit...

On the upside, I just got my hair cut by Hannibal Lechtor...yup...he's still around...did you know he was gay?...nope they never mentioned that in the movie did they...well he is...and while he was cutting (chewing) my hair...and flitting around...he lobbed off a bit more than he could chew..bugger...forfucksakes...I look like someones grandmother...I reallllllly reallly hate it when they cut my hair too short in the back...I need hair over my neck. It's just a thing I have, and now I feel nakid as a jay bird...and air is now flowing where it did not flow before.

Well, gotta say goodnite...and thanks again for you who made comments and I missed them ..because I was...hmmmm..not paying attention..same as dumb...I should have looked.

Joanie balonie

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