Sunday, November 02, 2008

What a beautiful day in the neighbourhood

No wind, sunny and warm. The sun was so low it made shadows everywhere. And of course the time changed today, and I don't know if I am hungry or not..or if I'm tired...they screw with your head..those time changing bastards.

I've had a weird week. First I lost the remote control for the radio. Yes, I said radio. Shut up. I love talk radio. I turn it on the first thing in the morning while I'm making coffee. I want to know the best route to take to work..without any major accidents or hazards waste spills. I have a Sony radio/cd player thing on top of my fridge. It came with a remote control, so I had no hesitation putting up that high. After all, I would never have to put a chair in front of the fridge and turn it off or on. Unless, I wanted to put in a CD, but I can do that on the computer.

Anyway. I lost that sucker on Friday. It always sits in the same place every day, of every week, of every month, of every year..right beside the coffee maker. It was gone. I know I rushed home from work, did a little shopping because I knew the little rug rats would be out for Halloween and I didn't have time to get everything ready. I remember unloading the groceries, and quickly stuffing them all in there respective places, and running around like hell, getting the treats in place, finding the gate that keeps Penny upstairs so she can't eat the rug rats...I was in third gear man.

On Saturday, we went through the garbage, it wasn't there....and people...don't go through your old is disgusting and disturbing all at the same time. I was looking in the bag, and thinking, I don't remember having rice this week, whose garbage is this? So, we looked, and we looked. We turned the house upside down. No remote. I retraced my every step.

Today, when I was starting supper I was going to make a salad. I found it in the crisper in my fridge. (silence)

I always have the radio going all day whether I am home or not. I started doing that when I had budgies, then cats, dogs, fish...whateva. The radio taught my first budgie to talk, and he would imitate whatever was going on, and over the years I just leave the radio going when I am not home. I always think it give the pets a little comfort to hear voices when they at home alone. Anyhooooo....When I get home, the first thing I do is turn off the radio, turn on the TV (with a different remote) in the kitchen and put away the groceries. I'm guessing in my hurry I turned off the radio, with the remote still in my hand while I was dispensing the lettuce in the crisper section of the fridge and dropped that bad boy in with it.

There, I told on myself.

It still works.

I blame Halloween.

Or....maybe balonie is rearing her ugly head again. I've had to trounce on her head more than one time this last month. Every fall she starts up again and tries to take over my blog... I'm sitting on her right now, because she has a lot to say, but it's not the right time.

Day to day stuff:

1. Penny climbed the set of stairs up from the living room to the main!!!!!! We were sitting in the kitchen reading the paper and knew she was downstairs, when...holy shit she was in the kitchen!!! So YAY... this stuff is really starting to work.

2. We just got news that the land we put a down payment on two years ago is ready to go....the bad's winter and we will have to pay for it 6 months before we can build. Talk about bad timing.

3. Gordy's left leg is giving big time grief.. Doc has estimated two months until surgery. He doesn't know how much longer he can work until then. See #2

4. Cinnamon Apple Pudding Cake with caramel has made me a believer in dessert. Normally I don't like it.

I guess that's enough bitching for tonight.

Just some pic's from this afternoon
click to makem bigger..

I can't remember a fall day more beautiful than this. It was the best. Taken this morning.

Penny made a nest of leaves and is playing with her ball.

This is my shadow as I was taking Penny's was really something. I look like a gorilla. When the sun is so low it sure makes a difference when you take pictures...but kind of neat. I was wearing jeans and sweat shirt...but it looks like I was wearing a robe.. And I have teeny weenie head.

The bike...just getting ready to get into the shed....if you can see on the left side I had to put a piece of plywood down on the kick stand so the ole girl wouldn't sink into the grass and go boom. Man it is heavy.

This is kind of hard to see because of the shadows ...but the Shriner is trying to make room in the little shed for both the the riding lawnmower and the bike, plus all the crap in there. This is one of three sheds we have on the property. We have a lot of stuff...which some times takes me want to hurl. Gord is a pack rat...but a very neat pack rat. So I can take that, because I hate clutter.

Well, my time frame is so fudged up tonight because of the change, but I am going to watch Desperate Housewives and I 'm guessing it the late one on TV...who cares I still get an hour more sleep ...or maybe not. hmmmmm. I still can't figure it out.


A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

I am just off to bed but thought I would stop by...
Those pictures are really lovely,And the whole remote saga...You can loose days looking for things...I hate looking for anything and when my Hubby looks he can never find ANYTHING,I say did you have a mans look or a womans look??

Brenda said...

Love the pictures! It was a beautiful day for sure.

I'm glad you found the remote. We lose ours every day, and the cordless phone too. Once I lost a box of "lady necessities". I looked and looked, was swearing a blue streak cause I thought they hadn't put them in the bag at the store. James opened the freezer for some ice at supper and there they were. I still hear the story about trying to cool it off.

Donna said...

I love talk radio as well...and I WAS thinking of getting one with a remote....HAHAHaaaaaa.....NAH!!!
LOVE all the pictures sweetie!!hughugs

Joan said...

I can't believe I spelled Neighbourhood wrong...I had a string of mistakes going on yesterday in my blog...forgive me.

I guess I was a little more tired than I thought after raking leaves all day..and shit.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you threw that in so casually about th pudding cake and no recipe...Please. please Joan

Anonymous said...

The pudding want an address?

Louise said...

Can I still post as Louise??