Sunday, November 30, 2008

Christmas lights

It's kind of hard to see, but these are the lights on our bushes in front of the house...

Some of the lights had fallen down...because the cedar bushes don't really have strong branches.

I put about 3 strings of lights on the plum tree out back. It looks like Santa's sleigh!! I did it by accident. cool huh?

I had a shit house kinda day today. Nothing went right.

We are doing renovations. Today they were supposed to put the screen door in, plus finish off repairing window sills outside etc. And the door I bought did not fit. Well, fortheloveofmike... we measured...and measured twice...but apparently the builder of this house bought smaller doors and MADE THEM FIT in the frame with a whole bunch of other framing.....anyway ...the reno guys said the door we bought wouldn't was too big...then we went out and got a smaller door...and it was too small... then I took a hammer and hit them. Okay, I didn't really hit them, okay I just dented their heads. It wasn't their fault...Tomorrow they will re frame it and the door we bought in the first place should work...sigh....

It's always something!!

Friday, November 28, 2008

I so ditched Angel Man

Ya know there comes a time in your life when you got to know when to hold em and know when to fold em. I folded up Angel Man. He is sitting in my recycle bin. I could hear him trying to get out last night. His cries went unheard. No Angel Man two times me.

Do I hear a country song coming on?....

When I found your pic on the Internet
You looked so big and strong
Or maybe I was looking
For your very large schlong?

Even tho you didn't show it
Because your toga got in the way
I had a picture in my head
What more can I say

I loved your wings
And without a doubt
I would have kept you ..
But you were such a lout.

But as chance would have it
I spotted you on another blog
And all you are to me now
Is a slimy frog.

We are so done!!

My friend Brenda send me a picture of her Christmas boyfriends today...and she said...Joan, don't cry I have I have lots of Christmas men I can share. Mind you, they don't have wings, but seriously, that would just get in the way. So, who do think I chose for my own Christmas umm Man this year? I'm done with two timing Angels.

If they would only take off their "hats"...heh...I could make a proper choice.

Well, it's that time of night ...this old scumbag should get back into reality....and go and harass her nieces on face book. Isn't that what Fridays are for? They probably have me blocked by now. I might even give Special K a hard time.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

I took Angel Man off my side bar

We broke up.

I know!!!!

He was cheating on me, I saw his picture on another blog...the stinking bastard! He was a butt hole with wings.

It's time I found me a new Christmas Angel. One with some balls.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Here's to you from me..........

(a wild turkey..pic taken in my brother in law's back yard last year.)

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving my friends.
And remember with all the stress of the holidays and life in general.. life is a winding road..and you never know what's beyond the next curve...enjoy that long stretch of open road you have... before you meet the curves. ( I say that to you in my most soothing voice) Then I sing a little song to you...out of tune...
Everyday is a winding road
I get a little bit closer
Everyday is a faded sign
I get a little bit closer to feeling fine
Happy Thanksgiving...

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Life has been so stressfull lately...

I haven't even got my sidebar happening yet. I don't even have time to sit down and have a good shit. You know, the relaxing one where you can sit and read the newspaper, or just browse through a cookbook or magazine ..heh. Yes, I have all that stuff in our bathroom. It's our entertainment centre. And when one of us is in there too long ...Penny comes in looking for some fun. She nudges the door, comes in with her ball, sniffs the air...and goes..yum.. you know dogs they like the smell of shit. Then she drops her ball in your sweat pants that are laying at your feet. She sits back and waits for the fun to begin. I don't know why she thinks this is so much fun, like how far can I throw a ball in a small little bathroom?. But she knows she opened the door just a crack to get in, and she also knows I can throw that ball right through that crack into the other room. Lord, there is no rest for me. And she keeps on coming back for more, over and over again and I can never finish reading the paper or my magazines. YES, I could close the door so she couldn't get in, but that would mean I would have get up...before I was really finished...and who wants to see that.

Monday, November 24, 2008

That asshole is still living in our little house

We can't remove him, until there is a hearing in mid December.

Man, this weekend was full of surprises. The cops only came because we were scared for the kids ...we thought were in the house. As it turned out..they were. They found the children to be safe and that's all they were there for. The guy more or less told them we were liars and his rent was only slightly behind. Then of course the police don't do much, it turns into a civil suit. Their only concern was for the children. Child and Family services showed up later, and nothing was done. They are still in there. Squatting on our property while we have to pay all the bills. The grandmother of the children had the nerve to call us later, and tell us that she was Michael's...the guy who lives there...ADVOCATE. Well, fuck me. I guess he gave her a huge long song and dance that we were the bad guys and he was the innocent bystander. We made an appointment to meet with her Saturday morning at 11:30, but she cancelled. She said she had to speak to Michael once more to get all the facts. We haven't heard from her since. He quit his job two weeks ago...we know this. We know he has been trying to get welfare because he made too much money to get subsidized housing. The housing authority contacted us for a reference...ummm yeah like he would be a good tenant. He didn't have enough money to pay his rent...which was only 250.00 dollars a month plus the water bill and the rest was paid by his roommate at the time. The roommate left after we gave them the eviction notice Oct. 31st. ...and he was a nice guy, who always paid his share of the rent on time... plus the utilities. But this asshole brought in his kids after that and is hunkering down trying to make all the agencies feel sorry for him. In the end....we have to prove we did no wrong. We have to go to court to get him out. Bastard.

It's so unfair. He is telling the cops and social services that he paid his rent in cash, but never got a receipt, and we are lying. We have always given receipts when requested, and always give a written statement at the end of the year for income tax purposes. He always paid us a little here, a little there in cash when he started to fall behind. I guess he never kept track of what he gave us, and is now trying to figure it out. We have records..that is why God made Excel. And we didn't make babies with a crack cocaine hooker like he did and is now trying to use the SYSTEM to cover his lying ass. I still can't believe Child and Family Services gave those children to him.. The Grandmother...the ADVOCATE.. obviously does not care enough to see that they are safe and in a good place. She sides with the asshole....or maybe it's just easier that way and she doesn't have to take them in. I think Fostering would be a better option than this.

We contacted our previous tenants who moved out last year. This was their first house and they had two kids there. They lived in the house for eleven years... and we told them what was going on and they could not believe it. We are good landlords and we treat people with respect and go over and above what is expected of us, and they knew that. Many a time they fell short on their rent, but we knew they were good people and were going through a rough spot and we didn't care...we knew they would never let us down. I guess we got spoiled. We trusted.

We spoke to the rentals man office today, and hey said it was cut and dried, he will be out by mid December, even though he is playing the "kids" card.

I feel so sorry for those two little kids I have never met, now they are without a mom and their dad is a liar, and their Grandma is not much better. It breaks my heart into a million pieces. We have went through every agency we can to help, I don't know what else we can do.. the rent is only 500.00 a month plus utilities...and we could put that down to 400.00 plus utilities if he would only pay it, that would at least pay for the mortgage taxes and maintenance at the end of the year.. but I don't think that will happen. We don't care...if it pays for itself and the kids are in a good place, then we don't need a profit.. That little house, was always such a happy little house with the other tenants and their kids, and now it looks sad.

When he moves out I think we will tear it down. It will be just another parking lot.

What a wonderful world....

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Two ole farts living in a tree..

We put up all our 980,679 new strings of LED lights up this afternoon over the bushes in front of the house, well they aren't bushes anymore they have taken on a life of their own and are gigantic rounded cedar bushes ...and we never blew a breaker! Damn they are fine. We had two boxes left over, and I strung them on the plum tree out back that faces our kitchen patio doors after Gord left. It was daylight, so I couldn't see what it might look like at night...and when it got dark I was pleasantly surprised. Stringing lights on a plum tree to start off with, is not pleasant. They are thorny little bastards. When I was finished it was almost dark, and when I got back into the house and turned them on...I went...oh looked really stupid. But as soon as the sun had set and it was black out there...I saw a form...and it almost makes it look like I did it on looks like a Santa Sleigh!! In mid air!

Gord and I did the front lights this afternoon. And, I knew it was going to be challenge...Mr. Perfect and I don't mesh. He is the perfectionist...I am the one who says "its good enough." I like to get in and out of a project as fast as I can. Wipe my ass and call it a day. But..noooooooooooo. We had to do our annual bullshit. I'm sort of glad I let him take charge, because if I would have done it alone it would have been a disaster. Those bushes are almost 7 feet tall this year...and ladders were involved. We still bickered throughout the entire process, but I guess that is just the way we roll. That will never change.

It went like this:

Gord: I will get up the step ladder to throw the lights on top of the bush...and you make sure all the rest of the light are aligned so we can start pushing them in the cedars.. Cedars don't have you have to sort of push the lights in.

Joan: Get off that ladder!!..I can do that. You have a bum knee

Gord: Whatever..looking very dejected.

Joan: I'm going up now, just hand me the lights...

Gord: Did you stretch these lights out after you took them out of the box? They all look so close together.

Joan: Yes I did. I pulled them all apart before we started.

Gord: They still still look too close together.

Joan: Fuck it...just hand me the damn lights!...nope, we have to have a pulling exercise on the cords of the lights to get the maximum length between each light. Did I mention it's really cold and the cords are kinda frozen?

Gord: Let me get on the ladder. This is ridiculous, you can't throw them up high enough to reach the top.

Joan: Be my guest. I scramble off the ladder and try to find another place I can make myself useful behind the bushes in order to grab the lights when he throws them.

Gord: Where are you? I'm here says I, crawling underneath the bush... Where are you?... I like fucking with his head.... I can see he doesn't want to play at this I have to get serious, so he gets up the ladder again and TOSSES the lights up as far as he can get them, and of course they all fall back on his head. They are a little brittle because it's cold and don't seem to want to be "tossed." Like Midgets...cold Midgets... So, we take them down and warm them with our paws. And he tosses them up again really quickly before they freeze.........and hey it worked... we do a "high five"....then we began to work as a team.

We teamed up for ..what?..probably five minutes...that's as long as that lasted. But hey, that is better than the three minutes we lasted in our last project. I think we are making progress here. I cannot see any point in retirement in our case, because working together is not a good idea. Every time we do, someone gets hurt. Either we bonk our heads together trying to do the same job, or we nit pik... he starts it!... heh...gawwd we are stupid old people.

My next door neighbour ...across the fence..called me tonight and told me how beautiful my display was in the back yard.

I win.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Howdy Partners...

I'm feeling all country tonight and I'm ready to do a big ole ass kicking. Life is day it's all good and the next it's a pile of dog turd. I have found there is no reason going to bed feeling content, because the next day that dog turd is wrapped around your head.

We have a wee house that sits adjacent to the office building we own. We never bulldozed it down because the property on it gives us more parking for the office building. So, many moons ago we renovated the wee house, and turned it into a rental house. Thereby being able to keep the parking spaces plus it pays for the taxes etc on the house site etc. We had a long term tenant in there for at least 8 years, but they out grew the wee little house and bought a different one last year. Then we rented it to the tenants from hell. Two guys moved in, both had jobs, both seemed trustworthy. One was trustworthy, the other was not. Let's call him "Liar Liar Pants on Fire." LLPOF. They both paid their share of the rent separately. Trustworthy always gave us post dated cheques...LLPOF paid his share with cash...and started to fall behind in early spring. Badly.

We gave them notice to move out on October 31st. Trustworthy understood. LLPOF however, did not get the message. What we didn't realize was that in the last two months LLPOF has had his two children living in the house. We knew he had kids, and thought they were only there for visits as he and his partner are not together anymore. We found out this week, his wife is a "crack" addict, and Child and Family Services gave him the children!!! He has no money..and after Trustworthy moved out no rent or utilities were being paid.

As of Tuesday when I left work, I saw lights on in the house. On Wednesday it was dark. We checked the house and he has put cardboard on all the windows so we cannot see in. The doors are locked and he won't answer it. Gord called Child and Family Services yesterday, and they said they would be over there today...but so far I haven't heard anything. He is holed up in there. And so far I don't know if the kids are there. Family Services never called us back today. We didn't want to come in there and scare the little one's, so that is why we called them first. Gord tried the key we had, but it didn't work, so he may have changed the locks. So, short of breaking the door down...I don't know. I't's scary. We left two notices on his door today, that have been taken in.....but no response.

We will call Child Services tomorrow to see if they are safe and at a different location, and then proceed to try to get him out. The guy is crazy, and I'm so scared he is going to do something stupid.

God forbid he has a gun or something. The rentals man have given us a form to fill out, to be able to evict him.. Well fuck that. I don't think he's going to care at this point. He has nowhere to go.

I am so scared. He could bi polar...whatever...and be waiting for a shoot out. We will not provoke him, but I think it's time to bring in the we will see what Family Services tell us tomorrow. I'm afraid he will do harm to Gordon, because he is at the door all the time trying to get in.............oy........

Monday, November 17, 2008

oops Penny Loafer is looking a little mad

She's a little ticked . Hippychick told me today she may have brought fleas into my house. I'm sure she didn't, she was here last Tuesday night and found out the next day her dog had fleas. Her dog wasn't here, but she said the fleas could have come in her clothing. Yipp... bark bark bark......

I have no experience with fleas. She said I should get a flea collar for my Penny, should I? The dog was never in my house.....and yes, perhaps she had a few leaping around on her clothes when she was here...gross.... But in a cold climate like ours I never think of fleas. Those stinking bastards. She told me she had her dog groomed at the vet's about a month ago, and thought perhaps it came from there. It's been a week since she has been here, and I haven't seen Penny scratching so I think it's okay. Poor Hippychick, she had to tell me her dog may have passed on fleas ... it's like telling the guy you slept with you had umm ... crabs or something more delightful. That's what good friends or lovers do. What a good friend I have.

I am still working on finishing my template.... I have run into a few road blocks, most of my own making, but I will get my photos and Blogs I read up sometime next week. It's a work in process.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Here we go again

I think we have a lost cat in the area too...there was someone nibbling the garbage bags by the back gate. Gord got sight of it and said it was black and white... I'm thinking skunk. He didn't have his glasses on..heh..

We bought a whole raft of new Christmas lights for the house this year. Manitoba Hydro is sponsoring a program which lets you take in your old inefficient outside lights to the stores of their choice, and you get a rebate when buying the new LED lights. They take a little getting used to, because they aren't a bright as the old ones. But, with the rebates from our old lights, we managed to buy 1000 new LED lights for 58 bucks... not bad. This is a good thing. We used to blow the breakers in the house on a regular basis with those big ole bad boys.

If you would have had a window into our lives this morning, you would have seen Gord up a ladder AGAIN... looking back at me in the kitchen window. Fixing the window one more time.

But this time it was winter, and he didn't have all those nails in his mouth either. He had his parka on, and his big boots which by the way look ridiculous. Both of his feet hardly fit on the rungs of the ladder, and Ohhhh he looked so clumsy, I almost went in and got a bunch of cushions should he fall...but from that height I don't think that would have make a difference. Living with a perfectionist is hard life. When he does a job it has to been done right. I, on the other hand am happy if it works "good enough"....I'm slap happy. He has ignored all the stuff that had to be fixed around here for 20 years and is so surprised that our..once new house is now very "used looking". What? No shit?

The carpenters and the painters should be in here in the next couple of weeks, and we can spruce her up again. I can hardly wait.

Last week I lost the remote for my radio and found it in the crisper of my fridge, this week I lost the remote to a new TV we had stored in the wood bin of our fireplace for a couple of years....don't ask...anyway, I wanted to set this TV up in the living room ..but the remote was being very remote. I looked everywhere for it. I think we had used the TV for probably a month at the time we put it away, and I'm guessing I threw it out by mistake...or the good lord, thought I had to much stuff and hid it on me. OR, it was stuck in the innards of the love seat I chucked out last's gone.

We went a bought a Universal remote. Well, fuck.......the font in the instructions were so small we had to get out a magnifying glass. Plus, it had obviously been translated to English from another language. Here we were, two old farts, sitting on the couch pointing the remote towards the TV, one trying to read the instructions, and the other trying to implement them. There was a lot of swearing going on...and in total disbelief that something like this, that should seem so easy, was yet so hard was happening. I blame it on the Chinese...there wasn't one complete sentence in the instructions...shit...if you want to sell this crap get it translated correctly. Or, maybe Gord bought a cheap knock-off piece of crap?....I'm thinking the latter. Dollarama isn't the best place to go for electronics is it? Welcome to my world.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Guess who?

Guess who's back...yeah joanie balonie. For anyone new here, she is my alter ego.. and a thorn in my side. Oh how I wish she would go away.

It's this time of year again "and the bitch is back." All of my better judgement has gone to hell in a hand basket. Hand basket? hmmm what is a hand basket? It just popped out, and I don't know what that is. I was going to google it, but I would like it to remain a mystery. It will give me something to think about when I can't sleep at night.

Yes, I knew she would arrive after the first snowfall. She is perched on my shoulder right now putting thoughts in my head that wouldn't ordinarily be there. Earlier on today, she told me to speed up while I was driving. She suggested ... if I drove any slower I would be stopped...bitch...I was going 45 km's in a 60 km zone. Well hells bells, it was slippery balonie/mcphoney..screw you. I am the cautious one, you on the other hand want to get me killed...and take over. Not gonna happen. Until I saw this on my back bumper when I got home...son of beehive...

Do you want to get me killed? duhhhh..

I was a little concerned after I left Safeway tonight, when two young men approached me for a little cash...and YOU...whispered in my ear..."kick them in the balls"...ummm yeah like THAT would have been a good idea. Sorry, but both my hips hurt and I'm old and they WERE young and scarey looking, so I just took off my Remembrance Day "Poppy" (the one that has a sharp pin in it)..from my jacket...and pointed it at them and asked them if they "wanted a piece of this". Those two bad boys had fear in their eyes. Plus I had a little luck when I started my truck with the remote starter...and the belt in the motor (that I haven't had fixed yet) squealed like a pig and scared them big time.

Balonie, can you now see how conflict can be avoided without violence? Both those little creeps moved down the parking lot to other victims. Wise up ass hole.

She has finally left the building...I'm still strong enough to get her off my shoulder. But there will come a day, she will overpower me and post when I'm not looking. If you see a post that looks a little strange, and doesn't have the same educated use of the English language I do, or the grammar, or the spelling, or the compassion I have for my fellow will be her. heh...yes it will be her, because I'm just about perfect, and she's a piece of dog turd.

That I just stepped on. I had to throw out my favourite slippers.

Okay, it was well worth it.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Remberance Day - My tribute to Abie

I remember reciting this poem in school every November 11th.

In Flanders Fields the poppies grow
Between the crosses row on row,
That mark our place;
and in the sky
The larks, still bravely singing,
fly Scarce heard amid the guns below.

I never really got it then. I had no reference point. My dad was still alive. And that was only because he was one year to old to be sent to war and he had a family on the way. That is what I was always told, I don't know if it was true. I was born in 1945 just after the last shots had been fired.

I remember those men in our town that had gone to war. They were Mennonites and should have been Conscientious Objectors according to the faith. They went anyway, wanting to serve their country. When they came back they were treated with disdain. Our next door neighbour.."Abie" was one on them. He was "conscripted" to serve much like the American draft, as were the others, and like my dad would have been had he not been too old. But they didn't take the Conscientious Objector route which could have saved them from serving if they didn't want to go.

Abie, joined the army. He left his position as a school teacher in our town to do his duty. When he came back his job was gone..I believe it was because he went to war, and now the town wouldn't hire him back because he "went to war." After that .... he didn't have much of a life. He worked for the "town"..did small jobs, but he never again got into the educational system. Abie, was smart, well read, and without a real job..other than menial labour jobs ...he spiralled downwards...he started to drink. I wasn't there to see all this from the beginning, because I was too young, but I was there when he was considered the town drunk. He was a binge drinker, so when I was old enough, I saw Abie in his good days...and also in his bad days. And in his good days, he was such a wonderful person. He got me interested in literature, and gave me access to his house to peruse his vast library of books. Granted, the house was in disrepair, and I had to be careful climbing up the steps to the upstairs...where he had them stored. He always checked the books I took out to see what I was reading, and gave his opinion on the book. After I brought them back we would discuss what I had thought about it. Sometimes there was a big difference of opinion...after all I was about 15 and he was OLD. Some of the books were a little too mature for me at that age...but if I had any questions I could ask him. I can't believe how we argued. I miss that dear man. The drunk next door.

I know I have probably told this story before, but on Remembrance Day...I always remember him. next door neighbour in Altona.

Monday, November 10, 2008

PG is suggested just can't avoid it.

It's bad enough we have snow and ice and then we get arse-holes who have nothing better to do.
I, for one think it looks like a white standard poodle sitting on the back of his half ton. That redneck must be feeling kind of foolish...don't you think. He thinks it's a replica of his dink...

Saturday, November 08, 2008

I just love it.

I have been so frustrated with my blog template forever...maybe now I can sit down and write what is really on my mind.

I would seriously recommend her to anyone that wants a makeover...and her rates are reasonable...See my side bar. She will do anything you want. What you see is what I wanted.

If you are using Explorer you will be able to see tiny stars around my pictures...ubber cool.

Thanks Jane!

Friday, November 07, 2008

In only a day or two

You will see the custom blog I ordered. I cannot wait. I am like a kid at Christmas. I am pissing my pants. She did everything I asked and more.

It was a hard road for me, because I am one picky mother bitch as templates go. I guess you all knew that heh... you will probably be surprised with the template I picked. I love all shades blue...and I love mysterious trains... flying through the night...and a little snow thrown in.

Take shall commeth.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

It's snowing SOB

Can one of you Americans help me get a green card so I can come up and work in California ... any place other than this shit? I can pick grapes, as long as it's warm. But if I get in a vineyard, chances are I will be making wine and getting nothing done.

I probably wouldn't like it there anyway. They have outlawed gay marriages, and what I haven't mentioned in my blog before is that my husband Gordon is a woman. At home I call her/him Gordina. Or Dina when he does something cute.

I know this will come as shock to most of my readers. Seriously...we are gay. Gay, gay, gay.

Come fly with me.

I hope he doesn't read this, he will kill me. But I needed to get my 30 day quota of blogs in and had nothing else to say. I have a feeling there will a few more posts like this that aren't true. Sue me. But that law in California..pissed me off... grow up California. Jeez...everyone is different from each other. I don't get it.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

I'm changing the rules Ms. Fussy

I won't post everyday, but I will put up 30 posts this month. This is my promise to you. Yeah, I bet you can't wait. heh.. Rules are made to be broken. It's just been too crazy around here.

Gord's off work. Booo...his knee is still giving him grief. So he has promised to do absolutely nothing for two days. What a guy ... so far on day one...he hasn't moved an inch from the house, which is a miracle....but tomorrow I can't guarantee.. I bet he does something stupid. He goes for surgery in about two again. But maybe it will help. I can only hope. Poor guy, first is was gall stones, then a minor heart attack, and now the knee. IT'S ALWAYS SOMETHING!

Like they say...getting older isn't for the weak. Or something like that, I always screw up those sayings.

I must congratulate my American friends for doing the right thing last night. God love you. I have always been a Liberal all my life...with some Socialist leanings. Yes, it can work both ways.

My new template is being made. I am so excited.

Monday, November 03, 2008

I'm in with NABLOPOMO

I missed Saturday...but who cares...I'm just doing it for the hell of it. If I miss a be it, I'm not taking it quite as serious as I did last year. I will do my best.

It's a good thing balonie is rearing her ugly head, as she has always done before winter...she will have something to say I'm sure...and you might want to keep your children away from the computer when it she is a ugly bitch. But as alter ego's go I would rate her a 5. Because I can still squash her like a bug. Lately we have come to some agreements with the menopausal issue, and perhaps one of us can hit the road, but it ain't gonna be me...She has got to go. So, we still have a way to go. But I can feel her sneaking up on me, because it gets dark early now, and she knows I'm weak.

It's going to be a bumpy ride.

PS: Vote Obama... thought I would sneak that in. Even as a Canadian, I am so excited. It will be a historic day.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

What a beautiful day in the neighbourhood

No wind, sunny and warm. The sun was so low it made shadows everywhere. And of course the time changed today, and I don't know if I am hungry or not..or if I'm tired...they screw with your head..those time changing bastards.

I've had a weird week. First I lost the remote control for the radio. Yes, I said radio. Shut up. I love talk radio. I turn it on the first thing in the morning while I'm making coffee. I want to know the best route to take to work..without any major accidents or hazards waste spills. I have a Sony radio/cd player thing on top of my fridge. It came with a remote control, so I had no hesitation putting up that high. After all, I would never have to put a chair in front of the fridge and turn it off or on. Unless, I wanted to put in a CD, but I can do that on the computer.

Anyway. I lost that sucker on Friday. It always sits in the same place every day, of every week, of every month, of every year..right beside the coffee maker. It was gone. I know I rushed home from work, did a little shopping because I knew the little rug rats would be out for Halloween and I didn't have time to get everything ready. I remember unloading the groceries, and quickly stuffing them all in there respective places, and running around like hell, getting the treats in place, finding the gate that keeps Penny upstairs so she can't eat the rug rats...I was in third gear man.

On Saturday, we went through the garbage, it wasn't there....and people...don't go through your old is disgusting and disturbing all at the same time. I was looking in the bag, and thinking, I don't remember having rice this week, whose garbage is this? So, we looked, and we looked. We turned the house upside down. No remote. I retraced my every step.

Today, when I was starting supper I was going to make a salad. I found it in the crisper in my fridge. (silence)

I always have the radio going all day whether I am home or not. I started doing that when I had budgies, then cats, dogs, fish...whateva. The radio taught my first budgie to talk, and he would imitate whatever was going on, and over the years I just leave the radio going when I am not home. I always think it give the pets a little comfort to hear voices when they at home alone. Anyhooooo....When I get home, the first thing I do is turn off the radio, turn on the TV (with a different remote) in the kitchen and put away the groceries. I'm guessing in my hurry I turned off the radio, with the remote still in my hand while I was dispensing the lettuce in the crisper section of the fridge and dropped that bad boy in with it.

There, I told on myself.

It still works.

I blame Halloween.

Or....maybe balonie is rearing her ugly head again. I've had to trounce on her head more than one time this last month. Every fall she starts up again and tries to take over my blog... I'm sitting on her right now, because she has a lot to say, but it's not the right time.

Day to day stuff:

1. Penny climbed the set of stairs up from the living room to the main!!!!!! We were sitting in the kitchen reading the paper and knew she was downstairs, when...holy shit she was in the kitchen!!! So YAY... this stuff is really starting to work.

2. We just got news that the land we put a down payment on two years ago is ready to go....the bad's winter and we will have to pay for it 6 months before we can build. Talk about bad timing.

3. Gordy's left leg is giving big time grief.. Doc has estimated two months until surgery. He doesn't know how much longer he can work until then. See #2

4. Cinnamon Apple Pudding Cake with caramel has made me a believer in dessert. Normally I don't like it.

I guess that's enough bitching for tonight.

Just some pic's from this afternoon
click to makem bigger..

I can't remember a fall day more beautiful than this. It was the best. Taken this morning.

Penny made a nest of leaves and is playing with her ball.

This is my shadow as I was taking Penny's was really something. I look like a gorilla. When the sun is so low it sure makes a difference when you take pictures...but kind of neat. I was wearing jeans and sweat shirt...but it looks like I was wearing a robe.. And I have teeny weenie head.

The bike...just getting ready to get into the shed....if you can see on the left side I had to put a piece of plywood down on the kick stand so the ole girl wouldn't sink into the grass and go boom. Man it is heavy.

This is kind of hard to see because of the shadows ...but the Shriner is trying to make room in the little shed for both the the riding lawnmower and the bike, plus all the crap in there. This is one of three sheds we have on the property. We have a lot of stuff...which some times takes me want to hurl. Gord is a pack rat...but a very neat pack rat. So I can take that, because I hate clutter.

Well, my time frame is so fudged up tonight because of the change, but I am going to watch Desperate Housewives and I 'm guessing it the late one on TV...who cares I still get an hour more sleep ...or maybe not. hmmmmm. I still can't figure it out.