Monday, September 29, 2008

7 things..that turned into 3

"A bite of country cupcakes" asked me to do this meme...she may be sorry, because you know the way I get sometimes...heh She asked for 7 answers to every question, and I have to admit, I don't have the patience to think about about more than one at a time, nevermind seven. So I came up with 3. I think I can handle that.

3 Things I Plan To Do Before I Die:

....Make sure I have enough money so I don't have to ask anyone for anything when I get old. My independence is crucial. I will always have enough money for cab fare if I can't drive anymore.

...Build our new house next summer, and finally start to retire...sort of... it will never happen...but it's a plan.

... Kick the ass of the guy who fired me 12 years ago, I will never forgive that bastard. He used me after his friend who worked for him a long time went back to college, and when she flunked out, I was history, and he found an excuse to let me go. I hate him with a passion. I spit on him.

3 Things I Do Now

...I don't hold grudges...........haaaaaaaaaa ha...scratch the above "Things I plan to do before I die"... but I DO when people fuck me around.

... Over think every situation that comes into my life. And make mountains out of molehills. oy...I am a bad ass with that one.

... Trying to get a new wardrobe. Buying a top that doesn't have a hoodie. And of course this is the year of the hoodie, and I don't even have to go looking for them. Fudge.

3 Things I Can't Do

... Whistle. I cannot do that. All I get is a little peeping noise. But of course nobody whistles anymore unless you have a dog. Therefore, my dog's indifference.

... Hold a tune. I spent most of my youth trying to sing loudly in choir, only to be told to "hush" ... only "mouthe" the words .. you are screwing up the entire choir...sing soft. amen.

3 Things That Attract Me To The Opposite Sex

... Lips.... I loved guys who had soft lips. Ricky Nelson lips...yep, I loved Ricky Nelson's lips, I am THAT old.. And Gord has Ricky Nelson lips, but he doesn't plant them on me as much as he used to. It was much more exciting in the day..when we were making out in the back seat of his car in a dark lane. Windows were all could write your name on them. And if a car was coming up, you would scramble up and try to find your bra...which was attached to his neck and damn near killing him. By the time the car passed ... and you figured out it wasn't a cop, telling you to move were half way dressed, and have to start all over again. Those were the days my friend. Sex in the opposed to Sex in the City. Tame.

... Sense of humor...for sure. If we can't laugh it's over. I don't make him laugh half as much as I used to, because sometimes life gets a little serious with stuff...but I try and he does too...he is always in a good mood and sometimes that pisses me off...chaulk that up to hormones or something. I'm sure I could talk him into going out to the garage and have a one on one in the Stinking Lincoln. It has a very large back seat. wink wink...

... Guys with money. Money never turns me off... I shallow is that? But someone will have to pay for my cab fare when I get old. That's all I really ask for.

3 Things That I Say Most Often

Where is my fucking watch? I keep loosing it.. and sometimes it's on my wrist.

When are you coming home from the shop?... Gord is always late

Penny... let's go take a pee pee

Celebrities That I Admire

....I don't watch TV very much or watch movies I can't really answer this question. But when I did, I have to say Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward have always been my favourites. I remember in the early 60's when I saw Paul Newman in a "Cat in a Hot Tin Roof" with Liz Taylor, I was a fan ever since. All his movies were well done, and so were Joanne's especially when they were together, you could almost feel the heat.

... Gilda Radner....who made me laugh till I pissed my pants. I loved her...It's always something!! Too bad the SNL is crap right now. That humour has left that building.

... I like Sex in the City re-runs right now... I know, as usual I'm a little to late to the party, but I think Samantha (Kim Cattrall) has got balls, and like the the interaction she has with Jason Lewis, her young lover, and how she finally manages to get over herself with him. Some scenes were very touching.

3 Favorite Foods

Ribs...Tony Roma's

Spaghetti.....any kind ...with lots of Parmesan cheese on it.. and yeah I like meat balls too.

Perogies....with cream gravy, and farmer sausage.

3 People Who Need To Do This

Anyone.......bring it on.....

Sunday, September 28, 2008

The ramp is in

And Penny Loafer has used it twice already. She is still a little shy of it going up the stairs, but with coaxing along with some bread crumbs going up it, she did great. Going down was a breeze, she didn't even have to be coaxed, she seemed to know that would be the easiest way to get down. Coming back up was a little scary.

We can still squeeze past it if we have to, or we can just lift it off, because it isn't attached to anything. We wanted to give her a wide berth so she wouldn't feel uncomfortable. The ramp was just made of press board, and we thought she might be able to climb that, but it soon became apparent that this was a slippery slope. So, we had a lot more indoor outdoor carpet, like you see on the deck, and on the stairs, so we decided the underside of it was was much more grippable..I don't think that's a word..but it is now. So, we turned it over and stapled it down, and I think it may work.

Gord and I didn't even get "into" it today when he was sawing the boards, I thought I would have to yell at him I usually do when he starts a project he knows nothing about. But, we played nice and nobody got hurt, even though a major table saw was involved. We both have our limbs to show for it. I can still type. He can still walk...All is well.

Good news...just in... we just let Penny out before we are going to bed, and she bounded down the new ramp. So we left her down on the back yard to see if she would come back up the ramp by herself ...and she did, without any interference by us............YAY...we don't have to carry her up the stairs anymore....and what is more interesting, she seems so much more self assured and happy. She hated to be carried. Now she has a new lease on life...she can come in and out as she pleases and doesn't have to depend on us to get her back up to the house when she wants to come in. Plus she is so smart, she responds to me by voice and hand signals and today when we went through the drill a few times, she aced it. She has her independence back. Winter could be a challenge, but we are up for it. And talking about "smart"...she can still remember every toy she has when I ask her to bring it to me...that is 8 years worth of toys which I have named. Somethimes I have to a little "do over" with some of the old one's we don't play with to much anymore...but she will remember it again. I loves my Penny Loafer.

I have got a piece of Apple Crisp I made this afternoon with my name on it...(with ice-cream).. your hearts out.

Over and out... back to work tomorrow....but that's okay.. it's better than doing laundry, cooking, and cleaning the house.

Friday, September 26, 2008

He bought the lumber "nevermind"

This template is still making me not lined up........ I will fix it. It will ge in the garbage.

The doggy ramp will soon be a reality, or a complete and utter failure. Gord's a good fixer, he can fix anything that has a motor in it, fridge, stoves, washers, dryers, dishwashers, cars, trucks, motorcycles, lawnmowers, trimmers, rototillers you name it...if it purrs he is your man when it stops purring. He can also do a whole bunch of other crap ... like putting together stuff that comes unassembled from the long as he doesn't have to measure and cut it. He is the Mr. Fix.It. AND, if you buy something in the store that comes in a huge box with all the Styrofoam blocks....he can put that back together in a heartbeat if you need to return it. I can never figure out how to put the box back together when I need to return something. I step on it and hope for the best. I have a crock pot I need to take back..........again. Sigh...I will tell you THAT story another time...okay then.

But a few pieces of wood and some nails make him twitch. He pretends it's not a big deal, but I know it is.

He has a saw.
I have seen his saw.
And when I see him saw.
I saw how unseemly he sawed.

And for some reason, every time he has little project to do outside he puts on a pair of boots that must weight 6,780 lbs. He walks like a Sasquatch....clump clump... the whole house is vibrating. He wears these climbing ladders as well. The boots barely fit between the rungs fortheloveofladderness. I hate those boots....clump, clump, clump everywhere he goes.

I know he going to wear those boots on Sunday when he starts building the "stairway to heaven" for Penny. And I know someone will get hurt..heh...sure as me. It could be me, because I am always the Project Manager... and tend to over react when I think he isn't doing WHAT THE HELL I TOLD HIM TO DO....and get in his way, and we sort of trip each other up. Trust me, it will happen.

He usually ignores me and does whatever he wants, and sometimes it actually turns out the way we planned. I will try to stay out of his way. I remember when he rebuilt the railing on the deck (his very first carpentry project)...we scared the neighbours because he was getting frustrated because nothing would line up...and I was going...who gives a shit...just get it up already, so it's a little crooked... and some yelling ensued. He, being the perfectionist, and me who does not have a patient bone in my body were at some mighty odds. I had to take myself off the project. I had the vapours and took to my bed.

Our deck today is aligned perfectly. Patience is a virtue........which I have NONE.

So, this weekend could be the second coming of that....or I could just take to my bed once again. But, I have so many questions as to how all this will work, will the dog actually walk up this ramp once it is built, is the lumber strong enough, is the ramp going to be too steep, how will we clean it off in winter? (can you hear me chattering in his ears right now)...He will say as he always says when I get into a snit..."nevermind." And that just pisses me off to no end.

I think I have the vapours...I'm taking to my bed. OMG...look who's there....Angel Man!! I just fixed that speling error.

All is well. Nevermind.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A sight for sore eyes

Last night we had at least three big thunderstorms roll through the city. Around 4:00 AM...Penny jumped off the waterbed. I was awake because of all the lightning, thunder and rain pounding down. I knew she had to go down and take a piss. Goin..down for her is not a problem, but she can't get back up the stairs. I made her wait until the storm abated somewhat and let her out. She dashed out like she had a something up...or in her ass....heh. I stood outside on the deck in my silky drafty...I can't even tell you ...waiting for her to finish and pick her up. The sky was so bright it was almost red, with all the different systems coming in I could actually see her wandering around the yard that time of night.

So, just as another storm was approaching...and the lightning was getting closer, I ran down the stairs and picked her up and started back up the stairs...(I must take pic' you will understand how difficult this is). Anyway, I started up two stairs and my silky nightgown got caught between my big frickin feet. I stumbled, and had to go backwards down the stairs with a 30 pound dog in my arms. I set her down and came up with a plan. I had to do this pretty damn fast because the wind was coming up. I hiked up "my silky nightgown" around my waist..pulled it up very tightly and tied it around my waist. Picked up the wet dog, and climbed up eight stairs half nakid. Now this would only something you would see on UTube had it been caught on tape...a woman carrying a dog, with her nightgown tied around her waist, up a flight of stairs. Ahhh..well, my privates needed a little airing out anyway.

So, now I'm thinking...this might be challenge in winter. Do I want to hike up my nightgown when it's 40 below if she has to go potty in the middle of the night? I don't really think my "privates" need to be frost bitten... mind you, they aren't used as much as they were when we were younger, BUT I don't want to get frost bite on my ass!! I need to sit on it all day!!

I have to come up with a plan for winter. Can anyone help me out here?

These are the stairs going up the deck...the only picture I could you can see winter will be a problem. Imagine this area full of snow. I have to pick her up right at the bottom step.

I need a puppy lift.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Got it all done

I had a good talk with my parents yesterday. They share a grave site, which is a good thing. I don't have to keep running from one to the other...they are in the same place, and I don't have to repeat myself heh. They are "together forever" ... as is what is written in the gravestone. A little emotional to be sure, but yet still okay. It was okay. The best part of all it is fall, the trees were beautiful, and the geese find this quite area a nice place to hang out. Very peaceful. So, no tears, just some reflections and promises. It gets a little easier year after year.

But damn, the one thing I miss the most this time of year is.... All the family get together's. It always started out with Mom's birthday September 25th, My birthday Oct. 1st. Gord's birthday, and our anniversary Oct. 28th. and Cheri's (my nieces) birthday Oct. 30th. And if that wasn't enough Mom and Dad's anniversary was Nov. 11th. All these special occasions along with Thanksgiving in the middle of October, made for a very busy month. Sometimes, it was a little too much....but then we took a break until Christmas...and were happy to see each other again.

Even though it was hectic, we always had a good time. I will always remember my parents and the rest of the family coming over for my birthday in their later years when the moved to Winnipeg. I had the luck to be born on October 1st. which was Johnny Carson's Anniversary special... My parents loved Johnny Carson... and so did my bro and I. (we were pretty over him by this time though). But, when Johnny would do all the blasts from the past on his yearly show, it was like time had stood still. We were you remember that...wasn't that funny?.... and we did that every year for about 10 years. It never got old. We just sat an waited until he brought out the guy who almost took out his testicles with an axe. I can't remember his name...but it never failed to make us laugh...very hard.

My bro and I were die hard fans of the old comedy, David Steinberg, Cosby, Smothers Brothers, George Carlin and later Cheech and Chong..and lot of others that I can't think of right now. They shaped our sense of humor... and the best laughs in comedy are the ones that just make your belly go up don't even laugh because it's tooooo funny, and you get it!! You smile...jerk around for awhile, and go...dammmmmmmm. And you can't quit laughing in your belly. Those are the best laughs. My bro and I had one this summer........shit we almost got tossed out of a wedding. We should have never been seated beside each other, because we know what one of us will say will set the other one off. I hope the bride and groom will forgive us. We meant no harm.

I'm all over the page here tonight..but I feel the need to write and write. It's raining, and nice gentle rain and it's so peaceful.

I'm getting a little more DVD savvy. I almost copied a video I took this summer on a DVD. I was ..this close...then I guess I screwed up by not giving it enough time on the schedule....but I bought 50 DVD disks, so I'm bound to get it right before I run out. I think I know the problem, but it's always good to know you have 49 more tries.

I'm on my 2nd. piece of banana bread.. Oy.... I hope it doesn't rain too much more......because I is going to sink.

Best regards.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Just saying hi to my mom

She was always showing off her!!'s one of THOSE posts. My mom died 9 years ago today. I am just going through a lot of memories in my head, and as of right now, I have deleted those that were the worst during the last two weeks of her life. I know it is normal to think of what you were doing the day before and the day of....and I know I couldn't have changed anything ..other than...oops's there I go again. Time to move on. I was going to go the cemetery after work; and you know WHAT.....I FORGOT. I thought of it as I was picking up groceries after work, then got all caught up in a sale at another store in the strip mall....and I FORGOT.... until I got home and started unpack my stuff. Well, she always knew I was a little self centered ... I don't know if I was trying to block this day out, or if I have de fever of the brain..or is that brian. This could be a good thing. It is a lot less stressful if you can actually let a small scoring a can of kidney beans at one store for .30 cents cheaper than the other one. That's all it took. Plus, I found a whole lot of other bargains, so I guess it only takes a "sale" to put our troubles behind us. It worked for me. Nahhhh..I will go tomorrow and do my thing. But I have successfully put it off for another day.

Gord and I were having lunch today at home, and he asked me a question. I wasn't really paying attention because I was watching "All My Children"....don't hate me...I just watch one soap and that is on my lunch hour. So, I guess he asked me this question more than once, and finally he raised his voice ... and asked again, and I looked at him, and said "what are you yelling about?" He said "what did you say?"...I said "what are you yelling about?" and he started to laugh.. ..ummm I had just scarfed half a corned beef sandwich and was trying to chew it before I answered...and it came out "waff you jellying bout"...with my mouth open! God. I should order "twin hearing aids"....after all communication is very important in a marriage. Then I could turn if off and tune him out when ever I damn well please. Sorry... I didn't hear you when you going off on some kind of diatribe about the last customer you had ..who...had a Maytag washing machine (the one's he hates).. the customer did not meet him at the house in time ...customer had the washing machine in such a tiny space a Gnome could not even gone in there to service it, and the customer watched him the entire time asking stupid questions...let's not forget their dog who bit him going out the door. I missed that story, while watching "All My Children." With my mouth full.

I get a story, every lunch don't blame me for watching a's pretty well the same as our lives (except for the kissing), but at least...IT'S NOT REAL. And let's not forget, he has stories to tell me when he gets home from work at the end of the day. I don't mind being a sounding board, if I had a hearing aid I could switch it the hell off. I could just nod, and pretend I heard it all because he likes to talk and he probably would never notice . Who said getting older didn't have it's perks. Hearing aid's are US. I just have to keep on nodding, smiling, giving a high 5 once in awhile...and it's all good.

See ya tomorrow mom..I will bring flowers. I love you. and thanks for ironing my frilly blouses when they were in style...with that spray on starch stuff.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Mid Week Roundup

I have been sooooo busy at work I haven't had a chance to read all your blogs...I do my reading at work and my writing at home. I hate it when work interferes with my schedule. So please bear with me and I will catch up on your lives.

Back to the Blog Template. I emailed the lady who made it and she said it was supposed to look this centre. huh... I don't know if she was just being sarcastic. I thanked her and said I loved her work, but I still don't "get" why it should not be centered. Maybe I'm a centre freak. I like things aligned, but then again I shouldn't complain she is giving this freely out of the goodness of her Mennonite heart. Her email...sounded somewhat "why are you asking"... oops, I just thought I was doing something wrong pal. Okay....just another thing to "nevermind" with.

I am finding more and more these days, that people are reading more into what I have said or written. I am going to have to check my communication skills. Sometimes it may not read the way I want it to sound. Email is evil that way. I have had a few instances where I didn't make myself clear and people were left wondering what I meant. Nothing serious...but all the same, I should think before I start clackidy clacking on de keys...

I got an email from my niece Lisa yesterday. I knew she was going with a guy who's grandparents lived in a small town about 7 miles from Altona where I grew up. I never put two and two together. Yesterday, I found out, that the guy she is going out with is the nephew to one of my best old girlfriends brother!!! What a small world. How could this happen? It's just amazing... I don't know why I'm so excited about this, but I JUST AM. Okay, I'm done with that for now...but I still can't believe it, after all these years.

Our next door neighbour asked us if we would mind if they trimmed one of our huge trees that were hanging over their fence and killing some of theirs...and of course we said yes! Our trees are out of control and of course it was the right thing to do. Well, on Monday, a crew of 4 guys were in our yard "trimming" our tree. Holy moly, did they trim it....and what a difference it made. I couldn't believe how bright it is in the garden area now, it's like someone turned on the switch! And it looks so much neater too. Now some of the shit I am trying to grow, might actually have a chance next year. I have always had the belief, if you seed it and it grows, then water it once or twice, then you have done your share. Your job is done. The rest is up to nature.

It's a good thing we never had kids... or...if we had kids....would we have seeded them (the old fashioned way), given them milk once or twice and sent them off to the garden...only to become GARDEN GNOMES?... stunted little people living off bugs. Probably. It would be so much easier than having regular kids. Clothing would not be much of an option...just a funny pointed hat, and trousers. Schooling would not be a problem because they don't really need an education to sit in your garden and look cute. Health problems would also be minimal...unless you get hit with the Gnomeassvirus...where the Gnome catches a cold, sneezes, and falls over on his ass. Which would mean you actually have to get off your ass, go down to the garden, and put him back upright. The downside of having Gnomes for children would be As you all know, these children are often abducted by thieves...or by a parent after a messy divorce. They have to be protected by a very high fence.

So, any which way you look at it...having kids is a hard job and shouldn't be taken lightly

Somebody didn't see the GNOME NO SMOKING SIGN.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Off centre or not

I'll get the fall theme together by the weekend....

And yeah. the bat is gone...I think he/she was hiding all curled up just waiting for night fall...unless....he/she ugly bitch got in my garage............fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuudge..............I never thought of that just unil now. I will be wearing a plastic garbage bag over my head when I get into my truck.... and how will I ever drive to work? Oh yeah, I can take it off after I'm in the truck...Phewwww. Sometimes, you just have to think things through.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Hey...Bat's in me Belfry

As you have seen, my template has changed and it's still off centre, just like me. So, why am I trying to change what is meant to be? Always sweating the small stuff.

It's been a pretty good week. There was no...."It's Alway's Something" crap going on. Unless you want to call having a "BAT" in your driveway exciting. YES, a BAT! Gord was hauling out the garbage from the back of the house to the front street this morning, and when he was coming back up the driveway, he spotted a large leaf...he bent down to pick it up...and it hissed at him. It was a freaking BAT! He called me outside and said you will never guess what's out here.........and of course as I was coming down the steps with my imagination in full gear, thinking ohhh, ho ho, he's pulling a trick on me! He leads me behind my SUV...and I cautiously my head I was thinking it would be a big surprise. It's weird how many thoughts can go through your head in a few seconds, when someone won't just yell up to you in the house and say...I found a dead body in the drainage ditch next door honey. No, it was a little teenie bat. Not quite dead, but alive enough to let you know to "mind your bidness."

After Gord left to wash my truck, I had to keep watching the bat out of curiosity. I didn't even think about taking it to vet (which really did cross my mind). I watched it sitting in the hot sun in the driveway, and thought eventually it would have to get some place dark. That is my knowledge base with bats. And it did. It started to crawl underneath Gord's service van. Very slowly. I was hoping it would latch to one of the fender wells and he would drive it away when he got home and it would go to a better home. Far, far away. Apparently, he must have missed the little bugger by an inch when he left in his van later on. There I was once again.... on serious Bat Patrol. I couldn't keep my eyes off of him. Our neighbours were taking out their garbage a little later on, and I couldn't stop myself from going out and telling them..WE HAVE A BAT! Come and look at it. Some came..and shuddered, and talks of bat caves came up. So, I just checked a minute ago, and it's still there, and looks like it's deader than a I will wait till Gord gets home and maybe he will run over him this time. I can only hope.

I will be on Bat Shit Patrol for sometime....

I went for a much needed haircut on Saturday. My hair was pissing me off big time. Last week when I really needed to go for one, my stylist wasn't available, so I decided to cut off the offending parts myself. I never grow up. I have no patience. When things piss me off, I have to do something immediately. Well, Internet I made an error in judgement when I decided to cut the offending parts off. I know how to cut hair, I have done it for years, but I think I have forgotten a few essentials. I was going for a "shag" look and it ended up looking like ...Jane Fonda on drugs. Remember "Klute" she had the shag haircut I loved...and I had for many many years...but I guess I used to able to twist myself around in a mirror and cut it .... now, not so twisty in the bod ..cut bad. opps.

This brings me Saturday going to another "walk in" salon. My first impression was ...holy fuck...The receptionist had a row of bleached blonde curls from the crown of her head to her eyebrows...which was parted..neatly on each side with pitch black hair on each side. Not a bad look for a skunk. She was Russian and could hardly speak English...but being the receptionist she knew I was there to get my hair cut so we got around why the hell I was there.. As I was making the arrangements, she was frantically waiving to another lady in the back room (who was visible from the front door) and she said.... ..dis vill be yorm styveist from todayest I hope you likes her notz.

My stylist for the day, was a Summo Wrestler/Nazi. No nonsense. No talking butthead. First she butted me in the chair, and asked what style I wanted. I a very timid voice..because I was scared of her. She said ... it could be done. Then I made the fatal error, I asked her if I could change my mind....well holy hell, she hadn't even started and this seemed like such an inconvenience, but she said okay with a frown. I asked her if she could do the style like one of her co-workers had and maybe she got all ticked off because I didn't ask for her style...which was Sumo hmmmm slash Nazi.

Then I had to pay the price. She cut my hair the way I asked for it in the first place...not like the stylists. Plus, I had to hold my head "in place"... I could not move, every time my head would go a little right or left...she would cup the back of my head ..with a little force.. and straighten it out. More than once. What the hell.....So I sat like a soldier in my seat for about 15 minutes. Then, she decided to blow dry my hair...usually in these "walk in" places it's a hair cut...and then you are gone. Like McDonald's.....This was Torture. She brought out the blow dryer, and the hard round brush they use to roll your hair with. I swear to God.....she knocked my head so hard with the brush I was almost in a coma. Bang...blow dry...bang..blow dry..bang...blow dry....I could feel the lumps in my head growing. Finally when she figured she would not get me to confess to any sins I had committed to my government and to the Sumo Wrestling Community she knocked it off.

After that I went grocery shopping and I was in a haze. I had head trauma. I bought kid's cereals, and I don't even have kids.. I bought Tampax ... and I'm way over that... I don't know what I will do with that. I may light the ends and throw it over the neighbours fence and yell "incoming". Canadians don't usually do shit like that, but ..hey I has got me some trauma to the head.

I have some pic's tonight too. some interesting, some not. We had pork roast tonight. Pork roast fancy style. We had that once before with spinach, fancy cheeses and ham in it. It was really good, I bought some new small potatoes from from the market garden store down the street and I made roasted potatoes and fresh carrots with a cream sauce. It was very good. But as in the time before.... the cheese leaked out of the pork roast and got a little lost in the taste when you slice it. But I didn't really notice, because I still have head trauma.

My Penny has been much better lately. Touch wood. It seems like the arthritis has done all the damage it's going to do for now and is subsiding. Med's aren't needed half as often and she is getting back to her old self. Not to say she anywhere near where she was before this, but this is manageable. Here she is playing with her old old ball which she loves so much and is lying in her doggy bed with it between her two front legs. It's so funny to watch her when she plays with it, she uses her front legs to lift it up and play.

Just some fresh tomatoes and bread I have going on here lately.

As much as I love spring, summer, and fall, I am getting ready for winter. Spring is exciting, summer is relaxing and fall is reflective and winter has it's place even as cold as it is here, the pace becomes slower, time to think without all the distractions of summer. It can become tedious by February...but we all know March and April are around the corner, and that the cycle continues. Life...she's funny like that.

Saturday, September 13, 2008


I changed the template...and it's still crooked...son of a gun!! Now I have to re-enter all my stuff again...I am my worst enemy.

Monday, September 08, 2008

Just a quicky tonight.

I found the best picture ever ...better than Angel Man...

Once a month we showcase pictures on the
Brenda photo challege. This week it was ... as you may have noticed "things with wings." As I was going through all the pictures that were sent in...I saw this one and it just blew me away.

This looks just like my "plow boys ass" ...who took this picture??? haaa.. Should Gord ever give up plowing in winter with the plow on his truck...this is what he would look like. And because he plows everyone's driveway whether they like it or not....the angel wings are appropriate. I bet if his truck broke down...he'd be out there shovelling their driveways by hand...but not not nakid.......

Here it is for your enjoyment....

It's freaky, he has the same boots too!!! But his wings are intact, this guy has a piece missing on one of them.

Thanks to Cupcakes. Check out her blog, she lives in the best part of the world. I bet she's never even seen snow. I shouldn't say that, I haven't had a chance to read her blog at any length.

Just a it just me...or is this template off centre?'s bugging the crap out of me. If so, I will have to move on ....and try something else. It looks off centre at work and at home and I'm on firefox. Let me know. Danke!

I'm off to take a peek at plow boy's butt, just to make sure it looks like the one in the picture...heh... I like them plump.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

I bought my dog a heated doggie bed

After spending 70 bucks on it...she sleeps beside it! Fortheloveofpennyloafer!! I have no idea why she doesn't care for it, perhaps it's ...hmmmm too warm... but I thought dogs with arthertis would like a little heat! It doesn't appear so. You have no idea how many doggie beds I have spread out my house. Let's not forget the deck, I have mats set down for her there....and she curls up under a patio chair...where it is really hard and cold and damp.

We had a really funny weather wise day today. It rained for two minutes, then it was sunny, then rained again, all day long. At one point it was raining in the front yard and not it the back yard. I'm thinking God was trying to see if I was on my toes. He was defintaley trying to play a trick on me while I was hauling out the garbage to the street, I was in the back and it was dry while I was picking up 4 stinking bags of garbage with a trillion wasps following me and when I opened the back gate to the front street, it was raining! That guy has a sense of humour I tell you. How could that happen?

We had Attitute Adjustment Hour (AAH )yesterday as usual....

Gord and his brother went on a short road trip with their bikes later in the afternoon. I told Gord there was a thunderstorm warning for our area, and he just "rolled" his eyes...yeah yeah..."so what"..says he, we are only going out for two hours. ahem...joanie balonie was right... they were supposed to back here by 6:30 and Gord finally pulled in at 7:00 soaking wet. His leather jacket, chaps etc. weighed approximately the weight of the cow they came from. He was soaked to the gills. His brother Ron stopped at his house which was on the way back to ours and got cleaned up before he came back for AAH. Gord looked like he had pissed himself he was so he took a shower and by that time Ron was back at our house. Sheila and I were just laughing at these guys...good grief ... it was a major thunderstorm...but they loved it. I always thought you did the stupid stuff when you were young...some guys never grow up.

After Ron came back to the house he drove up in his new Mercedes. It's a Mercedes something or other, and it's is cool. I didn't get a chance to show how the convertable top comes up and down. Now..that is something to see. I just ran out after the rain and snapped a few pics..

Cool, but hey not for the average person who needs to transport groceries.. it's for the ubber cool and the wealthy. Count me out. But his cars look good in our driveway, I wonder what the neighbours think somedays..

After the guys had all dried up and shit, we started AHH hour and the topic of blood pressure came up...fahhhhhhhck. Now everyone including Ron, Gord and his sister Sheila wanted to take their blood pressure, and of course we have the portable one. I have problems with taking a I tried my best to talk them out it...but no...Gord went into the bedroom got out the ole blood pressure tester. Now, it was a contest. Yup. all three of them had a drink or two. But you have to realize they are brothers with one sister...and they all have the same genes.. and they want to beat each other with the result from the blood pressure testing. Competitive is not the word for goes a little further. I could never imagine my bro and I trying to beat each other out taking our blood pressure. I'm not sure who won at the end of it all...there was a lot of bleeping going on from that poor old machine... and arguing about who had the best overall...however everyone was was within normal blood pressure limits. What's next? I'm going to have to get a MIR unit installed in the house so we can self scan ourselves to see who is the healthest. Why can't they just play cards like normal folks do? No, they like to win at a different level...good grief.

How did it come to this..... my house has turned into a seniors centre. What's next, they might start performing operations on each other. I'm hiding all my organs.

Friday, September 05, 2008

Photo Challenge

As you all know I have a winged' friend who gives me much pleasure once again I have to introduce you to "Angel Man." I promise I won't show him again until Christmas...but hey she said it had to have wings!

This one is truly my favourite.. Mackenna my grandniece to see it all.

This is my grandniece Jessica...with a Monarch that perched on her finger

These are pretty old, when I was still doing computer scrap booking... it's nice to look back on them.

That's all I got for wings tonight, unless Angel Man comes and scoops me up and gives me ride...but as much publicity I have given him, he remains aloof...or aloft. Or whatever. Dang.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Just call me Joan the Crone

I think I have officially reached Cronedom

That's all I have to say about that other than when I laughed so hard today I left a little pee pee in my pants.

What's diapers? Nursing homes who abuse you? Altzheimers, at least then I wouldn't know if I shit my pants.... good luck to my care givers...hold your noses and please know I would be so embarrased if this happened in my real life. And don't forget to shave my mustache...I am sure someone will come to visit, and I don't want them thinking I was a man...god knows we have enough of them. SOMEONE PLEASE COME AND SHAVE MY FACE....I refuse to go out looking like a half man half woman circus freak. I know you can get the stash removed forever, but you have to let it grow...for a long time before they will zap it....and I'm not willing to have it grow that long before I get I shave. Now, I have told you my shame....I have facial hair....and bic razors....(24) pack.

I take your leave.

Monday, September 01, 2008

Lots of rain today...

And that is a good thing. I'm tired of sitting outside swatting wasps. I'm getting ready to nest for winter I suppose.

My pot of soup is smelling so good. Thanks Hippychick...for all the special stuff I needed for making a perfect Mennonite soup, and it's all fresh...which makes it so much better. I don't follow the recipes Mennonites use for their soups, I just used the herbs, and fresh beet leaves and sorrel and you can't go wrong. I know my mom was always specific with soup..cabbage borscht needed this herb, and beet leaf borscht needed that one, and potato soup needed ..whatever....I just like to throw the whole thing in a pot and call it a Mennonite Surprise. Heh...and it's hard to surprise a Mennonite...unless you make it nakid. My "Lutheran" (Gord) who put's up with my Mennonite soup ways, is always amicable .... and eats it even if it tastes like shit and says it was good. Lutherans are far too polite. A Mennonite would tell his wife/cook/and mother of his children .. it tasted "funny"....Mennonites have never been known for their tactfulness. We must always speak the truth, even if it hurts the ones you love..heh... as he walks out of the kitchen, farts and belches . To be fair, I am talking old time Mennonites..I haven't been around them for a long time. They may even "dance" now for all I know...not that I would ever want to see that.

Penny Loafer is having a good week. She still is lame, but way more comfortable than before. Could it be that I have twenty of more little doggy beds all over the house? Okay I lied...two more. We had a great weekend and I spoiled the crapolla out of her.

Gord is watching a James Bond movie about 15 feet from me....and my concentration has gone to hell. Bullets are flying, cars are crashing...and now apparently they are trying to drown him...there is more noise in here than yesterday with the guy with the fricking sander...........

Time for supper...and I'm sure the Lutheran will love it.