Sunday, September 07, 2008

I bought my dog a heated doggie bed

After spending 70 bucks on it...she sleeps beside it! Fortheloveofpennyloafer!! I have no idea why she doesn't care for it, perhaps it's ...hmmmm too warm... but I thought dogs with arthertis would like a little heat! It doesn't appear so. You have no idea how many doggie beds I have spread out my house. Let's not forget the deck, I have mats set down for her there....and she curls up under a patio chair...where it is really hard and cold and damp.

We had a really funny weather wise day today. It rained for two minutes, then it was sunny, then rained again, all day long. At one point it was raining in the front yard and not it the back yard. I'm thinking God was trying to see if I was on my toes. He was defintaley trying to play a trick on me while I was hauling out the garbage to the street, I was in the back and it was dry while I was picking up 4 stinking bags of garbage with a trillion wasps following me and when I opened the back gate to the front street, it was raining! That guy has a sense of humour I tell you. How could that happen?

We had Attitute Adjustment Hour (AAH )yesterday as usual....

Gord and his brother went on a short road trip with their bikes later in the afternoon. I told Gord there was a thunderstorm warning for our area, and he just "rolled" his eyes...yeah yeah..."so what"..says he, we are only going out for two hours. ahem...joanie balonie was right... they were supposed to back here by 6:30 and Gord finally pulled in at 7:00 soaking wet. His leather jacket, chaps etc. weighed approximately the weight of the cow they came from. He was soaked to the gills. His brother Ron stopped at his house which was on the way back to ours and got cleaned up before he came back for AAH. Gord looked like he had pissed himself he was so he took a shower and by that time Ron was back at our house. Sheila and I were just laughing at these guys...good grief ... it was a major thunderstorm...but they loved it. I always thought you did the stupid stuff when you were young...some guys never grow up.

After Ron came back to the house he drove up in his new Mercedes. It's a Mercedes something or other, and it's is cool. I didn't get a chance to show how the convertable top comes up and down. Now..that is something to see. I just ran out after the rain and snapped a few pics..

Cool, but hey not for the average person who needs to transport groceries.. it's for the ubber cool and the wealthy. Count me out. But his cars look good in our driveway, I wonder what the neighbours think somedays..

After the guys had all dried up and shit, we started AHH hour and the topic of blood pressure came up...fahhhhhhhck. Now everyone including Ron, Gord and his sister Sheila wanted to take their blood pressure, and of course we have the portable one. I have problems with taking a I tried my best to talk them out it...but no...Gord went into the bedroom got out the ole blood pressure tester. Now, it was a contest. Yup. all three of them had a drink or two. But you have to realize they are brothers with one sister...and they all have the same genes.. and they want to beat each other with the result from the blood pressure testing. Competitive is not the word for goes a little further. I could never imagine my bro and I trying to beat each other out taking our blood pressure. I'm not sure who won at the end of it all...there was a lot of bleeping going on from that poor old machine... and arguing about who had the best overall...however everyone was was within normal blood pressure limits. What's next? I'm going to have to get a MIR unit installed in the house so we can self scan ourselves to see who is the healthest. Why can't they just play cards like normal folks do? No, they like to win at a different level...good grief.

How did it come to this..... my house has turned into a seniors centre. What's next, they might start performing operations on each other. I'm hiding all my organs.


Dorie said...

Miss Penny might really enjoy the heated bed when it gets cooler. Our dogs like to lay belly up in front of the space heater!
That Mercedes is so cool. If I were rich, instead of beautiful, I'd get me one of them and tool around like one of those women in James Bond movies!

Brenda said...

Miz Penny probably will enjoy the heated bed after the weather cools more.

I'm trying to get an image in my mind of what a Mercedes would look like after a couple of trips down this gravel road,,,not pretty. Ha.

Donna said...

Put a dishtowel on the floor...Penny will probably like that best...put your scent on it...I've had 50 beds and Corky Still likes my house shoes or a dishtowel...hughugs

a bite of country cupcakes said...

You are sooo funny...Gonna hide my organs!!
I will stop by again and read more of your backposts...
Your angel man is hhmmmm...Nice.
Glad you like my one:)

Joan said...

Dorie, she was in it all day today while I was at work, I could see how she messed up the covers over it...I think she will like it.

Brenda...that Mercedes wouldn't stand a chance on a gravel road... it's a wimp.

Donna.. she's getting the hang of it...when I came home from work she was nice and toasty warm to the touch...and even wanted to play..I think it will be good. I hope!!

Cupcakes...I loved your Angel Man...his back end looks just like my hubbys...heh...and he is an angel...sometimes...not always. I took the liberty of copying the picture I hope you don't is!