Sunday, March 27, 2005

Okay, I'm taking a wine break

Wow, I plowed through a year's worth of Sales and Expenses. I haven't finished. I was trying to balance the bank statements and visa statements and just about poked a hole through my monitor with a letter opener. Did you ever notice that on the new LCD screens (I think that is what they are called) if you put your finger on the screen, it looks like it is soft and you can punch it in...but it's not really soft...because the letter opener did not penetrate.

I usually use Quicken to do our accounting, but since the crash of my old computer in December I no longer have Quicken on my new Dell...buggers could have thrown it in for the price they charged me. Any who..I started to do my creative accounting on Good Friday...when all the stores were closed...yep you guessed old Quicken CD would not work with my spanking new XP. Now, what's an accounting type girl to do?....I could have downloaded a shit version from them for 30.00 "US"..that would make it 567.45 cents Canadian, or I could make a spreadsheet in Excel....I did the latter...I love making spreadsheets at work, where they don't really count for shit...but here I needed stuff for REVENUE I made a pretty one...(just in case I get audited) ..and I would be able to distract them from any of the content. It looks very professional and has a column for anything you could image. Nice bright headings, and meaningless junk any "bean counter" would admire.

About 5:00 PM I was starting to fade, so I took Penny for a walk, make that a swim, everything is melting and the sidewalks and streets are full of water and ice. While walking the dog, I felt like one of those old Chinese ladies eons ago, who had their feet bound for years.. and had to walk with those little baby steps. Ice..sidewalk, ice sidewalk, that, a pool of water..go thru that hoping your new waterproof old fart boots won't leak. blah...Penny had a really bad habit..make that an attitude of screeching at the top of her lungs if see's another dog anywhere on the street. It is really embarrassing and I can see the owners of the other dog's looking at me, holy shit...can't you control your I give them a "look" that says..yes. I. can..if you would only walk your dog at a different time I walk mine...nowbuggerofff!!

So...that brings me to Easter supper...I put the turkey in after the doggie walk..I was going to make a ham...but I'm not a good ham maker...I loves me turkey..and will take advantage of any holiday to make one. Hey, .99 cents a lbs...good eating and a price. So, the menu is...roasted turkey, "riced potatoes"...cause I'm to lazy to mash em..and also I like em riced.. Green Bean Medley for the veggies..with a little smidge of cheese sauce (bottled) effort sum sweet and sour tiny meataballs...just for the heck of it..(left over from last week)...and Turkey GRAVY..........crusty sop up all that gravy.... and some wild rice stuffing..yummers.. last but not least PUMPKIN PIE..and no, I did not make it..I bought it .....and I feel guilty...I could have but I had some time issues today...

I have taken Monday off the finish up this accounting, if I get done early enough I will start checking out the blogs...I have been somewhat remiss....but forgive me, the tax man commeth.....

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