Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Stuff that breaks your heart

Stuff that really hurts and makes you cry for your best friend. My friend ... and sister in law Sheila...who you saw and read about in my previous post at her 60th. birthday turfed from her job she had for 40 fucking years on Tuesday along with most of the people in her department.

She was a single mom in the mid 70's and when she got this job she held on to it tight, because it brought in the bread and butter, so she could take care of her son. In those days they didn't even have day care. She struggled to make a better life for him.

She held on to this job really tightly even after he got married and had kids, because this was her life. Her future and retirement. And those BASTARDS after all those years gave her the old heave ho. I fucking hate corporations and their re-structuring crapolla.

For the first time in her life, last year, she bought a a trailer park. She has always lived in an apartment or a small townhouse when her son was still at home. Now, she finally had a home she could call her own .....and she loved having a little yard ..and her own home. A real place that wasn't rented where she could do anything she wanted to. And this shit happens.

She still has 5 years to go to get Government Pension.....and her buy out package from her work is ugly.
But I think she has another option that could save her some money, but am not to sure about that yet. She will know by the end of this week. Getting old is fucking nuts..... I 'm so glad I work for a little company without all the bullshit. No corporate take overs here...yet?

Hang in there Sheila....Attitude Adjustment Hour (AAH) is just a few days away... and we will put it to good use. We got your back.


Brenda said...

What a shitty thing to have happen to her after giving them 40 years. I hope things work out in her favor, she certainly deserves it!

Donna said...

Can't she fight it??? Something??? AwHell....Bless her heart!!!! Big hug to you Joan...hughugs

Susan said...

At the very least she has a great friend in you. Tell her we are rooting for her!