Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Water on the knee and stuff

Gord's got water on the knee ....again. And he can hardly walk.

They used to call it housemaids knee...because woman used to be on their "knees"...all the time..whether they were scrubbing the floors or just obeying the da man.

I know how Gord got his...because has been down on his knees for 30 years fixing appliances trying to make a living. The knees are the first to go. He has been on a waiting list ... like forever to get something done. Nobody cares whether he has to make a living....he is just a number ... and if you don't have a life threating illness, you have to wait.

I know he fucked it up last weekend, taking the tires off his bike and putting on the new ones. It was a hard job....he still doesn't want to admit it.....but I know..... balonie always knows... I almost wrote..mama knows....but that would be icky. But, some days it's like he is my overgrown kid. But, it goes both ways...we got each others butt...in good and bad times. Only this time I got his big ole housemaids knee staring me in the face. And I am wondering why I don't have it...but I have come to the conclusion that I just work SMART.

Just taking a look at my kitchen floor when I came home from work today , would answer that question. The dog dragged in a million leaves from the back 40 because it rained last night. Someone missed the coffee pot container this morning, and there are coffee grounds on the floor. We had Subway sandwiches for lunch today. A treat, just to put a smile on Gord's face because his knee hurt...but we scarffed down those sandwiches so fast, most of it fell on the floor, the dog ate everything that wasn't lettuce....so when I came home after work...it was a little crunchy under the table. Personally I get a little scared...when lettuce stays that crunchy on the floor for over 3 hours. What are they putting in our food? Now, I had to clean this floor....but I don't ever get down on my knees and clean it up...and CRY . Nope....I have a million other things to do when I get home from work. I have supper to make, veggies to chop, a little wine to drink, stuff to fry or bake, and fruit juices to make for Gord and a doggie playtime. I will deal with it when I get a moment, and our house will never look like like a pig pen, but when the weekend rolls around I will swiffer & vacumm it...and make it look presentable. And yes, there will be dust bunnies I haven't caught, but I can't be bothered with the little shit anymore....

If you know what it's like to have your own busness and you don't keep regular hours like the 9 to 5'ers ... plus I still work my job...you will understand. We do what we have to do. Pretty soon I will be the only one here that is able to walk....Gord will have to use Penny's ramp to get out of the house...now, this is making me nervous.:)


A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

hope the knee smartens up soon,
As for housework it'll always wait for you enjoy all the other things and realise we are here for a good time not a long time.
That's some funky lettuce...Crispy still after 3 hours!!!

Brenda said...

Ouch! Poor Gord! I hope his knee gets better cause I imagine that's got to hurt big time.

Donna said...

I sympathize with his knees! Ouchie! It's stories like this on your national health care system that makes me cringe when the politicians talk about having it here. Take a number and wait - no thank you! If I have a medical problem, I want it fixed right now!