Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Today is....

Our 36th. Anniversary and Gord's 64th. birthday.

Good grief...where has the time gone? At this point, I'm just happy to alive,and have a good job. I'm not taking anything for granted anymore.

Birthday boy is out having a drink with his bro and sister...family tradition.

Gord and I celebrated our anniversary at lunch, we had take out subway sandwiches at home ...heh... And to make it SPECIAL we both choose different toppings than we usually do. You know..trying to get out of the groove. WE KNOW HOW TO LIVE IT UP!

And for supper, I am making homemade chicken fingers..and stuff. And cake and presents.

Chickens don't have fingers...that part has always confused me.

I made an error in judgement today. I tried to go into Safeway through the automated exit door while someone else was coming out. That was a mistake I probably won't make again...Damn near did a face plant on the parking lot. The poor lady kept on apologizing....and I kept on telling her "it's okay"..."I only have a slight concussion," and it wasn't your fault, after all I was not paying attention! As I was picking up my handbag ... and it's contents strewn on the pavement, I found a penny on the ground and the "head injured" part of me said "let's go in this casino an play the slots."

I walked into Safeway looking for a machine. I stumbled down isle after isle trying to find a slot machine with my penny. Finally, I found one. But it only took Loonies (1.00) coins...and all you could win was bottled water. I kept on looking for a slot machine that would take a penny. My head was aching. I stopped in the Pharmacy, and asked them if they knew where the slots were, and they took one look at me and said I should probably sit for awhile. I did. They had nice comfy chairs there, so I rested for a bit. Then I noticed a machine right beside me. It had a digital display on it, and a place to put your arm in. So I did that, but once I got my arm in it there was no place to put my penny in. The display kept on telling me to put pressure on my arm with his hose thing. Screw that...I thought, if you don't want my penny, I am out of here.

So I wandered through the store. I tried to put my penny everywhere, but nothing took. Finally as I passed the Starbucks coffee place, one of the girls took pity on me and asked if I would like a Caramel hot chocolate. I said.. ummm yes..but you don't have a slot machine. She said, it's okay, we give these samples out for free after 5:00 PM. I was still shaken by the door banging incident...and accepted her generous offer and sat down and shot that bad boy back. It was good!

I was finally coming to my senses. But I still had the found penny in my hand. No slots to play...I had to come up with a plan. I had to spend my penny. I bought a few groceries, and as I came to the check out counter, there was a box taking donations for breast cancer...and slipped the little guy in. Every penny counts.

In memory of my mom Margaret Kehler.


A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

You are one good woman...
See every god deed desrves another and you got your cuppa!
Happy Anniversary...Different subway fillings...whoa! There girl you do live dangerously!!!

Brenda said...

Your anniversary celebration was so romantic it brought a tear to my eye.
We mostly celebrate ours with James working in the field and me bitching about him forgetting the date.

I'm sad you didn't find a slot machine but it all worked out, you found a great slot to put in into.

How's the head?

Bobbie said...

Happy Birthday to Gord, and Happy Anniversary to you both.

See a penny, pick it up.
All day long you'll have good luck.
Give the penny to a friend,
And your luck will never end. just in case you find another one!.

Dorie said...

Happy Anniversary/Birthday!!!!

Joan said...

That door really took me by surprise...it's sort of like the old joke when the parrot flies into a window and we laugh, and when we walk into the window,the parrots calls us a flat faced bitch....haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..ah I forgot how the joke went, but it was funny. However, by my description of it ... you will never know.

Sally said...

Happy Happy to you both! Wow, 36 years to one man - you rock, Joan!

Donna said...

Happy Late Anniversary Sweetie!! You are a HOOT!! I Love the way you tell a story!!Hahaaaa....by the way...I've started my Corky on that condaglyacin...conda....glocosomin...glue...you know...that bone fixin stuff you put Miss Penny on...I'm at the Bottom of the barrel on what to do for him...Happy day sweetie!!hughugs