Saturday, October 11, 2008

I just turned on the computer

And my blog colours scared me. I know it's fall, and it's Thanksgiving weekend here in Canuckland, but there is no excuse for the obnoxious use of leaves and pumpkin coloured background. If I were you, I would take up a petition to "ride me out of bloggerland." Get a posse together...and shoot me at sundown.But, even though I'm a little.. no...make that a lot anal about colours I would like you to shoot me during this kind of sundown which I caught last night out my front door of our cul de sac. Hey, I said something in French. Now I am sure to be able to get a job in the Canadian government...go me! Along with with my second language ..Mennonite Low German the sky is the limit.

I spend most of the afternoon trying to choose paint colours for my living room, and realized how inept I am at it. I realized what I chose has to be correct...I can't just change it like my template. I have cathedral ceilings fortheloveofmike...I have a shitpile of stuff to paint and the walls are HIGH, and I can't make a mistake. It's huge and vast, and unbelievably annoying. Never buy a house where you have to rent scaffolding to paint. My next house will never have ceilings like this again. I hate them. Sure they are pretty to look at but they are a pain the ASS to maintain. And don't even get me started on the 1980's stipple on the ceilings. I would have to rent a fork lift to paint them. I was thinking of painting the walls a dark brown, so the the white ceiling wouldn't look so dirty. I'm thinking the contrast will make them look..umm whiter. I could be wrong. Give me the easy way out, and I'll take it.


Brenda said...

Wow! Spectacular sunset! Those are great Miz Joanie.

Hush about the leaves, I like the leaves. :-)

My living room walls remain a stark white right now for the same reasons; I can't pick out a paint color. I've had the sample book for 3 years!

Donna said...

I won't shoot you, but I admit that your blog background is STARTLING! LOL. Love the sunset pics!

We had one of those cathedral ceilings. Ugh. NEVER again. Had to pay big bucks for a painting crew to repaint 2 years ago. We went with a chocolate nougat color and we love it. (Bite into a Milky Way candy bar and check out the color.) Don't go too dark or else you'll regret it (too cave-like).

canuckabilly said...

Now that's a sunset!! I'm having a hard time typing here because of the water in my eyes from one of your other blogs. Yeah the moneymaker and the squirrel thing. You crack me up.