Thursday, October 09, 2008

The Vagina chronicles continue...

I think I figured it out.

Tuesday at work I decided to sit on my leg/foot on my chair at work because it was stiff. I crammed it up in under my ass, and when that leg/foot went to sleep...I changed over to the other one. So, apparently the heels of my shoes bruised my nether regions. I will have to remember not to that again. In a way, I kicked myself in the ass. How befitting.

Nothing new. Normally OTHER people do that. But, I just saved them some time.

I was reading a blog today and was reminded of my Vagina blog yesterday. This chick is funny. Praying to Darwin

Here it is:
Someone at the Y has a sick sense of humor. They’ve booked 12 babies, 13 toddlers and 6 preschoolers for lessons. All at the same time. The family change room is a freaking mob scene. I put my head down, try to concentrate. I’ve managed to get both kids and myself into suits, through the washroom and into the showers. As I’m congratulating myself on my superior organizational skills, my son pulls on my hand to get my attention.

He points at a woman 2 shower nozzles away. In his best stage whisper, he says, “Mom! Her regina’s gettin’ away!”

I look to where he’s pointing. The woman is, indeed, wearing half her moneymaker outside her bathing suit.

Do I shush him, tell him not to be rude? Do I worry that my son has been scarred by the sight of what looks like a weather beaten squirrel hanging out at his eye-level? Do I reassure him that it is not “gettin’ away”?

No. I do not.

“Honey, it’s VA-gina, not RE-gina. Regina is the capital of Saskatchewan. Try to remember that.”

AHHHAHHA..I guess you have to live in Canada to really appreciate the humour here. I love his lady. "half her moneymaker"........ man that is funny. And the weather beaten squirrel...OH MY... I just laughted my bruised ass off.


A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

Dang! Thats funnY!
I kicked myself in the clacker in a similar way once jumping on a trampoline!!
Playscholl a kids show my kids watch has Jemima Doll,My Son has always referred to her as Vagina Doll!!
Anyway hope yours AH,UM... recovers *wink*

prayingtodarwin said...

Thanks, Joan! Glad you liked it :)

Brenda said...

Hahahaha, weather-beaten squirrel is my favorite.

Joan said...


the very best part of it was:
“Honey, it’s VA-gina, not RE-gina. Regina is the capital of Saskatchewan. Try to remember that.”

I live in Manitoba...and we always make fun of Regina Sask. for some reason or only hope is, when your son gets older, he doesn't come to Regina to corner a squirrel. Nothing good can come of that. I assure you.

Donna said...

I'll go check her out, but I Swear, I'm doing good getting out of Your "house" and still being able to breathe!!Hahaaa....the stuff you come up with...hilarious....Happy day Joan...hughugs

Anonymous said...

is porn the only winner during credit crunch?