Friday, October 17, 2008

I'm on holiday for a week

I'm not going anywhere that I can remember. God forbid I bought plane tickets online and forgot about it. Sometimes I go into my own world when I sit down in front of my computer and say and do stuff I don't remember until the next day....when it all comes back to me. But, I'm sure I didn't buy the 3 day package to Las Vegas I was dreaming about.....tell me I didn't. I'm sure THAT would have come back to me. Or maybe it was true and I can go.

Painting...yeah... I forgot about that shit. I have to paint. Bummer, it's all come back to me now. No getting on a plane and flying high to Vegas for me. Colour me...pissed off. Remember when that was a popular saying...colour me....yeah well I'm still saying it...because I'm pissed off. Colour me "yellow"... now that is pissed off.

I need a week off from my job, Gord and Penny Loafer. I like my job and I love both Gord and Penny very much, but ALL the above are very needy, and I have almost worried out my worry beads.

I think I will call a painter, and let him screw it up instead of me. Because we have never ever had work done in our home by "others" that haven't led to disaster. Gord made a list of things that need doing in the house last week by tradesmen. He expects me to contact them and get stuff done in the house.

I feel a great big cloud a disaster about to befall us. It's looming. The last time: We couldn't even get our carpets cleaned without a crisis when one of the guys knocked a hole in the wall with his steamer thingofamajig. The guys that were supposed to put our linoleum in the the kitchen left a gap going into the hallway and we kept on tripping on it......after repeated requests to repair it a guy came back and put a huge pile of glue on the strip. Which now looks like a camels back. We no longer trip over it, we climb over it. Bastards. I am so not looking forward to getting tradesmen in here, but maybe I can find a good guy. I will have to check out his cute ass out first.

There is nothing like fall, that makes you want to puke. And yes, it's all pretty and shit with the leaves.. lets get down to basics....All the shit you have dragged out on to the decks and the back 40, has to be taken in for winter. In spring, it's a delight...because you have forgotten about most of it....and you set it out again for the summer. You are a dumb ass every year... and forget about fall! First you bring up all the patio tables, chairs and umbrellas ... and really talk yourself into thinking, well.... this year I'm only putting out 5,789 garden Nome's...a tin man, plastic ducks around pond...along with their cousins...the frog with the cute little fishing pole, a huge ceramic Carp, and of course "Clive the Moose".... plus fake flowers, $300.00 dollars worth of Annuals, .. and hey... no prob....what is so hard about this? Yeah...then fall ...kicks your ass .... and you have bring all that crap in. Find it a home in the garage or a shed. THEN....this is where it gets a little testy. Gord and I do not agree on where stuff should be stored. I get pissed off and he stores it all over the stinking place, in the garage and in two storage sheds and I have to find it again in spring. I have a hard life.

So, on Sunday, the fall storage cycle starts all over again, and to tell the truth, I would rather have crows pick out my eyeballs....than do the fall cleanup with him...

Someone will get hurt.


Brenda said...

I feel for you sugha, hell, I vote for getting the plane ticket to go "do" Vegas.

Joan said...


Ahhh I will get over this funk....I'm just a little ..poopy.

Donna said...

It would be Fun to have a weeks break from work...then, NOT GO BACK!!! hahahaa....I'm ready to STAY HOME! Happy break sweetie!!!hughugs