Friday, September 19, 2008

Just saying hi to my mom

She was always showing off her!!'s one of THOSE posts. My mom died 9 years ago today. I am just going through a lot of memories in my head, and as of right now, I have deleted those that were the worst during the last two weeks of her life. I know it is normal to think of what you were doing the day before and the day of....and I know I couldn't have changed anything ..other than...oops's there I go again. Time to move on. I was going to go the cemetery after work; and you know WHAT.....I FORGOT. I thought of it as I was picking up groceries after work, then got all caught up in a sale at another store in the strip mall....and I FORGOT.... until I got home and started unpack my stuff. Well, she always knew I was a little self centered ... I don't know if I was trying to block this day out, or if I have de fever of the brain..or is that brian. This could be a good thing. It is a lot less stressful if you can actually let a small scoring a can of kidney beans at one store for .30 cents cheaper than the other one. That's all it took. Plus, I found a whole lot of other bargains, so I guess it only takes a "sale" to put our troubles behind us. It worked for me. Nahhhh..I will go tomorrow and do my thing. But I have successfully put it off for another day.

Gord and I were having lunch today at home, and he asked me a question. I wasn't really paying attention because I was watching "All My Children"....don't hate me...I just watch one soap and that is on my lunch hour. So, I guess he asked me this question more than once, and finally he raised his voice ... and asked again, and I looked at him, and said "what are you yelling about?" He said "what did you say?"...I said "what are you yelling about?" and he started to laugh.. ..ummm I had just scarfed half a corned beef sandwich and was trying to chew it before I answered...and it came out "waff you jellying bout"...with my mouth open! God. I should order "twin hearing aids"....after all communication is very important in a marriage. Then I could turn if off and tune him out when ever I damn well please. Sorry... I didn't hear you when you going off on some kind of diatribe about the last customer you had ..who...had a Maytag washing machine (the one's he hates).. the customer did not meet him at the house in time ...customer had the washing machine in such a tiny space a Gnome could not even gone in there to service it, and the customer watched him the entire time asking stupid questions...let's not forget their dog who bit him going out the door. I missed that story, while watching "All My Children." With my mouth full.

I get a story, every lunch don't blame me for watching a's pretty well the same as our lives (except for the kissing), but at least...IT'S NOT REAL. And let's not forget, he has stories to tell me when he gets home from work at the end of the day. I don't mind being a sounding board, if I had a hearing aid I could switch it the hell off. I could just nod, and pretend I heard it all because he likes to talk and he probably would never notice . Who said getting older didn't have it's perks. Hearing aid's are US. I just have to keep on nodding, smiling, giving a high 5 once in awhile...and it's all good.

See ya tomorrow mom..I will bring flowers. I love you. and thanks for ironing my frilly blouses when they were in style...with that spray on starch stuff.


Brenda said...

I bet your Mom understands, I think mine does, heck she looks down and wonders what the hell I've done now, every day. She'll smile at you tomorrow, I betcha.

James can talk me about farming and I know what he's talking about, but let me be telling him something about accounting or taxes, and he'll ignore me.

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

Joan,You realy really make me smile!
Tomorrow I am sure will be fine.
As the cliche' goes we do move on and our loved ones would want it that way!
I know when I am gone if it takes "cheap beans" to distract my kids from visiting me then my job will have been welll done,
It will mean I have moved on and left them the legacy to live for today!!..(or cheap beans!)

As for hard of hearing...
My Grandmother was pretty liberated and quite deaf,
At the Doctor he listened to her chest and said nice"big breaths",
With stethascope held in place and she answered..
She thought he said breasts!!!!
I still remember her for the cracker she was!...That's a legacy!
To take life lightly and laugh alot.
You Joan are the best!

Mary Lou said...

I quit watching soaps when I missed them for about 4 years, then was home sick and watched, and they had not changed!!!! Now I am addicted to Dr Phil and OPRAH. tsk.

Donna said...

I'll just Bet, All our Moms are looking at us right now, just shaking their heads!hahaa...
Hubby has great stories as well...makes life interesting...happy night Joan..hughugs

canuckabilly said...

My question is this. Is that the tomato plant your mom is standing by or a tree. lol