Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloweenski

I just had Cinderella at the door.. She had to be about 3 years old, with a tiara, and a velvet red dress. So v e r y cute. The weather is so beautiful all the kids are coming tonight. Last year we were finished by now. I was shelling out the treats by the handful, because I thought I would have way to much like I did last year, but I can see I will have to cheap out on some of the last one's to arrive. I kept 5 Crispy Crunches for myself. I'm not a real big fan of chocolate and candy but I love Crispy Crunch..cause it's a little bit sweet and a little bit salty.

I can't believe how many dad's are taking their kids out...and a lot of them have digital cameras...that sort of made me nervous, maybe they thought I was putting crap in their candy bags.

Talking about sweets...I bought Gord and Apple and Caramel pudding cake for this birthday. Well, for a person who never eats cake...and always refuses cake at any event, I made a pig of myself. I could have taken THAT cake, and bathed in it. It was so good.

..those damn kids are at the door again...heh..

Nope it was my next door neighbour who brought over her 9 month old granddaughter.. in a pumpkin suit...awwwwwww... so cute, the best part was I didn't have to give that kid candy so I got more left over for the rest of them....or Gord. I have been slapping his hands. The guy has a serious sweet addiction.

The winner tonight was a little East Indian girl dressed in traditional garb...she was so beautiful, and wanted to come in and see the dog. I can't imagine why, Penny was sitting on top of the stairs in front of the door barking down at her. I don't think I have ever seen a more beautiful little girl.

It's I'm shutting it down.

I hope no one tips my outhouse tonite....oops... I just went back in time. Catch me when I come back to 2008.


Brenda said...

I had a yard full of little monsters last night and there's a tired old Nanaw this morning.

Anonymous said...

recipe would be good...caramel pudding cake?

Joan said...

The Caramel pudding cake came from Safeway...sorrrrry.... but it was better than sex...seriously.