Monday, September 22, 2008

Got it all done

I had a good talk with my parents yesterday. They share a grave site, which is a good thing. I don't have to keep running from one to the other...they are in the same place, and I don't have to repeat myself heh. They are "together forever" ... as is what is written in the gravestone. A little emotional to be sure, but yet still okay. It was okay. The best part of all it is fall, the trees were beautiful, and the geese find this quite area a nice place to hang out. Very peaceful. So, no tears, just some reflections and promises. It gets a little easier year after year.

But damn, the one thing I miss the most this time of year is.... All the family get together's. It always started out with Mom's birthday September 25th, My birthday Oct. 1st. Gord's birthday, and our anniversary Oct. 28th. and Cheri's (my nieces) birthday Oct. 30th. And if that wasn't enough Mom and Dad's anniversary was Nov. 11th. All these special occasions along with Thanksgiving in the middle of October, made for a very busy month. Sometimes, it was a little too much....but then we took a break until Christmas...and were happy to see each other again.

Even though it was hectic, we always had a good time. I will always remember my parents and the rest of the family coming over for my birthday in their later years when the moved to Winnipeg. I had the luck to be born on October 1st. which was Johnny Carson's Anniversary special... My parents loved Johnny Carson... and so did my bro and I. (we were pretty over him by this time though). But, when Johnny would do all the blasts from the past on his yearly show, it was like time had stood still. We were you remember that...wasn't that funny?.... and we did that every year for about 10 years. It never got old. We just sat an waited until he brought out the guy who almost took out his testicles with an axe. I can't remember his name...but it never failed to make us laugh...very hard.

My bro and I were die hard fans of the old comedy, David Steinberg, Cosby, Smothers Brothers, George Carlin and later Cheech and Chong..and lot of others that I can't think of right now. They shaped our sense of humor... and the best laughs in comedy are the ones that just make your belly go up don't even laugh because it's tooooo funny, and you get it!! You smile...jerk around for awhile, and go...dammmmmmmm. And you can't quit laughing in your belly. Those are the best laughs. My bro and I had one this summer........shit we almost got tossed out of a wedding. We should have never been seated beside each other, because we know what one of us will say will set the other one off. I hope the bride and groom will forgive us. We meant no harm.

I'm all over the page here tonight..but I feel the need to write and write. It's raining, and nice gentle rain and it's so peaceful.

I'm getting a little more DVD savvy. I almost copied a video I took this summer on a DVD. I was ..this close...then I guess I screwed up by not giving it enough time on the schedule....but I bought 50 DVD disks, so I'm bound to get it right before I run out. I think I know the problem, but it's always good to know you have 49 more tries.

I'm on my 2nd. piece of banana bread.. Oy.... I hope it doesn't rain too much more......because I is going to sink.

Best regards.


cocoabean said...

Your family was kind of like mine... Dad's birthday was in September, Mom's in October, mine early November, and their anniversary in late November. They both died between their 66th and 67th anniversaries... they just didn't want to spend their 67th apart...

Brenda said...

We have 2 grandbaby birthdays in the same week in September and then we're done until Jami's in Nov. We have a lot of Winter and Spring birthdays around here.

I love coming here to read about what you've been up to. Hope you have a great week Miz Joan!

Anonymous said...


That was a wonderful post regarding your visit to your Mom and Dad. I got tears in my eyes reading it. I miss my Mom and Dad so much too! I guess it never goes away completely, does it?