Thursday, October 23, 2008

I'm smiling

I'm getting a new blog built for me. This should stop the madness. A home I can call my own, without hating whatever I get for free. So, I am in the process of trying to figure out exactly what that is.

I have been reading "Gemmacks" forever and she made my first template, along with her friend Lisa and I loved it. But as time went on I started to learn HTML...and thought I was one smart cookie and didn't need these guys. Well, the new blogger sure put a stop to that nonsense. I have to admit it was fun making your own blog from scratch...but who the hell has time to learn all the new stuff...not me. Good God, I have a Pyzam template up now, so that is about as low as you can go. So, I had to call in the professionals....and for a very reasonable price..check her out.

We just finished moving down our three piece huge mother of a wall unit down to the living room. It wasn't as heavy as I thought it would be. Teak is lighter than most woods, so it went pretty smoothly, except for my incessant bitching because I thought we would both wind up dead and nobody would find us . Going down sure is easier than it was bringing it up 8 years ago when we got it. We are putting the house back to it's original plan. Way back when we turned the dining room into a small TV room and put the wall unit in it. Which had room for a TV in it. Then we surrounded it with our Archie Bunker old lazy boys...that were duct taped and gently farted on for a decade. Very comfy. I am sure none of this makes sense because this is a 4 level split house, I will take some before...and after pics...mainly after... because most of it has been done. I'm loving moving everything around, and getting all the dust bunnies out of their holes. In the next few weeks we should have it painted and ready for Christmas...then ready for sale whenever we decide to build our new house. At least it will all be presentable.

I really love my office. I don't know why I didn't think to set it up this way in the first place.

So, I will be a busy bee all week and weekend. I can't tell you how excited I am. I went shopping this afternoon for area for the walls, new bedding for the bedroom....lamps ..oh how I love lamps everywhere!! I hate overhead lights to pieces..and plants...lots of new plants. I am transplanting the few I have left that were neglected the past few years and getting new ones as well.

It will be wonderful to come home to a nice looking home, instead of the old neglected one. We let it go far to long. But there was was "always something that held us back" now this is a priority. Tonight we actually took our old love seat and booted it out the door!!! No "love" lost there. I will keep the matching sofa till we get everything straightened out. Gotta sit somewhere...mind you we still haven't booted out the fart infested dog haired duct taped lazy boys. So, we can still park our asses in a comfy seat for a limited time.


A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

Fart infested chairs....Funny! you are a funny one!
It sounds like your place is going to look brand spanking new after all this makeover work you are putting in to it!
And who does'nt love the opportunity to buy bits and pieces

Brenda said...

You underestimate your web designing abilities and I think a lot of the freebies on out there are great. If I knew how to add my links without having add each one individually, I'd be using one of them. I'm too lazy for all that work.

I admire your energy, bunches!

Joan said...

just checking to see if my comments are working. some people are having problems

Joan said...


Susan said...

Once it is all finished, I bet you wont want to move. Hey we have a couple of lazy boys like that, we must have similar taste in funiture!
I was happy to read of the improvement in Penny Loafer.My mums dog has been having alot of arthritis so I told her your story and she is going to tryt it on Lucy the limping Labrador.

canuckabilly said...

If I ever move I ain't givin' any chair that I've farted in. Sorry but that's the way it is.