Monday, October 13, 2008

I'm sticking with this one for now

And...I'm kinda loving it. It's a real "grown up" template. Maybe bloggers will take me seriously now... without all the tomfoolery I do. Yes, this is a very serious blog. Everything in here is in black and white.. That means I can can discuss politics, religion, and world events. Like that would ever happen.

So, on to the weekend. Sheila who is one of our Saturday Night Attitude Adjustment Hour AAH members..and SIL and best friend who just happened to turn the big Six-0 this week. Her son organized a family birthday party at a local restaurant. Along with all her grands...(3) and family.

We had a great time. The food was fabulous. I ate tooooo much. I'm still not hungry. We rarely ever go out to eat, and when we do...oy...we stuffed ourselves. I won't tell you what I had, because I know you will make fun of me. It's something I could make very easily at home, but I wanted to taste it somewhere else. Plus, I haven't had french fries for almost a year and a half. Okay... it was the "Chopped Sirloin (hamburger steak)..topped with homemade mushroom gravy. Along with a wonderful greek salad, rice, Potatoes ( I chose fries) and broccoli and carrots in a cream sauce. Oops, I forgot the garlic toast!!! Then Birthday cake after that.

The birthday cake was the hit of the party...her son bought a cake with a Halloween theme to it, and most of the icing was black. Let's see what that looked like.

Oldest grandkid
This is Sheila talking to her littlest grand..We call her "T"...the sweetest little one ever.

She called her Grandpa for the longest of time...but now she is grandma...she is showing off her new watch, her other Grandma gave her that afternoon while she was watching her. And she won't take it off. In the pic she has just told Sheila...Gamma..."you are three." We kept on telling her to tell Sheila she was 60 years old...but she kept on saying gamma was three, like she is.

This is best picture of her middle grand.... isn't she sweet...

I know their parents are kinda iffy with their pictures on the I have kept their names out of it...

After supper when we were all having coffee and stuff, the youngsters went down to the bar with their cousins and maybe a Grandpa in tow...and sat on bar stools watching the entertainment. It was just a guy taking requests for songs, and the kids just loved it. The bar was empty because it was a long weekend out here, and they just sat there mesmerized by this guy singing "Tie A Yellow Ribbon Around the Old Oak Tree".....and stuff like that. Then the guy asked for birthday requests....and of was Grandma's birthday and we called down from the balcony to the kids and told them to get him to sing Happy Birthday to Grandma.. And he did, and we cheered. It was a very good evening and Sheila is so blessed to have these kids in her life.

Mother nature pulled a trick on us this weekend..holy smokes...three days of rain .... and I haven't even taken down my summer stuff off the deck or even cleaned up my garden. Snow will be next....

We almost lost our Penny Loafer. Gord opened the back gate to take out the garbage to the front street tonight..and left it open without thinking. We had let her out in the back yard for about 15 minutes before we realized she hadn't come back in. And it was dark. I panicked. I knew she would leave the yard once the gate was open......but I also knew she would go next door because she is in love with the guy that lives there....but she wasn't there. OMG...I knew she couldn't get very far because she has trouble walking, so I ran back in and got my flashlight, and ran up the cul de sac yelling her name. All of sudden I saw a little dog walking ...slowly down the street towards Penny Loafer............................ my heart started to beat again. We would have never forgiven ourselves for being so stupid. , dogs whatever... we are the caretakers of those we have born or taken into our homes.


gemmak said...

Hi...thank you for your comment and interest. Unfortunately I can't find an email address for you anywhere here. Drop me a line when you get a moment and we can talk :o)

Brenda said...

I like the black and white, it looks great.

The family dinner sounds like it was fun and I'm glad you found Penny. I bet that scared you not knowing where she might be.

Donna said...

I'm loving this new look too! You got a winner!

Donna said...

That cake looks...really Pretty!! And I Know you were scared out of your mind when you couldn't find Penny!!! Geez! How scary!!! Rest easy Miz Joan!!!hughugs